Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 047 A Strange Treasure Exploration Part 4

Nie Bufan followed the chickens toward the depths of the passageway. The surroundings were dimly lit, the air was cold with musty floating dust in it, and occasionally one could hear the sound of some small creatures crawling in the corners.

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“Where should I go?” Nie Bufan asked in a low voice, looking at the fork in the road not far ahead. Although the sound was small, it sounded particularly loud in the quiet space.

A chicken jumped out of a fork in the road, clucking a few times.

Nie Bufan nodded to express his understanding, and walked into the side road with the chickens.

After walking a few steps, he looked back, and it seemed that Si Chenyu’s roar could still be heard even after such a distance. The earth-shaking roar before really did give him a scare. But when he thought of him naked and making such an idiotic pose he felt that it was worth it. It was a pity that he didn’t have a camera, otherwise he would have another wonderful thing to add to his collection.

Just as he was thinking, another treasure room appeared in front of Nie Bufan’s eyes. The light inside was slightly yellow and the room was much brighter than the passageway.

He walked in quickly, and at first glance, he saw the large night pearls placed in each of the four corners. They were as big as the mouth of a bowl and any one of them was extremely valuable.

Nie Bufan cursed in a low voice: Evil rich people! He then decisively took out two of them and stuffed them into his shoulder bag, leaving two night pearls behind for light. In truth, he didn’t have much love for money. Instead, he loved this kind of pure natural lighting function that the night pearls could provide.

Looking around he saw that this treasure room had only one entrance that also acted as the exit. On the three walls, there were shelves made of stones. In the shelf on the right, there were several rows of jade boxes, around forty and in varying large and small sizes. The jade boxes were smooth and cold to the touch, with crystal clear texture. Regardless of what was inside, these jade boxes alone were enough to buy a large manor.

Nie Bufan took one down and opened it to see. What was placed inside was something like fine sand in a pure golden color and smelled like some kind of light fragrance. Although he couldn’t recognize what it was, since Duobao Sage used this jade box for preservation, it could be seen that its value far exceeded the jade box itself.

He looked through several other jade boxes and they contained all sorts of strange oddities such as the lumpy, the granular, and even viscous liquid.

Nie Bufan lost interest after looking through it for a while. He turned and walked to the left side of the wall.

There were a lot of porcelain jars in the shelves here. Some of them had fallen on the ground and broke into pieces. Nie Bufan could not make out what the pile of black and yellowish things were. Although it was already rotten, it didn’t have any smell.

He got up and carefully removed a whole porcelain jar stuffed with a cork cover. After pulling the cork out, he saw that there were still several layers inside.

“It’s sealed quite tightly.” Nie Bufan muttered to himself.

There were a few chickens clucking around, seemingly excited.

Before lifting the last layer, Nie Bufan smelled a refreshing fragrance of wine. When it was fully opened, the entire treasure room was filled with the aroma of wine.

“Huu……how fragrant!” Nie Bufan was intoxicated for a while, then smiled, “This is really good stuff, it’s a century-old brew!”

The chickens all crowded over, surrounding him in a dense circle, flapping their wings and clucking.

“Okay, you can all have a share. I’ll let you taste it after we go back.” Nie Bufan waved his hand generously.

In truth, these chickens might not really like to drink, but they had a keen sense of smell and couldn’t help but feel restless when they smelled this scent.

“I’ll try it first.” Nie Bufan took out a wooden spoon from his pocket, took a spoonful and drank slowly.

As soon as it entered his mouth a sweet and fragrant aroma permeated his senses and even the tip of his tongue felt slightly numb. The sensatiom was as if there was a slow and warm current flowing through all of his limbs, and even his spleen and lungs suddenly felt relaxed.

Nie Bufan couldn’t help taking another sip. This time it felt a little bit different. It was sweet with bitterness, bitterness with tartness, and the spiciness was also a bit stronger.

