The Undead Queen Has Arrived In The Apocalypse CH 015 Ye Ying’s Revenge

A city in T country close to MD.

At this time, the neon lights were flashing and the nightlife had just begun.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

This was a bar in the city center. It was still early at this time, but the bar was already extremely lively. Many men and women were holding wine glasses while their eyes looked around like searchlights, searching for their prey of the tonight.

And sitting in a relatively hidden corner of the bar that was not noticed by anyone was Ye Ying who held a glass in her hand, swirling it gently. The scarlet blood-like liquid inside gently rippled. Deep eyes inadvertently skimmed across an equally hidden table diagonally opposite and the two extremely ordinary T country men sitting there. She quickly shifted her gaze, raised her head and threw back the liquid in the glass before putting down the wine glass.

A seductive beauty wearing a very sexy black dress and holding a glass of light red wine, slowly came to a stop in front of Ye Ying. She gently sat down, her eyes staring straight ahead, and took a sip of her wine: “The Lawton family and Yarrow’s transaction will take place at the western terminal at 1:30 in the middle of the night. We have already contacted Yarrow. They are willing to offer a very reasonable price to buy all the shares of the Lawton family you have.”

Ye Ying’s mouth twitched slightly, revealing an almost imperceptible smile, but she asked another question: “Moli, where is Chen Sen?”

Moli’s eyes quickly flashed with something, but the speed was too fast to decipher. She smiled faintly and replied: “Sister Ye Ying, your mission failed last time. Our reputation in the underworld has been greatly affected. These days, Chen Sen is still negotiating with that side.”

“The deposit has been refunded and didn’t I have you wire the compensation money over?” Ye Ying frowned slightly, and then quickly let go of the topic: “Forget it, you brought that anonymous card, right? You also know that the Lawton family has been pressing hard recently, and I plan to transfer all the money there.”

“Because you said we are going back to China, so I brought it. I asked you to transfer the money into it a long time ago. By the way, Chen Sen said before that we should go to the Leiden Hotel to meet up before ten o’clock.” There was a glimmer of excitement in her eyes. The amount on Ye Ying’s personal card was definitely more than what she and Chen Sen combined had. Thinking that it would soon fall into her hands, Moli couldn’t hold back the smile at the corner of her mouth.

Ye Ying lowered her eyelashes slightly, a cold light flashing across her eyes. Hehe, who was scheming who. With this sum of money she would be able to give master a great gift after returning to China! Thinking of this, a green light flashed in Ye Ying’s eyes but was not noticed because of the dim lighting in the bar.

At ten o’clock in the evening, Moli and Ye Ying had already changed their clothes and arrived at the Leiden Hotel.

In room 1206, Chen Sen, who had just taken a shower, only had a bath towel wrapped around his waist. His sturdy upper body was still dripping with water droplets that ran down his powerful eight pack abs set in a torso that was a perfect inverted triangle. In addition, he had a handsome and sexy face that was emphasized with his hair done in a buzz cut. There were also bulging muscles visible in his arms. It must be said that Chen Sen’s figure and appearance were both impeccable.

Wiping his hair casually, Chen Sen walked to the bed, picked up the phone from the bedside table and read the text message. Suddenly a cold smile appeared on his face and a sharp light flashed across his eyes. And then he went to the closet and took out a white bathrobe to put on.

Chen Sen, along with Ye Ying and Moli as well as several others all made up an international mercenary group. The head of the group was Ye Ying while Chen Sen was the deputy commander, as well as Ye Ying’s lover.

Soon, the door of the room was knocked. Chen Sen suppressed the expression on his face, his angular face softening slightly.

After letting Moli and Ye Ying into the room, Chen Sen showed a worried expression on his face as he looked at Ye Ying with a slightly reproachful expression: “Ying, why haven’t we heard from you for so long? You don’t know that we are all so worried? What happened on the last mission? The employer was very angry, how could you fail? Didn’t that side already say that the thing went missing?” Chen Sen could not be blamed for doubting since he knew just how good Ye Ying’s skills were. Besides, the thing they were after was also lost. If it wasn’t in the hands of Ye Ying, then who would have it?

