The Cruel Tyrant CH 052 Shi Yan

Su Mu quite admired Yun Feiyan. She and Su Mochi’s experiences were actually not much different; but a weak woman had the ambition to conquer heaven, whereas Su Mochi, despite being the prince of a country, could only drag everyone down to hell with him.

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Yun Feiyan sat quietly in front of Su Mu, her eyes seemingly calm and unaffected, but in truth she had placed all of her hopes on Su Mu. After a while, Su Mu directly addressed Han Yang beside him: “Go and call Lin Siyuan and the others.”

After a while, Lin Siyuan walked into the main hall with four other people. These people were some of the scholars who had followed Lin Siyuan to participate in the imperial examinations. Later, Su Mu had assigned them to various positions in the imperial city.

“This official, pays respects to His Royal Highness.” The five people led by Lin Siyuan greeted together.

Su Mu lifted his hand and said: “Rise, have a seat. The main reason for calling you here this time is for the “New Laws”.”

“Is Your Highness going to implement the “New Laws”?” Lin Siyuan’s handsome face for once had on a serious look.

Su Mu slowly shook his head and said: “On the contrary, the “New Laws” must be temporarily shelved and re-edited.”

“Why?” It was not Lin Siyuan and Yun Feiyan who spoke first, but a plain-looking young man next to Lin Siyuan.

Perhaps it was because he was aware of his gaffe, the young man immediately stood up and pleaded guilty: “This official was rude, please punish this official.”

Su Mu said: “It’s fine.”

Yun Feiyan was covered with a veil so her expression could not be seen, but her hands tightly pinched at the robe over her knees as she said with difficulty, “Your Highness, are you going to get rid of everything I just recited?”

Lin Siyuan and the others also looked at Su Mu nervously.

Su Mu did not expect that even in ancient times, there would be so many people with advanced thinking. He had underestimated the ancients. Su Mu shook his head and said, “No, I just don’t think it is enough.”

“You should fight for more.”

Seeing Yun Feiyan’s eyes suddenly light up, Su Mu’s eyes swept across everyone present: “The young lady Yun alerted me to a point I had missed before. When I was compiling the “New Laws”, Ben Gong proposed some rules to protect women, but this is only just the basics.”

Feeling the focused eyes on him, Su Mu pondered for a while and said: “If only relying on the enforcement of the law to protect women then it will not be too effective. Women must have the right to speak in society, and this right to speak is only supported by power.”

The group of people, including Yun Feiyan, looked at Su Mu as if they were looking at an alien. Lin Siyuan widened his eyes and said to Su Mu: “Your Highness, you want women to enter politics.”

Su Mu nodded and said: “This is only one aspect. If women want to obtain rights, they must create corresponding value.”

Su Mu turned his head to Yun Feiyan: “If half of the Qing kingdom’s market is in the hands of women, half of the military is in the hands of women, and half of the government is in the hands of women, you can understand what that means without me saying more.”

Yun Feiyan restrained the surging emotions in her heart and nodded, saying: “Your Highness, I understand.”

She looked at Su Mu with bright eyes that shone brilliantly. She suddenly stood up from the chair and knelt down in front of Su Mu. When she leaned over, two tears fell and hit the floor.

She straightened up and said to Su Mu: “The merits of Your Highness will be remembered forever by all women.”

Su Mu asked the maid to help her up and said: “Men and women form a society which is mutually dependent on both to be prosperous. It will cause disaster if one side is given more significance. What you have to do is to fight for not only the women of the world but also for the men of the world.”

On this side, Su Mu was discussing political affairs.

On the other side, Sun Haoran led his army to chase the defeated rebels. However, the leader of the southwest army managed to flee into the vast mountains in the middle of the Qing kingdom. It would not be advisable for Sun Haoran’s army to enter this unfamiliar terrain. In addition, he had to leas a siege on the main base of the three armies, so he passed on a letter to Su Mu informing him of this.

Su Mu handed the task over to Shi Yan.

At this point in time it was currently the end of the spring but the weather was still a bit cold. Shi Yan’s strong and powerful physique was wrapped in black and like a vigorous cheetah in its prime he ran through the forest.

A few dozen miles away, Xia Zhongxin, the commander of the southwest army, was currently trying to flee through the dense forest.

Shangguan Hao, who had come to rescue the remnants of the southwest army, was not completely healed and his face still appeared a little pale. He observed the surrounding terrain and said to Xia Zhongxin: “General Xia, the trees in front are gradually decreasing, which is not conducive to hiding our trail. If it continues like this I am afraid that we will all fall into the hands of Su Mochi’s minions. I suggest that General swap the armor with me and let me distract Su Mochi’s minions.”

Xia Zhongxin’s hair was disheveled and his face revealed exhaustion. He looked at the mountains in the distance and sighed: “Heaven has no eyes, why must it help that tyrant borrow the army of the Wu kingdom? It is a lost cause now and there is no point in saving this old life. But you are still young, it is better for me to distract them for a while while you escape with everyone.”

The several soldiers surrounding Xia Zhongxin immediately stopped and said: “No, General! General is a person of virtue and prestige. As the pillar in the southwest, how can you end at the hands of thieves!”

Shangguan Hao also said: “The soldiers are right. The southwest cannot be without General.”

After finishing talking, regardless of Xia Zhongxin’s objections, he directly ordered people to take off Xia Zhongxin’s armor and exchange it with his own, and then the group separated into two paths to escape.

When Shi Yan and the rest of the guards chased up to here, the people had already disappeared. After observing the footprints on the ground, Shi Yan stood up and said to the person behind him: “He Li, take three people and go in this direction. You two follow me.”


In the evening, Shi Yan and two guards blocked of Shangguan Hao and his soldiers. After a fierce fight, Shangguan Hao was finally captured while the others were killed.

Shi Yan firmly tied Shangguan Hao to a tree, ignoring his vicious eyes. He then took out the dry food in his pocket and held it up to Shangguan Hao’s mouth.

Shangguan Hao looked at the dry food in Shi Yan’s hand with an angry expression: “Take it away!”

Shi Yan very “obediently” took the dry food away and put it in his mouth instead.

Shangguan Hao sneered and said with disdain: “Hypocritical attitude, disgusting to the extreme.”

Shi Yan ignored him and jumped onto a tree branch to get ready for sleep. Anyway, he had heard insults that were a hundred times worse than this.

Shangguan Hao struggled secretly but the rope was tied too tightly. He gave up the futile struggle and raised his head to say to the man lying on the branch: “Hey, I have an urgency to urinate, please untie me.”

Shi Yan opened his eyes and jumped down from the tree. He walked over to Shangguan Hao.

Seeing Shi Yan coming, Shangguan Hao’s heart jumped with joy. He didn’t expect this guy to be so gullible, and at the same time he also felt a little nervous, so he tried his best to pretend to be very anxious to urinate.

However, what came next was a sudden chill on his lower body. Shi Yan had directly used the scabbard of his sword to undo Shangguan Hao’s belt.

The trousers slipped off and two white thighs were exposed to the air. Shangguan Hao’s face flushed red and was about to let loose his temper when suddenly he felt that his little brother was touched by something very cold.

Shi Yan lifted Shangguan Hao’s little brother with the scabbard, turned his face to the side and said, “Go ahead.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shangguan Hao looked at his little brother who was lying leisurely on the scabbard and became so angry smoke seemed to rise from his head.

Who the f**k could pee like this!

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