He thought it was strange so he took a third sip. After taking the third sip, he suddenly felt his blood rushing and surging, his heartbeat intensifying, and his whole person floating as if in the clouds. Even his soul was completely immersed in the fragrance of the wine.

Nie Bufan sighed. He had never felt so comfortable before. He was not a person with any special craving for wine, but at this moment he had to admit that this jar of wine was very special and made people feel a little bit overwhelmed.

Resisting the desire to continue drinking, he sealed the mouth of the jar again. He then warned the chickens while returning the jar to its place: “You must not break these wine jars, or I will stew you!”

The chickens grumbled in protest but they still scattered away obediently.

Nie Bufan nodded in satisfaction, then turned his head to look at the shelves in the middle. He had just walked a few steps forwards when he felt his head becoming heavy and his vision becoming blurred. He staggered against the wall, his entire body beginning to heat up.

Aiya, this was bad, the alcoholic intoxication had finally settled in.

Nie Bufan sat down on the ground along the wall and rubbed his legs. Just now he had finished a round of love-making and had yet to recover his physical strength. And now on top of that he had drank alcohol. It really was the start of leading a befuddled existence.

Eyelids drooped down involuntarily, and he forced himself to remain awake enough to look at the environment, wondering to himself how likely it was to take a nap here.

“Guys, please help me to keep watch. I want to sleep. If there is an emergency, just call out to me.” Nie Bufan warned drowsily before tilting to one side and falling asleep.

The chickens looked at each other, exchanged dozens of incomprehensible mysterious glances, and then walked outside in unison. They walked quietly without leaving a trace, ruthlessly abandoning their master……

Don’t know how much time had passed before a slight windy sound blew by in the passageway. Immediately afterwards, a figure rushed into the treasure room like lightning.

Under the dim light, the person’s face gradually became clearer, and it was Wang Shichan, the most superior qinggong master in the world.

He startled when he saw Nie Bufan leaning on the wall and hurried to his side, carefully supporting him up.

“Nie Bufan, Nie Bufan.” Wang Shichan patted his face lightly. Seeing that his lips were slightly open and there was still a scent of wine on his breath, he had some guesses in his heart——this guy actually drank himself drunk?

Wang Shichan let go, and Nie Bufan fell back to the ground where he curled in his legs and continued to sleep.

Suddenly, Wang Shichan’s gaze sharpened and he pulled Nie Bufan up again. Moving aside his clothes, he saw several tooth marks on the back of his neck and several suspicious hickeys on his chest.

So he really did do something he shouldn’t with Si Chenyu just now?

Wang Shichan recalled the ambiguous moanimg sounds he heard across the stone walls before, and felt inexplicably unhappy.

He stared at Nie Bufan’s sleeping face, poked his forehead with his hand, and reprimanded, “You are a little damn bastard!”

In order to thoroughly confirm the suspicion in his heart, Wang Shichan took off Nie Bufan’s pants decisively and raised his legs to check his lower body.

Red and swollen and twitching. Sticking his fingers in, he also felt a little wetness.

Nie Bufan twisted his body and groaned unconsciously, “It hurts……”

Wang Shichan squinted his eyes and didn’t withdraw his fingers, remaining motionless with his fingers still stuck inside. Nie Bufan clamped his legs and squeezed on his fingers tightly, causing them to rub slightly against his inner walls.

Wang Shichan’s eyes darkened, watching his flushed face and half dressed body that was dotted with ambiguous hickeys. His two slender legs were bent and folded, posture like that of a child, innocent and without any guard up.

“Why can’t you……” Wang Shichan murmured softly, his expression revealing a little exasperation.

He took out his hand and was about to help Nie Bufan get dressed, but suddenly stopped. He harrumphed, hugged him into his arms and let him sleep on his shoulders, still in his half dressed and disheveled state.

Nie Bufan’s head rubbed against Wang Shichan’s chest. He seemed to have found a comfortable position and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help showing a smile of satisfaction.

