Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 055 Three Chickens

The man held the cat in his arms and walked slowly towards Nie Bufan.

As he approached, the fat cat in his arms squirmed more violently and meowed non-stop.

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The man’s eyes were slightly cold. He stopped three steps away from Nie Bufan, and asked condescendingly, “What’s in it?”

Qin Boya, who was sitting opposite Nie Bufan, stiffened. Although his face was calm he was already on guard.

But Nie Bufan completely did not feel the powerful pressure coming from the man. With his chin on his hand he said simply: “Chicken.”

“What?” For a brief moment, the man likely hadn’t associated the word “chicken” with his question.

“Chicken.” Nie Bufan said again, “Didn’t you ask me what was in here? I answered——chicken. Understand?”

Like teaching a child, he dragged out his words and explained it seriously. It just lacked an additional sentence: “Come on, let’s repeat it again——chicken”.

There was a slight sound of inhalation from the few people around. Don’t know whether it was from being worried about the man getting angry, or because of the “prestige” of the chicken.

The man was silent for a while, then said, “Take it out and let’s have a look.”

Nie Bufan stretched out two fingers and made an X sign in the air, saying, “Looking one time will be 10 coins.”

There was another inhalation sound from everyone. Even Qin Boya was subtly trying to hint at Nie Bufan, hoping that he would behave normally.

In truth, Nie Bufan felt that he was being perfectly normal. The bigger status and background the man had the more accomplishment he would get from cheating him. Although a few copper coins might be nothing for these people, likely wouldn’t even spare it a glance if they encountered it on the ground, but to Nie Bufan it was at least worth a few steamed buns. Besides, he would not only get face, it also passed the time so why not?

The man probably had never come across anyone who dared to mock him, and he could not help but examine the other again. Apart from those bright eyes, there was nothing special about him. There was neither the aura of a martial artist nor the aura of the nobility or one in a high position. But his aura was refreshing and his eyes were smiling, giving people a feeling of a spring breeze.

“Fine.” Unexpectedly, the man actually agreed. He was also feeling whimsical and he wanted to see what kind of animal could cause fear in Chun Jun.

His response caused the attendants behind him to all look shocked, almost thinking that there was something wrong with their ears.

“Don’t forget your promise.” Nie Bufan happily opened the bamboo basket and brought out Lady Flower from inside, holding it up, “Here, one big rooster, also known as Lady Flower. It guards the home and is very loyal, definitely a must-have companion when out traveling.”

The man automatically ignored the boasting in the rest of his words. He had originally thought that he would see some kind of fierce beast, but the bamboo basket really did just hold a chicken. The flaming cockscomb and the colorful feathers all pointed out that it was indeed an ordinary rooster that could not be more ordinary. The gap between his expectations and reality was too big so unavoidably he felt a bit annoyed.

However, the cat in his arms was very upset because of the presence of this chicken, and kept snarling its teeth at Lady Flower.

The previous self of Lady Flower was a dog and dogs were naturally antagonistic towards cats so how could it still remain polite? It jumped onto the table, craned its neck and cackled at it in a demonstration of power.

The fat cat curled up its body and retracted its fierce expression, looking with dodgy eyes at Lady Flower and then at the bamboo basket. In the process it even subconsciously clawed through the man’s sleeves with its sharp claws.

Displeasure flashed in the man’s eyes. The cat he had carefully trained was afraid of a chicken? You must know that Chun Jun dared to even fight snakes and dogs and even when facing martial arts masters it was not at all timid. How could it be afraid of a vulgar rooster? It’s ridiculous to even mention it!

He believed that the other beasts hidden in the bamboo basket were the key, and Chun Jun was obviously more afraid of the latter.

So the man said again: “What else is in your bamboo basket? Take it out and let’s have a look.”

Nie Bufan raised two fingers and said, “20 coins.”

“Fine.” The man’s tone was cold. He wanted to see exactly what rare and exotic animals were hidden in the bamboo basket!

Unexpectedly, Nie Bufan plucked another chicken from the bamboo basket. The only difference was that this time it was a hen.

“Langya, female, loves males, has a habit of bullying the weak and fearing the strong, and very arrogant and prideful. Because of its noble birth, it has developed a lot of bad habits. But it is still commendably loyal and the main wife of Lady Flower.” Nie Bufan introduced solemnly.

Langya clucked a few times in dissatisfaction and was about to protest, but under the gaze of Lady Flower, it reined in its temper and stood aside obediently.

The man looked at the two chickens currently cuddling up next to each other and finally his lips couldn’t help but twitch slightly, suddenly feeling  an urge to just flick his sleeves and leave. But his cat was still trembling and at this point, no matter what he must get to the bottom of it.

“What is still inside, take it all out!” The man’s eyes were cold and murderous.

“Thirty coins.”

The man agreed.

Nie Bufan then put his hand in the bamboo basket again and without any surprise, it was still a chicken!

The first was a chicken, the second was a chicken, and the third was still a chicken. It seemed that there were endless chickens in that bamboo basket.

The man said angrily: “How many chickens do you have inside?”

“Three.” Nie Bufan shrugged, “More and it would not be easy to hold them all, they will feel crowded.”

So in other words, if the bamboo basket was big enough, he would carry even more chickens?

The man suddenly felt that he had done a stupid thing. It was truly vexing to waste so much time on three chickens. But how could he have expected that a well-dressed gongzi who could afford to live in such a luxurious hotel would bring three chickens along? A perfectly good hedonistic son of a wealthy family did not have a dog or bird or any other more stylish pet, but instead raised chickens! Why couldn’t he play according to the rules?

