Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH CH 004 Is This Trouble?

Seeing that the other was speechless for a while, Feng Qingxiu coldly snorted: “Our Sect’s history recorded that our Founding Master, one man and one sword, leveled Shouyang Mountain and gained tens of thousands of years of accumulation from Shouyang Sect. This opened the way for our Kun-Lai’s rise. “

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Impossible.” Ji Yunlai blurted out.

Since he embarked on the road of cultivating immortality, he had never had a permanent residence and there was not even one day he hadn’t suffered hardship. Betrayal, death and robbery, what hadn’t he encountered? But even after transmigrating over for so long and having suffered so much on the road to cultivating immortality, no matter how hard it got, he had never once thought of hurting others to get resources. He had his bottom line.

“Hmph, that Supreme Nine Heavens Overcoming Suffering Sword cut off the spiritual veins of the Wanli Mountains and attracted the waters in the south. Since then, over these hundreds of years our Western Continent has not once suffered the bitterness of drought. The remains of Listening Sword Cliff is still a hallowed place for all sword cultivators to gain Enlightenment and practice cultivation. Don’t think that you’re all that great just because you can be arrogant in front of me. You’re not worthy of even a glance from our Founding Master.” Feng Qingxiu said proudly.

“But what does that have to do with you?” Ji Yunlai asked coldly.

Feng Qingxiu did not answer, but just smiled.

The next second, the door was flung open wide, and a group of cultivators dressed in blue robes and white cloaks poured in silently, forming a battle array.

“Master Guard, this is the person!” Feng Qingxiu calmly pointed to Ji Yunlai, “This person of unknown origins has entered our Kun-Lai as if it is a land without a master and behaving suspiciously. I ask daren to deal with him. “

Just when he saw this little thief show up again, he had reported it with a magic technique, but these law enforcement guards were truly too slow.

However, the four cloaked people just looked at him quietly, as if looking at a fool.

Feng Qingxiu was taken aback.

He suddenly discovered that in the eyes of these four people, there was no reflection of the little thief in front of him.

Ji Yunlai sat where he was, looking at him calmly.

The head guard quietly wiped the sweat from his palms——seeing that the people around him hadn’t seen the bigwig in the room he then coldly scolded Feng Qingxiu on the grounds that he was conjuring trouble from thin air.

Feng Qingxiu silently listening to the scolding with his eyes casted down was a bit pitiful, causing Ji Yunlai to feel a rare trace of guilt.

After being lectured and warned not to do it again, the guards retreated, leaving only two in the room.

The head student of his year was completely at a loss.

Tomorrow was the Ascension ceremony so it was likely that this matter would be reported to a deacon with a higher cultivation base.

The matter had become really unthinkable now.

After being silent for a while, Feng Qingxiu decided to regard the other as non-existent, taking out his books to continue studying.

Ji Yunlai thought about the information he had just learned and felt that the entire thing seemed to be shrouded in mist. He had a nagging feeling that something was wrong.

After a while, Feng Qingxiu encountered a problem and despite repeated calculations on paper he still couldn’t solve it. Habitually he began to scratch the wooden table with his nails.

“Draw the character three points below the line and do not put too heavy pressure on the pen, otherwise the magic will be overloaded and the effect will be lost.” Ji Yunlai, who was pulled back from his thoughts, said casually.

Feng Qingxiu followed the instructions and after one stroke the exercise was solved directly. He looked up at the other in shock.

“You seem to have a lot of problems. Come and tell me some more and I will continue to teach you.” Ji Yunlai said with a smile.

“…..I won’t talk about secrets.” Feng Qingxiu watched him vigilantly.

“Why would I ask you to do such a thing? I just want to know things that everyone knows, the kind that if you don’t tell me I can just find out from others.” Ji Yunlai said lightly.

“…..Okay.” After thinking about it, Feng Qingxiu felt that since he could get some help in his studies in exchange for just some information that everyone else knew, it would be better than Ji Yunlai going to find some ordinary disciples who didn’t know the severity of the information they were giving.

“Then, let’s start.”


When Ji Yunlai returned to his residence, he felt quite satisfied.

That child didn’t say much, but he still had time. All in all, he had gained somewhat of an understanding of his own evaluation in the eyes of the world.

Tsk, he really didn’t expect that one day he would also be described as “moody, unpredictable, with profound and boundless powers”.

In the eyes of that child, Ji Yunlai was a god, omnipotent and omniscient. Every gesture he made was in line with the way of the heavens as the person who enforced law and punishment in place of the heavens.

Thus called “Xing Dao Master”. (TN: xing=punishment)

Connecting this to what his memory self said, “Who is worthy of your explanation?”

Ji Yunlai felt that he had changed quite a lot after a thousand years.

He was clearly a good mentor, amiable and friendly with a strong ability to manage people——almost all the 100+ programmers in his previous life were mentored by him. Seriously, he was practically a teacher.

But over these thousand years, he never accepted another disciple since he became the Sect Leader. All the Kun-Lai disciples were taught by his several Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters.

It shouldn’t be like this.

Just now when he noticed that the child had a bit of trouble he couldn’t help but step forward and act the teacher.

His bad habit of lecturing others was clearly still there.

He sat at the stone table in the courtyard in front of his dwelling, sipping the wine and thinking deeply to himself. Should he see those Junior Brothers and Sisters? And this wine was really fragrant, just from the aroma he could tell it was centuries old.

