The Cruel Tyrant CH 047 Letter

Su Mu carefully placed the blood-soaked Huang Xuan on the large wooden bed covered with bright yellow silk.

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Holding Huang Xuan’s cold hands, he used his own internal strength to maintain Huang Xuan’s body temperature. The red blood soaking through made a very shocking sight, and Su Mu felt his heart tighten a little.

Angrily, he asked: “Where is the imperial doctor? Why hasn’t he arrived yet?”

The group of court ladies and eunuchs were all frightened by Su Mu. Yuzhu stepped out tremblingly: “Your Highness, Han daren has already gone to call the imperial doctor and they will be here soon.”

A terrible storm was brewing in those dark eyes, making the people present dare not even take a breath.

Suddenly, there was a rush of footsteps, and Han Yang led the breathless imperial doctor Hu into the Crown Prince’s palace.

As soon as doctor Hu crossed the threshold, he fell to the ground. Don’t know whether he was exhausted or was frightened by the horrible and suffocating atmosphere in the room.

“Chen pays respects……”

“Don’t utter nonsense, come and treat him quickly.”

Su Mu threw a cold glare over, frightening doctor Hu into a full body tremble. He swallowed the latter half of his words and hurriedly got up from the ground.

Su Mu stood aside and watched as Huang Xuan’s bloodied clothes were cut open, revealing the crisscross wounds on his body. His eyes narrowed slightly, and with a snap of his big sleeves he swept towards the study.

Behind the dark red desk, Su Mu held a brush in his hand as he wrote fiercely. His posture was both majestic and domineering, movements smooth and flowing without any pause.

Regardless of what his handwriting looked like, the poweful presence alone made it difficult to look away.

After a while, Su Mu put down the brush and placed the dried ink paper into an envelope, handing it to the courier.

Shi Yan, who was currently discussing with Sun Haoran on how to attack Jinyang City, soon received the letter. Jinyang City was now controlled by Prince Jinyang’s son and after many negotiations to no avail, they could only resort to a forceful attack.

Sun Haoran watched as Shi Yan delayed in opening the letter, and asked curiously: “Shi daren, the Crown Prince of your country sent the letter over in such a hurry, why don’t daren read it?”

Shi Yan blushed, and said with a subtle cough: “This……”

Sun Haoran looked at the letter, which didn’t look anything special, and asked: “Is it a secret matter?” Then Sun Haoran said again: “If it is not convenient, I will go out first.”

Shi Yan hurriedly stopped Sun Haoran, who was about to go out, and said: “General Sun has misunderstood. This letter was written by the Crown Prince to you and me.”

“Oh?” Sun Haoran walked over to Shi Yan and looked at the letter in his hand.

Under Sun Haoran’s eyes, Shi Yan had no choice but to open the letter in his hand.

However, when the letter was unfolded, Sun Haoran was dumbfounded and a series of question marks appeared in his head.

What was written here?

Sun Haoran silently looked at the page covered in undecipherable scribblings, and tentatively asked: “Is this the secret code written by the Crown Prince of your country……?”

Shi Yan coughed: “Yes, this is……the special writing method invented by our Crown Prince, which is used to convey confidential information. People who don’t have special……training won’t be able to understand it……”

At first, Su Mu wrote in simplified Chinese and combined that with his terrible brushwork, the overall product was practically a celestial script that no one could understand.

Later, Su Mu added some strokes based on traditional Chinese in order to at least let people understand what he wrote. As for writing completely in traditional Chinese characters that was completely impossible. If that was the case, Su Mu could only write at most two characters on a piece of paper, and take at least five or six minutes……

Su Mu, who finally could not bear it anymore, chose a compromise method and added a few strokes to the simplified characters to make people know which word they were at a glance. Of course, this was only Su Mu’s wishful thinking. With this nondescript font and Su Mu’s calligraphy that even he couldn’t bear to look directly at, people who had not been with Su Mu for a long time would never be able to decipher what he wrote.

Sun Haoran looked at the somewhat uncomfortable Shi Yan and asked suspiciously: “What did the Crown Prince of your country say?”

Shi Yan put away the letter with a reddened face, and said: “His Royal Highness said that the three armies have been besieging the city for seven days, and the decreasing supply of food, grass and troops in the city means that we must speed up the march.”

Sun Haoran nodded and said: “In this case, we have no choice but to make a dangerous move. I ask Shi daren to reply to the Crown Prince of your country. The army will definitely arrive within five days.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shi Yan turned around with a clasped fist towards Sun Haoran and said: “Then I must thank General Sun.”

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