At the moment when the third chicken appeared, the man felt that the cat in his arms began to shake even more, its body curled up and not even daring to move its eyes. Not only that, but the horses outside the inn also began to let out uneasy neighing and snorts.

The man was very surprised. Then he looked at the chicken intently and saw that it had yellow feathers with black stripes. It was a bit bigger than the other two chickens and its eyes were sharp and aura imposing.

He examined it carefully and felt secretly surprised. He subconsciously asked: “What kind of chicken is this?”

“The rooster, named ‘Gold’, attracts wealth and good fortune while repelling evil.” Nie Bufan praised with a thumbs up, “He is the most stylish leading brother among all the chickens.”

The man fell silent, looking at the awe-inspiring Gold, and at his own cat. Putting aside the prejudices attached to the two different breeds, the two were completely incomparable in terms of their aura, which one was more superior could be seen at just a glance.

With a frosty face, he threw the cat in his arms to the maid and said coldly: “Take it away.” Then he turned around and was about to walk away.

Nie Bufan immediately shouted: “Don’t forget to pay, 30 copper coins, thank you for your patronage.”

The man was practically emitting a murderous aura, his sleeves and hem billowing in his wake as he disappeared up the stairs.

The maid stepped forward, took out an ingot of silver and handed it to Nie Bufan. Her eyes when looking at him were cold as if looking at a dead man.

Nie Bufan was completely oblivious. He took the silver, and said, “Wait a while, I’ll give you the change.”

The maid turned a deaf ear to what he said and went upstairs. The other attendants also left one after another, giving Nie Bufan a deep look before leaving.

“Duan gongzi, do you know who that person was just now?” Qin Boya couldn’t help but ask as Nie Bufan put away his money with a smile.

“I don’t know.” Nie Bufan asked casually, “Who?”

“He is the Master of the Dongsheng Shangfu, and the famed martial arts leader of Wulin——Wei Di!” Qin Boya emphasized each word, “You have quite the guts, actually daring to mock him?” (TN: wulin=martial arts circle in jianghu)

“Mock? I did no such thing.” Nie Bufan said innocently. “He wants to see the chicken so I showed it to him. This is a fair business deal.”

Qin Boya placed a hand on his forehead: “The problem is, who would have thought that you actually have onlu chickens in your bamboo basket!”

“Now that’s not right of you, what’s wrong with chickens?” Nie Bufan said with discontent. “They are also naturally raised poultry, with flesh and blood, talents and looks. Among the 18 skills they are proficient in at least 19 of them. Ordinary thieves are no match for them.”

Let’s not mention the first part, but where did he see “talents and looks”? Also “among 18 skills proficient in at least 19″…..

Qin Boya sighed: “In short, Duan gongzi, please take care in the next few days.” His eyes swept their surroundings intentionally or unintentionally.

Nie Bufan followed his gaze and saw that many people evaded his gaze. They either had a distant attitude or showed schadenfreude amusement.

“Do you think I might be murdered and then have my corpse thrown out in the wilderness?” Nie Bufan suddenly asked in a low voice. 

Qin Boya nodded earnestly, “It’s not that I’m scaring you. The Leader Wei is strong in martial arts, possesses deep schemes and manipulation, and his temper is even more unpredictable. He is also inextricably linked to the imperial court. Even the emperor must give him some face. Along with Heaven Divining Palace, Dongsheng Shangfu is one of the two special sects in the world. Dealing with one or two small fish in private is but a simple matter of waving their hand. The people who died at his hands are uncountable, and no one dared to say anything afterwards.”

“That powerful!” Nie Bufan exclaimed perfunctorily.

“I suggest you leave here as soon as possible.”

Nie Bufan glanced at him strangely, “You are sitting with me so they must think we are in the same group. Are you afraid that they will find trouble for you too?”

“Haha.” Qin Boya laughed, “I have been in jianghu for more than ten years, and I still have some fame at least. Leader Wei will likely leave me with some face.”

“Oh.” Nie Bufan petted Gold’s feathers, his thoughts wandering away.

At this moment, the trembling waiter came over and asked: “Gongzi, are you still staying in this inn?”

“Stay, of course, I have paid the money.” Nie Bufan replied without hesitation.

Qin Boya looked at him and was about to say something, but Nie Bufan interrupted: “Thank you for your concern, uncle. I have always been a lucky fellow so I believe nothing will happen.”

Unc…..uncle? The corners of Qin Boya’s mouth twitched, and he subconsciously touched his face. Was he really that old?

After checking in, Nie Bufan stood up and said with rare generosity: “I will go to my room to rest a while first. Let’s have dinner together in the evening, it’s my treat.”

Qin Boya nodded and looked at his leisurely leaving back. He felt that this person was even more interesting. He had a unique personality with a playful and mischievous streak. Don’t know what kind of place could cultivate such a bizarre oddball? Was he really not afraid of offending a supreme master of martial arts?

Recalling Wei Di’s expression just now, Qin Boya couldn’t help laughing out loud. This Wulin Leader Wei was cold and arrogant, his only interest training cats. The cats he trained practically dared to fight against tigers. Their reputation was very great but who would have thought that his cat would be scared shitless by the three chickens now.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The facts have proved that this so-called “practically” dare to confront tigers was in the end just “practically”. In the face of a real tiger, their different levels on the food chain was made completely obvious. Just the scent of the tiger alone could make it bow its head.

Tigers were frightening, tigers in chicken skins were even more frightening…..

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