After Becoming The Tyrant CH 025 Defending The Throne

The whistling north wind swept into St. Wyth Cathedral.

There was such a strong scent of blood coming in on the wind. And combine that with the screams just now and the curved sword in the King’s hand, the New Royal Party realized what happened to the soldiers that belonged to Grand Duke Grice outside.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The King was not dead!

He suddenly came back at this crucial time!

After the aristocrats in the New Royal Party realized this, they all cursed the Duke of Buckingham from the bottom of their hearts.

No wonder this old guy was willing to give in during this period but was reluctant to hand over the Rose Palace. By demanding that Grand Duke Grice follow the regulations, the Duke of Buckingham was delaying time for the King.

Damn it! The Duke of Buckingham must have already made contact with the King, and he was just waiting to join hands with the King to put on today’s big show! The Holy Lord above! This cunning old bag of bones that should go to hell!

Da, da, da.

The war horse walked into the nave of St. Wyth Cathedral, hooves making dull thuds on the red carpet.

The design of the entire St. Wyth Cathedral was like a cross. At this time, the red carpet was spread along the long central axis of the nave. The inner hall where everyone was located had a long corridor composed of two arcades. The white marble column stretched straight up, and the reliefs on both ends of the column depicted the stories of the saints.

The King passed by the stone pillars on both sides of the separation.

When constructing this church, the design of ribs and beams was adopted. The tops of each of the four adjacent pillars formed vertical beams. The curved long beams gracefully protrude diagonally, which looked like the ribs of a sacred creature from a distance. Sunlight would fall down through the stained glass windows on the top, casting radiant and colorful lights inside, just like the radiance of the Holy Spirit shining over the world.

Those brilliant lights now fell on the King at this time.

As the war horse paced forward unhurriedly, the people saw those brilliant lights and shadows alternately playing and shifting on the coat of his war horse, his cloak, and his silver hair.

The New Royal Party aristocrats in the narrow and long nave before the honored guest seats were in a dilemma. They had made preparations to fight before they came to participate in the coronation ceremony, but raising their sword to the King and raising their sword to the Duke of Buckingham were two different concepts!

What’s more, the strong smell of blood in the air had shown that——

Their determination was irrelevant. The King had already wielded the butcher knife to punish traitors.

Of course, the reason why the New Royal Party did not dare to act rashly was because of the soldiers who followed the King and could now be seen at the gate of the church.

The New Royal Party had huge doubts in their hearts——why would the Ingres soldiers, who had always been at odds with the royal family, fight for the King?

Now, those damn barbarians have dismounted from their horses, and each and every one of them was pointing their bow and arrows at them. With such a close distance and such a narrow space, so long as someone dared to act rashly, he would be turned into a pincushion.

Everyone could only watch the King approach.

When the war horse passed by, the nobles standing at the front could clearly see blood dripping from the King’s cloak.

The Devil was right.

If he was a king, he must be one robed in blood.

“I am very happy.”

The King sat on his horse, pulling on the reins with one hand, and holding a blood-stained curved sword in the other. Beneath the King’s brows, his ice-blue eyes were slightly narrowed as he looked directly at Grand Duke Grice, who was wearing a purple robe on the high platform, a look of astonishment on his face.

At this moment, when the two were compared side by side, people were shocked to discover that in front of the King, the royally dressed Grand Duke Grice looked nothing more than just a ridiculous clown.

The young King had a more daunting and fearsome aura.

There was something about the King that the older nobles were very familiar with.

The invincible and awe-inspiring shadow of William III traveled through more than ten years and merged with his son. For a moment, the figure of William III overlapped with the young King who brought blood into the church under the holy light. The crazed blood of the ancient Rose family uttered its terrible roar at this moment.

“You all have prepared such a grand welcome ceremony for me.”

The King was still watching Grand Duke Grice, but he also tilted his head slightly, his lips curled upwards as he flashed the New Royal Party a cold smile that left them fearful in place.

“Maybe I should pay back your loyalty?”

Pay back loyalty? How did he plan to pay back?

Have the archers at the gate of the church launch a volley of fire at their heads?

There were weak-willed people in the New Royal Party who could no longer endure the pressure, their bodies collapsing bonelessly, almost fainting.

More people with pale faces placed their last hope on Grand Duke Grice on the high platform.

The nave was long and narrow, but it was only long and narrow, and the war horse quickly reached the high platform.

“Bishop! Bishop!”

Grand Duke Grice looked at the cardinal, who was the special envoy of the Pope, with trepidation. He was completely unable to understand what had happened, why his reinforcements did not arrive, and why instead it was the King who surrounded St. Wyth Cathedral with a terrifying Ingres army. But one thing was very clear.

According to the practice of the Rose family, the challenger who coveted the throne would be executed by the King himself!

This was a bloody, ancient practice of the Rose family.

The Rose family, which had ruled the Legrand Empire for so many years, had many legendary traditions. Among them was the one related to the throne, and it was not an understatement to call them the craziest royal family of all the kingdoms.

Enemies who provoked the King’s dignity could only be executed by the King himself! With blood and death, the King would announce to the people——

He would defend his throne to the death.

John Summerton, Grand Duke Grice’s grandfather, once competed with the mad King Henry for the throne, but ultimately failed and was beheaded by the mad King. The son of John Summerton——the father of Grand Duke Grice——the Duke of Bedel was forced to retreat to the southern part of the empire. It was not until he married the widowed Queen Isabel, the mother of William III, was he able to return to the center of power.

