The Cruel Tyrant CH 054 Detoxification

“Thank you, I didn’t expect you to really come. If you have need of me in the future, just let me know.” Su Mu landed lightly on the roof opposite Gu Yunzhou.

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Gu Yunzhou did not respond, instead he directly drew out the iron sword that never left his person and slashed it towards Su Mu.

The sharp sword wind reached him in the blink of an eye. Su Mu’s pupils dilated as he felt the danger. Unable to avoid it, he could only stretch out his hand and meet it head on. After a loud noise, Su Mu backed up two steps, suppressing the roiling internal force inside his body. His eyes were dangerous when they looked at Gu Yunzhou.

Gu Yunzhou looked at Su Mu as if nothing had happened and said: “Tonight.”

Su Mu looked at him in confusion, and it was only after Gu Yunzhou disappeared when he realized that the other was talking about carrying out the detoxification tonight.

“Even I’m not as eager to get it over with,” Su Mu muttered under his breath.

In fact, the preliminary work had already been carried out and they were just waiting for a person with high martial arts ability to control the internal force for him when Su Mu was at his weakest.

In the evening, in the Crown Prince’s Palace, Gu Yunzhou stood next to Su Mu. Ten imperial physicians, dozens of palace maids and eunuchs, and hundreds of guards all stood at attention. The entire Crown Prince’s Palace was sealed and guarded so tightly not even a fly could get in.

Su Mu took off his robes and only wrapped a swath of silk around his waist to cover his private bits.

Liu Xi brought the pre-prepared decoction for Su Mu to drink, which was similar to anesthetics and could lessen the pain Su Mu would feel from the process of detoxification.

Su Mu took the bowl that Liu Xi handed over and drank it. After finishing he hurriedly ate the candied fruit handed over by Yuzhu, which suppressed the bitter taste in his mouth.

“Okay.” Su Mu, who was completely naked except for the silk cloth tied around his waist, faced the imperial doctors who were waiting for him.

Doctor Hu came to Su Mu nervously. In his hands he carried a medicine box with rows of silver needles of different shapes and sizes lined up within and a lighted oil lamp.

Doctor Hu took out a silver needle and held the silver needle over the oil lamp with two fingers to heat it. He then quickly plunged it into the acupuncture point on Su Mu’s neck. Doctor Hu twisted it lightly in place before quickly pulling it out. Then he repeated the same thing with more than a dozen acupuncture points.

With long eyelashes trembling, Su Mu frowned slightly and a thin layer of sweat appeared on his forehead. Liu Xi, who had been kneeling beside Su Mu, immediately picked up a wet cloth soaked in warm water and wiped the sweat for Su Mu.

Another needle was inserted. Doctor Hu twisted the silver needle in his hand as before, and Liu Xi, who had been staring at it the whole time, immediately widened his eyes.

On Su Mu’s snow-white back, in the place where doctor Hu had inserted the needle, a small well of black blood flowed out as doctor Hu continued to twist the silver needle.

Liu Xi looked at the Crown Prince whose brows were furrowed and hands firmly squeezing a cloth rope. His voice could not help but to tremble as he said: “Doctor Hu, this is……”

Doctor Hu didn’t dare to even breath too loud. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and said: “This is because of the poisons in His Highness’s body. It will be fine when it is all completely removed.”

Though he said this, doctor Hu himself also felt uncertainty in his heart. Detoxification was not the most dangerous part. The most dangerous part was whether the powerful internal force in the Crown Prince’s body could be controlled when the Crown Prince was at his weakest.

A dozen more heated silver needles were pierced in again. By now not only was there dark red blood on Su Mu’s back, but also a small puddle gathering on the floor underneath them.

Gradually, Su Mu’s breathing became rapid and heavy, an extremely painful look appearing on his face as his body began to tremble uncontrollably.

Liu Xi exclaimed anxiously: “Doctor, what is going on? Why is this happening?”

Doctor Hu had no time to get distracted. An imperial physician who had been paying attention to Su Mu’s expression on the side saw his anxious look and had to pull him aside. He said: “His Highness has too many poisons in his body, and the pain during the process is inevitable. This old official understands that Liu Gongzi is worried about His Highness but I still ask you to go out first. If His Highness has an accident even if you and I have ten lives, neither of us will be able to afford it.”

Liu Xi was pushed out by the stern imperial physician. Huang Xuan, whose hands and feet were still wrapped in bandages, immediately moved forward uncaring of his own pain, and asked anxiously: “How is His Highness? Is there anything wrong?”

Liu Xi glanced at him sideways and said without expression, “I am not a doctor, how would I know.”

Huang Xuan lowered his head, feeling upset with himself. He privately blamed himself for not being good enough in his studies, else he could go in and help a little bit. This only made him more determined to study medicine well.

Suddenly, a scream came from inside the room, causing the two of them to rush to the window anxiously to see what happened. However, the window was covered with a layer of white paper, and they could only pace back and forth outside the door without seeing anything.

Inside the room, Su Mu clenched his teeth tightly, his face distorted by the intense pain. The powerful internal force in his body had begun to lose control and impact his internal organs.

However, at this time, the poisons in his body had not been completely eliminated so Gu Yunzhou could not do anything to help. Su Mu could only rely on himself to hold on.

The fiery red silver needles kept piercing into Su Mu’s smooth skin. After a while, Su Mu’s whole body was densely covered with tiny needle holes. His whole body was soaked with dark red poisonous blood, only a trace of healthy bright red leaked out from the corners of his mouth. Su Mu had accidentally bit his lip from the pain.

The muscles all over his body were pulled tight, and Su Mu tried his best to hold his breath for fear that the rampant internal force in his body would completely lose control.

It wasn’t until doctor Hu inserted the last red-hot silver needle over Su Mu’s heart and causing Su Mu’s pupils to suddenly dilate did he faint completely.

Gu Yunzhou, who had been standing next to him with no expression, instantly appeared beside Su Mu, his rough hand that was covered with sword calluses pressed against Su Mu’s bare back as he controlled the violent internal force in Su Mu’s body.


Doctor Hu sat down on the ground hard, unable to stand up anymore. The colleague next to him immediately helped him up, then wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, supporting him as they exited the room.

Instantly, the room became so silent a needle dropped in the room could be heard. Gu Yunzhou hugged Su Mu, who had passed out and was now lying in his embrace, and placed his hand on Su Mu’s chest instead.

Even if he was in a coma, Su Mu was still restless. His handsome face was terribly pale and his breathing was deep and anxious, as if he lacked oxygen.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In the huge room, Gu Yunzhou maintained his position hugging the naked and unconcious Su Mu for two days and two nights, neither sleeping nor resting.

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  1. I wish Sumu will soon healthy again. My most favorite ML is Gu Yunzhou coz his very manly than other, have attitude cold outside warm inside.

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