Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 052 Morning Exercise

The next day, Nie Bufan woke up in Zhang Junshi’s arms, his lower body was still pressed by the other’s legs.

He pulled a leg out and kicked, twisting his body like a big worm to get up.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Zhang Junshi hooked his leg and restrained him again, muttering: “What are you doing getting up so early? Let’s sleep some more.”

Nie Bufan stared at him with slanting eyes, “If we sleep some more we won’t be able to get up anymore!”

He clearly felt that something was hardening in between his buttocks, and a certain someone was beginning to have a morning erection. Staying a while longer meant facing the danger of being attacked again.

Zhang Junshi smiled slightly, hugged Nie Bufan’s waist, and rubbed against him.

“Enough of you.” Nie Bufan stretched out his five fingers and pulled his face away mercilessly.

Zhang Junshi tilted his head to avoid him, his long arms and legs wrapping around him even tighter and his desire pressing closer.

Nie Bufan lay on the bed, his body in a swimming position with limbs trying to propel him to the side of the bed. Unfortunately for him, he was helplessly nailed to the spot and did not move even half an inch.

Zhang Junshi leisurely watched him struggle, his lower half still pressed against the other and on the verge of entering.

Nie Bufan struggled for a while, but then suddenly stopped moving. Like a stranded fish he laid helplessly on his stomach. Then he tilted his head to look at Zhang Junshi with eyes filled with innocence and pitifulness, like an innocent white rabbit.

This only caused Zhang Junshi to feel even more aroused, the wolf sentiment surging in his body. He couldn’t help holding down the other for a deep kiss and then pushing forward and driving straight in.

“Wu…..” Nie Bufan buried his face in the pillow, feeling angry. Why was he still so cruelly ravaged despite showing such a “cute” expression! The elegant gentleman in his heart was also a fellow with a human face but a beast’s heart!

Zhang Junshi had been abstinent for a long time and now that he had finally seized the opportunity, how could he give up easily? Pulling out shallowly and then thrusting in deeply, every time making sure to bottom out. The wooden bed soon began to shake vigorously.

The continuous attack like that of gentle wind and drizzling rain finally submerged Nie Bufan into the sea of ​​desire again. Immediately, a series of moans flowed out from the simple and crudely furnished bedroom…..

In the early morning, when the first ray of sunlight poured into the room, Nie Bufan wrinkled his nose. Squinting his eyes he got out of the quilt and immediately smelled a refreshing fragrance of rice, feeling hungry in an instant. Sitting up with a sore waist and pained back he turned his head to see the hot bowl of porridge on the table.

His eyes lit up and he began to put on his clothes. As he dressed he stretched a hand downwards and felt that his chrysanthemum wasn’t too swollen, only a slight sting and a little chilled.

At this moment, Zhang Junshi walked in from outside carrying a few dishes. Seeing Nie Bufan’s appearance, he smiled and asked, “Bufan, is it okay? Does it hurt?”

Nie Bufan glanced at him and then pretended to be completely fine, putting on his shirt and trousers carelessly.

“I asked doctor Xu to help make some food and prepared it for the rest of the people as well, so you don’t have to be in such a hurry.” Zhang Junshi said again.

“Unexpectedly, old Xu knows how to cook?” Nie Bufan smiled, “Not bad, not bad. As the village head, I can’t bury such talents. I will definitely make the best use of such talent in the future.”

Zhang Junshi smiled and shook his head. He touched the other’s somewhat messy hair and said, “You should at least respect the elderly, yes? He suffers every day in Chicken Nest Village and is already very pitiful.”

Nie Bufan pouted his lips: “Who told him to not even be able to cure a few minor illnesses? I didn’t pay a penny less for the medical fees.”

“Alright, I know that you have worked hard this period. Go wash and eat something.”

Nie Bufan glanced at him suddenly and said strangely: “Eh, your illness is cured?”

Zhang Junshi looked very healthy today and his whole person was full of energy, unlike yesterday.

“It really did get better.” Zhang Junshi nodded and then looked at Nie Bufan with a smile, his eyes bright, “After doing it with you, the illness healed without need for any treatment.”