Ye Ying walked to the chaise couch and sat down before she said: “I had already succeeded, but then suddenly my whereabouts were revealed and I was chased by members of the Lawton family. At this time, a mysterious person suddenly appeared and snatched it away from me.” Ye Ying said with an ugly expression. After speaking, she raised her head and looked at Chen Sen: “Where are the documents? The Lawton family will not let me go. I wonder if I should transfer those jadeite mines to you first. Just now I also transferred the money in to our shared anonymous card.”

Chen Sen first glanced at Moli subtly, and after receiving a slight nod from Moli he carefully took out the documents from a small black backpack beside the bed. Restraining the excitement in his eyes, he looked at Ye Ying with a bit of disapproval in his eyes: “Ying, do you want to think about it……”

Ye Ying reached out and took the documents in Chen Sen’s hand, then opened it and looked it over carefully. The smile on the corner of her mouth slowly spread: “Very good, not bad!”

Ye Ying’s voice was a little bit too cheerful. What she said was obviously very normal, but it made Moli and Chen Sen get a very strange feeling in their hearts. Chen Sen gave a light cough, and then stretched out his hand to take the documents, while saying: “I think I should keep it for you for the time being……”

Before his words were finished, he was fiercely repelled away by a powerful force.


He hit the opposite wall fiercely, and felt a searing pain in his internal organs. Every bone in his body seemed as if it would fall apart any minute. It took a while for him to get up. Chen Sen’s face was twisted and dark with pain. His eyes stared fiercely at Ye Ying who was holding the documents while slowly getting up: “Ye Ying, have you gone crazy!”

“Chen Sen, are you disappointed that I was able to come back alive?” Ye Ying asked. She sensed a gust of wind by her ear and she instantly kicked her leg out, “Heh……” The sound of broken bones resounded throughout the room.

“Ah——” Moli, who was originally standing on the side, was now lying on the ground in a sorry state, her hands covering her belly and face turned pale due to the pain. Cold sweat began to bead on her forehead.

“Liu Moli, Chen Sen, you really played me like a fool, didn’t you? Only you two know the route of my retreat this time. How could it be exposed? Moreover, you two have hooked up behind my back a long time ago, right?” Ye Ying sneered and stepped on Moli’s chest viciously: “What’s the matter, you didn’t kill me last time so now you want to finish me this time? You must have teamed up with Yarrow long ago, am I right?”

“You……” The cold sweat on Chen Sen’s forehead became more and more, but he was feeling more surprised. Didn’t this woman listen to him the most before? How come now——

“If it weren’t for the master’s gift, I wouldn’t bother with the likes of you!” Ye Ying’s eyes were cold, the green light in her eyes gradually beginning to spread. She slowly bent over and reached out to take Moli’s handbag and then fiercely deflected the hidden weapon that Chen Sen shot at her before quickly landing on the other side of the bed. The three of them stood in three directions like a triangle.

Opening the bag and after seeing the anonymous card inside she then stuffed the documents in her hand into the bag. Ye Ying looked at the two people who stood up painfully with satisfaction. The murderous intent in her eyes became more intense.

“Ye Ying, return my things to me!” Moli exclaimed angrily while enduring the pain.

“Wrong, it’s mine now!” Ye Ying shook the handbag and said disdainfully.

“Ye Ying, don’t forget, we are a team!” Chen Sen suppressed the astonishment in his heart. The hidden weapon that had been soaked in poison just now was directly punched away by Ye Ying with her bare fist. Was her fist made of iron?

“How shameless it is to say these things!” Ye Ying looked at the two people coldly, and then the green light flared brightly in her eyes as long black nails slowly extended from her fingers: “For the sake of these many years of being comrades, you guys can become my supper!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Ah——monster!” A shrill scream came from room 1206 but after a while, it all quieted down.


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