Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure/掌门压力很大

By JiuZhouYueXia/九州月下

Raw Link: Here

After becoming Kun-Lai Sect Leader, Ji Yunlai discovers there’s always protagonists appearing, coveting his magic artifacts, his disciple, his daughter, Kun-Lai Sect……

Note: The daughter is not biological, Sect Leader is shou, CP is shizun (master) x tudi (disciple)

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Table of Contents 70/281 chapters translated

CH 001: Did I Transmigrate?

CH 002: Is He An Elder?

CH 003: Is He A Good Person?

CH 004: Is This Trouble?

CH 005: Is This A Retard?

CH 006: Is This Backing?

CH 007: Is This A Turning Point?

CH 008: Is This A Tribulation?

CH 009: Is This The Past?

CH 010: Is This A Happy Occasion?

CH 011: Is This An Old Debt?

CH 012: Is This A Test?

CH 013: Is This An Opponent?

CH 014: Is This Danger?

CH 015: Is This A Pitfall?

CH 016: Is This A Trial?

CH 017: Is This A Monster?

CH 018: Is This Saving A Beauty?

CH 019: Is This Bullying?

CH 020: Is This A Thunderbolt?

CH 021: Is This Teasing?

CH 022: Is This Protection?

CH 023: Extra 1 Kun-Lai Past

CH 024: Is This Cultivating?

CH 025: Is This A Source Of Calamity?

CH 026: Is This A Concealed Danger?

CH 027: Is This A Kidnapping?

CH 028: Is This A Tiger’s Den?

CH 029: Is This A Crisis?

CH 030: Birth And Death, Righteousness And Evil

CH 031: Past And Present, Three Lives And Three Worlds

CH 032: Eyes See Inaccuracies, Wisdom Sees Precision

CH 033: A Grand Event, Dragon Phoenix Selection

CH 034: The Virtue Of Shennong, Beneficence To The World

CH 035: True And False, Right And Wrong

CH 036: Collapsing Moral Values, Dying Virtuous Hearts

CH 037: Deep Ocean And Bright Moon, Hatred Of A Lost Pearl

CH 038: The Mantis Stalks The Cicada, Unaware The Oriole’s Behind It

CH 039: Invisible Demons, Desire Realm

CH 040: Defeat All With The Sword, Overcome Clever Tricks With Force

CH 041: Turning Over Clouds And Rain, Things Have Degrees Of Seriousness

CH 042: Ups And Downs, Continuance And Changes

CH 043: Respecting Teachers And Morality, Virtue Since Ancient Times

CH 044: Extra 2 A Day Among Kun-Lai Friends

CH 045: Divine Stone Considers, Lost Pearl Disregards

CH 046: Capturing Fish Underwater, Finding Shark Instead

CH 047: To Cleave Way With Sword, To Defeat Cunning With Power

CH 048: Success Or Failure, Surprises And Delights

CH 049: Spiritual Demons And Humans, Kun-Lai’s Two Lineages

CH 050: Advance Or You’ll Retreat, Live Or You’ll Die

CH 051: Meeting In A Previous Incarnation, Friends For A Long Time

CH 052: The Words To Forget Haunts, The Past Will Not Disappear

CH 053: God Does Not Take, Yet Bears The Blame

CH 054: Demons Come For A Reason, And Things Come To Fruition

CH 055: Extra 3 The Days With The Celestial Demon King

CH 056: The Past And Former Happenings, Are All Smoke And Clouds

CH 057: Spoiling The Younger Generation, Is Only Human Nature

CH 058: No Creating Without Destroying, No Living Without Dying

CH 059: Wielding The Halberd Within The Household, Why So Eager To Harm Each Other

CH 060: The Road Ahead Is Uneven, Seeing The Scenery For Yourself

CH 061: To Punish Without Teaching, Is Knowingly Performing Cruelty

CH 062: With A Disciple Like This, What More Can I Ask For

CH 063: Each Walk His Own Way, Each Has His Own Dao

CH 064: The Mountain Range Congregates, The Human Heart Rages

CH 065: Extra 4 The Days With The Celestial Demon King Part II

CH 066: One Wrong Step And, Every Step Is Lost

CH 067: Turning Away From The Sea Of Bitterness, Is Never Too Late To Do

CH 068: Past Events And Former Happenings, Are Inevitably Filled With Puzzles

CH 069: I Am Who I Am, Which Is The True Self

CH 070: Extra 5 Qingdi Peak, BE, Dark

CH 071: The White Camellia Sheds Tears, Deep Affection Between Teacher And Disciple

CH 072: Thousands Of Miles Away, Returning Together From Afar

CH 073: Time Flows Like Water, Everything Has Faded Nowadays

CH 074: The World Is Vast, Why Cherish Material Things

CH 075: The Long Night Will End, The Evil Spirits Are Boundless

CH 076: Qingqiu And Hundreds Of Places, All Connected To One Person

CH 077: A Heart Lacking Emotion, Naturally Makes One Ruthless

CH 078: The Hearts Of Humans And Spiritual Demons, Are Both As Deep As The Sea

CH 079: Extra 6 Being With The Great Celestial Demon

CH 080: Reunion After Hundred Years, Neither Happy Nor Rejoiceful

CH 081 Cloudy Sky And Hundreds Of Domains, The Road Ahead Is Deviously Tricky


4 thoughts on “Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure/掌门压力很大”

  1. OMG, so this is the new cultivation bl novel we were talking about, it sounds fun, it has a reall funny title, and i like how the summary is not giving too much at this point.
    This author don`t have anything translated yet, isn`t it, i can`t find any information about what kind of novels it writes usually, but it don`t matter that much, i trust your choices, i`m sure i wil like`it.
    A cultivation novel that i get to read and comment about translated by you, so happy, thanks, thanks, i bow.
    I was checking out the the new chapters of Back to Ming, what a surprise.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. best web novel I’ve ever read. I’m native Chinese speaker just here to recommend it to anyone how likes master x disciple, subversion of classic tropes, face slapping, over-powered mc, tragic backstory and happy ending. You will not regret if you read it.


  3. I really like this so far and I am very grateful for the translator. I can imagine all the comp sci stuff is a pain to translate. It’s that concept making it interesting.
    I do have a problem with keeping up with all the side characters but the cp is just chef’s kiss cute.

    I really recommend it


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