The Cruel Tyrant CH 051 Brother and Sister

In the imperial prison, Yun Feiyu wore a pale green robe, looking like a proud green bamboo. Even the dark and damp cell seemed different because of his presence.

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Yun Jing led the servant carrying the food box to the prison cell where Yun Feiyu was located.

Looking at his handsome and talented son falling into such dire straits, he couldn’t help feeling heartache.

“Feiyu, are you well?” Yun Jing stood outside the iron bars of the cell.

Yun Feiyu glanced at Yun Jing and put down the book in his hand. He stood up gracefully and shook the pieces of hay on his clothes and said, “I have food and drink. It’s not too bad.”

His tone was mild and his face had on its usual amiable expression. But there was none of the excitement to be expected when faced with one’s family.

Yun Jing frowned and said: “What kind of attitude is that? Do you know that the crime of treason is to destroy the nine clans? His Highness not condemning you is already a gift from the heavens. Go and ask forgiveness from His Highness. Perhaps it is even possible for you to be exempted from punishment.” (TN: nine clans refer to all immediate family members and even distant relatives, anyone who even had blood relations must be executed; a sentence only the imperial family can carry out).

Like a still lake, his eyes looked at Yun Jing calmly, completely untouched by his words. Yun Feiyu curved his beautifully shaped lips and said sarcastically: “You have many wives, and I only have one mother. All those who hurt her, I won’t let any one of them off.”

Yun Jing was also a little annoyed when he saw this stubborn attitude. He harrumphed: “If she hadn’t ran away from home in anger, how could she cross the Crown Prince’s path, causing your sister to lose her life as well.”


Yun Feiyu suddenly threw back his head and burst into laughter. Yun Jing flushed angrily at his defiant attitude, and scolded: “Yun Feiyu, you are too audacious, do you still see me as your father!”

“Father?” Yun Feiyu stopped laughing. He turned his head and said with a deep ridicule: “My mother was a high born lady but still she married you who was below her station. She waited for you for ten years, but what met her was only a house full of concubines and bastards.”

He smiled and said before Yun Jing could respond: “When the three of us first entered Yun Manor, we were ostracized and constantly framed and suffered difficulty from everyone. My mother sent me to Yishan Academy in the name of studying in order to protect me and not because she was being narrow-minded and driven by jealousy.”

Yun Jing’s old face flushed red. Pointing at Yun Feiyu he scolded: “You……you are an unfilial son, you are actually trying to white wash the crimes of that wicked woman. As expected, like mother like son. Since you like this prison so much, then stay in it forever!”

Yun Feiyu looked at Yun Jing’s angrily leaving back and felt conflicted with inexplicable emotions. Since being disillusioned from the image of a wise and loving father that his mother had always told him about at the age of eleven, he no longer had any hope left for Yun Jing. But even so, he still felt sadness in his heart.

After Yun Jing left, Yun Feiyu continued to stand in place until the jailer came to report again.

“Ai, Yun Feiyu someone has come to see you.”

Yun Feiyu looked sideways and at first glance he saw Lin Siyuan’s smiling face, appearing as bright and sunny as a sunflower.

“And here I was worried about you. You look like you have a comfortable life here.” Lin Siyuan looked at the cell that was in a much better condition than the other cells, his eyebrows waggling and eyes winking. Instantly, the handsome face was completely ruined by its owner.

After Yun Feiyu glanced at him once, his eyes then firmly locked on the veiled woman who was brought by Lin Siyuan.

Yun Feiyu, who had always appeared gentle and elegant, was at this moment completely uncaring of his bearing. He rushed to the bars of the cell, holding the iron bars with both hands, and said with a trembling tone: “Feiyan, is it you? Feiyan!”


A soft cry, but it was like a heavy hammer landing on Yun Feiyu’s heart. A layer of moisture instantly appeared over his eyes despite his usual disdain for tears.

The three years of separation invoked thousands of words but in the end it only converged into a few words that were the simplest and most moving.

“It’s good……that you’re okay.”


Yun Feiyan, who had been standing opposite Yun Feiyu, could no longer stop herself from rushing over, tears rolling down her face like a string of broken pearls.

The siblings naturally had a lot to say in the three years that they had been separated in life and death, but they both knew that this was not the place to talk.

Yun Feiyu looked at Yun Feiyan seriously: “Don’t go find the Crown Prince, it’s best to leave the imperial city immediately.”

He didn’t want his sister to disappear from his life again. But after finishing talking, he unexpectedly discovered that the once innocent little girl could no longer be understood by him now.

Yun Feiyan said to Yun Feiyu: “Brother, don’t worry, I am not so foolish.”

Her eyes were calm, but it was not without hatred. But still it made Yun Feiyu feel a little puzzled.

Everything that happened in the prison, every word in the conversation between the siblings was recorded and sent to Su Mu.

Su Mu leaned on the chair, tapping on the armrest with the fingers of his right hand and murmured: “What the hell does this Yun Feiyan want to do?”

