Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 053 Powerful Pill

At night, Li Yi had on a cold face as he looked around for Nie Bufan. In the end, it took kidnapping Lady Flower and then making some threats before he found his target in the chicken coop.

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Nie Bufan was crouched in a corner and saying to a black chicken standing on a pile of hay: “Big Weapon, you have such a bad temper, how can you bully your little brothers and sisters?”

The black chicken held its head high and had an arrogant attitude.

Nie Bufan cupped a little yellow chick and held it in front of the black chicken. In a coaxing tone he said: “Look, isn’t your little brother cute? Fluffy and round, isn’t it adorable?”

The black chicken spread its wings abruptly and screamed at the little yellow chick. The little yellow chick was so frightened it jumped into Nie Bufan’s clothes, hiding inside and shaking all over.

Nie Bufan got angry, giving it a slap and lecturing: “You naughty guy, you look so lame and yet your personality is so bad. When you grow up, how can any chicken sister like you!”

The black chicken turned its head with a look of contempt.

In terms of chicken standards its appearance was indeed lacking. The feathers one the head and the neck were white while the rest were black. Its beak was also wickedly curved and its eyes fierce. There was no comb on its head either and appeared to be an obviously disabled chicken.

After feeling angry Nie Bufan once again felt a bit of pity and gentled down his tone: “It’s not your fault that you don’t have a comb. You must not be so cynical. Life is so good so why be so irritable? No matter what you look like, your master, I, won’t dislike you.”

The black chicken seemed to be very angry, flapping its wings and screaming. The surrounding grass clippings were even fanned into a small whirlwind by its flapping.

Nie Bufan patted carelessly at a few straws of hay that fell on his head. He was just about to continue consoling again when Li Yi’s mild voice came from behind: “It’s not actually a chicken, you know?”

“Huh?” Nie Bufan turned his head to look at him then looked back at the black chicken, and asked in confusion, “Not a chicken?”

Li Yi pointed out the truth: “It is obviously a young eagle!”

“Eagle?” Nie Bufan’s gaze scanned the black chicken and the little guy puffed up its chest, looking very full of arrogance.

Nie Bufan exclaimed with a dawning realization, “So it’s like this! It’s no wonder that I always thought you looked a little weird. I had thought it was because you were born with a disability?”

The black chicken, no, the black eagle, Big Weapon became very angry. It flew up to Nie Bufan’s head where it then trampled him viciously before flying away furiously.

Nie Bufan stood up with hair like a chicken nest and shrugged at Li Yi: “Even if it’s an eagle it can’t obliterate the fact that it has a bad temper.”

Li Yi stared at him without speaking.

Nie Bufan asked again: “It’s so late, what are you doing here and not resting?”

“What do you think?” Li Yi’s tone was sinister. His sharp eyes matched with the dark circles under them emphasized even more just how full of resentment he was.

Li Yi didn’t give him a chance to swindle his way out, directly grabbing him and walking towards his residence.

Nie Bufan struggled without any success so he simply climbed on him like a monkey and let him carry his weight.

Li Yi’s arm strength was amazing, able to support his weight with only one hand. Despite carrying the extra weight his steps remained steady and his face didn’t change at all.

Walking into the bathroom, Li Yi kicked the wooden door closed with his foot only to hear a creak. The door that was kicked by Zhang Junshi last time was ravaged once again, appearing as if it would fall apart any second.

Li Yi pulled Nie Bufan off his body and began to undress him without saying a word.

Nie Bufan grasped his belt tight and leaned back. In a mincing manner he said, “I’ll do it by myself. Just take off yours.”

Li Yi snorted with his nose and did not stop his movements, stripping him naked in three seconds flat. He then walked into the misty bath with the other hugged to his side.

“You haven’t taken off your clothes yet.” Nie Bufan said.

Li Yi shook his hand and instantly the soaked clothes on his body were stripped and thrown far out of the bath. Nie Bufan hardly even saw how he undressed, so quick it was.

The two faced each other naked, relatively speechless.

Nie Bufan slowly lowered his body and sank into the water, only showing the part above his nose, blowing bubbles out of his mouth.

Suddenly, Li Yi grabbed a water scoop from nowhere and poured a scoop of water on the top of Nie Bufan’s head. He then fetched soap and began to wash his hair for him.

Nie Bufan continued to blow bubbles as his eyes became covered with water. He couldn’t speak or see so he could only let Li Yi play around.

At this time, another scoop of water was poured down over him. The foam was rinsed away and the wet hair revealed its original color, as dark as midnight.

Li Yi pulled a bunch of hair away from Nie Bufan’s face, and saw that he was half-squinting with eyelashes trembling slightly. The water droplets on the lashes flashed a charming halo in the dim candlelight. The red lips were opened slightly, as if wanting to say something.

Li Yi lowered his head, stretched out his tongue and slowly licked those lips. When the other was about to close his lips, he delved his tongue deeper inside.

Nie Bufan opened his eyes and looked at the man in front of him, breathing hard while counting his thick eyelashes distractedly.

Li Yi was quite dissatisfied with his distraction. He wrapped his hands around his waist and lifted his hips to sit on his lap, his finger also thrusting in.

Nie Bufan let out a gasp, and moved his lower body only to come into contact with a hot hard object.

Li Yi let go of Nie Bufan’s lips and turned his attention to his neck. Soon he then sank under the water and sucked the red cherry on his chest, his tongue twirling and sucking skillfully.

“Ngh…..okay, don’t bite, it’s not red beans!” Nie Bufan couldn’t help but cry out as he felt the surging sensations in his body.

