The Cruel Tyrant CH 053 Under The Moon

Su Mu walked out of the study. The flowers blooming in the night attracted him with their fragrance. Under the soft moonlight Su Mu’s handsome face looked perfect and ethereal.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Suddenly, the lonely sound of a flute reached Su Mu’s ears. Although Su Mu was not proficient in music, he could hear the sadness and loneliness conveyed in the notes of the flute. He waved his hand and dismissed the servants following him before walking through the gardens to the source of the flute.

The clear pond water, the silver-white rockery, the tender green lotus leaves rolling with dew droplets, the lustrous green grass and colorful flowers in full bloom along the edges of the shore——while lovely, all of this finely crafted scenery seem to pale in comparison to the alluring man among the flowers.

Snow-white skin, bright red lips, long eyelashes like two trembling butterfly wings, and smooth black hair like the finest silk. Dressed in a thin and close-fitting silk robe, Liu Xi sat playing the jade flute in the bed of flowers, appearing like a fairy or demon spirit who had specially come out in the middle of the night to seduce men.

From the moment he stepped into the garden, Su Mu’s footsteps unconsciously slowed down. He listened to the flute melody and slowly walked along the cobblestone path. Su Mu’s footsteps stopped by the small pond and looked up at the sky. As he looked up at the beautiful full moon a rare feeling of melancholy overcame him at that moment.

Poems such as “Raising my head I see the moon so bright, dropping my head I think of the home of old days” appeared in his mind. Although he was not very happy in the modern world, he was at least free and at ease. But here he not only had to always beware of dangers on his own life but also worry about this country that was on the brink of destruction. Although this was his own choice, he sometimes also felt tired.

Su Mu did not walk into Liu Xi’s field of vision, nor did he make a sound to interrupt the other. The sound of the flute telling of longing lingered in the garden. Su Mu found a stone bench and sat down to clear all of his thoughts, staring at the moon in a daze.

Don’t know how long he had been staring at the moon but it wasn’t until it had slipped down the treetops did Su Mu come back to his senses. He also noticed that the sound of the flute had also stopped. Liu Xi’s charming eyes were currently looking across the pond water and gazing at him affectionately.

The meaning expressed in those eyes was too obvious and Su Mu turned away uncomfortably. His right hand rubbed the tip of his nose with some embarrassment and he said, “It’s late, go back and rest.”

After finishing talking, he hurriedly suppressed the throbbing in his heart and turned to walk out of the garden. Su Mu knew that he didn’t have much morals, but at least there was still a little bit left. He didn’t want to throw them all away completely.

“Your Highness.”

The low and magnetic voice made Su Mu’s whole body go numb, and he almost stopped and went back to “bully” the other. Calming himself and swallowing his saliva, Su Mu practically ran out of the garden.

Seeing the Crown Prince “eagerly” leaving, Liu Xi squeezed the jade flute in his hand and gritted his teeth, also rushing out of the bed of flowers. At worst he would lie down in the bed for a few days afterwards. All the eyesores in the palace were not by the Crown Prince’s side, and if he did not take action now then there would be no chance in the future.

When he was walking by a bunch of green bamboos, Su Mu suddenly felt that his waist was tightly hugged by two arms, Liu Xi’s seductive voice which sounded as if it had been soaked in aphrodisiac spoke into Su Mu’s ears.

“Your Highness, don’t go.”

In the evenings, Su Mu usually wore thin and comfortable clothes, so now he could clearly feel Liu Xi’s hot body pressed up against his own.

Su Mu felt his back instantly heat up and causing the temperature of his entire body to rise. He squeezed Liu Xi’s wrist and said with a dry mouth, “Let go.”

When Liu Xi heard this not only did he not let go of him, but instead hugged Su Mu’s waist tighter. The closer contact between the two bodies caused Su Mu to become restless. Liu Xi kissed Su Mu’s sensitive neck, and felt the person in his arms tremble slightly. Liu Xi’s eyes darkened and suddenly he let go of Su Mu only to grab his hand, pulling Su Mu into the crop of bamboos.