Nie Bufan raised his chin and said arrogantly: “This village head is a talented genius who is blessed with the essence of heaven and earth. Such minor illnesses and pains are naturally nothing to me.”

“Oh?” Zhang Junshi hooked him into his arms and pretending to be very serious he replied: “That being the case it seems that I will have to rely on the care of the lord village head.”

“Of course.” Nie Bufan’s demeanor was very impressive, but secretly his chrysanthemum was trembling.

“In order to thank the lord village head for taking care of me, I want to give the lord village head a gift.”

“What gift?”

Zhang Junshi took out a small porcelain bottle from his pocket.

Nie Bufan took it, opened the stopper and then smelled it. There was a faint fragrance, but he didn’t know what it was, so he asked, “What is this?”

“Yuting Dew,” Zhang Junshi replied, “it helps heal surface wounds as well as nourishes and moisturizes the skin.”

“It’s wound medicine?” Nie Bufan put it away casually.

Zhang Junshi leaned over and whispered in his ear: “It’s mainly used for smearing on the back. Used after doing it can relieve pain and harmonize the insides.”

Nie Bufan froze for a while and slowly stuffed the bottle back into Zhang Junshi’s hand. He said seriously: “Zhang Third, you should keep such a precious thing for your own use.”

After he said that he went to go wash up without looking back.

Zhang Junshi took the bottle and looked at it for a while. Suddenly he smiled and said, “That’s right, I have to help him apply it in the future so I should definitely keep it myself.”

After figuring it out, he nodded in satisfaction and then put the Yuting Dew carefully and ceremoniously on the bedside table…..

“I saw it.”

As soon as Nie Bufan finished freshening up, he ran into Li Yi who had a stern look. He stood in the morning light with his arms crossed over his chest. His handsome posture and awe-inspiring demeanor were like that of an aloof and lone swordsman. The only flaw was that mask embroidered with a black abstract chicken, greatly reducing his charm and lethality.

“What did you see?” Nie Bufan asked in puzzlement.

“You and Zhang Junshi.” Li Yi’s voice was low and his eyes were deep.

Nie Bufan stepped forward and patted him on the shoulder. He comforted: “Li Fourth, don’t worry. As members of the Chicken Nest Village, I will treat each one of you equally and will not favor one over the other.”

“How do you want to treat everyone equally?” Li Yi asked aggressively.

Nie Bufan affirmed: “Today I will add a few spoonfuls of sugar to your medicine to ensure it will not be bitter.”

“You should take medicine too.” Li Yi squinted and pierced his sloppy attempt at glossing it over mercilessly.

“Yes, yes, I should take medicine too.” Nie Bufan said hurriedly, “I’m going to take medicine first, and we can talk later.”

Li Yi grabbed his back collar and threatened: “Listen up, remember to have hot water ready at night. We are going to take a mandarin, duck, bath!” (TN: mandarin duck bath=lovers bath)

Nie Bufan muttered: “Mandarin duck bath then mandarin duck bath, do you need to gnash your teeth when you say it…..”

Li Yi flicked his sleeves and then swept away, coughing all the while.

Nie Bufan was a little worried. Although he was strong and persevering, he still had to take care of the patient’s body. Zhang Junshi’s condition suddenly improved, but he didn’t think it was really because of having sex with him. It was more likely that after prolonged exercise which resulted in a lot of sweat he ended up recovering without medicine.

Nie Bufan felt that it was necessary to tell others about this discovery and urge them to get up and run around every day, sweat the illness away. 

After making up his mind, he ate his brunch in a hurry, then pulled the people out from their houses. He shouted: “Everyone in Chicken Nest Village, in order to help you recover as soon as possible, starting today, I will lead everyone around the village on a morning run everyday. Also, from now on you must take a hot bath before going to bed. Exercise more and sweat more to make sure you get better faster.”

Everyone looked at him silently, crossing their arms, swaying fans, laughing, and all kinds of other behavior except for showing any signs of doing so.