Suddenly, he felt something displace the air behind him, so he instinctively placed the delicate and paper thin jade cup on the table.

Under his divine sense, a young man in white stopped in place.

With his cultivation level he could tell that it was just a phantom with a single glance.

A very beautiful phantom, one that could sway the heart with just a look.

At the beginning, the appearance of the phantom was not very clear, but it soon took shape quickly as he observed it, becoming his favorite type——tall, handsomely beautiful, and with deep eyes.

“Your preference has changed.” The phantom was a little bit distressed.

Ji Yunlai did not comment.

“Since the battle of Fantasy Ripple Mountain six hundred years ago, your heart has always been empty and I could no longer feel your likes or dislikes.” The phantom said with a little regret, “It seems that you really broke through that obstacle. At least leave me a way out.”

Ji Yunlai wondered——what happened to him six hundred years ago? Was there a reason for him to run here from the Central Continent to open a new map?

“Your Supreme Nine Heavens Overcoming Suffering Sword is truly so sharp that it can even cut off the corrupted obsessions in people’s hearts?” The phantom smiled and said, “In any case, congratulations on returning to the path of Dao.”

The more it spoke, the more he couldn’t understand, Ji Yunlai thought to himself.

“Ji Yunlai, the outlands have gathered. This time your Sect will be facing its tribulation. I am waiting to see you once again defy the heavens.” With a trace of worry, the phantom slowly disappeared, “I wonder how many times can you defy the natural order?”

Seeing him completely disappear, Ji Yunlai felt a bit moved with his own cultivation base.

He had already sensed that the other was not an entity, but a lingering trace of someone’s obsession.

Simply put, the situation was almost like being haunted by a ghost.

But a powerful cultivation base and personal will were the nemesis of all obsessions, and it would cause more damage to ghosts than were they to encounter the sun.

How strong was the other when he was still alive to be able to haunt such a great powerhouse like himself?

And what level had he reached to be able to banish the other?

It’s a pity that he left too fast for him to read the Sword Intent remaining on him.

Ji Yunlai raised his hand, his slender fingertips revealing a trace of blue light. It flickered and jumped, as if it wanted to return to the world of nature.

But the surrounding trees had already begun to tremble and bow their branches in fear.

Even the surrounding clouds instinctively drifted away from this spot of spiritual light, causing the world to become brighter without the clouds blocking the sunlight.

Too domineering!

Ji Yunlai clenched his fist and dispersed away the spot of spiritual light. He didn’t like such a domineering and unforgiving spell.

One must not do things to the extreme or say things that leave no room for maneuver. Any extremes would undoubtedly lead to affinities and relationships ending early.

As for the outlands mentioned earlier, Ji Yunlai knew a bit about that.

The areas outside the sphere of influence of the human race were all considered the outlands.

Among the countless mountains and rivers, there were spirits and demons, countless foreign races, on par with the many creatures described in the Classic of Mountain and Sea. (TN: Classic of Mountain and Sea, probably compiled c. 500 BC-200 BC, contains a wide range of geography, mythology, witchcraft, popular customs, etc.)

The human race——if considered seriously, was just an unremarkable race among countless foreign races.

He recalled the books of spells that he had downloaded earlier from the Net Spell.

If there really was trouble on the horizon, then he could no longer go ask others questions about this and that.

An entire Sect was on his shoulders. He was truly under great pressure.


On the second day, Feng Qingxiu did not see the person who said he would help tutor him.

He was relieved but also disappointed. After all, he felt that the other was not a bad person.

The Ascension ceremony!

This was to determine his future.

He cleaned up and prepared to go to the meeting place.

At this moment, a young man rushed over anxiously: “Cousin, it’s not good!”

“What’s the matter?” Feng Qingxiu asked. This was his clan brother, who was studying at the lower gate. Knowing that he had a heavy study load the other did not often come to find him.

“Remember the fiancée the clan decided for you before?” The young man asked a question first.

“Mother told me.” He nodded. Although his clan was not worth mentioning in the Western Continent, it was still quite famous in their hometown. Therefore, his fiancée was a daughter from a big family. But he was selected to come to Kun-Lai when he was young so the plan was to fulfill the marriage vows after the Ascension ceremony was over.

“It turns out that that woman fell in love with a slave who takes care of horses in our family and eloped with him.”

“…..” Feng Qingxiu was taken aback for a while. He was still young so he really didn’t know what expression to show.

“While they were being pursued on the way, the woman blocked a sword for that slave and died.”

“…..” Feng Qingxiu’s heart was quite complicated, after all, it was a human life.

“For some reason that slave entered the graces of Fairy Mingyu who was passing by and was taken back to Kun-Lai Mountain, directly entering the inner Sect.” The boy said anxiously, “So you must be careful. I heard that that slave said he won’t let our families go.”

“What does it have to do with our family?” Feng Qingxiu asked angrily. He didn’t believe that his family would chase someone else’s fugitive slave. That would be the same as slapping the other family’s face, although his own family’s face must have been beaten swollen this time from the whole matter.

“He said it was because of you persistently forcing them…..”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He hadn’t even met them! Feng Qingxiu shook his head. Forget it, he planned to wait for the ending of the ceremony before dealing with this matter.

It should not… a big deal, right?

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