The Cruel Tyrant CH 056 The Plan

Hearing that the Crown Prince asked to see him, Su Yuan reluctantly got up from the beauty in his arms and walked weakly to sit down in front of Su Mu, “Why does the Crown Prince want to see me?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The strong powdery smell of women’s makeup in the room made Su Mu frown in disgust and the Emperor was already preparing for the concubine selection feast. Su Mu had no choice but to say: “Fu Huang, at this time the war has just passed, and the people urgently need time to recuperate. It is not advisable to hold a concubine selection feast.”

Su Yuan truly couldn’t understand it. How was the soft and fragrant woman not better than a hard and firm feeling man. He looked at Su Mu with a pair of dim and vigor lacking eyes, “It is precisely because the chaos has just passed that we need a big happy event to get rid of the bad luck. Crown Prince, don’t be too addicted to the male sex, you have to at least leave an heir for Qing kingdom.”

Su Mu said: “Er chen have my own plans on this matter, and Fu Huang does not have to worry about it. As for the concubine selection feast, please take back the decree.”

As soon as he heard that his search for beauties would be cut off by Su Mu, Su Yuan was immediately unhappy, and said in a displeased tone: “Crown Prince, I can listen to you for other things, but I cannot change the concubine selection feast. There are three unfilial matters with having no descendants as the most unfilial of all. The Qing kingdom cannot be lacking an heir. There must be a mistress of the East Palace. This matter has been decided. Zhen is tired. Please go back, Crown Prince.” (TN: East Palace=Crown Prince’s Palace)

Seeing the Emperor walking back into the inner room impatiently, he could already think of what he was rushing back to do with just his toes. Su Mu walked out the door with a sullen face. As he was walking back to his residence, he happened to run into Huang Xuan who was coming back from the imperial medical college.

Although it was only the end of spring, Huang Xuan, who had been walking swiftly under the sun, had a layer of sweat on his forehead and a layer of pink also stained his tender and firm cheeks. After seeing Su Mu, his clear eyes became even brighter. Excitedly he said: “This official pays respects to His Royal Highness.”

The pleasing and beautiful boy made Su Mu feel a little better, but Huang Xuan still detected the annoyance on his face. He asked with concern: “Is there anything worrying Your Highness? Can you tell this official?”

Su Mu led Huang Xuan over to sit down in a pavilion. The maid quickly served fragrant tea and pastries. Su Mu picked up the tea cup and took a sip, “The Emperor wants to hold a concubine selection feast for me. I am currently troubled by this matter.”

Selecting concubines!

Huang Xuan felt as if thunder had slammed down on him, his mind completely blanked and his heart felt as if it was in a vice grip. His hands clenched so tightly his round nails almost pierced the flesh on his palms. The sunny smile on his face had completely disappeared.

Huang Xuan’s face turned pale and he tried to force a smile, “Then what is Your Highness’s intention?”

“Didn’t I just say that I am troubled about this. Ben Gong can love only men and it would not be good to ruin the life of other women.”

When Su Mu put down the teacup and looked up, he saw Huang Xuan, who was sitting opposite him, with an extremely pale face. Su Mu quickly touched his handsome face and said: “I don’t plan to marry a wife or concubine so don’t worry. Even for show I won’t do it.”

Huang Xuan held the Crown Prince’s hand on his face and said reluctantly: “But you are the Crown Prince, how can you have no children?”

“There is a solution to everything, and I will solve it, so you don’t have to worry about it.” Su Mu said.

Seeing Huang Xuan nod obediently, Su Mu said again: “Don’t let your imagination run wild, I will do what I said and won’t go back on my words. I will go to the study first.”

“Respectfully sending off Your Highness.”

Huang Xuan stood in the pavilion and watched the Crown Prince’s figure gradually disappear. There was a trace of determination on his face.

How could he give away what he loved, a love he had worked so hard to get.

“Tsk tsk, even rabbits will bite when angered!”

Liu Xi’s jade-like fingers curled a strand of his silky dark hair and walked gracefully into the pavilion. He poured a cup of tea for himself and sipped it gently.

Huang Xuan didn’t even spare him a look. He was about to leave but was stopped by Liu Xi.

“That’s the Crown Prince’s father, are you sure that the Crown Prince will be able to tolerate you then?”

Huang Xuan stood outside the pavilion and turned his head slightly, looking at Liu Xi’s face that seemed completely indifferent and uncaring about the matter, and asked, “I don’t understand what you are talking about?”

With a “bang”, Liu Xi sneered and slammed the teacup on the stone table. He said, “You can make that pure and innocent look in front of the Crown Prince but I know that the truly pure and innocent people around the Crown Prince have long since died. Just entering the palace and you knew to live in Feiyu Pavilion and use Yun Feiyu as your shield. You are the son of a merchant, and whoever thinks you are truly pure and innocent is really stupid.”

Liu Xi flicked the drops of tea that had fallen on his clothes and said, “There’s no need to beat around the bush, in the entire Qing kingdom and even the whole world, the only one who can make the Crown Prince concede is His Majesty. That group of ministers in the imperial court is just a waste of space, even if the Crown Prince wants to pick the stars they won’t dare to say a word.”

Huang Xuan turned around. His eyes were still clear, but the innocent and pure expression on his face had long since disappeared. He said indifferently: “What do you want to do?”

Liu Xi looked at Huang Xuan and emphasized each word: “Help His Royal Highness ascend the throne.”

“You?” Huang Xuan smiled disdainfully.

Liu Xi didn’t care about the expression on his face. In any case, Huang Xuan didn’t like him just as he didn’t like Huang Xuan. He stood up and said, “The only stumbling block in His Highness’s way is that one inside.”

Liu Xi looked at the direction of the harem. Huang Xuan naturally knew that he was talking about the Emperor who spent his days in the harem and not doing proper business.

“You also said that he is His Highness’s father.” Huang Xuan pointed out.

“There are so many people who want his life, why should we do it ourselves.” Liu Xi lowered his lashes and said coldly: “We just need to make it convenient for others.”

Huang Xuan glanced at him. No matter how he looked at that beautiful face, he only had an urge to tear it apart. Huang Xuan coldly said: “The spies belonging to outside forces in the palace have long been uprooted by His Highness. It takes more for outsiders to enter the palace than just opening their mouths. Since you have everything planned, why bother to come to me? You just want to drag me into the water with you.”

Liu Xi said angrily: “Who let His Highness care somewhat about you?” Then he said with a pleased look, “Of course, not more than me.”

Huang Xuan directly ignored that vile smug face and said: “This is not the place to talk. I will find you to discuss the specific matters later.”

After he finished speaking, he immediately walked out of this courtyard. He didn’t want to spend even a moment more with this fox demon.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Liu Xi was right. They planned to get rid of the Emperor, the Crown Prince’s father. In order not to leave a deadly weakness for the other to latch on, and to distribute the Crown Prince’s anger, pulling the other into the water was the best method.

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  1. Ummmm. Huang Xuan. Ok it was me that wasn’t smart and thought he was rabbit. I admire that concubine for wanting to secure the bag but that was not the time nor the method to use. I’m loving all this love Su Mu is receiving. Thanks for the chapters

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  2. Ah turns out it’s not an innocent bunny but poisonous rabbit! How fascinating, I was wondering how have a seemingly silly concubine survived and this is exactly why.

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