After Becoming The Tyrant CH 023 His Child

The cardinal boarded the white carriage that had been long awaiting his arrival and arrived at the residence of Grand Duke Grice.

The Grand Duke, dressed elaborately and magnificently to show his respect, had been waiting for a long time like the person in charge of the port had waited. Grand Duke Grice had made meticulous preparations for this decisive and meaningful meeting. He respectfully prostrated himself at the feet of the cardinal who was much younger than himself, tearfully expressing his longing and admiration for the Holy Empire.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The cardinal did not avoid his ceremonial salutations.

Because at that moment he represented the Pope himself.

When the Grand Duke finished his statement, the cardinal helped him up: “The Holy Lord bless Legrand.”

“The Holy Lord bless Legrand.”

Grand Duke Grice let a smile spread over his face, a smile that came from the heart.

Of course this smile came from the heart as the show he had put on was not in vain. The cardinal opened the small box he carried with him and showed him what he had longed for:

The Pope’s manuscript and the holy oil in a golden eagle-shaped bottle.

The cardinal settled in the castle of Grand Duke Grice.

“You disdain him.”

A monk in black suddenly spoke after Grand Duke Grice excused himself. He followed the cardinal like a shadow, but remained silent the whole time.

“A greedy but incompetent fool with too much ambition.” The cardinal’s gentle smile had disappeared on his face to be replaced with a cold expression. “Don’t even mention comparing him with William III, even the Duke of Buckingham can easily suppress him. This kind of person will either become other people’s puppet or fall to his own destruction.”

“Then why did the Holy See choose such a person? I’m afraid he can’t serve well as the King of Legrand.”

The black robed monk was puzzled.

“Because he is greedy and stupid enough.” The cardinal looked at a painting hanging in his room. “My dear Aynauld, what does the matters of Legrand have anything to do with us? We only need a pious king——at least on the surface he must appear pious. The appearance of one William III is bad enough.”

The painting was a picture of the Holy Cross done in the classical style.

The Holy Son wore a king’s crown and a gorgeous robe. Bishops, monks, and mortal monarchs of the world all prostrated themselves at the feet of the Son like meek lambs. The meaning of the picture was very simple: the Holy Lord had both spiritual and material sovereignty, and all the mortal monarchs must bow to him.

Just like his ceremonial salutations outside his residence, this was another expression of loyalty to the Holy Church by Grand Duke Grice.

The cardinal smiled slightly.

“Whether it is a king or a commoner, all should docilely submit to the Lord of the Apostles.” The cardinal said, “The Millennium Kingdom is coming. We not only have the right but also the duty to build an empire that belongs to Him.”

The black monk tapped four times on his chest.

The cardinal was still looking at the picture of the Holy Cross.

God came to this world not to make people love each other, but to make father and son hate each other, husband and wife betray each other, and brothers and sisters kill each other. The Holy Lord shall cleanse the world with holy fire. That fire was the fire of war, and the kingdom of God shall be re-established in the fires of war.

The emergence of a William III uniting 36 states had already touched their most sensitive nerves. For this reason, the Pope sent his envoys to intervene in Legrand’s civil strife.


Since the beginning of the war, the Royalist Party under the command of the Duke of Buckingham had been as aggressive as the fiery summer sun.

The Grand Duke Grice might be very powerful and wealthy, but in terms of military command, he obviously could not be compared with the prestigious Duke of Buckingham. Over time, the New Royalist Party had gradually fallen into a depression.

However, this situation was quickly reversed.

The news from the Holy Church spread far and wide under the continuous propaganda of Grand Duke Grice:

The Pope lamented the death of the young Pureland I and claimed that “the Holy Lord had taken back His child on earth.” In addition to his deep sympathy, the Pope also conveyed “His” sacred words——Grand Duke Grice shall complete the unfinished mission for his nephew who died young.

The first blizzard in October swept across the land, and the power from the other side of the Abyss Strait brought Legrand’s boiling civil war to a standstill.

The core of the Rose Crisis was that one side believed that the King was dead, and the other side believed that the King had not died.

The Pope who suddenly stepped in had taken away the cornerstone of the Royalist Party’s struggle.

Perhaps there would still be disputes about the boundary between states and wars between kingdoms that could last for hundreds of years, but the world ruled by the Lord of the Apostles was beyond doubt. This was why, when the Duke of Buckingham was on the guillotine, he had signaled to the King to give in to the archbishop.

Now it was the Royalist Party who had become depressed.

The Duke of Buckingham sat still in the silent Rose Palace——he shall continue to guard Legrand’s heart for his nephew.

When the Holy See suddenly intervened, the civil war came to a standstill.

The Pope’s envoy earnestly asked Legrand’s people not to kill each other, the benevolent Lord did not want Legrand to be caught in the flames of war. The Holy Lord shall bless those who love their neighbors and shall cast aside those who violate humanity. All who are immoral shall be excommunicated.

This was a double threat.

People believed the Pope’s words, so if the war continued, the Royalist Party would not only face the danger of being expelled from the church, but would also be isolated and helpless.

“What shall we do next?”

The long time retainer of the Duke of Buckingham asked him softly.

The Duke of Buckingham had been sitting in this dim hall for a long time.

“I shall go and meet someone.”


The Duke of Buckingham came to the northwest tower of the Rose Palace, a place no one had come to visit in a long time. William III personally ordered the sealing of the tower, and it had been forgotten ever since.

The Duke of Buckingham held a torch.

He made a gesture and the hidden guards of the Rose family walked out from the shadow of the tower. They stepped forward and opened the heavy iron gate of the black tower.

As soon as the iron gate was opened, the cold wind rushed out of it, and along with the wind came strange, incoherent singing.