Liu Xi hugged Su Mu and kissed his lips. Realizing that Su Mu did not intend to resist, Liu Xi excitedly pressed against Su Mu’s lips and gently sucked it. When he felt Su Mu slightly opening his mouth to encourage him, Liu Xi instantly felt the blood all over his body begin to boil, his hands holding Su Mu tightening even more.

Su Mu lost himself in Liu Xi’s lingering kisses. When he came back to himself he found that he had been pressed down on the grass by Liu Xi; two hard objects were rubbing against each other, seeming ready to have a fight.

There was a hot and wet sensation on his chest, Liu Xi having untied Su Mu’s belt in his moment of distraction and was now kissing down his chest.

His body heat continued to rise, and Su Mu raised his hands to press on Liu Xi’s shoulders a little unsteadily. He gasped, “Not……not here.”

Liu Xi had still been a little scared at first, the horror of the Crown Prince’s sadistic tendencies in bed having left a big shadow on him. But the delicious appearance of the Crown Prince just now made him forget those terrifying memories in his excitement. At this time, watching the Crown Prince lying down under him with an aroused expression on his beautiful face, it was as if all the blood in his body was flowing down to his lower parts.

Looking at the Crown Prince who seemed very easy to bully at this moment, Liu Xi’s courage grew and he turned a deaf ear to Su Mu’s words. Instead, he decisively pulled down Su Mu’s trousers with one hand and then lowered his head to take Su Mu into his mouth.

Su Mu, who felt both surprise and pleasure, gasped audibly, supporting his body with one hand and grabbing Liu Xi’s hair in the other. He said with unsteady breaths: “Don’t be like this……stop……”

After a while, Liu Xi really did stop and Su Mu felt a brief moment of emptiness. But then Liu Xi’s slender fingers reached down to the entrance and rubbed lightly. Instantly, a surge of electric shock-like pleasure ran through him, causing Su Mu to reflexively tighten his muscles, but that only had him feel that finger more clearly. Su Mu trembled and could not help but to clamp down on it tightly.

“Go……go back to the house.”

Don’t know how many eunuchs and palace ladies were standing outside this garden, and Su Mu really didn’t want to perform a live erotic show in front of others.

But Liu Xi, who was already completely seduced by this spring scenery, was unwilling to move even half a step. If it weren’t for the situation not allowing it, he would have entered long ago.

A low, erotic voice sounded in Su Mu’s ears: “They won’t hear it if we keep quiet.”

Seeing that Su Mu’s expression was still conflicted, Liu Xi leaned over and licked Su Mu’s lips in a very seductive manner, just like when he was licking at Su Mu’s member just now. The erotic pictures and bodily sensations that emerged as a result trapped Su Mu in a whirlpool of lust, unable to extricate himself from it any longer.

The fingers inside his body had become two and were now stretching and exploring inside, as if looking for something. Su Mu knew what he was looking for, turning his head he did not dare to look at Liu Xi’s even more enchanting face, otherwise he couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t directly push him down and then sit on it himself.

Su Mu lay on the grass covered with bamboo leaves, panting heavily and limbs like jelly.

The moon had disappeared from the sky, and the little bamboo forest had become even darker. Still, Su Mu couldn’t help but to cover his eyes with his arms in embarrassment.

Suddenly, an electric current ran through his body, and Su Mu trembled and let out a groan.

“It’s here.”

Liu Xi, who had found the right place, continued to rub and twist in that place. As the walls around his fingers squeezed and fluttered he couldn’t help but wonder how pleasurable it would be if it was his member inside instead.

Liu Xi sped up the movements of his hand causing Su Mu to feel pleasure and discomfort at the same time. He tightly squeezed down on Liu Xi’s tortuous fingers in his body, and said: “Don’t anymore……come inside……”

After hearing these words, Liu Xi pulled out his fingers and untied his belt. He slowly inserted his hot and thick member into Su Mu’s entrance. Because there was no oil to lubricate the way, Liu Xi didn’t dare to move too much, resisting the strong desire to shove it in deep and hard and instead moved in and out gently.

His body was filled to the brim, but Su Mu felt even more empty. The pale body twisted impatiently under Liu Xi, and even more unrestrained moans sounded in the darkness.

