Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 056 Personal Style

“Master, do you need this humble maid to deal with the fellow just now?” The maid asked respectfully.

“Go and check his identity.” Wei Di’s fingers rubbed along the edge of the teacup, thoughtfully, “Currently, Xishan City is the place where masters from all walks of life have gathered. In order to avoid unnecessary disputes our actions must be kept low-key.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )


“In addition…..” Wei Di paused, “Go and buy me a chicken.”

The maid was stunned for a while, then bowed and exited the room.

Not long after, the maid came into the room with a tray. After uncovering the lid, the fragrant scent permeated the air. On the plate was a golden roasted whole chicken. It was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, causing anyone to immediately develop a great appetite.

Wei Di fell silent.

Could he say, what he wanted originally was a live chicken? The chicken that belonged to that weird boy just now didn’t appear like a normal chicken at all. He wondered if the fengshui of Xishan City was so good that even ordinary poultry had developed a unique aura, so he wanted to verify it. Wei Di looked solemn on the surface, but he was actually very annoyed about his cat being suppressed by three chickens.

Unfortunately, the maid didn’t detect his true intentions and probably thought he was going to eat chicken to vent his anger.

Vent anger then vent anger. Wei Di ordered the maid to cut the roast chicken, and then began to chew carefully…..

At this time, in Chicken Nest Village, Zhang Junshi found a note in Nie Bufan’s room with a few words written crookedly on it. It took him a long time to decipher it before he could barely recognize that it said: I ran away from home, don’t miss me.

“…..” Zhang Junshi held the note for a while and was speechless.

When Li Yi and the others learned about it, their faces all looked as if it had been smeared with dung, black and ugly.

These people who were deeply aware of Nie Bufan’s bad habits were not only worried about his safety, but also worried about him unscrupulously attracting bees and butterflies. This guy could cause trouble even just in Chicken Nest Village, let alone in places without them to keep an eye on him? If in their carelessness the unthinkable happened, then what should they do if he brought back a legion of “bees and butterflies”!

Everyone agreed that Nie Bufan must be captured as soon as possible to prevent an unpredictable tragedy from happening. Especially Si Chenyu who was tortured by the alternating hot and cold body temperatures and coughing to the extent that he no longer cared about his noble image. He secretly swore that so long as he found the other, he would do him right then and there! To this end, he mobilized the guards he had staying in Xishan City and ordered them to find the fellow within two days.

Nie Bufan took away the two chickens that Li Yi and others were familiar with that were the best at tracking. The other chickens all had bad personalities and were impossible to make them obedient. Therefore, the Li brothers, Zhang Junshi, and Chen Muran could only mobilize their own troops, and even the people tasked with taking inventory of the treasures were temporarily taken from their posts. Wang Shichan even went to Xishan City in person, taking advantage of his qinggong to leap across the roofs of houses and buildings to search along the streets.

Nie Bufan deliberately put the chickens in a bamboo basket, thinking that it would not be eye-catching, but the power of the masses was limitless, and being on the end of an angry mob was even more frightening. Unknowing of the consequences that awaited him, this guy was still feeling very smug with himself as he enjoyed himself in the luxurious guest room, wondering how to spend the next few days. Without any hesitation he made his next target the Wulin Leader. This man was not only good at martial arts and possessed handsome looks but was also very caring, his hobby actually raising cats.

It was said that although men who liked to keep cats were a little sullen, narcissistic, and critical, they were also considerate and meticulous, appearing cold on the outside while being hot on the inside and very easy to push down.

Don’t know how Nie Bufan came to such a conclusion. If Wei Di heard this, even if Nie Bufan was a cat with nine lives, it was estimated that he would not be able to escape the fate of being dismembered ten times. Wei Di was known as “Purgatory Yama” in jianghu. His family had always trained men of sacrifice, hidden guards, and prison interrogators for the emperor, and his own reputation had spread far and wide. Not even 30 years of age but managing to defeat all other martial arts masters to become the Wulin Leader and the supreme martial artist in jianghu. No one in the world dared to compete with him.

Just as Qin Boya said, the people who died in his hands were countless, secretly eradicating countless traitorous and rebellious factions for the emperor. The reason why this country was so peaceful and the emperor’s position was so stable, Dongsheng Shangfu had made great contributions.

Nie Bufan never took family background into consideration when he looked at people. So long as the other was pleasing to the eye, then they would be included on his list of people to tease. He was very sensitive to the good and evil intentions of others. If the other behaved falsely and had an unrighteous mind, then he would never associate with them. In a sense, Nie Bufan’s judgement of people was actually very accurate, and the people he developed good feelings for were basically all talented and beautiful people with sound, moral behavior.

After sleeping away the afternoon, Nie Bufan woke up to the hungry calls of his pet chickens. It was already evening. After he freshened up, he was ready to go find Qin Boya to have dinner together.

But before he even left the room, Qin Boya had already arrived at his door first.

Nie Bufan smiled and said, “What a coincidence, I was going to find you.”

Qin Boya’s expression was a little strange, and he stretched out a finger towards Nie Bufan and said, “Look!”

Nie Bufan looked at it and saw a plump and tender tiny snake wrapped around his finger. His thoughts turned and he instantly understood that it must have hatched from the egg he had given the other before.

Therefore, Nie Bufan affirmed and pointed out sharply: “Your egg broke!”

“Yes, my egg…..” Suddenly he stopped, and the corners of Qin Boya’s mouth twitched. There was really no way to complete that sentence. (TN: eggs=balls in Chinese slang)

Nie Bufan patted him on the shoulder and said earnestly: “Keep it well, it is now your pet.”