Wang Shichan lowered his head and pressed a kiss on his lips, hugged him closer, and then began to meditate.

At this moment, another person walked in from the outside, and it was Si Chenyu. He didn’t expect to see the intimate scene of the two hugging and leaning against each other. He saw Nie Bufan’s clothes wide open and most of his skin uncovered and exposed, lying lazily in Wang Shichan’s arms with a contented look on his face.

This guy couldn’t have had a round with Wang Shichan after having done it with him, could he?

Si Chenyu thought of this with much discomfort, an anger that his possession was taken by others rose in his heart.

“Unexpectedly, the Wang Gongzi who has no desires also has this kind of interest?” Si Chenyu said sarcastically.

“I can’t compare with the prince.” Wang Shichan looked at him indifferently, not at all nervous about being caught in ‘having an illicit love affair’, as if holding Nie Bufan in this way was justified and natural.

A cold light flashed in Si Chenyu’s eyes. He paced in with his hands behind his back, and asked: “What’s wrong with him?”


He could actually fall asleep in here? How carefree was this guy? The truth was that he was too tired, right? Si Chenyu slandered in his heart.

“You……did it with him?” Si Chenyu asked again.

“I did.” Wang Shichan admitted calmly.

Si Chenyu didn’t expect him to answer so candidly and was speechless for a while.

At this time, Wang Shichan carefully put Nie Bufan aside then stood up and faced Si Chenyu. He said, “What happened just now? Did you force him?”


“I heard his yelling.”

“Isn’t he often yelling like that?” Si Chenyu said casually, “Don’t you know his personality? Lawless, impolite, lacking of any respect towards those of higher stations, no stopper on his mouth, etc. He has an unsavory track record.”

“Since he displeases you so, why did you cross that boundary?”

Si Chenyu was silent.

Wang Shichan said again: “He indeed doesn’t care about worldly ethics and teachings and he lives unrestrainedly. But maybe even he doesn’t realize that he actually values ​​everyone around him. It seems that he has no concerns, but he is actually timid and lonely. It is easy to build a relationship with him. But if he was abandoned by someone who he values after investing his emotions in them, it will inevitably bring him great harm.”

“What do you mean by this?”

“Lord Prince is a member of the royal family. It is absolutely impossible for you to do anything that will damage the royal dignity. To you, Bufan may be just a plaything that is used to past the time and can be discard at any time. Whether he is there or not it makes no difference for you so why do you make him one of your lovers?”

“I am a member of the royal family, but is Wang Gongzi not a member of the aristocracy? Are you not afraid of being burdened by the stigma?”

“I am different from you. My family has long regarded me as removed from the secular world. I can live in seclusion without worry and accompany him for life.”

“How long have you even known him that you are willing to give up everything for him?” Si Chenyu asked in surprise.

“I believe in fate and I believe in my choice. I didn’t lose anything, on the contrary, I now have him.” Wang Shichan looked at Nie Bufan, his eyes were burning, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly, “If I stay, he will definitely be with me through all the days in the future, never leaving, never abandoning.”

Si Chenyu couldn’t help but sarcastically say: “Don’t forget, you are not his only man.”

“I know.” Wang Shichan turned his gaze back to Si Chenyu and replied, “Do you think he provoked so many men just for the sake of pleasure? I’m sure that even if he had to remain abstinent for life, he will not feel any discomfort at all. It’s us who are the ones unable to resist our desires.”

Si Chenyu couldn’t refute it. Although Nie Bufan often teased others unconsciously, his eyes were clear and he didn’t have that kind of lewdness or lustful thoughts.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Lord Prince, I hope you can think carefully about how to deal with your relationship with Bufan.” Wang Shichan’s eyes were cold. “If you dare to hurt him, then I will definitely not remain courteous. Moreover, don’t you know how difficult it is to find such an oddity in this world?”

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