Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 002 Is He An Elder?

“But I’m not that Ji Yunlai.” He didn’t have such badass power. Ji Yunlai expressed that his knowledge was still in the whiteboard stage, his skills that had reset must now be leveled up again.

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“No need to worry and no need to hide. Losing your memory will only make them more afraid of you.”

“It seems you won’t say anymore.” Ji Yunlai said in exasperation, “Then can you at least tell me who is the child’s mother?”

Silence. The waters also fell still.

“Then is she my own blood, was I the scumbag or did someone act the scumbag towards me?” Shouldn’t he at least know this? Ji Yunlai was truly exasperated.

“Is this even important? How deep does blood even run.” The other raised his eyebrows and spoke with mockery.

Ji Yunlai felt his heart jump once again, and the pressure was even greater: “…..How come I don’t even know that I have an antisocial personality disorder?”

“The time is up, if there is something urgent, look for me again. Three chances, only two more are left.” The other shook his long sleeves.

The sky and ocean went up in smoke.

The dreamlike world also disappeared.

Ji Yunlai was still sitting in the original room and on the original bed.

Holding the jade tablet in his hand.

The Ji Yunlai after a thousand years was truly difficult to understand. He didn’t think he could win against his thousand year old self, but it was not like he would dig a hole for his own self, right?

After thinking about it this way, he calmed down. Anyway, it was already like this. It was better to continue doing what he wanted to do. As for the things he didn’t say——the days were still long, he would know everything eventually. As for the past, it was fine to just know the gist of it, no need to know all the details.

As for the spells or something, it didn’t matter that he had forgotten, the magic power was still there, so all he needed to do was just to make up for the forgotten spells.

If you got the skills then send him back to his 16 year old self! 

Oh no. He had forgotten to ask where the Tower of Books was. He needed to search more in depth later.

And as for the issue of his daughter, was she biological? He remembered that he couldn’t get it up with women…..

Was it an adopted daughter?

Ji Yunlai opened the map of the Sect again.

In ancient times, there were no books. The emperor embroidered the mountains and rivers of his empire on silk with gold thread to record the division of personnel and territory, which was known as the yellow map. Later, it became a practice, and all forces would also have a yellow map to record important information.

Ji Yunlai looked at the words that recorded each country’s deacon Elders along with their age and cultivation levels and what merits they had contributed. The golden threads that etched out the words seemed to be able to change based on his will, and it seemed that this yellow map was also a magic artifact.

But after looking it over, he didn’t find any note about the Sect Leader’s wife.

Fine, it seemed that he could only regard this as another transmigration.


Kun-Lai Immortal Mountain

Yangshuo Peak was located in the south of Kun-Lai mountain gate. It was one of the three peaks closest to the mountain gate. It was steep and covered with ​​peculiar pines that towered up into the clouds. Standing at any of its random cliffs, one would be able to see the beauty of the distant mountain gate standing tall and imposing in the midst of a sea of ​​red clouds.

There were often disciples who would sit on these cliffs to do their cultivation exercises and meditation, breathing out to the distant mountain gates.

“The mountain gate was set up by the Sect Leader himself, of course one must often come and breathe in the Immortal energy…..” This was  the young disciples’ reasoning.

Feng Qingxiu was also one of the young disciples. As the head student of his year, he occupied the most scenic spot——the Eagle’s Mouth Cliff.

And there was a green pine on the side, so one just had to sit under the tree and together with the evening breeze, the image of a cultivator would be established.

If it was in other places, the trees would be full of people, let alone the ground. But as the head student he could have such privileges.

It was all due to his years of bitter cultivation, and now the effect was slowly showing.

Thinking of this, even having a heart that had been trained by many years of cultivation, he could not help but also feel a little excited. He stared to the north and chanted solemnly: “Founding Master, bless me, let me be favored by Elder Yan at the ceremony tomorrow, and enter the inner Sect!”

As soon as his voice fell, a gentle voice with a hint of interest sounded over his head: “Elder Yan, Yan Li?”

Feng Qingxiu instantly stood up. When he looked up he saw a young man with white hair in black robes, who looked to be about the same age as him, sitting on a branch and looking at him with a half-smile. A gentle breeze blew by and those clear eyes were like autumn water, making ripples that touched the hearts of people.

The person was clearly there in front of him, but Feng Qingxiu’s divine consciousness and spiritual sense couldn’t pick up his existence at all, as if he was just a wisp of the wind that was accidentally colored by this world, and only happened to take a brief pause.

Above the Foundation Establishment Stage and at least already attained Golden Core Formation!

Was he an Elder of the inner Sect?

