The Cruel Tyrant CH 055 Waking Up

Su Mu slowly opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was Gu Yunzhou’s indifferent face.

“Gu Yunzhou.”

Su Mu felt as if all the strength in his body had been drained. He opened his mouth but only made a small sound.

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He tried to move the body still held in Gu Yunzhou’s arms, feeling a little stiff and painful. In addition, his body also felt sticky and exuded a strong smell of blood. It all caused Su Mu to frown uncomfortably. He raised his arms weakly, attempting to get up from Gu Yunzhou’s arms.

Gu Yunzhou sat on the ground with one hand holding him and one hand on Su Mu’s chest to send internal force into him. He looked at Su Mu who was struggling like a newly born kitten in his arms without any expression.

Su Mu moved for only a brief while but already felt that he had no strength left at all. In the end he gave up the useless struggling. He lay in Gu Yunzhou’s arms and looked at him, “Can you help me call the maid in?”

Gu Yunzhou looked at him coldly and said, “No.”

Su Mu asked with exasperation: “Why?”

“You are too weak. For the time being you cannot be let go of.” Gu Yunzhou said calmly.

Su Mu looked at his dirty body with disgust, and said, “But I can’t remain in this state, I’m going to attract flies.”

Gu Yunzhou looked at Su Mu and then made a move with his right hand. The curtain in the distance immediately flew over and covered Su Mu’s naked body. In the next instant Su Mu felt himself wrapped and then lifted.

The door of the room was suddenly opened, and the maidservants guarding outside didn’t even have time to react when Gu Yunzhou disappeared holding Su Mu.

Inside the imperial palace, in the Royal Garden, Gu Yunzhou suddenly appeared beside a clear pond holding Su Mu. He pulled the gauze wrapping Su Mu and threw it aside, then still hugging Su Mu, he walked in without a flicker of change to his expression.

Su Mu’s face blushed a rare deep red. Seeing that he would be immersed in the pond water, he reminded the other with exasperation: “It’s only spring now, you want to freeze me to death? Hey, hey……huh?”

When his whole body sank into the water, Su Mu was surprised to find that he did not feel cold at all. Su Mu lifted his hands from the water, and a layer of steam rose from his bare arms. The cold water did not make Su Mu feel cold but instead only made him feel refreshed.

“I didn’t expect internal force to have this kind of use.” Su Mu said in surprise.

But then again, Su Mochi only knew how to use his internal force to kill people so it was not surprising that this body did not have such a memory. However, Su Mu truly admired Gu Yunzhou for being able to use his internal force to achieve this effect on others as well.

The cold pond water washed Su Mu’s pale and pliable body. He raised his hands laboriously to wash his dirty body, when suddenly there was a noise that caused Su Mu to stop.

“Your Majesty, chen qie is here, ah……Your Majesty, you are so bad……chen qie will not comply~!” (TN: chen qie is used by the emperor’s wives and concubines to refer to themselves and can be translated as “I, your lowly concubine”)

Ai fei, you are too naughty, haha……I caught you……” (TN: ai fei is what the emperor calls his wives and concubines and can be translated as “beloved concubine”)

What came after that was a series of indecent and erotic sounds that would make anyone blush.

Su Mu recognized that this was Su Yuan, that old thing’s voice, but he didn’t plan to stick his nose in; it was just that the words that came next from the woman made Su Mu’s eyes go cold.

The woman said coquettishly: “Your Majesty……the Crown Prince is already twenty years old, but he has no heirs yet. The harem of the Crown Prince is controlled by a group of male pets who are not decent or presentable, and there is not even one woman who can carry on the ancestral line. In the future, who can inherit this kingdom?”

Su Yuan’s hesitating voice came from outside, saying: “This……the Crown Prince will take care of it, ai fei let us……”

“What~!” The woman pretended to be angry and said: “Your Majesty, chen qie is thinking about this kingdom for you! Why don’t you care about the Crown Prince being this unsensible.”