Liu Xi, who couldn’t bear it any longer, smeared some saliva on the place of connection and then immediately thrusted it in deeply. Su Mu could not help but let out a scream. But then contrary to Su Mu’s expectations, Liu Xi did not continue to set a hard rhythm but instead began to grind lightly but quickly inside.

When he felt that Su Mu could not bear it anymore, hooking his waist with his legs and urging him silently, only then did he forcefully thrust deep into the most sensitive part of Su Mu’s insides, causing Su Mu to shout out loudly every time.

His lips and hands were also not idle, continuously igniting flames all over Su Mu’s body, teasing all the sensitive areas with great skill. In just a short while, it had Su Mu raise the white flag in complete surrender.

The intense pleasure caused Su Mu’s whole body to tremble, and soon hot and viscous liquid sprayed on Liu Xi’s abdomen, leaving a glistening trail as it slid down to their place of connection, the wet sounds that echoed in the air causing the scene to feel even more obscene. The contraction of the inner walls around Liu Xi’s member felt as if it had been wrapped tightly in a wet velvet glove, causing him to completely lose control, pressing Su Mu’s legs against his chest and thrusting in and out vigorously.

Su Mu, who was in the middle of climax, could barely breath from the fast and hard rhythm. He could only furrow his brows and plead for mercy: “Slow……ah……slow down……”

Don’t know which of Su Mu’s words managed to hit his G spot, Liu Xi not only didn’t slow down but inserted himself inside even deeper and faster.

It wasn’t until the little brother between Su Mu’s legs stood up tremblingly once again did Liu Xi slam into Su Mu one last time, shooting out his whole load.

After a while, even more intense noises sounded in the dark little bamboo forest.


The doctor Hu took the prescription that Yun Feiyan handed over and with the rest of the people in the imperial medicine college studied it overnight and confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the prescription. Only then did they begin to prepare a detoxification plan for Su Mu.

It was just that there were too many poisons in Su Mu’s body. That he was still alive was due to his martial arts and a bit of luck. Although the Fragrant Orchid poison was powerful, it was only one of many accumulated in his body. What the imperial physicians were now conflicted over was whether to forcefully remove it all at once, or carefully maintain the balance in the Crown Prince’s body.

Su Mu sat in the main seat and pondered for a while. He asked: “Which method is less risky?”

Under the urging eyes of his group of colleagues, doctor Hu stepped forward and replied: “Your Highness, both methods are dangerous. The first method of expelling everything by force will not only hurt your vitality, but also due to the martial arts that you cultivated being too domineering, it will cause a severe backlash when you are at your physical weakest.”

“What about the second one?” Su Mu asked, looking at him.

Doctor Hu said: “The second method is to expel the poisons in your body over several sessions. However, because there are too many poisons in your body, the medicine may act as an antidote as well as a poison.”

“What about the consequences?” Su Mu asked.

Doctor Hu wiped the sweat on his head: “Each time the antidote is administered it may turn into a poison, Your Highness will be in danger at any time.”

Su Mu frowned and said, “Is there no other way?”

Doctor Hu said: “If there is a person with the same or higher martial arts skill than Your Highness who could control the internal force in Your Highness’s body when it gets out of control, there is a 90% chance that the poisons in Your Highness’s body will be able to be expelled at once.”

When he thought of the people who had the same martial arts skills as him, Gu Yunzhou’s handsome and cold face immediately appeared in Su Mu’s head.

Su Mu nodded and said: “I see, for now prepare according to the first method, and I will notify you when the time is right.”

Upon hearing that Su Mu had forgotten to refer to himself using an honorific, doctor Hu’s legs nearly gave out under him. But still he did not dare to remind Su Mu and instead hurriedly said goodbye: “Yes, this official shall take my leave.”

The other people also hurriedly left with doctor Hu. They couldn’t be blamed, after all Su Mu had been in a position of power for a long time, and none of these people could breath easily whenever they saw Su Mu.

The last time Gu Yunzhou had helped him guard the gap in the Xijiang River which prevented Yun Feiyu’s strategy of flooding the army of the Wu kingdom from succeeding. Su Mu felt really embarrassed to ask for the other’s help once again, unfortunately his life depended on it. Su Mu had no choice but to toughen his skin and have Shi Nuo write a letter which he then signed with his name before sending it to a branch of the Lingyun Tower.

