After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 027 Family

“Duo Duo, are you okay?”

In the H Studios Group Hospital, the Yun family, who was notified by Tao Mu and the police, rushed over that night and swarmed into the ward.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Dad, mom, brother…..” Yun Duo collapsed as soon as she saw her family, and threw herself into mother Yun’s arms, crying furiously: “It scared me to death. I thought I would never see you all again in this life.”

“Oh, my child, hurry up and let mama take a look. Where does it hurt? Ah?” The Yun family also couldn’t hold back when they saw their little girl with a bruised and swollen face. Mother Yun hugged her daughter in distress, her nose stinging as she also began to tear up.

“It hurts, my whole body hurts. I was almost beaten to death by them.” Yun Duo hugged mother Yun’s neck and didn’t let go. Recalling the scene of those people beating her, she shuddered, and deep fear flashed in those big eyes: “Mom, dad, brother, I miss you so much.”

“Oh child!” Yun Xingjian’s eyes also felt hot, feeling both distressed for his daughter and angry that she was not obedient: “We told you not to run around or randomly meet friends who you don’t know anything about on the Internet. You just don’t listen, clamoring to travel to H Town to visit celebrities and be a group extra. You say, why do you make us worry so much? If something really happened to you, how can we live?”

Yun Duo cried aggrievedly: “I’m already like this yet you are still fierce to me. Are you my parents or not!”

Mother Yun hugged her daughter tighter in distress and scolded her husband: “Daughter is right. This kind of thing is clearly the fault of the bad people. Why are you lecturing at my daughter? How much has our daughter already suffered? As her father, aren’t you distressed?”

All of Yun Xingjian’s lecturing words were scolded back by his daughter and wife. He sighed and walked to the edge of the hospital bed, and reached out his hand to touch Yun Duo’s head: “You are right, it’s because the bad people are too evil.”

Following behind the elder Yun couple, the young man with a gentle temperament and handsome appearance suddenly thought of something. He turned to look at Tao Mu and the other two who were also standing silently in the ward and stretched out his hand, smiling: “It was you who saved my sister. I am Yun Yi, Yun Duo’s brother. I really want to thank you this time, otherwise our Yun family…..”

Yun Yi didn’t go any further, but held Tao Mu’s right hand tightly. Tao Mu said with a smile: “This kind of thing, no matter who encountered it, they would also help.”

“——That’s not true!” Yun Duo interrupted Tao Mu, still in mother Yun’s arms. Her eyes were shining as she looked at Tao Mu, the expression on her face showing very obvious adoration and admiration: “You all don’t know how dangerous things were that day. When we were tricked into the van by those bad guys, we noticed something was wrong. Those men would touch us and when we protested they slapped us and almost knocked us out. Xiaoxuan wanted to call the police but they found out when it was just dialed out. Then they snatched our cell phones away.”

“They dragged us to a very remote courtyard house. There were a lot of people in it who seemed to be their accomplices. Those men wanted to bully us. When Hanya resisted, they pushed her against the wall. Blood was everywhere and she instantly fainted. Those people were also frightened and said that they would send Hanya to a black clinic to avoid a death on their hands. But Xu Jiao disagreed. When they argued, I took the opportunity to grab a phone and just texted a word before they found out and rushed to grab ut back. They also hit me. Fortunately, I sent the message——”

When Yun Duo got to this part of the events, she looked at Tao Mu with gratitude again: “Fortunately, Tao Mu didn’t treat my distress message as a prank. He immediately called the police. You don’t know; that Xu Jiao is truly evil. She saw that we resisted fiercely and was annoyed at the trouble so she found a human trafficker and wanted to sell us into some remote mountain village. I was so in despair at the time and thought we would definitely be done for.” If they were really sold to some remote mountain place, how would the girls run? It was likely they would die in the mountains.

Fortunately, at the most critical moment, Tao Mu came with the police.

There was no doubt that in the hearts of these young girls, that was the most romantic hero saving the beauty scene. It really moved the girls and caused them to feel very emotional.

The Yun parents were really shocked and scared when they heard this. Mother Yun subconsciously hugged her daughter even tighter while Yun Xingjian walked in front of Tao Mu and held Tao Mu’s hand gratefully: “Child, thank you, thank you. Thank you for saving my daughter——you not only saved my daughter but also saved our family.”

