Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 049 A Strange Treasure Exploration Part 6

After finishing exploring the secret room they began to find a way out. The surrounding walls were very flat, and there were no objects that might be secret mechanisms.

Si Chenyu and Wang Shichan searched for a long while but to no avail. They couldn’t help but feel a little discouraged.

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Nie Bufan wandered around without any worry at all, his leisurely and carefree appearance truly did seem rather hateful.

Si Chenyu said with discontent: “Nie Bufan, you can at least help out!”

“Aren’t I helping?” Without even turning his head, Nie Bufan continued tapping his fingers on the wall, then laughed, “Listen, is there an echo?”

When Si and Wang paused to listen, there was indeed a sound coming from the other side of the wall. However, it was not an echo, but the sound they had heard before that was similar to the sound made by a living creature crawling around.

Wang Shichan said: “Bufan, don’t knock anymore, there is something inside.”

“Of course there is something inside.” Nie Bufan replied naturally, “Otherwise, why am I even knocking?”

Si and Wang were speechless. Was this the point?

Seeing that their faces were as green as tortoise shells, Nie Bufan kindly stopped the act of knocking on the wall and began to join in the search for secret mechanisms while playing with the night pearl in his hand.

The light in the room given off by the night pearl flickered as a result of his fiddling with it, which added a sinister feeling to the already gloomy secret room they were in. More importantly, the flashing light caused one’s eyes to hurt.

“Nie Bufan, you should rest.” Si Chenyu suggested in an extremely sincere tone. He felt that this guy was too full of energy. Just awhile ago they had been producing clouds and rain, but now he was jumping around as if nothing happened.

“You have me help then I must help, and now you have me go rest then I must go rest. Am I, Nie Bufan, so easy to order around?” Nie Bufan snorted.

Si Chenyu felt like kicking himself. Why did he forget that this guy always liked to sing the opposite tune? He made a misstep, a misstep!

At this time, Wang Shichan said, “Bufan, put the night pearl on the stone platform, it is not convenient for you to hold it like this.”

“Oh.” Nie Bufan obediently placed night pearl on the stone platform.

“Why does he listen to what you say?” Si Chenyu was very upset.

Wang Shichan gave him an aloof and profound look in the style of a Buddhist master.

“……” Si Chenyu fell silent.

At this moment, a sudden “bang” came from the corner of the wall, followed by the sound of hard dirt falling, as if something had penetrated through the wall.

Both Si and Wang startled at the same time. They followed the sound to a small hole as wide around as a cup that had appeared on the wall and a……chicken head poking out of it?

The chicken head also seemed to be startled by them. It was about to retract but Nie Bufan grabbed its neck quickly with fast eyes and hands, praising: “Not bad, the hole has even reached here.”

The two small beady eyes on the chicken’s head blinked, showing a cunning and proud expression.

“Come out, if we can’t find the exit later, then you go call your brothers and sisters to come dig a passage for us.”

The chicken eyes rolled to show whites, appearing very reluctant. It tried to retreat into the hole a few times without success, and had no choice but to admit its fate.

Si and Wang heard what Nie Bufan said in their still dazed state, and then simultaneously looked at the hole that could only fit an arm……To what extent did they have to compress themselves in order to climb through that small hole?

More importantly, how come a chicken can drill holes?

The chickens in Chicken Nest Village could watch the house, track, poison, talk, pretend to be dead, splash, swim, fly, climb trees, stand upside down, and now they could even dig holes!

In truth, Nie Bufan you are actually a chicken demon spirit, right? Just what kind of monsters are you raising?

The chicken in the hole expanded the hole a bit with its wings and then nimbly slipped through it where it then proceeded to shake the dust from its yellow brown feathers.

Si and Wang couldn’t understand how a chicken could use its wings to make holes? Could it be that its wings were actually some kind of magical weapon disguised as ordinary wings?

Nie Bufan patted the head of the yellow brown chicken and had it stand at attention in place. He then turned his head and said to Si and Wang: “Actually, I found out soon after we came in. This stone platform seems to be movable. Come and take a look?”

Since there was such an important discovery, why not say it earlier! Si Chenyu roared wildly in his heart. He once again realized the evil taste this guy had, taking delight in slowly revealing the main points after others had already worked hard for some time.

Si and Wang walked over to check and indeed found that the connection between the stone platform and the ground seemed a bit weird. They tried to turn it left and right, but nothing happened.

Nie Bufan squatted on the side and looked on for a long while with his chin propped on a hand. Finally he couldn’t help but alert them: “The stone platform is square and it is built into the ground very steady and stable. How much strength do you think it would take to turn it?”

“……” The two of them froze and suddenly felt that they were very stupid.

It could not be blamed on them. Coming from wealthy families, they were indeed top-notch in their knowledge and learning. On the other hand however, their common sense and practical ability was worthy of sympathy.

“Then what do you think?” Si Chenyu squeezed out the words.

“If you can’t turn it left or right, then try up and down.” Nie Bufan gave directions.

So the two put their hands on the stone platform and pressed down forcefully at the same time.

A loud rumbling sound was heard and the door of the dark room slowly opened.

Nie Bufan stretched out two victory fingers with a triumphant expression that read: I’m really smart.

However, Si Chenyu and Wang Shichan received a deep blow. In the series of actions just now, they had managed to reveal their IQ flaws and now their self-esteem was shattered into flakes. Don’t know when the pieces would be able to be glued back together.

The three people left the dark room without a hitch, and Si Chenyu said to the two of them: “When we take an inventory of the collection later, can you keep this room secret for the time being?”

Wang Shichan nodded and Nie Bufan agreed, “Don’t worry, I definitely won’t say anything.”

