After Becoming The Tyrant CH 019 The King’s Army

“Can I come to the conclusion——you demons have no memory at all?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The King sat up. His shoulder was still a little bit painful but the wound was much better. The holy fire had healed his injuries.

Only one arrow of Baron Sheehan’s three arrows hit the King. The reason there were two holes in the cloak was that after the King drew the arrow out, he used the arrow to pierce through the cloak again in the spot above the heart.

He seemed to want Baron Sheehan to believe that he was dead.

“If you say this, my colleagues will feel wronged.”

The Devil avoided the topic as the King was clearly in a rage. He wisely didn’t want to provoke the King’s anger even further……although this possibility was very low.

“Long time no see, Your Majesty.”

“Long enough that your head has completely forgotten the terms of the contract, yes?”

Sure enough, the King was definitely not a forgetful person.

On the contrary, he had a surprisingly good memory, and he was also very talented in holding grudges……He seemed to have plans to double the old and new hatred together.

The Devil got a bad feeling.

“It’s like this, Your Majesty.” The Devil defended himself, “After you abandon the human form you will have true immortality. And look at your courtiers——how worthless they are! How dare they betray you! But we are not the same——hell has been waiting for your arrival for a long time! My dear Majesty, we will be your most loyal ministers with the sharpest blades, and will offer you the kingdom of darkness.”

“Your sophistry is the same as before.”

The King replied.

Immediately afterwards, he expressed his attitude in two words:

“F**k off.”

“My dear Majesty, you are too partial! It is not only the human world that can offer you the throne.” The Devil stretched out his hand to help the King get up from the ground.

The King ignored him.

Okay, he can be sure now. If the King had a holy sword in his hand at this moment, he would definitely pierce it into his heart without hesitation.

The Devil thought.

The skulls inlaid on the bone carriage closed their mouths, not even daring to splash sulphurous tears. The nightmare steeds quietly lowered their front hoofs and no longer neighed. They seemed to have a natural awe of the King. At this time, they were all very quiet, all betraying their master, the Devil, displaying quite the admirable characteristic the denizens of hell were known for.

Let the Devil face the King’s anger by himself.

The Devil cursed in his heart.

He saw the King walk to the vow knights who had fallen on the ground, and quickly tried to reduce the King’s anger: “They’re just asleep!”

In order to prove his words, he snapped his fingers, and a cloud of black mist flew out of the vow knights, even healing much of their injuries on the way.

“In fact, Your Majesty, you may have a slight misunderstanding of me.”

The Devil’s attitude towards the King was very strange. If he had the opportunity, he would definitely try his best to take away the King’s soul. Aside from this however, he was truly willing to do everything for the King. When the King woke up, he immediately stopped acting out of line and tried his best to behave like it had never happened.

“I’m here to escort you back to the palace. Look, what a beautiful carriage I have prepared for you.”

“Beautiful enough for twelve Holy Inquisitors to cross the sea, is that it?”

The King picked up the knight commander’s sword.

“They can put on a disguise. And it will also allow you to leave here quietly, without being spotted by the little mice outside.” The Devil had a keen insight into conspiracy. He guessed a little bit of the King’s plan and took the opportunity to cleverly present his value.

Ai, he knew all too well what kind of person His Majesty was——

A qualified king.

So long as it had a value, then to the ruler it would be useful. For this reason, the monarchs wouldn’t even mind putting aside their hatred for the time being. Of course, so long as there was a chance, His Majesty would be very happy to kill the donkey when the grinding was done. (TN: to get rid of somebody once he has ceased to be useful)

So he said that the King was really suitable for hell.

The King didn’t have on any expression, but with a sharp sound, he pushed his sword into its sheath.

The Devil shrugged helplessly.


The Devil worked very hard this time so that the sword that the King had finally pushed back into the sheath would not be drawn out again.

The bone carriage drawn by the nightmare steeds had transformed into an ordinary inconspicuous carriage. The vow knights also woke up one after another. The Devil also politely asked His Majesty if he wanted to erase their memories.

The King ruthlessly rejected his favor.

The vow knights used their loyalty to win the King’s rare trust. Now, any of the vow knights had a higher status than the Devil in the eyes of the King.

Of course, the knights showed with their actions that they were indeed reliable.

After they woke up, they found that the King was sitting in the carriage safe and sound and instantly wanted to cry with joy. However, if it were not for the King stopping them in time, they would definitely draw out their swords to fight the Devil in a bloody duel.

“He works for me now.”

The King, dressed in a new red cloak that the Devil manifested from nowhere, was sitting by the carriage window.

People in this era were no strangers to demons, monsters, and witches. Although most of them regarded these as horrible nightmares that brought only disaster to ordinary people, the upper class obviously knew more about them.