Nie Bufan didn’t mind at all, and shouted at the chickens around them: “Children, run with me. If anyone doesn’t run, give them a ruthless peck!”

As soon as the voice fell, the chickens echoed with chicken cackles that were as loud and awe-inspiring as a mountain landslide or a tsunami. Their wings flapped in the wind and chicken feathers rained wildly.

The faces of the others changed immediately and the corners of their mouths twitched.

Before they could say more, Nie Bufan already pointed a finger forward and shouted, “Charge!” Then he ran out first.

The chickens immediately spread their wings and called fiercely at the people who were standing still, their eyes had fierce glints as if they really would attack if they didn’t obey their orders.

Surrounded by fierce chickens, everyone had no choice but to start jogging, dragging their steps behind Nie Bufan.

“Ouch!” Suddenly, a cry came from behind, and doctor Xu rubbed his butt with a bleak expression.

Three roosters craned their necks and stared at him fiercely with their feathers standing on end.

“I…..I am a doctor, not a patient, and I don’t need to sweat.”

The three roosters remained indifferent, still maintaining their mighty posture.

Doctor Xu was almost crying. But when he saw them coming at him he was instantly scared into running with everyone else. Just now that peck had left half of his buttocks numb, like it had been poisoned. It was truly terrible!

When the others saw this they didn’t dare to slack off anymore, following the flock of chickens and running around the village depressedly. Anyone who dared to hesitate would immediately have a group of chickens pounce on them and perform brutal and inhuman gang beating against them.

The morning was bright and the air was fresh. A group of people wearing masks were running happily amongst a tide of chickens, filled with chicken love and passion. It was truly beautiful, like the most lovely of paintings…..

But the mood of everyone was like a storm filled with lightning and thunder as they secretly imagined stabbing Nie Bufan again and again.

Don’t know what he was spazzing over now? Could it be he wanted to torture them to death?

After a lap, everyone was flushed and coughing. Most of them were martial artists and this distance was really nothing. It was just that the coughing was really uncomfortable and their body became warmer and covered in sweat, looking very sorry indeed. They probably never ran in such a manner so disregarding of their image. However, after arriving in Chicken Nest Village, many first times had been taken.

The only one that was completely unaffected was Wang Shichan, who appeared as graceful and ethereal as ever, a leisurely air from head to toe.

Nie Bufan praised: “Everyone performed well. Let’s stop here today and continue tomorrow.”

“Continue?” Li Huai said angrily, “I won’t be playing along tomorrow!”

Nie Bufan calmed him: “Don’t be angry, you must keep a good mood. Don’t you feel more comfortable after running?”

“Not at all!” Li Huai sniffled and roared with a hoarse voice.

“You look very uncomfortable, hurry up and rest in the house.”

“I wonder who caused it?” Li Huai walked into his house and slammed the door shut.

Nie Bufan looked at the other people again, and was about to talk only for the others to turn around and go back to their respective houses as if they had a tacit understanding. In the blink of an eye everyone had disappeared without a trace.

“Aren’t I doing all this for their sake?” Nie Bufan sighed, “Seeing them yelling at the doctor every day so vigorously, they obviously have quite a lot of excessive energy. Usually living pampered lives, it would do them good to sweat a little. That way they can recover quicker.”

“Then…..then why must I also run…..” A weak voice came from behind.

Nie Bufan turned his head and looked around. He saw doctor Xu trembling and weakly leaning against a door, looking like a dead man.

Nie Bufan stepped forward to help him and said sincerely: “In fact, this is what I think. I am not sure whether running is good for them, so as the doctor you need to experience it yourself and provide some professional advice.”

Doctor Xu rolled his eyes and his next breath almost got stuck. How could he be so unlucky as to be detained in this sick village and encounter such a group of sick people!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Nie Bufan secretly looked at Li Yi’s residence, wondering whether his energy was exhausted? Later, he’ll give him a bowl of medicine and after drinking he’ll definitely be drowsy. As for that mandarin duck bath it will probably be avoided…..

TN: bonus chapters coming up!


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