Since she entered the imperial city, she had made no movements at all. She showed no hints of seeking revenge on him, nor did she mean to save Yun Feiyu.

Su Mu couldn’t guess what she was thinking.

It was not until the evening when Han Yang came to report that Yun Feiyan asked to see him.

Su Mu straightened his robes and came to the side hall where he saw a slender woman in a white robe and a jade hairpin pinned in her ink black hair.

She had her face veiled so Su Mu couldn’t see what she looked like, but her cold and unique aura still made her stand out in Su Mu’s eyes.

Seeing the arrival of Su Mu, Yun Feiyan immediately bowed and said: “This commoner, Yun Feiyan, pays respects to His Royal Highness.”

She was respectful but not humble, and she did not have the fear and contempt of ordinary people when they first saw him.

This was not the attitude one should have when seeing the killer of one’s mother.

Su Mu looked at her and said, “I wonder what business the young lady Yun has with Ben Gong?”

Yun Feiyan took out a piece of paper from her sleeve, and said in a soft voice: “This is the antidote for Fragrant Orchid, please have a look.”

Su Mu’s face changed and he took the paper brought over by the eunuch. He didn’t understand the prescription, but someone in the imperial medical collge would understand it. Yun Feiyan didn’t need to fool him with a fake as it would be the same as suicide.

So Su Mu came up with an almost impossible answer, this prescription for the antidote was real!

Thousands of reasons flashed in Su Mu’s mind for one to give the antidote to the killer of one’s mother, but none of them could stand a firm foothold.

Su Mu looked at those beautiful eyes that were similar to Yun Feiyu’s and asked, “Why?”

Yun Feiyan did not dodge his gaze, meeting Su Mu’s eyes and saying: “His Royal Highness plans to overturn heaven and earth and Feiyan will die for this cause without hesitation.”

After she finished speaking, she unfolded the book she had been holding, and the words “New Laws of Qing” appeared in Su Mu’s eyes, which still did not dispel Su Mu’s confusion.

The book of “New Laws” was compiled by Su Mu who had instructed Lin Siyuan and others to replace the loopholes and outdated laws of the Qing kingdom, and thus called the “New Laws of Qing.” But because it was mixed with many elements from modern laws, Su Mu was afraid of its negative reception and therefore did not rush to implement it. Later, due to the war it was put on hold for a while and he even almost forgot about it.

It was just that this had nothing to do with overturning heaven and earth. Su Mu recalled the “New Laws” and found that although there were some points out of the ordinary, it was still far from overturning heaven and earth.

So with bewilderment he said to Yun Feiyan: “Ben Gong is still a little puzzled, I ask the young lady Yun to elaborate.”

It was Yun Feiyan’s turn to be surprised this time. She originally thought that this was the decision made by the Crown Prince after a fierce “ideological struggle” with the ambition of “going down in the history books”.

She even prepared herself for the possibility that the Crown Prince was just playing with everyone, but she hadn’t thought that the Crown Prince would look as if he was completely unaware.

After steadying herself, Yun Feiyan asked Su Mu: “Human trafficking is prohibited; lynching is prohibited; criminals over eighty years old, under eight years old, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are exempt from the cangue (TN: wooden collar like stocks used to restrain and punish criminals in China); young girls under 13 years old are prohibited from marrying; before marriage the man and a woman must meet each other first, and if one of them wants to renege, then the marriage is invalid……”

For a whole hour, Su Mu listened to her reading the laws one by one. Except for the first one none of them were too serious. The prohibition of trafficking human beings was exactly what made Su Mu delay in implementing the New Laws.

Although some of the subsequent ones seem to be out of line in this era, they were not as serious as the first one.

However, this was just Su Mu’s wishful thinking. If the first one was challenging the bourgeoisie, then the latter were direct challenges to the entire patriarchal society.

The book of “New Laws” was written by Lin Siyuan and the others while he put forward his opinions. As a person with modern thinking, after reviewing the book, Su Mu only thought of how backward these laws still were, and never noticed its progress.

At this moment, with Yun Feiyan reciting them out one by one, Su Mu finally realized the seriousness of the matter.

“Lin Siyuan is a lunatic.” Su Mu secretly cursed: “Daring to use this kind of thing that is beyond the times.”

It was only at this moment that Su Mu finally understood Yun Feiyan’s thoughts. She could be considered a pioneer of feminism in this world.

But could one’s ideals outweigh one’s hatred?

Su Mu looked at her seriously and asked, “Don’t you hate me?”

Yun Feiyan answered Su Mu earnestly: “Hate, but I hate the heavens, this earth, and this world even more. I both love and hate.”

Su Mu said: “You must know, this matter is almost impossible.” Su Mu looked at her stubborn and unyielding eyes and felt a little moved in his heart.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“You have to pay a price if you want to challenge the status quo. The price is blood and life, and this is not something you can do alone.” Su Mu said.

“I am willing to devote my whole life to igniting the sparks of change.”

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