This was the case with the knight commander.

After several battles, the vow knights seemed to have come to regard the King as an omnipotent existence. The knight commander was not surprised that the King was able to control the Devil——perhaps in his opinion, it was only natural for all creatures on Legrand’s soil to surrender to the King.

But he was very hostile to the Devil.

“Your Majesty, even the unpardonable traitors are more trustworthy than the Devil. Both legends and history have proved their treacherous, insidious and capricious natures.”

The knight commander loyally advised.

“I know.”

The King had already confirmed that the Devil could not directly touch him. He let out a cold smile laced with unspoken meaning.

“It’s not that there were never Templars in the Rose family.”


The Devil who was driving the carriage once again thought of the dark age nostalgically.

The people were so amiable to the Devil at that time.

During the day, the carriage swaggered out of the forest.

The soldiers of Baron Sheehan dutifully controlled the exits of the forest, and the Devil deliberately passed by them blatantly with wicked fun. But none of them found out.

When he left the forest, the King’s gaze swept the Truu Castle standing in the sun.


The King left silently, indicating that he did not want to expose himself to everyone’s eyes so quickly.

This also meant that the news that “the King was dead” would soon spread throughout Legrand.

It seemed that the King was determined to solve all the emergency crises revealed in the fate line in one fell swoop.

He bypassed the Truu Castle and rushed to the palace by other roads.

After the Devil’s nightmare carriage had been disguised, it would not rouse any suspicions even among the members of the clergy. But this also limited its speed. It was now similar to an ordinary carriage. However, in an age when the glory of theocracy was still triumphant, there was always nothing wrong with caution.

Two days have passed since the night of siege and betrayal.

The King’s carriage stopped in an ordinary tavern where he rested in a room.

The King had already locked down on who his true enemy was at this time.

According to the medieval law of succession to the throne, there were actually not many people who were eligible to ascend the throne after his death. Blood relatives of the Rose family and other aristocrats who had some kind of marriage ties with the royal family. Let’s put it this way, people who could profit from the death of the King could stretch from the palace all the way to the outside of the capital, and at least a dozen of them were qualified for the throne.

Therefore, before the assassination took place, the King could only list all possible enemies.

But now he knew exactly who it was.

The clue lay in the heavy cavalry of Gulundi.

The Gulundi heavy cavalry, as a mercenary group with terrifying combat effectiveness and known to be notoriously ferocious, would not appear inside Legrand’s borders if there were no reason behind it. They were distributed on the continent of Elta from the east to the south of the Abyss Strait. Only those who controlled the coastal ports in the southeast of Legrand had the opportunity to receive such a batch of foreign aid.

The eye-catching appearance of the Gulundi heavy cavalry required that this person must have a certain influence on the transportation industry of the Legrand Empire, otherwise he would not be able to smuggle a team of Gulundi heavy cavalry across Legrand to quietly appear on the grassland outside Truu Castle.

In addition to this, the King’s brief contact with Baron Sheehan also provided him many clues.

Leaving aside the betrayal, Baron Sheehan was undoubtedly a qualified general and qualified lord. Those who could persuade him to their side must not have too many smudges on their reputation in the eyes of the public.

Therefore, it was clear who the enemy was:

Grand Duke Grice.

A great nobleman with a very good reputation, but previously considered a nobleman who liked to keep a low profile. He also had the qualifications to succeed to the throne. His qualifications were even on the same level as that of the Duke of Buckingham.

A dog that bit people was a dog that did not bark, wasn’t that the truth?

Hidden in the shadow on the side of the window, the King looked down onto the streets indifferently. He could see two to three heavily armed cavalrymen passing by from time to time.

The appearance of cavalry on the daily streets itself represented a sign of turmoil.

The fact that the Duke of Buckingham did not die made everything about to be staged completely different from the fate line. An old duke with a glorious reputation and at the forefront of succession to the throne meant too much. Moreover, he would be the most powerful of the royalists, and would protect the throne so long as he didn’t see the King’s body with his own eyes.

Tensions would be inevitable.

But the war would be very restrained.

The King knew this.

The war in this era was like playing chess. The castle and the knights were the pawns on the chessboard. People in the game mobilize the pawns on the chessboard to consume each other and enact revenge on each other. But so long as it was not the final moment, no one would easily engage in a head-on conflict. This would be a stalemate. [1]

What the King needed was this time.

In addition, he also needed an army.

An army that could secretly support him and no one could guess who was truly behind them.

Earlier on that cold night in the forest, the King realized where he could obtain this army.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The answer was Ingres.

A wild state with endless rebellions.

AN: [1] Reference “Edward I”, author Marc Morris


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