Li Yi seemed to have used all of his usual techniques when kneading the dough, caressing, kneading, and rubbing, the strength even and steady. It even seemed as if he had added his internal strength into it, constantly stimulating the pressure points all over his body and making Nie Bufan go soft and boneless.

Suddenly, Nie Bufan opened his eyes wide, his face flushed. He quickly looked down at the water.

Li Yi had sunk completely under the water, his head now buried in between his legs…..

Nie Bufan moved embarrassedly, biting his lower lip. For the first time he held back any moans and screams.

But unexpectedly, Li Yi suddenly sucked hard and he finally couldn’t hold back anymore, throwing back his head and moaning loudly.

Li Yi emerged from the water and before Nie Bufan could even react he kissed him once again. The kiss had a bit of eagerness and a bit of domineering, causing his breathing to become very heavy.

Holding Nie Bufan’s legs with both hands, he stood up abruptly and plunged in deeply, water splashing all over.

“Ah…..ngh…..slow down, slow down…..”

Li Yi was like a hungry wolf, his movements fierce and without pause.

The surface of the water vibrated and splashes of water were sent jumping all over. The sound of the splashing water was mixed in with broken moans and muffled noises.

Nie Bufan could only cling to Li Yi. The feeling of being constantly filled hit his brain, causing his concious to fall into a daze. 

Li Yi suddenly pulled the both of them into the water and began to thrust underwater. Every time he entered, he needed more strength than usual. The feeling of being unable to breathe caused his desire to mount but at the same time unable to find release.

Nie Bufan didn’t have Li Yi’s ability to hold his breath that long. After a few seconds he began to struggle.

When Li Yi took him out of the water, Nie Bufan had fallen into a semi-drowsy state due to lack of oxygen in his brain.

How was this making love, it was practically murder! The angry thought flashed by in Nie Bufan’s mind even as his awareness was still dimmed.

The man on his body was still moving tirelessly, his internal strength was also slowly being input through the place of their connection and strengthening Nie Bufan’s vitality little by little…..

Don’t know how much time passed but when Nie Bufan woke up from the drowsiness, Li Yi seemed to have finished. He was lying on him quietly and breathing slowly.

However, his fiery thing was still not soft yet and was still embedded in him!

The water in the bath had only a little residual temperature. If they soaked in it for the whole night, not mentioning the skin being soaked into the texture of pickled cabbages, Li Yi’s illness would definitely worsen.

That this guy could actually fall asleep in this situation, he must actually be very sleepy, right? Still wanting to do it with him despite being so tired. What kind of perseverance was this?

Nie Bufan was a little depressed. He carefully supported him, and then slowly withdrew from his lower body.

But as soon as he withdrew a few inches, Li Yi thrusted back in like a conditioned reflex.

Nie Bufan gritted his teeth and backed away again. Then, while Li Yi hadn’t reacted yet, he quickly grasped the exposed part with his hand and then finally lifted his body completely off it.

He just breathed a sigh of relief when he felt that the thing in his hand seemed to swell a little bigger. He couldn’t help but widen his eyes, and wondered whether this was the legendary golden spear not falling? Must it be so firm and upright? Long-term erections could actually cause premature aging, right?

Nie Bufan glanced at the other sympathetically, as if he had foreseen his bleak appearance in twenty or thirty years.

“Ai, we at least have a deep friendship so I will give you more tonics in the future.” Nie Bufan patted him with sympathy.

He straightened Li Yi and then opened the sluice. The water in the bath immediately flowed out along the waterway. This was a small mechanism that he specially added during renovation when he was restoring the house before. It was very convenient to release water.

At this moment, Nie Bufan suddenly felt a heavy weight on his back. In the next instant, his whole person was thrown down by a certain heavyweight creature.

“Li Fourth, what are you doing?” Nie Bufan turned his head and glared, but saw that Li Yi still had his eyes closed, sniffing and pawing at him like a big dog. In the end, as if having confirmed something, he pushed Nie Bufan’s legs apart with his knees and aimed precisely at the target, once again thrusting in and out.

“Ah……..” Before Nie Bufan’s words were finished, he felt a liquid heat in his body, Li Yi…..had cum.

He seemed to let out a comfortable sigh, then his whole body softened, a satisfied expression on his face as he fell asleep on Nie Bufan’s body.

Nie Bufan lay on the ground, his shoulders shaking.

“Li Fourth, just how long is your reflex arc!”

Nie Bufan was so angry that he darkly decided to abandon Li Yi in the bathroom, only carelessly covering him with a thin blanket. If his illness got worse, hmmph, then he deserved it!

Unfortunately for Nie Bufan, the heavens did not answer his wish. The next day, Li Yi woke up full of energy. Not only did his condition not worsen, he was like Zhang Junshi and healed overnight!

When he got up, he gave him a very coquettish kiss and then went away happily.

The both of them healed without any medicine right after sleeping with him. Nie Bufan now felt that something was indeed strange. Once was a coincidence, but twice? Being sick was not like taking laxatives when the poop comes without doubt. How could it heal just because you say it?

If it really had something to do with him, then….. Nie Bufan hugged his chest in horror and began to worry about his chastity——sir, do you really still have this thing?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

When delivering medicine to Si Chenyu in the afternoon, Nie Bufan felt that his eyes looked a little… that of a wolf or a tiger. He looked at Nie Bufan in the manner of an old man with half a foot in the grave looking at a powerful pill that could instantly let him regain his youth. It caused Nie Bufan’s hair to stand upright and he ran away in a panic, not daring to stay a second longer.

He had decided. He must quickly find a place to lie low until the wind blows over!

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