Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 003 Is He A Good Person?

There was no way Feng Qingxiu’s sword could make contact with Ji Yunlai.

In Ji Yunlai’s eyes, the lightning-fast sword light was basically the same speed of a tortoise. He even had the time to feel that this child’s cultivation foundation was very solid. Although he was proficient in his swordsmanship, he lacked a little agility. It might have a better effect if the sword’s position was lowered just a millimeter.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

As he thought this, the other’s sword light seemed to wrest out of its owner’s control, moving to the best position according to Ji Yunlai’s thoughts. He then took a step back.

At his speed, the other couldn’t see that he had even moved at all. So the result was the strange scene of his sword deliberately missing an inch from Ji Yunlai.

Feng Qingxiu refused to accept this, the sword light expanded, the sword energy like a waterfall. Like torrential rain it enveloped the area.

As Ji Yunlai dodged he privately analyzed the flaws within the other’s swordsmanship.

Feng Qingxiu felt like he had suddenly been divinely graced. He had practiced this set of sword maneuvers countless times but he could never smooth out the kinks. But now the sword movements flowed out freely and unconstrained, as if they were not the same moves from his memory. Instead, it was as if he made the moves instinctively and naturally, without any human input.

This set of sword maneuvers was known as Rift Sword which was named for the rift in the sky, or the gate of heaven, pointing to the great Dao. Feeling that the first few maneuvers in the set of sword maneuvers presented no threat to the other, with the turn of his sword he carried out the following nine maneuvers one after another without any hesitation.

The light of the sword was like a chrysanthemum, blooming in an instant.

The huge sword light almost enveloped the entire Eagle’s Mouth Cliff.

After the passing of the sword light, Feng Qingxiu stood alone on the edge of the cliff, motionless and silent.

Many fellow cultivators that had been around the area quietly approached, wanting to see what happened.

“Being able to touch a trace of the Dao in the Rift Sword at just the Foundation Establishment Stage——no wonder he is the head student of this year.” A middle-aged Daoist with thin hair and a serious face appeared suddenly, blocking the students who wanted to get closer, “He is experiencing Enlightenment of the Sword Intent at this time so do not disturb him. You must also learn from Ah Xiu who is able to practice his sword without distraction despite such an important matter as the Ascension taking place tomorrow. But what about you all?”

“Deacon, we just want to get closer and breathe in the Immortal energy!” A student answered with some dissatisfaction.

“That’s right, maybe some luck will rub off on us and we can also realize Enlightenment…..” The other students were also not convinced.

“Breathe! Breathe! Breathe! You only know to breathe all day, and only know to rely on luck every day, thinking about shortcuts and dishonest practices. Hurry up and go practice cultivation, otherwise you will all get a mark deducted during Ascension!” The middle-aged Daoist glared with sharp sword-like eyes, sweeping the students who still wanted to move forward with a cold gaze.

This threat was too ruthless so the students around him immediately dispersed.

The sun settled to the west, the world became silent, and only white clouds could be seen drifting over the edge of the cliff.

After a long while, Feng Qingxiu recovered from that trace of Dao Enlightenment, and his heart instantly tightened. But at this time, there was no trace of that young man.

Little thief!

This Kun-Lai No. 1 young cultivator talent let out a deep roar!

Then he ran off without looking back.

Ji Yunlai, who was still sitting on top of the pine tree, took a look at him and thought that maybe it was not very nice of him to bully the younger generation like this. He decided to return the thing to him at night.

Turning his gaze back to the jade tablet, he eagerly sank his divine consciousness into it.

! ! ! !

That thread of divine consciousness instantly entered another dimension.

In the space was a giant tree constructed of runes. Numerous branches and leaves extended into the void, opening pockets one after another in the darkness, and those illusory runes leaped and flowed, guiding the direction.

As he thought, it really was the local area network!

There were countless divine consciousness flowing within the giant tree, likely students communicating with each other. And as the Sect Leader he had the highest authority which was why he could see the construct of this network.

However, that flowing and beautiful rune pattern and combination left him in a stupefied state. In a daze, he recalled the days when he used to work overnight with his team of programmers to write code.

Plugins, procedures, functions, compressed file libraries, partial execution programs, auxiliary execution programs, auxiliary control programs, and auxiliary calculation programs were all things he could write with his eyes closed, but now they had become another way of expression.

“It’s not a bad thing to relearn all of this again.”

He couldn’t take his eyes away despite not understanding it. But this only meant that he should work harder. What he liked to do was to study and experiment. If he could now get the chance to concentrate on studying and cultivating for as long as he wanted, it didn’t seem to matter as much if he forgot some memories.

Although he didn’t know what he had to sacrifice in the past millennium to reach this current height, his eyes couldn’t always look at the past.

Regardless of the reason for the loss of memory, what he had to do now was to retrieve the lost knowledge before he could talk about other things. After all, in this world only the strong had a voice. This was a truth that he had already experienced when he used to be an unaffiliated cultivator.

According to the function on the jade tablet, he switched to a common section, and immediately a huge screen appeared in front of him showing a forum interface that couldn’t be more simple.

The learning area was on the left and the leisure area was on the right.

There were a variety of spells in the learning area, and one needed to reach a certain level of cultivation and exchange a certain amount of spiritual stones in order to gain access. Whatever kinds of spells and runes one wanted could all be found.

The leisure area was where all kinds of discussions took place.

It turned out that the Hall of Spells was all on the Web, so it was no wonder he couldn’t find it.

And he had the highest authority so it took only a few seconds to scan and remember all the spells and runes.

Just a few million words, that’s how badass possessing a powerful soul was.