Then the woman’s voice softened again, and she said sweetly: “Your Majesty, chen qie has a younger sister who is both talented and beautiful, just 18 years old. She is a perfect match for the Crown Prince.”

Su Yuan still hesitated and said, “But……the Crown Prince doesn’t like women……he killed all the women who had been sent to him before.”

The woman continued to gently persuade: “That used to be before, but now it’s different. Now the Crown Prince is wise and talented, gaining the favor of the Emperor of Wu and beating those rebels to the ground. In the future, he will definitely be a sage ruler just like you.”

Su Yuan never interfered with the Croen Prince’s affairs, not only because he only cared about his own pleasure and enjoyment, but also because he had witnessed the hellish scenes of the Crown Prince killing people. It still made him tremble with fear whenever he remembered it. The Crown Prince was a demon who did not even recognize blood relatives when he killed. Even his mother had died at his hands let alone himself. But Qing kingdom couldn’t have no heir to succeed the throne. Those princes and royal grandchildren had all been massacred by the Crown Prince long ago and the Crown Prince only liked men. Su Yuan was also a little worried about this matter, but he never dared to bring this up with the Crown Prince.

Concubine Li, still with a flush that had yet to recede from her face, wrapped around Su Yuan’s body like a beautiful snake spirit. After seeing the Emperor waver a little, she immediately increased the pillow talk, striking while the iron was hot.

“Your Majesty, it’s not like you are forcing the Crown Prince to accept it. We only need to send people to the Crown Prince’s Palace and that’s it. At that time when the Crown Prince is immersed in fragrant jade and flowers, chen qie does not believe that the Crown Prince can resist. Besides, doesn’t the Crown Prince like men? My younger sister is as handsome as a man and I guarantee the Crown Prince will like her.”

Su Mu lay in Gu Yunzhou’s arms, listening to the conversation taking place between the two while playing with the pond water boredly.

“But……” Su Yuan’s hesitant voice sounded, he still didn’t want to pull on the Crown Prince’s tiger whiskers.

Concubine Li secretly resented that this stupid Emperor acted like a grandson in front of his own son. She pretended to be angry and said: “Your Majesty, you are the Emperor, and the Crown Prince is your son. You are just giving the Crown Prince a small gift. Would he dare to defy you openly? Besides, the imperial family’s heirs are related to the matters of this kingdom, not just the Crown Prince’s personal affairs.”

Ai fei, the affairs of the kingdom has the Crown Prince to take care of, we just need to enjoy the present, come ai fei, let’s do it again……”

Concubine Li looked at this old and ugly Emperor with muddy eyes and sagging sallow skin in front of her and all she felt was disgust, completely losing her appetite. But for the sake of her own future, she had to cater to and endure the Emperor doing whatever he wanted to her body.

Suddenly her eyes lit up, and she pushed away the Emperor in a pretense of shyness, and said: “Your Majesty, it has been a long time since a beauty has entered the palace harem. Why don’t we hold a concubine election feast for the Crown Prince, and on the way select some pleasing beauties for Your Majesty.”

Su Yuan, who originally planned to ignore the Crown Prince’s affairs, immediately forgot everything when he heard the word beauty. He praised Concubine Li for her wisdom and courtesy, and then the two of them fooled around once more before leaving.

“Concubine election feast.”

Su Mu curled his lips and said: “These women in the harem really don’t learn their lessons. Shi Nuo.”

A young man in black emerged from nowhere. He bowed his head and knelt on one knee by the pond, and said, “What is your command?”

“Deal with that woman just now. Make it clean.” Su Mu said without emotion.

“Yes, Your Highness.” Shi Nuo answered and disappeared as silently as a ghost.

The “deal with” that Su Mu ordered was not to kill Concubine Li. With Su Mu’s power it was laughably easy to cause a concubine to lose power and status in the harem. As for what would happen later, Su Mu had no interest in knowing.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

It was just that Su Yuan still presented a bit of a headache for Su Mu. It seemed that he must go to pay him a visit once again.

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