“She is still the same as before?”

“She has been singing for a long time.”

The Duke walked in alone.

“……They poured the blood out of the eagle’s mouth, and they claimed to be the glorious mercy of God……Look, the child who is baptized by the holy oil is so adorable, so like an angel, look, he has become His child……”

The unkempt woman sat in the center of the black tower, sitting on the icy basalt ground with heavy iron chains that wind into the surrounding shadows like thin black snakes. Candles were lit on the stone walls on all sides, shining dimly on the woman’s body.


The Duke spoke in a low voice, the name that came from his lips was enough to surprise anyonewho heard it.

William III’s Queen was called Eleanor, and her reputation was not inferior to her husband. With Keya, one of the 36 states as her dowry, she married William III. She was a famous warrior queen. When William III and the Duke of Buckingham led punitive expeditions on the 36 states, she had guarded the Rose Palace and put down the rebellions that sprung up in various places of the empire.

However, after the death of her husband, Queen Eleanor, who had been deeply in love with William III soon became heartsick, passing away in short order.

But, at this time, the Duke called the mad woman locked in this black tower “Eleanor”.

The Mad Queen stopped singing. She turned her head and her empty green eyes looked at the Duke of Buckingham. The Duke of Buckingham couldn’t tell whether she was clearheaded or still lost in delusions.

“They said that Pureland, your child, is dead. Do you feel it?”

The Duke of Buckingham stared at the Mad Queen, trying to find the last strand of hope.

“My child?”

The Mad Queen suddenly laughed wildly. She jumped up from the ground and rushed towards the Duke of Buckingham at the speed of an armored warrior on the battlefield, as if to tear him to pieces.

“No! That’s not my child!”

“That’s His child! His child!!”

“You took my child away! AHHHHHHHH!!!”

The iron chains was stretched taut, and the Mad Queen fell to the ground. She pulled at her hair as she fell into a nightmare that had tortured her for more than ten years.

“My child! My little Pureland!”

She wailed in pain as she rolled on the ground and clutched at her hair, slamming into the walls of the iron tower desperately.

The silence of the black tower was suddenly broken, and the chains flipped and collided. The mad woman seemed to be robbed of her mind by the evil spirits of hell, and the Duke of Buckingham knew that his hopes had been in vain.

The gate of the tower was closed once again.

The cold wind was biting, and the huge disappointment made the Duke of Buckingham look much older. At this moment, the retainer of the Duke of Buckingham rushed over with a man.

“My lord!”

He was panting, his face full of ecstasy.

The Duke of Buckingham was struck by a feeling, and he suddenly looked up.

A dusty knight knelt down in front of the Duke: “His Majesty, His Majesty’s letter!”

The Duke recognized him, he was one of the vow knights at the side of the King. Huge joy swept over him and he grabbed the knight, his hands trembling slightly: “How is he……how is he?”

“His Majesty is completely unharmed!”

The knight replied.

“That’s good, that’s good.”

The old Duke’s previous depression was swept away, his back straightening and eyes moistening, white hair flying in the wind.



The King saw his knight commander.

“I have accomplished my mission.”

The knight commander knelt towards him on one knee.

Not only did a large number of elite soldiers of Ingres arrived, there was another important figure, and that was Edmund Leverin, the cousin of the King of Ingres. General Edmund had the typical characteristics of the Ingres, tall and burly. But he acted more like a Legrand noble, proper and cautious.

General Edmund was very humble in front of the King. He knelt on one knee and kissed the ring on the King’s hand to show his loyalty.

“……This is in the place of my royal brother, Your Majesty.”

General Edmund explained.

“He is very happy to receive your tolerance and gift.”

“The people of Ingres are also citizens of Legrand.”

The King answered calmly.

Except for themselves, it might be difficult for anyone to understand their puzzling remarks.

However, it was certain that the King and the State of Ingres had reached an agreement that was very beneficial to both parties.

“Put on their flags and we will set off.”

The King stood up and glanced over the army led by Edmund. Following his words, the vow knights took out a white rose battle flag.

General Edmund’s mouth twitched, and he understood what the King meant.

Clearly, this King of the Rose family who could reach cooperation with the Ingres royal family was not a person of chivalry……

He actually planned to disguise his army as the army of the New Royalist Party! The Holy Lord above, this kind of behavior would definitely not be praised.

The King did not pay attention to General Edmund anymore. He looked at the direction where St. Wyth Cathedral was located, his face as calm as stillwater.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Dark creatures like the Devil were afraid of something which caused them to dare not directly join the mortal wars on earth, but there was another force that could cleverly influence the politics of the earthly kingdoms in other ways.

The King rubbed his sword hilt.

You want to reach your hand into Legrand?

Then you must see if I agree!

“We set off!”


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  1. Humph! You never asked for the king’s opinion!

    Though Zhu Chi’s methods may not be the most honorable, but you can’t tell me that having the church interfering in the matter is the paragon of honesty…

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  2. The way the queen was behaving and saying Pureland was “His” child, made me suspect the og Pureland was already long dead before MC took his body or that he had been controlled by the Holy Lord. After all, the Holy Lord wanted war and a tyrant as a king would surely cause revolts sooner or later.


    1. Thinking things through again, it might be possible that MC is og Pureland after all. Maybe the devil intervened and had him go to another world and became Zhu Chi or something, and that tyrant Pureland was a mere puppet of the Holy Lord.

      Zhu Chi’s sick body may be caused by his soul not fitting with that body or world cause it’s not his original world? There’s also the way he had the devil’s help for a new life. I doubt it was a coincidence. The devil may have been planning everything from the start.

      Or maybe my theory was just pure crack, and everything was wrong lol, who knows.

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