The Cruel Tyrant CH 050 Reputation

In the main hall of the Crown Prince’s Palace, a handsome middle-aged man sat on a chair with a dark expression on his face. Opposite him was a slightly fat man whose anxious and restless appearance only fanned the flames of Ye Haolin’s anger. He felt even more despise towards the notorious Crown Prince.

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After a while, the eunuch’s high voice sounded in the ears of the two men.

“His Royal Highness has arrived.”

Ye Haolin was one of the martial artists in jianghu with high martial arts, so he would naturally not fawn and scrape at a notorious and scandal ridden Crown Prince. But after all, he was living under the imperial rule, in addition his delinquent son was still in the hands of the other, so Ye Haolin was not as foolish as to directly accuse and offend Su Mu.

“Caomin, Ye Haolin, pays respects to the Crown Prince.” Ye Haolin said as he cupped his fist without expression.

Huang Shun appeared to be a lot more nervous, his face pasted with the smile businessmen usually had on, as he bowed and said: “Caomin, Huang Shun, pays respects to His Royal Highness.”

Su Mu could guess the purpose of these two people, so his face also had a slight expression of discomfort. After all, it was Su Mochi who snatched their sons into the palace back then, as a result, his attitude towards them also improved a lot.

“Please have a seat.”

Ye Haolin was a member of jianghu and a well known martial arts master. Even if he was injured by Su Mochi for trying to save Ye Qingfeng three years ago, it would not be possible for him to act humbly in front of Su Mu.

Ye Haolin said to Su Mu expressionlessly: “Your Highness, my son has misbehaved, please let him out and let me teach him a lesson.”

Huang Shun on the side also hurriedly smiled and said: “Yes, yes, my son is young and ignorant, completely unfamiliar with the rules of the palace. I am afraid he will offend Your Highness. It is better to let this caomin take him home and discipline him.”

Su Mu sat in an attentive manner, and said with a gentle expression: “Villa Master Ye, Ye Qingfeng’s movements in the palace are not restricted. Whether he wants to leave or stay it all depends on his will.”

Su Mu avoided Ye Haolin’s suspicious gaze and said to Huang Shun: “Merchant Huang, Huang Xuan is only barely able to get out of bed now after being seriously injured. It is really not suitable for him to travel at this time. After he has recovered, I will definitely not stop him from leaving the palace.”

However, after Su Mu said that Huang Xuan was badly injured and could not get out of bed, Ye Haolin’s eyes when looking at Su Mu became even more contemptuous, while Huang Shun on the side became so angry he could barely speak, pointing at Su Mu with a flushed face: “You……you……as the Crown Prince of a country……how can you……harm the innocent at will……”

“Is there a lack of innocent people he has killed or harmed? I thought you had reformed, but it seems it is true when they say it is difficult to change one’s nature.” Ye Haolin said coldly, “Su Mochi, today you must call Ye Qingfeng out, otherwise even if I lose my life I will definitely make you suffer!”

Huang Shun trembled all over, glaring at Su Mu and said, “Crown Prince, don’t oppress others too much. Although I am a trivial merchant, I am not an ant at the mercy of others!”

Su Mu: “……”

Oi, what are you imagining happened!

Su Mu said with an exasperated face: “Don’t be mistaken, the two of you. Huang Xuan was injured on the battlefield. Ben Gong has not harmed a hair on his head. If you don’t believe me, you can ask him yourself.”

Naturally, Ye Haolin would not go to see someone he was complete strangers with, but Huang Shun, who was anxious to see his son, wanted nothing more than to grow another pair of feet to get to his son’s side faster.

After Huang Shun left, Ye Qingfeng also came out.

Ye Haolin looked at Ye Qingfeng, whose eyes would not meet his, and his face became as dark as the bottom of a pot. He scolded in a low voice, “Unfilial son, come back with me.”

Ye Qingfeng could do nothing but look at Su Mu reluctantly and follow Ye Haolin’s steps. Ye Haolin looked at his reluctant appearance and instantly regretted that he didn’t break his legs when he first returned to Xuefeng Villa to report his safety.

Looking at Ye Haolin’s ugly expression, Ye Qingfeng knew that it might not be easy to fool his way out this time. He plucked up his courage and said, “Father, why are you here in person? Just ask someone to notify me if there is anything the matter.”

Ye Haolin paused suddenly, turned around with a look of anger, and scolded, “How many people have I sent? Was there even one time you did not send them back casually? And you still have the face to mention this to me?”

Ye Qingfeng lowered his head and rubbed his nose. In a tiny voice he said: “It’s not like there’s anything pressing at home anyway.”

“Nothing pressing? You don’t care about the things at home so how would there be anything pressing. Your elder brother and I are busy all day long whereas you are not only idle all day long, you even crawl onto someone else’s bed to be some kind of male pet……”

“Father, I……”

Ye Haolin said resentfully: “Shut up, our face is conpletely lost because of you. Immediately go back with me, otherwise you don’t need to ever go back.”

Crown Prince’s Palace, Qionghua Pavilion

Liu Xi, who learned that Ye Qingfeng had been caught and returned home by his father, curved his red lips, revealing a deceptive smile like a fox spirit. He murmured to himself: “There is one more.”

Huang Xuan’s face was completely pale and bloodless as he sat in the Crown Prince’s bedroom, Huang Shun’s harsh words echoing in his mind.

“He is the Crown Prince and he will definitely be the Emperor in the future, but you? How long can the son of a powerless merchant survive in this deadly harem? Now, you are young and the Crown Prince is enamoured with your appearance, but how can beauty last? One day he will become tired of you.”

Huang Xuan clutched the sheets tightly with both hands, and retorted weakly: “But, I like the Crown Prince, I love him……”

“Why don’t you understand, would the Crown Prince of a country be lacking in love? So what if you like him? In the end you are just one of his many male favorites, and there are many people who can replace you……”

As soon as Su Mu walked into his gorgeously furnished bedroom, he saw Huang Xuan lying on the bed with a worried expression, not even noticing his arrival.

Su Mu leaned close to him. His heart felt like it was being tickled as he looked at the youth’s firm and smooth skin. He couldn’t help but lean forward and kiss him.

Huang Xuan, who was lost in his own world, startled back into the present. When he came back to himself and saw the extremely handsome face of the Crown Prince he instantly panicked: “When did you come, Your Highness?”

Su Mu leaned on the bed and said, “A long while ago. What are you thinking? That you are so distracted.”

Huang Xuan looked at Su Mu earnestly and said, “Your Highness, can I still go to the imperial medical college?”

Su Mu glanced at him and said with a smile: “Are you still thinking about this? Of course.”

The clear eyes were like shining gems, causing Su Mu’s lust to rise, unable to stop himself from leaning down and kissing him twice.

It was just that Huang Xuan’s injury was still not healed, so he could only stop there.

Thinking of doctor Hu’s tactful reminder not to do anything to Huang Xuan in his current state, Su Mu instantly got the urge to throw the old man out the window.

Was his reputation that bad?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Looking at Huang Xuan, who was wrapped in bandages all over his body but still looking at him eagerly, Su Mu could only suppress his lustful desires, and said, “Don’t think about anything else, just rest and heal quickly.”

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  1. I’m loving Ye Qingfeng and Huang Xuan right now. Liu Xi too. Su Mu baby needs some TLC . Loooool. Love how everyone thinks su mu is the the one on top but he’s actually not 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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