He would never have the thoughts of “too young, not looking like”——judging people by their appearance would never happen in the realm of cultivators. The younger the cultivator looked, the more formidable they would be. This was definitely not just casual talk, so Feng Qingxiu politely said: “Answering Elder, yes I was referring to Elder Yan Li of Jiumai Peak.”

“He seems to specialize in cultivating runes, but his level of cultivation is not high. Do you want to cultivate runes?” The young man asked with a smile.

“Uh…..” Feng Qingxiu was speechless for a while and couldn’t help hollering in his heart. Elder Yan was already at the Nascent Soul Stage. If he wasn’t at a high level than who was? You actually said that he was not high. Do you think just anyone could see the great Elders of the Demigod Stage and Synthesis Stage?

So he replied a little cautiously: “My cultivation skills are still shallow, and I dare not think too high.”

“Is that so. What kind of ceremony is tomorrow? Isn’t the birthday of the Sect Leader at the end of the month?” The young man asked again.

“Tomorrow is the grand ceremony of Ascension that happens once every ten years. Each of the inner Sect peaks will arrive to select disciples. The future of our Yangshuo Peak disciples is all reliant on tomorrow.” The more Feng Qingxiu spoke, the more strange he felt. Wasn’t this something everyone from Kun-Lai knew?

However, due to the birthday celebration of the Sect Leader, many other Sects had sent envoys to attend. This one must be an envoy of another Sect, so he was not familiar with Kun-Lai, right?

Seeing that the other didn’t respond, looking to be waiting for him to continue speaking, he thought about it, and continued carefully: “Kun-Lai is different from other Sects. The new disciples received will enter the upper, middle and lower gates in order to establish and stabilize their foundation. By the end of the year, those who have outstanding performance can be selected into the peaks of the inner Sect and cultivate the immortal Dao. Those who do not perform well may enter the outer Sect or go to the mortal world to contribute to the Sect.”

“…..” The young man fell into deep thought for a while.

After a while.

“Does Elder have anything else to inquire about?” Feng Qingxiu asked softly.

“What is your name?” The young man finally came back to himself and asked him.

“The clear wind and bright moon, the youthful and the refined, Feng Qingxiu.” He replied loudly and clearly. It came from a self-confidence that had developed in the Sect over many years.

“I shall remember it.” The young man nodded with a smile and disappeared from the tree.

“Wait…..” You haven’t said who you were, Feng Qingxiu felt a little unhappy.

However, being able to see an Elder today could be counted as a gain. Feng Qingxiu took out a jade tablet and recorded what had happened just now, and added a sentence at the end: the main peaks should give us some paintings and descriptions, so that we can recognize the Elders of outside Sects in order to avoid being rude.

Then he sent it.


“What did you write?” He heard the voice just now exclaim and when he raised his head, sure enough, the Elder had appeared in front of him again.

“Oh, this,” Feng Qingxiu’s politeness had a hint of pride, “This thing is called the ‘Net Spell’, which is a unique magic artifact found only in our Kun-Lai. It can be linked with other Net Spells in Kun-Lai Mountain. Originally it is not given to disciples below the Golden Core Formation Stage, but in the three big competitions among Kun-Lai disciples last month, I won all three and was given this as a prize. This object is very profound and if you come across anything incomprehensible in your usual cultivation method, you can also connect with the Net Spell to ask others about your issue. It is the most important of the three great magic artifacts in Kun-Lai!”

Seeing the young man’s astonishment, he felt even more proud and raised his head: “Elder must have come to our Western Continent from faraway. Our Kun-Lai Sect Leader has boundless spiritual powers and the knowledge of the gods. If there are no earth-shattering achievements, how could our Kun-Lai Immortal Mountain be in charge of the whole of Western Continent?”


“…..Can you let me have a look?” The young man finally came back to himself, his expression complex and unable to be put in words, just pointing to the jade tablet and asking.

“When this item was given to me, I placed my spiritual consciousness on it, so other people can’t use it.” Feng Qingxiu refused. In truth, others could use it so long as he allowed it, but there was no need to explain this to the other——since first getting this object it had become the apple of his eye, so don’t even mention handing it over to unfamiliar people. Even his own roommates and friends were only allowed a brief touch.

The young man did not answer, but just raised his hand. His long sleeves slipped down, revealing a white jade-like palm, a piece of actual jade shining brightly on it.

Linked to others of the same kind?

Feng Qingxiu was taken aback for a moment, but the more he looked at it, the more familiar it became. When he looked at his own hand, there was nothing on it.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“You little thief——” Feng Qingxiu was so angry that he drew his sword, “Return my magic artifact and I will spare your life!”

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