It was even more worrying if you promise with such seriousness! Si Chenyu gave him a conflicted look.

Nie Bufan looked at the closed wall of the secret room, and suddenly sighed with feeling: “Duobao Sage is indeed a talented person. He placed the imperial seal of this country high in the center and surrounded it with the six foreign countries on both sides. From this his meaning is very self-evident. Moreover he actually had the ability to collect so many treasures, it can be seen just how much of a calamity he was in the past. Fortunately, he has already ascended to the heavens, otherwise one can’t imagine just what the world will be like with him still around to spread his chaos?”

You don’t have to be humble, your own chaos is no less lacking!

The three strolled around this treasure room again and then walked to the other side of the passage.

Nie Bufan finally realized that the chickens that should have been around him had all disappeared, and he couldn’t help but yell, “Chickens, where have you all gone——”

Gone——gone——gone—— It echoed up and down the passages.

“Where are you?” Li Huai’s voice came from the other side.

“I’m calling the chickens! What are you answering for?”

Li Huai choked and after a while he roared, “You mentioning chickens reminds me, these chickens really make people angry. Do you know just how much destruction your chickens have done to a library we found?”

“How much?” Nie Bufan asked back without any guilt.

Li Huai was about to answer when he said again: “Okay, you don’t need to say. It’s not as if you don’t know their destructive power. If you have the ability then you can go directly to them to discuss this issue. I won’t help either side.”

Could you still be called not helping either side! You are actually shirking the responsibility instead, right? What would be the point in discussing this with a chicken?

Just as Li Huai was jumping with fury, Li Yi said: “Bufan, all passages in this treasure trove should eventually lead to one place so we’ll all meet up there.”

“Okay.” Nie Bufan responded with a smile.

At this time, the scattered chickens rushed back one after another.

Nie Bufan pointed at them and scolded: “You’re all a bunch of heartless chickens! Leaving your master alone and running away by yourself. Don’t you think this kind of behavior requires criticism?”

The chickens drooped their heads and put on an appropriately repentful look.

“Hmph, you will be locked up in the little black house after we go back.” Nie Bufan tried his best to intimidate them, but they remained completely unaffected.

Just what kind of small black house was strong enough to close them up? This was the era when chickens dominate the world!

After the lesson was over, Nie Bufan led the large chicken army along with Si and Wang down the passageway.

This time they didn’t encounter any more mechanisms. In just half the time a stick of incense burnt down, they had arrived at the end of the passageway.

As soon as they walked out of the passageway, the three people and chicken army saw a very ambiguous picture. The graceful and elegant gongzi, Chen Muran, had his arm supporting the willow waist of the Tian Nu, Nineteen. They were both leaning at a 30 degree angle, as if dancing the waltz, the posture very intimate indeed.

When Chen Muran noticed the new arrivals, a panicked exoression appeared and he reflexively withdrew his hand. As a result, Tian Nu fell to the ground with a tragic scream of “Ah”.

Nie Bufan tsked and said, “Chen Gongzi, even if you want to make clear that you two have an innocent relationship, you don’t need to use such a rude way! Just look at what you did to Tian Nu!”

“Apologies, lady Jing Rou, are you alright?” Chen Muran looked embarrassed and reached out to help her up.

Nineteen’s face was distorted for a moment, but she quickly smoothed it over, squeezing out a forgiving smile and saying gently: “It’s okay, people have a slip of the hand and horses have a stumble of a hoof, it is normal.”

With that, she took Chen Muran’s outstretched hand and prepared to get up.

At this time Nie Bufan spoke up again: “Say, did Chen Gongzi have a slip of a hand or a stumble of a hoof?”


An army of ellipsis crawled across.

Awkward silence!

Gagagaga! The chickens all let out cackles, giving their master face. The noisy cackles sounded particularly frightening in the echoing cave.

Si Chenyu tugged Nie Bufan to the corner and had him stand there. He then turned around and asked, “Why did Tian Nu also come down?”

Tian Nu took a deep breath and replied: “I hope Prince Si does not mind me. This humble girl also wanted to see the treasure trove built by Duobao Sage, so I entered the treasure trove with the assistance of Zhang Gongzi. I also left marks along the way so on the way back it will save some time.”

Si Chenyu nodded, he and the other people holding the keys didn’t mind the Tian Nu entering. After all, she was the key person who provided the location of the treasure trove. But, what was the situation between her and Chen Muran just now?

He was puzzled, but as a gentleman he did not take the initiative to ask probing questions.

At this time, there was a sound from another passageway, and Li Yi and Li Huai appeared in front of everyone.

“Everyone is here? Tian Nu is here too?” Li Huai greeted everyone one by one but deliberately skipped Nie Bufan.

Li Yi walked directly to Nie Bufan’s side and scanned his body with a sharp gaze. He then squinted his eyes, revealing a bit of danger and accusation.

Nie Bufan puffed out his chest and glanced at him out of the corner of his eye, “What are you doing? You miss me this much after just a few hours, completely forgetting yourself at the sight of me?”

Li Yi was not fooled by him and gave him a stern look that read: we will be talking about this. The look was clearly conveying intentions to settle accounts afterwards.

Nie Bufan pouted his lips, wondering who to look for to act as a shield when he returned……

The several of them gathered together to briefly narrate their findings. The abundance of the treasures collected by Duobao Sage far exceeded everyone’s expectations. They decided to send someone to take an inventory before discussing on how to split it up. Given the large number of objects, it would likely take more than a month to take a full inventory.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

This trip to explore the treasure trove could finally be considered as having come to an end, one that was full of surprises and chicken feathers.

In the future, a sign should be set up at the entrance of the treasure trove, engraved on it would be: Nie Bufan and chickens are not allowed to enter!

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