Tao Mu smiled and said, “It was all my friends in H Town who helped. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to find the suspect’s den.” Especially Gou Rixin and Qin Miaoru——Qin Miaoru was the delinquent girl. Tao Mu and the others were all surprised when they knew the real name of delinquent girl. They really didn’t expect that the “Big Sister With A Knife” would have such a graceful and beautiful name.

“We must thank you all. You are all good children. But uncle must thank you the most for your attentiveness. If you didn’t directly call the police when you received the messsge for help, and even mobilized so many friends to help find the girls, I can’t even imagine the consequences.” Yun Xingjian became more afraid as he thought about it. In this matter, if there was even a little misstep in any link in the chain of events, he was afraid they would never see their baby girl again.

Yun Yi also had a lingering fear when he heard this but he was also a little puzzled and asked his sister: “Why would you think of sending a message to Mr. Tao for help?” Instead of sending it to her family?

“Because I only thought of Tao Mu’s phone number at the time!” Probably because she had recited it so many times in the past few days, she developed a conditioned reflex. As soon as she picked up the phone, she only thought of Tao Mu’s phone number.

“Furthermore, even if I send it to you, you wouldn’t be able to rush to H Town right away. Tao Mu is different. On the first day we came here, he reminded us not to trust others casually, and not to enter hotels and inns for interviews. Wang Ye and Pang Yue know a lot of people in H Town, and I felt that if I sent it to Tao Mu, they might think that it was a message from us.” Yun Duo said with a serious face. But mainly because Tao Mu gave them a very good impression that night. He was handsome, attentive and considerate. He was a guy who could give girls a sense of security.

It was probably because of this that Yun Duo sent the text message to Tao Mu without thinking. At the time, even if there was only one percent chance, it might still be able to save their lives. Sure enough, Yun Duo made the right bet.

Everyone in the Yun family looked at each other, and felt even more fortunate. It was as if they had a new lease on life.

Mother Yun couldn’t help complaining: “Since you were already warned, why did you not listen! Say, if you were obedient and willing to listen to advice, how would such a thing happen? Suffering such a calamity!”

“Aiya, mom, don’t say anymore. We didn’t think so much at the time. That Xu Jiao was also someone we met in H Town the first day we arrived. She lives next door to us, and she has been showing us around these days. And even took us to visit the celebrities. We didn’t expect her to be so evil…..”

Yun Duo pressed closer into mother Yun’s arms. There was also something she was embarrassed to say. They met Da Mao and Xiao Pang on the Internet, and only met them for a few days. But they had spent more time with Xu Jiao than with Tao Mu and the others. Besides, Xu Jiao was a girl so naturally she was more likely to inspire trust from them than a boy. So when Xu Jiao made promises they all believed it.

Thinking about it now, it was likely that Xu Jiao had targeted them on the first day they came to H Town.

Yun Duo couldn’t help shivering when she thought of this. She buried her head in mother Yun’s arms and stopped talking.

Upon seeing this, the Yun family couldn’t bear to criticize their precious daughter.

Da Mao and Xiao Pang also consoled, “Don’t worry, uncle Yun and aunt Yun. As the old saying goes, after escaping from a calamity, you will definitely have good fortune. After this, all sorrows will turn to joy and Yun Duo’s path will be smooth and safe.”

“Ai, ai,” Mother Yun looked gratefully at Tao Mu and the other two, and suddenly thought of something: “Why are you still standing, sit down quickly. By the way, have all the bad people been caught? What did the police say?”

“Xu Jiao and those people were caught. But they are still trying to catch the traffickers it seems. In fact, we don’t know the details. The police uncle said that the case is still in the process of being investigated, so it is not convenient to disclose it to us.” Da Mao answered obediently and then asked: “Right, uncle Yun and aunt Yun, do you know when Zhang Hanya and Wu Xiaoxuan’s family can come over?”

“We really don’t know this. We hurried over as soon as we received the call.” Mother Yun said and then turned her head to look at her daughter: “By the way, where are your two classmates? Which ward are they staying in? They must also be extremely frightened?”

Hearing what mother Yun said, everyone’s expression became gloomy. Yun Duo couldn’t help crying again: “Hanya and Xiaoxuan are still in the intensive care unit. They were injured too badly. The doctor said that Hanya had lost too much blood and the blood supply to the brain was insufficient, and now she is unconscious. Xiaoxuan’s spleen has a rupture. Mom, I’m scared…..”

“Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid.” Mother Yun clasped her daughter tightly and rubbed Yun Duo’s long hair: “After escaping a calamity, you will definitely have good fortune. You will all be fine.”

Yun Yi thought of another thing. When Tao Mu went out to make a call, he followed.

Tao Mu called Officer Yao to notify Officer Yao that Yun Duo’s family had arrived. It was likely that the police station would also send someone over to communicate with the victim’s family.

After putting down the phone, Tao Mu thought for a while, and then called the group of bigwigs from “Faraway Jianghu” one by one to report the latest situation of the three girls. Although when Yun Duo and the others were rescued, Tao Mu had already reported their safety to the bigwigs. But courtesy was never too much and Tao Mu believed that since he originally asked the bigwigs for help, he was obliged to report the latest situation at this moment. After all, they were also very worried about the girls’ safety, and he couldn’t just assume that everything hadn’t happened once things were over and completely forget the bigwigs.

Yun Yi stood quietly behind Tao Mu and waited until Tao Mu finished the last phone call, before smiling and saying, “Did Mr. Tao just call those celebrities?”

Tao Mu turned his head and smiled and said, “Yes. I received a message from Yun Duo for help at the closing banquet last night, and the director and actors of “Faraway Jianghu” happened to be there. Hearing this, everyone was very concerned and immediately called friends who were still in H Town to help out as well. Director Cheng even called the management of H Studio City and asked them to cooperate and help. Later, when the police successfully rescued the girls, I also called and told them. Everyone is also very concerned about your sister and the other two girls.”

Yun Yi found that Tao Mu’s speech was very interesting. It was very proper and did not leave any cracks behind. There was none of the jumping all over the place usually from youths his age. It was as if he had been specially trained in his speech.

Yun Yi smiled and said, “They are all good people.”

After a pause, Yun Yi asked again: “About Yun Duo and the others’ medical expenses…..”

“Oh.” Tao Mu suddenly said with a smile: “They were sent over by the police station. At that time, the situation was urgent and they went directly to the operating room. The medical expenses were all advanced by the hospital, and the consent forms were signed by the police uncle. “

“Thank you so much.” Yun Yi looked at Tao Mu and asked, “Don’t know what Mr. Tao does?”

“I am a student of Beijing Film. Like Yun Duo and the others, I am also a recent high school graduate. I came to H Town to experience life and will be reporting to school on the 26th. So brother Yun should not call me Mr. Tao, just call me Tao Mu.” Tao Mu paused, and then smiled: “But don’t think I am just learning acting, I am actually very interested in IT programming. Don’t know when I might have the opportunity to learn from big brother Yun?”

“Huh?” Yun Yi was at a loss for a moment: “But I am a medical student. If Mr. Tao talks to me about clinical surgery, I can answer any questions. But IT programming…..”

“Huh?” Not only Yun Yi, Tao Mu was also confused now.

An IT bigshot not knowing programming? Who could tell him how Yun Yi managed to create Skynet Technology and become China’s richest man in one fell swoop ten years later?


After very careful and subtle inquiries, Tao Mu finally concluded that Yun Yi really didn’t understand IT programming and was not joking with him.

As for how Yun Yi, in his previous life, transformed from a high-achieving medical student who was determined to follow in his father’s footsteps, into the richest man in China who rapidly rose along with Internet technology, Tao Mu was also befuddled.

To be honest, he had been completely obsessed with Shen Yu in his previous life, and he didn’t care much about people and things other than the Shen family and Shen Yu. Aside from the fame that came with the title China’s richest man, knowing about Yun Yi was mainly because of Luo Yang. He had come out to his family for Shen Yu in his previous life but vexed his father into a heart attack. They had wanted to ask Yun Xingjian, a cardiologist at the Beijing No.1 People’s Hospital, to perform the operation on Mr. Luo.

