Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure/掌门压力很大

By JiuZhouYueXia/九州月下

Raw Link: Here

After becoming Kun-Lai Sect Leader, Ji Yunlai discovers there’s always protagonists appearing, coveting his magic artifacts, his disciple, his daughter, Kun-Lai Sect……

Note: The daughter is not biological, Sect Leader is shou, CP is shizun (master) x tudi (disciple)

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Table of Contents 70/281 chapters translated

CH 001

CH 002

CH 003

CH 004

CH 005

CH 006

CH 007

CH 008

CH 009

CH 010

CH 011

CH 012

CH 013

CH 014

CH 015

CH 016

CH 017

CH 018

CH 019

CH 020

CH 021

CH 022

CH 023

CH 024

CH 025

CH 026

CH 027

CH 028

CH 029

CH 030

CH 031

CH 032

CH 033

CH 034

CH 035

CH 036

CH 037

CH 038

CH 039

CH 040

CH 041

CH 042

CH 043

CH 044

CH 045

CH 046

CH 047

CH 048

CH 049

CH 050

CH 051

CH 052

CH 053

CH 054

CH 055

CH 056

CH 057

CH 058

CH 059

CH 060

CH 061

CH 062

CH 063

CH 064

CH 065

CH 066

CH 067

CH 068

CH 069

CH 070

CH 071

CH 072

CH 073

CH 074

CH 075

CH 076

CH 077

CH 078

CH 079

CH 080

4 thoughts on “Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure/掌门压力很大”

  1. OMG, so this is the new cultivation bl novel we were talking about, it sounds fun, it has a reall funny title, and i like how the summary is not giving too much at this point.
    This author don`t have anything translated yet, isn`t it, i can`t find any information about what kind of novels it writes usually, but it don`t matter that much, i trust your choices, i`m sure i wil like`it.
    A cultivation novel that i get to read and comment about translated by you, so happy, thanks, thanks, i bow.
    I was checking out the the new chapters of Back to Ming, what a surprise.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. best web novel I’ve ever read. I’m native Chinese speaker just here to recommend it to anyone how likes master x disciple, subversion of classic tropes, face slapping, over-powered mc, tragic backstory and happy ending. You will not regret if you read it.


  3. I really like this so far and I am very grateful for the translator. I can imagine all the comp sci stuff is a pain to translate. It’s that concept making it interesting.
    I do have a problem with keeping up with all the side characters but the cp is just chef’s kiss cute.

    I really recommend it


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