The Undead Queen Has Arrived In The Apocalypse CH 016 The Nalan Family

How easy was it to make money?

Gong Su could tell you that he was deeply jealous that a small bottle of drug that was three inches tall was sold at a sky-high price of one billion!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After deducting the handling fees of the underground auction site, there was almost 900 million yuan left. For Lin Xiu, who had spent a lot of money recently, this money came at just the right time.

“Linzi, are you sure you do not have a fever? You recently bought high-end women’s clothing, lingerie and underwear, thermal sweaters, cotton-padded clothes, and all kinds of shoes. Among them, even several sets of skin care products. Could it be you want to undergo a sex change?” Gong Su, who thought he had found out the truth, suddenly raised his voice an octave.

“Pa——” A pillow landed on Gong Su’s face, and Lin Xiu, who was trying to draw in his notebook on the other side, had a sinister expression on his face. He glanced at Gong Su with an annoyed look: “Not doing anything all day and acting like a bum. Is everything I want ready?”

“The scientific research machines and instruments you want are all custom orderd from abroad at a high price. Some of them have been shipped over already and the rest will probably take a while. By the way, you said last time that you want to customize several large RVs. According to your requirements they raised the price 10% more.” After speaking, Gong Su looked seriously at Lin Xiu: “I say, what do you want to do? Travel the world? Recently, the company has already begun to cooperate with the Chu family. The development of the large-scale resort project has started and the company’s funds are almost dried up. Those shareholders are beginning to have complaints!”

“Alright, I won’t let you go bankrupt.” Lin Xiu said while lowering his head and writing something in the notebook: “The auction this time can solve part of the financial problem. When we disclosed this news before people from all over arrived, so the drug could be auctioned at a high price. But the money is still a drop in the bucket……” Lin Xiu’s eyes flashed. This time they could be considered to have pulled off a beautiful move. People from all the countries wanted to gain that supernatural power drug so that they could take it back and study it. In the end it was country F who managed to win the bid. If it was auctioned again, the effect would not be as good. However, he still had an ace up his sleeve——the formula. It would be auctioned next month. In any case, this thing was redundant to him so it was better to make the best use of it! Lin Xiu calculated shrewdly.

“Still a drop in the bucket!” Gong Su was speechless: “Your previous consumption, almost 200 million, was used to buy female products, it should be enough!”

Was it only this much? Lin Xiu frowned unconsciously.

Looking at the notes in his hand, if the end of the world came, these things were not enough at all. Lin Xiu rubbed his temples and then put down the pen: “By the way, you need to prepare more building materials. Don’t you have a villa in Fenglin Garden in the north of the city? There are few people over there so I’ll rent a large warehouse over there. You can put the reinforced concrete or whatever I need there first.”

“The manufacturers have already been contacted. Even if you want to build a palace, it’s enough. By the way, where is your laboratory going to be built? A construction team I know has a good reputation. Look……” Although Gong Su didn’t know why Lin Xiu was acting so crazy, but as a good buddy who had practically worn the same pair of trousers since they were children, he knew the other very well and believed there must be a reason for him to act this way.

“There is no need for the construction team. Just ask someone to give me some design drawings. Oh and also, blueprints for villas……” After thinking about it, he said, “Help me get a few large-scale architectural design blueprints and don’t try to fool me, this matter is very important!” Lin Xiu said seriously.

Next, he had to go order some furniture and electrical appliances. Oh, and buy a few large generators……there were many things to buy, but these things could be done by Meng Zhuang and the others. He should also find Hua Yao to discuss about the laboratory and villa issues first.


Speaking of the Nalan family in city H, the first impression was that they had money.

And speaking of the Nalan family, people would immediately think of city H.

The former Nalan family patriarch only had one daughter, Nalan Qing’er. Later, he found a son-in-law called Zhang Tao, but soon after this son-in-law married in the family, the Nalan patriarch passed away. Later, Nalan Qing’er gave birth to a son, Nalan Li, but the fate of Nalan Qing’er was really not good. When her son was less than one year old she also passed away from illness.

Not long after, her husband, Zhang Tao, married another wife after Nalan Qing’er died of illness. At the beginning, this woman could be considered to treat Nalan Li well, but before long, she gave birth to twin sons and that was when Nalan Li’s days went downhill. The huge wealth of the Nalan family also fell into Zhang Tao’s hands. Nalan Li took his mother’s surname, but the twins took Zhang Tao’s surname. Zhang Tao doted on them excessively while Nalan Li suddenly became dispensable.

Today’s Nalan family house was extraordinarily quiet, the atmosphere extremely heavy. Even the servants hid in their rooms to minimize their sense of presence. This was all because the eldest young master of the Nalan family, Nalan Li was back!

The Nalan family’s ancestral house covered a large area. The yard was planted with various landscape plants and bluestone pathways connected all the courtyards and houses. This antique manor should be quite old with a long history, but was obviously very well maintained. Once entering, it gave people a sense of having traveled back in time.

In the main hall, Nalan Li sat with a stiff face on a mahogany chair as he looked at the “family of five” opposite him. A trace of ridicule flashed in his eyes as he saw them looking at him with guarded expressions as if they were facing an enemy.

On the right hand of Nalan Li sat Hua Yao wearing a white dress. Hua Yao seemed unaware of the heavy atmosphere in the hall. She took a banana from the table and tried to feed it to the two little foxes lying on her knees. The little fox didn’t give a lot of face, only sniffing it once before turning its head in disgust.

Seeing that the little fox was not eating, Hua Yao simply put the banana in her hand back on the table. She then raised her eyes to look at the five people on the opposite side. Naturally, at this time, the five people were fully focused on Nalan Li and didn’t pay much attention to the inconspicuous Hua Yao.

Zhang Tao was a middle-aged man in his forties and fifties. He had a beer gut and looked utterly unremarkable. His appearance, however, looked very honest but those gleaming small eyes gave others a shrewd look. Next to him was his current wife, Lin Lan. Although she was in her forties she was very well maintained and looked at most in her thirties. She wore heavy makeup and judging from her facial features she should be quite pretty when she was young. From head to toe, she wore famous brands, but her figure looked to have lost its shape with the years, the fat around her waist straining at the clothes and giving people a feeling that it was about to burst the buttons any minute.

The twins next to them looked to be about twenty years old. They took after Lin Lan so their looks were also not bad. But their disdainful expressions when looking at Nalan Li revealed their true natures.

The last one was a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl, but at this moment, her eyes were practically glued to Nalan Li, the gaze naked and scorching. Unlike her parents and brothers, this was the first time she had seen Nalan Li. But she didn’t expect this Nalan Li to be so beautiful and alluring. The more she looked at him, the more she wanted to throw herself on the other.

“Hai, hai……why did Li’er come back? You haven’t been back in many years, right?” Lin Lan was the first to recover. She inadvertently glanced at Hua Yao, and seeing that there was nothing special, she immediately ignored the other. She tried with difficulty to paste a kind smile on her face: “This time you must stay a few more days……”

Nalan Li curled the corners of his mouth in a sneer. This was his home but this woman clearly regarded herself as the host here!

“I don’t plan to leave this time, naturally I will be staying longer.” Nalan Li sneered and looked at the people whose faces had suddenly stiffened. He stood up first: “If there is nothing else, I will go back to my room first.”

“Wait!” Zhang Tao, who had not spoken the whole time, called to Nalan Li with a stern face, “What do you mean?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“What do I mean? This is my home. I can stay as long as I want, understand?” Nalan Li replied coldly.

TN: irregular updates from now on. Undead Queen will be going on a half-hiatus after this chapter.


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