But Yun Xingjian and his wife had been hit hard by the tragic death of their only daughter and had immigrated to M country in the second half of 2008. At that time, Yun Yi, who was only 20 years old, left China together with them. What Tao Mu didn’t know was that after Yun Yi immigrated to M country, he gave up the medical profession that he originally planned to dedicate his lifetime, and instead applied for Stanford to study computer science. It took him two years to write the Skynet system, after which he then returned to China with the support of Xiaoheng Capital. They jointly implemented the “Skynet Project” with the government, which promoted installing surveillance cameras in various provinces and cities in China in one fell swoop. In addition, it also designed a “facial recognition system” for the public security department, which greatly reduced the time the police needed to identify suspects.

Because of Mr. Luo’s heart disease, the Luo family had asked many people to connect them with Yun Yi, hoping that Mr. Yun could return to China and perform the heart surgery for Mr. Luo. Among them was Li Xiaoheng, Yun Yi’s most important business partner. But Yun Yi refused directly——Yun Xingjian had developed Alzheimer’s disease after learning of his daughter’s tragic death. He couldn’t even recognize Yun Yi and mother Yun, let alone be competent enough to perform heart surgery.

The once leading surgeon of China’s cardiac surgery could no longer hold a scalpel.

The Luo family really had no other choice but to spend a lot of money to hire an internationally renowned cardiologist to perform surgery on Mr. Luo. But, the operation failed, and Mr. Luo never woke up again. And Luo Yang was also driven out of the Luo house by his sister because of his actions that indirectly led to the death of his father.

But in this life, due to Tao Mu’s timely rescue of Yun Duo and the other two girls, Yun Yi no longer had any motivation to create the Skynet technology. It was likely that he would continue to study medicine, follow in his father’s footsteps, and become a top cardiologist in the world.

Tao Mu: “….” The grief and anger that couldn’t be vented even by letting out a roar to the sky!

“Aren’t you interested in IT programming at all?” Tao Mu still didn’t give up, looking at Yun Yi eagerly, trying to persuade the future richest man in China to “abandon the dark and turn to the light” by abandoning medicine and going into business: “Would you like to try to learn programming? Maybe you’ll be surprised to find that programming is actually your life’s favorite pursuit!”

Yun Yi laughed out loud: “Xiao Mu, you are too humorous. I really don’t know anything about programming. If you are really interested in this field, I can help introduce you to my classmates in the computer department who can also teach you.”

No, I don’t want students who could program! I want the future richest man in China!!!

Tao Mu was so sad that he felt he was about to die on the spot! It was like he had walked into a mountain full of gold and silver treasures, but all the treasures were covered by an invisible glass cover. It was visible but intangible!

Tao Mu felt that he might also have a heart attack! Wasn’t it just seizing the opportunity to hug a golden thigh? Why was it so hard!

Tao Mu bumped the wall with his head, so depressed that mushrooms began growing in his shadow.

Yun Yi looked at Tao Mu’s anguished appearance, practically wishing to thump his own chest. Although he didn’t know what this child was upset about, he felt that the other was more and more fun.

“You——” Just as Yun Yi spoke, he was interrupted by a loud noise at the end of the corridor.

“Hanya, where are you Hanya? My dear baby girl, where is my precious daughter? Quick, let mama see, what happened?”

Yun Yi and Tao Mu looked at each other and walked in the direction where the voice came from.

In front of the elevator, two uniformed nurses supported a middle-aged woman with curled hair, flower patterned shirt and black gauze trousers. Next to them were three to five uncles and aunts who looked either like skinny monkeys or had fat bodies. All were shouting, “My poor niece! Only 18 years old, my niece hasn’t even gone to college yet!”

“My poor niece! If something really happens, how can auntie explain to your old father who died early…..”

This scene was a bit scary. Tao Mu stopped in his tracks immediately and stepped back quietly.

The people who were fortunate enough to be in the same elevator with Zhang Hanya’s family and witness the noisy crying throughout the whole process, were Gou Rixin and Qin Miaoru as well as their buddies who just happened to come visit the patients at the same time.

Qin Miaoru held a thermos container in one hand and another tucked in her arms. She followed behind with an expression of one watching a show. After seeing Tao Mu, she waved happily. Before Tao Mu had time to respond, Zhang Hanya’s mother howled: “My daughter, my daughter who is only 18 years old~. Why is your life so bitter, just accompanying your classmates out to play and yet meeting such a disaster. Those goddamn human traffickers, just why won’t they be struck by lightning…..”