“Pet?” Qin Boya said with trembling fingers, “I don’t like keeping pets, please take it back.”

“How can one take back a gift that was already sent out?” Nie Bufan glanced at him reproachfully, “This is a ball python. It has a gentle personality, loves to eat mice, and is absolutely cute.”

“Cute?” Qin Boya looked at the fleshy worm on his finger, but couldn’t see how cute it was.

Nie Bufan said again: “In addition, don’t you think that raising snakes is very unique? Look at that Wulin Leader, how lame is it to raise a fat cat? There are so many people who raise cats and dogs, and it doesn’t highlight their personal style at all. Can they even compare to raising chickens, snakes, monkeys and monsters? After the ball python grows up, that kind of cat will be swallowed up instantly.”

This could actually cultivate a personal style?

Qin Boya fell silent for a while, and then said, “Aren’t there chicken farmers everywhere?”

Nie Bufan glared at him: “Have you ever seen such a domineering and impressive chicken? The fat cat didn’t even dare to breathe when it saw them.”

Well, Qin Boya had nothing to say to that.

“So,” Nie Bufan said with a smile that squinted his eyes, “Brother, raise it, it will benefit you.”

Qin Boya reluctantly accepted it, but he could never have expected that this python, which was currently only the size of a chopstick, would grow into a behemoth nearly 10 meters in size and happened to be very clingy. Whenever Qin Boya went out, it would hang on his body like a bundle of thick hemp rope. As a result, in the near future, Qin Boya gained a very stylish nickname——Hemp Rope Hero.

But by then, it was too late for Qin Boya to regret it.

“Okay, you first go back to your room and set up the little snake’s nest, and then we can go to eat dinner.”

Qin Boya nodded, turned around and was about to go to his room. But when he reached the door, he suddenly stopped and said to Nie Bufan, “By the way, I forgot to tell you something.”

“What is it?” Nie Bufan asked casually.

“When we were talking just now, Leader Wei happened to pass by the door and seemed to pause outside for a while.”

“Huh?” Nie Bufan asked suspiciously, “how do you know it was him?”

Qin Boya was a martial artist and it was not difficult to spot someone outside the door, but how could he be sure that it was Wei Di?

“Don’t you know?” Qin Boya glanced at him strangely, “Leader Wei lives next door to you.”

Nie Bufan fell silent for a while and asked, “When did he arrive?”

“Just when you said, ‘look at that Wulin Leader, how lame is it to raise a fat cat’.”


Qin Boya chuckled a few times and walked away in a seemingly happy mood.

Nie Bufan let out an “Ah” and then threw himself on the wall and violently scratched it. What he was depressed about was not because the other had heard him say bad things about him and might cause him to get angry, but because he was worried that it would make it more difficult to tease him!

Getting off on the wrong foot, getting off on the wrong foot!

“Master, that fellow is too rude!” The maid said coldly, “Do you want this humble maid to teach him a lesson?”

“No need.” Wei Di’s face was expressionless, no happiness or anger could be seen.

But the maid felt very angry for the Master. After finding out his identity, she must definitely teach the other a lesson for the Master. The Master was a god that could not be blasphemed in her heart, and no one had ever dared to belittle him this much! Even if this person was a prince and or royal grandson, she would still be merciless.

Wei Di seemed to see her thoughts and lightly reminded: “Don’t act without my orders.”

Even if he wanted to teach him a lesson, he should do it himself. Wei Di’s whole body emitted a cold aura, already having thought of all kinds of torture tactics in his heart. This fellow had completely aroused his interest, almost comparable to that golden roast chicken.

Good, very good.

Nie Bufan sat down at the dinner table dejectedly, full of conflicted emotions.

Wukong was lying on his head, looking equally dejected. Lady Flower and Langya were also listless. Gold lay languidly on one side, with a leisurely look, dignified and impressive. That this kind of aura could be seen on a chicken, Gold was indeed at a completely different level as a chicken.

Qin Boya looked amused. As expected, what kind of owner would have what kind of pet. They all looked like having been carved out of the same mold. It was said that husband and wife would gradually resemble each other, and Nie Bufan and his pets were probably…..human and animal gradually resembling each other?

“Okay already, Leader Wei is not a person who doesn’t have any magnanimity. He won’t hold it against you.” Qin Boya comforted.

Nie Bufan glanced at him lazily and continued to remain dispirited.

“If he really wants to teach you a lesson, I will help.”

Oi, don’t your words seem a bit ambiguous? When the time came, would you be helping me deal with him, or help him teach me a lesson together? Nie Bufan rolled his eyes, lamenting this person’s language ability. 

Qin Boya didn’t know that he was being looked at with contempt, and continued: “Then how about, I sleep with you tonight?”

Nie Bufan’s eyes flickered and he struggled for a while but finally refused the temptation. He was worried that when it was discovered by the people in Chicken Nest Village in the future he would definitely be scolded for being unrestrained. In their eyes, any male creature that approached him would be automatically designated as a gay by them.

It was clearly a very pure comrade-in-arms relationship originally but so long as he spent the night with them in the same bed it would become unclear.

Nie Bufan felt that he was still very principled, not refusing anyone who came or whatever was definitely not his style.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

At this moment, the waiter served the dishes of food to their table.

When the two were about to dig in, Qin Boya suddenly looked at the door and said, “Leader Wei is here.”


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