Ji Yunlai detached his divine consciousness from it, his hands playing with the jade tablet as he couldn’t help feeling a little admiration for himself.

He not only brought primary school and middle school to the cultivation realm, he even integrated a local area network. Give him a few hundred years, was he going to rise straight up to the heavens?

But if his other self could do it, then it should be fine for him as well. After all they were the same person.

He recalled in his mind the “General Rune Principles” he had just seen, and he carefully read and analyzed it.

This book was written in a simple and straightforward way and was very easy to digest. It used punctuation instead of ambiguous sentence breaks and was even accompanied with animated drawings and diagrams. It could not be more down to earth and friendly. Ji Yunlai wanted to hug the author and kiss him too. It truly suited his taste.

It was not until the moon was high up in the sky when he finally finished and processed the entire book, and then found that the final signature was: Ji Yunlai, written on the first day of the ninth month in the thirty-third year.

“…..” He was speechless for a while.

The pressure was too great, when could he return to this level?


The moon was high up in the sky and the lights were like stars. Feng Qingxiu returned to his room in dejection.

With face facing downwards he threw himself on the bed.

The Mountain Patrols had already identified all the envoys from outside Sects that had arrived recently. None of them was that young man. The Daoist soldier who took the case said that he had reported the matter to the main network to cut off his network port so his Net Spell could no longer be used. There would be no big impact so he should relax and not worry!!


He was so aggrieved that he wanted to cry.

Since arriving at Kun-Lai Mountain, it had taken him who knew how long to get that magic artifact!

A single Net Spell in the Sect required a hundred spiritual stones, and the information fee required to maintain the connection every year was an extra ten spiritual stones. The rewards he had earned over these 10+ years was just a little more than ten spiritual stones. Once he got the Net Spell, he immediately used all his spiritual stones to pay the information fee!

And if he wanted a new one he had to buy it himself!

One hundred and ten spiritual stones!

And all must be high-grade spiritual stones! With that amount, a hundred cultivators of his level could be hired for three years outside the Sect!

With such a high price, the most important losses were that he could no longer go online to read about the cultivation experiences of high level cultivators for at least ten years and he couldn’t buy and sell all kinds of materials!

He heard that many students who failed the make-up exams jumped off the top of the peak today. He also wanted to jump as well!

“That little thief, I will definitely find you!” He said bitterly.

“Got it.” A voice rang out casually.

Feng Qingxiu immediately sat up. He glared at the young man in black who appeared silently by the table.

“You still dared to come!” 

“Returning this to you.”

The two voices sounded almost simultaneously.

It’s no longer usable, you little thief!

Feng Qingxiu looked at the jade tablet laying on the young man’s hand with a complicated expression, and finally sighed, “Forget it.”

He stretched out his hand to take the jade tablet back, wiped it carefully and then pocketed it. He could keep it as a memorial and maybe he could ask the supervisor to connect it again. This person looked to be from an outside Sect and he himself couldn’t stop him so if he asked him to pay it would just show him to be more weak.

“I have reported your matter to the Sect. No matter what intentions you have you should put it away and leave. Our Kun-Lai Sect is not a place for people to come and go.” Feng Qingxiu said seriously.

“You are quite loyal.” Ji Yunlai felt a faint sense of gratification in his heart. The degree of loyalty in his Sect was quite high it seemed.

“…..You are from the Central Continent, right?” Feng Qingxiu shook his head slightly, “As the Central Continent is rich and stable of course you don’t know. The Western Continent is located in a remote area and borders the outlands. If there is no Kun-Lai acting as a barrier, how can there be such prosperity now?”

Ji Yunlai nodded: “I come from a small place. I only know that my country is a small country in the Central Continent, but I don’t know much about even more distant places.”

He was telling the truth. This world was not comparable to earth which had each and every piece of land occupied by humans. Here in this realm, man-made towns were scattered and sparse, like a handful of sesame seeds. The dangers of the beasts in the deep mountains and dense forests was not something to be treated lightly. Apart from cultivators, few people had traveled or knew lands that were further away from their hometowns.

“Looking at your high cultivation level, you must be from a reclusive cultivation family,” Feng Qingxiu slightly puffed out his chest, “A thousand years ago, our Western Continent was barren and empty, sparsely populated, and suffering from demonic disasters. Our Sect’s Founding Master Ji Yunlai was a talented person with great skill and strategy. He held the Dragon and Phoenix Selection throughout the Western Continent. Only after a hundred years and countless twists and turns, our Western Continent became as prosperous as now.”

“Dragon and Phoenix Selection?” Ji Yunlai asked.

“Six hundred years ago, the Founding Master set up a Heart-Enquiring Stone in every town, with twelve runes engraved on it. Those under the age of fifteen who can draw even one of the runes can enter our Kun-Lai Sect lower gate to practice cultivation. It does not have any spiritual roots requirements nor does it look at one’s birth. This has cultivated countless talents for our Western Continent.” Feng Qingxiu said proudly.

Ji Yunlai was dazed for a while: “It’s a lie? How many disciples would that be? Is he that rich?”

He had had enough of his poverty during his early years of cultivation. How could others not know the benefits of accepting many disciples into a Sect, but cultivation was truly a money-burning business. The spiritual stones and natural spiritual treasures available on this land could not support so many cultivators. Why was the Central Continent so chaotic? It was all because of the lack of resources.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

It’s just that his words obviously offended this zealous Founding Master fanboy and Feng Qingxiu said furiously: “Just because you can’t do it doesn’t mean that the Founding Master can’t do it. Let me gift you a famous saying from the Founding Master: Thou small fries, how could thee understand a person of noble aspirations!”


Was he being praised or scolded? Ji Yunlai had a sudden urge to laugh.

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