As for why Su Mu didn’t write the letter personally, Su Mu expressed that those who did not undergo professional training could not understand the words he wrote.

The rocky cliffs were partially hidden with clouds and mist, appearing like a fairy island floating in the air.

Lingyun Tower, as its name implied, was located on a steep mountain with no road leading up to it. This was one of the reasons why it still stood tall despite the many enemies it made as an underworld organization specializing in assassinations.

At the top the sun shone brightly, and an inch away from the Tower was a vast abyss hidden by clouds and mist. It was a place any mortal would fear to even stand on but for Gu Yunzhou it was as normal as breathing, his eyes didn’t flicker even once.

The golden sunlight stretched his shadow outwards, and he stood like a stone statue that had existed since ancient times.

A young man in black with a facial expression that was completely opposite of that usually seen on Gu Yunzhou’s face, walked behind Gu Yunzhou with a mischievous smile, and said: “Tower Master, there is a letter from Qing kingdom’s Crown Prince.”

There was still no expression on his face, but his right hand stretched out. The black-clothed youth hurriedly passed the letter over. Although he was curious, he did not dare to go beyond half a step.

The Crown Prince of Qing kingdom, Xiao Yi had heard of his reputation. According to rumors he was a peerless demon who loved killing and forcibly snatching civilian men. Three years ago, after Ye Qingfeng was imprisoned by the Crown Prince, Ye Haolin went to rescue his son only to return unsuccessful and with serious injuries. After that, Lingyun Tower refused to take any jobs related to the Crown Prince of Qing kingdom.

However, six months ago, Gu Yunzhou, who hadn’t taken jobs for seven or eight years, took the job to save Ye Qingfeng for unknown reasons. Since then, Xiao Yi had felt a noticeable difference in his Tower Master.

Although he still practiced swordsmanship under the sun, moon, stars, heavy rain, snow or whatever all day long, the feeling was different. If he used to give off a dangerous aura before, now it was practically terror inducing.

Xiao Yi craned his neck and watched as Gu Yunzhou read the letter and then let go of his hand, the wind blowing the letter paper away. Suddenly, Xiao Yi felt the surrounding air pressure drop sharply, and he hurriedly backed up more than ten feet in fright. Then Xiao Yi watched as the letter paper that had fallen over the cliff was cut into pieces by Gu Yunzhou.

Feeling the temperature around him suddenly dropping by at least two degrees, Xiao Yi couldn’t help but shudder and then guessed evily in his heart: “Could it be that when the Tower Master went to save Ye Qingfeng, he was XXOO-ed by the Crown Prince of the Qing kingdom, but if this was the case, how could the Tower Master let him go?”

Was it because the Tower Master developed feelings of love after being XXOO-ed?

Xiao Yi quickly threw this shocking thought out of his mind with an expression of one having been struck by thunder. Let’s not mention the fact that the Crown Prince of Qing kingdom was a three-headed, six-armed abomination, but just speaking of the Tower Master who was practically a walking dead person with no feelings. Could it even be possible for him to fall in love?

Gu Yunzhou ignored the subordinate with hay stuffing for brains behind him. He raised a foot and took a step forward. The body that lost its center of gravity immediately fell forwards. Gu Yunzhou, who was falling fast in midair, narrowed his eyes and resisted the strong wind whipping past his body. Half an hour later he passed through the large swaths of clouds and mist, his vision opening up and a green forest appearing before him. Gu Yunzhou, who was still in midair, immediately changed his posture and stepped on a thick branch with ease, disappearing into the woods in the blink of an eye like a bird of prey.

Su Mu, who had just finished attending the morning assembly, walked out of Taihe Hall and saw Gu Yunzhou, who was standing at the highest point in the Crown Prince’s Palace. His tall and lean figure contained great power, and his eyes were as cold and dangerous as his sword.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Su Mu was a little surprised. On one hand it was because he hadn’t hold out much hope, and on the other he hadn’t thought Gu Yunzhou would arrive so soon. Did he happen to have business near the imperial city recently? Su Mu’s eyes lit up, and he flew over like a sharp arrow.

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