“Auntie, are you Zhang Hanya’s mother?” Yun Yi stepped forward with a little shock and introduced himself: “I am Yun Yi. Yun Duo’s——”

“Are you Yun Duo’s family? Where are your parents?” Before Yun Yi finished speaking, he was interrupted by Zhang Hanya’s aunts and uncles. “It’s all because your girl doesn’t learn well at a young age. Insisting on coming here, now something bad happens, right? You say, shouldn’t your family be responsible for this matter?”

What and what?

Tao Mu was stunned. Yun Yi, who was only twenty years old and had even less experience than Tao Mu, never having met such people before so he was also immediately dumbstruck.

At this moment, Mr. and Mrs. Yun Xingjian, who heard noises in the ward, as well as Da Mao and Xiao Pang, also came out.

“You are Zhang Hanya’s mother, right?” Xiao Pang classmate, who grew up in the alley since childhood, was very familiar with this kind of unreasonable and shrewish older woman because of his own family background. He smiled and went forward to explain the situation: “Zhang Hanya hit her head on the wall, lost too much blood and lacked oxygen in the brain. After the operation, she was sent to the intensive care unit——”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by an ear-piercing cry: “My poor girl! How unlucky you are! Being admitted to the intensive care unit at such a young age. How will mama live!”

The two young nurses toughened their skin and persuaded: “Auntie, this is the hospital, please don’t make a noise——”

Before the words were finished, Zhang Hanya’s mother cried louder. She also began to thump at her chest, crying at the top of her lungs. She just lacked rolling on the floor to complete the picture.

The middle-aged uncle who looked like a skinny monkey rushed up to support Zhang Hanya’s mother: “Sister, don’t be like this. This family must still rely on you! Say, we have no money and no power, just why are we so unlucky to encounter such a thing…..”

Xiao Pang toughened his skin and stepped forward, supporting the middle-aged lady who almost collapsed to the ground: “Auntie, should I bring you over there first?”

“My daughter, my Xiao Ya…..” Zhang Hanya’s mother was helped by Da Mao and Xiao Pang to the intensive care unit. Looking at the daughter who was lying unconscious on the hospital bed and still attached to an oxygen mask, mother Zhang cried and knelt on the ground, all the while beating her chest: “What can I do? I just have this one daughter. If anything happens to her, how will I live! Those goddamn bastards, they should go die! Doctor, you must save our Xiao Ya, I will kowtow for you…..”

“Auntie, don’t be like this——” The young doctor who was about to tell Zhang Hanya’s mother about her daughter’s condition was startled. He quickly helped Zhang Hanya’s mother up: “Your daughter had a successful operation, and her current lethargy is caused by excessive blood loss and long-term hypoxia in the brain. If she can wake up before twelve o’clock tonight, there should be no major problem…..” But if she can’t wake up, he was afraid there would be a risk of becoming a vegetative person.

Zhang Hanya’s mother collapsed again when she heard this: “Oh my God! How could this happen! What the hell did our old Zhang family do! Why must those goddamn human traffickers harm people like this…..”

Mother Zhang’s cries echoed penetratingly throughout the corridor. Zhang Hanya’s aunts and uncles also surrounded him, “Wasn’t the operation successful? Why can’t she wake up if it’s successful? I heard that the operation needs to be signed by family members. None of us came. How did your hospital perform the operation? Who signed it? Ah? Can he afford the responsibility?”

“I tell you, if my niece can’t wake up, I will not let your hospital go!”

“That’s right, if my daughter can’t wake up, we will not pay for the medical expenses! Your hospital must be responsible to the end!”

“…..Or your family should pay for it!” The Zhang family turned to the Yun family: “If it wasn’t for your daughter insisting on coming to H town, my daughter would still be fine at home. Now she is unconscious and unable to wake up. The doctor said she might not ever wake up. You, the Yun family, must be responsible!”

Tao Mu and the others, who had been following behind, were stunned. Qin Miaoru, who was holding the thermos, came up quietly and whispered to Tao Mu: “Watch. This family, they are no simple folks.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

While they were talking, they heard another sound in the corridor. Officer Yao and another policeman who received Tao Mu’s notice rushed over, followed by Wu Xiaoxuan’s parents.

Tao Mu and everyone’s heart jumped, for fear that Wu Xiaoxuan’s parents would also cause a stink.

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