The Cruel Tyrant CH 048 Shi Ran

In Jinyang City, a chubby young man smiled in a flattering manner. Beside him stood a few rock-like guards. All of them were tall and handsome without a trace of expression on their faces, the obvious austere and harsh aura appearing very daunting.

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At that moment, Su Bing, the son of Prince Jinyang and the master of Jinyang City, stood in the hall like a slave with an ingratiating expression on his face.

Su Bing said: “Your Majesty’s presence truly brings glory to my humble abode. Don’t know what important matters there are for Your Majesty to visit our Jinyang?”

The man sitting in the main seat was handsome with deep and well-defined facial features. His tall and muscular figure emanated immense power even with a few layers of clothes to contain it. His deep eyes were like the eyes of a falcon flying in the sky.

His whole person exuded an extremely dangerous aura, as well as a fatal temptation.

But Su Bing only felt the danger. He looked at Shi Ran, who was sitting on the main seat with no expression on his face. His palms began to sweat and in a daze the figure of another person flashed in front of his eyes. With just a look from him as he stood in a pool of blood, the boy, his cousin and the Crown Prince of Qing kingdom, could practically scare him into urinating in his pants.

Shi Ran did not speak, and Su Bing did not dare to say anything either. He could only stand like sculptures with the rest of the guards. After a long while, Shi Ran finally spoke.

“How many people are there in Jinyang City?”

Shi Ran’s low and thunderous voice sounded, and Su Bing immediately jumped in fright. He hurriedly wiped the sweat from his forehead, and said with a smile: “Five thousand soldiers and two hundred horses.”

Shi Ran nodded without expression and said: “Hand over everyone to my subordinates.”

He made the order in such a natural and casual manner, as if these were not soldiers of another country but his own.

However, Su Bing didn’t dare to violate the order even the slightest bit. Instead, he smiled and said, “Yes, it is their blessing to be able to get some advice from daren……”

After that, Shi Ran walked straight out of the hall without even sparing him a look, but Su Bing could only remain smiling: “Your Majesty, please walk slowly……”

On the worn and crumbling city wall of Jinyang City, Shi Ran stood at the very top and looked at the army of the Wu kingdom, his opponent, not far away. A guard handed a stack of letters over, Shi Ran retracted his gaze and opened the envelope, and then his sharp eyebrows furrowed in a frown.

On the letter paper, brushwork that resembled earth worms wiggling this way and that way were arranged horizontally and vertically. Shi Ran threw the letter paper aside in disgust. It was uglier than the handwriting he had when he was three years old. Then he opened another one.

After a while, the city wall was covered with letter paper that not even ghosts could understand.

The last piece of paper was thrown down the city wall by Shi Ran, and his stony face finally showed a smile. A deep voice sounded: “Su Mochi, I really underestimated you. You can actually borrow a few hundred thousand troops from the kingdom of Wu. I am curious, what exactly did you use to make the exchange?”

The dark brown eyes suddenly sharpened, like a beast staring at its prey. But at this moment, he had yet to know that the prey he was staring at was actually also a tiger.

Huang Xuan, who had been sleeping for two days in the Crown Prince’s palace, finally woke up. Su Mu immediately put down the things in his hands and rushed to the Crown Prince’s palace, but was hugged tightly from behind by a jealous looking Ye Qingfeng.

“Darling, where are you going? If you have time, then let’s have a deeper exchange of feelings.” Ye Qingfeng licked the delicate skin on Su Mu’s neck, laying on the temptation.

Su Mu frowned slightly and said: “Let go, Huang Xuan is injured.”

Ye Qingfeng pinched Su Mu’s waist lightly, and said with dissatisfaction: “Darling, don’t you see that I’m jealous? You looking like you can’t wait to see another man, do you know how sad I will be?”

Su Mu took away the hand that Ye Qingfeng pressed to his own chest, glanced at him and said, “You can continue to eat. If it is not enough, the imperial kitchens still have more.”

After speaking, Su Mu walked out of the study without looking back.

Ye Qingfeng, who was left alone in the study, still had a roguish smile on his face, but his eyes slowly became dangerous.

In the bedroom, Huang Xuan, who had just finished drinking the porridge, saw Su Mu coming in from outside. He immediately tried to get up to make his greetings, but was pushed back to the bed by Su Mu, who said: “You are still injured so don’t move around.”

Huang Xuan blinked a pair of clear and captivating eyes. He looked at Su Mu with feeling and whispered: “Your Highness.”

Su Mu touched his forehead with his hand, and found that it was still a little hot, so he had someone go summon the imperial physician again.

Huang Xuan strenuously raised his right hand to hold Su Mu’s hand on his forehead, his eyes glowing as he said: “Your Highness, I thought I would never……see you again.”

“Who told you to run onto the battlefield like a fool? Is the battlefield such q simple place?” Su Mu was reminded on how angry he was about this matter.

But who knew, Huang Xuan said with a hurt face: “But if I don’t follow the army into the city as soon as possible, I’m afraid I will never see you again in this life.”

“Your parents do not agree with you entering the palace?” Su Mu asked.

Huang Xuan nodded but accidentally pulled the wound. Su Mu frowned and watched as the white bandages on his body became dyed red again, and said in anger: “I told you not to move.”

Although Su Mu’s tone was not very good, Huang Xuan still felt warm in his heart. He lay on the bed with a happy face, but after a while, a hint of uncertainty showed up on his face.

Su Mu saw him hesitating so he stared into his eyes and said: “Just say whatever you want.”

Huang Xuan heard the words and hurriedly sat up again: “Your Highness!”

Seeing him covered with blood, Su Mu suddenly wanted to hack someone, and yelled, “I told you not to move, don’t you understand human speech?”

Su Mu had been in an authoritative position for a long time. At this moment, when he had on a dark face it really gave Huang Xuan a startle. Su Mu couldn’t bear to see his frightened look, so he gentled his tone and said, “Just lie on the bed and talk. There’s no need to move around.”

Huang Xuan said nervously: “Your Highness, originally my father was going to take me to the capital of Shi kingdom, but when I was on the border of Shi kingdom, I overheard my father and his friend talking about it, no matter whether it was the eastern army or the southeast army they all have the shadow of Shi kingdom. My dad’s friend is an advisor of the Prince of Ning’an in Shi kingdom, but I am not sure whether what he said is true or not.”

“Shi kingdom.” A cold light flashed in Su Mu’s eyes and he said to Huang Xuan, “I will investigate this matter. But the most important thing right now for you is to take a good rest and heal your injuries.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Huang Xuan nodded his head happily, and that obedient appearance caused Su Mu to be unable to resist rubbing his head.

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