The fate of the royal family was like an ancient prophecy that repeated itself.

What happened to Grand Duke Grice’s grandfather would also happen to Grand Duke Grice today.

“A thing that is a Rose in name only without the blood of the Rose.”

The Duke of Buckingham was very close to the platform, and he clearly saw the scene where Grand Duke Grice begged for the cardinal’s help. He had always looked down on his half-brother, and his contempt was even worse today with the pride he felt.

He was proud of his nephew.

The cardinal did not take his eyes off the returning King, and he quickly went through many thoughts and ideas in his mind.

Grand Duke Grice, the useless thing, didn’t he swear that Pureland I was dead?! Bastard!

According to the cardinal’s own wishes, he would prefer that Grand Duke Grice survive, so that Legrand’s rebellion could continue. But he couldn’t express this idea too strongly, otherwise it would damage the majesty of the Holy See. Intervention in Legrand’s succession to the throne was enough to arouse strong warning signs in the royal families of all kingdoms!

The black-clothed monk behind him coughed slightly.

The cardinal understood, he was reminding him that he should not let the Pope be criticized.

“The Lord is merciful, and God bless the son of the saint.”

As the Pope’s special envoy, the cardinal tried his best to put on a smile of joy as he stepped back slowly and made room.

These words directly snuffed out the last hope of Grand Duke Grice. He couldn’t believe it as he looked at the Pope’s special envoy stepping back and essentially taking a clear stand against him.

“Who wants to give our Grand Duke Grice a sword?”

The King had already walked up the stairs of the high platform. He smiled and asked towards the audience.

His boots tread on the red carpet step by step, and the sound of his footsteps was like a drumbeat of death. His scarlet cloak nearly dragged to the ground, and people had the illusion that the red carpet, like the cloak, was stained with blood.

No one in the New Royal Party dared to respond.

They all bowed their heads, avoiding Grand Duke Grice’s gaze, and a tense atmosphere of terror permeated this sacred church.

“Is there no one?” The King asked regretfully, “My poor Uncle Grice, your men seem to be just a bunch of useless cowards…..then…..”

He suddenly raised his voice.

“My dear uncle, are you willing to condescend your sword and lend it to this poor delusional man?”

Both were called uncles, but the King’s tone clearly expressed his affection and disgust.

“If this is your order, Your Majesty.”

The Duke of Buckingham responded softly. He understood what his nephew intended. Today was the time for the King to kill the rebels and put down the civil strife. He wanted everyone to clearly see that his enemy was vulnerable in front of him. The Duke of Buckingham threw his long sword onto the high platform.

“Go on.”

Grand Duke Grice startled and took a step back.

Obviously, the Duke of Buckingham would not lend the sword to Grand Duke Grice properly. When the sword was thrown over, it was like a violent lightning bolt.

The long sword was nailed into the sacred platform, and nearly embedded into it up to the handle.

“Pull it up, sir.”

The King was too lazy to call his uncle in name only with the proper familial term. He ascended the last step, and the cold wind blew at his cloak, causing it to billow and flap.

Grand Duke Grice felt as if he was back in his youth. He was thrown from the boat by the Duke of Buckingham and could only watch as the Duke drew his sword in mid-air——they were indeed a pair of real uncle and nephew! So similar in their hatefulness!

Grand Duke Grice understood that this was the last chance.

Either die or become King!

He calmed himself and let out a sneer. He leaned over and held the handle. With a hard tug, the long sword pulled out.

Logically, there should be a judge who presided over the duel. However, before the King could order someone to serve as the judge, Grand Duke Grice roared and swept his sword towards the King. As far as swordsmanship was concerned, he was not too lacking, and at this time the sudden sneak attack he had launched did have a bit of fierce momentum to it.

Under the high platform, the nobles who witnessed this scene could not help booing, even the ones from the New Royal Party.

Grand Duke Grice’s move to initiate a surprise attack was undoubtedly contrary to the spirit of the duel, and was very different from the image of a chivalrous knight he usually displayed. However, Grand Duke Grice was actually such a guy down to his bones——how much courage and honor could you expect a person who relied on assassination and the Holy See to obtain the throne?


Under the tense gaze of the Royalist Party, Grand Duke Grice’s sword collided with the King’s curved sword.

Sparks flew from the place where the swords collided, indicating that both sides had attacked with the intention to kill.

The sound of the colliding swords caused an electric current to slide over the heads of every nobleman and their breathing became rapid correspondingly. Dueling, shedding blood…..all of this was originally something that flowed in the blood of any knight.

You must know that knights were born for war!

At this moment, even the people who originally complained about the King were aroused by this deadly duel, and they roared and cheered for this duel in which the two participants were of the most noble status they had witnessed in their lives.

“Kill! Kill! Kill him!”

The people roared indiscriminately and it was impossible to tell who they were cheering for.

The sound crashed like wild waves.

“There is one thing…..”

The curved sword and the long sword locked in a stalemate, and the distance between the King and Grand Duke Grice was close enough that they could hear each other’s breathing. The King spoke in a voice that only the both of them could hear.

“… truth, I also didn’t plan to let anyone act the judge.”

After he finished speaking, he let out a light and cold chuckle.

Grand Duke Grice, who originally wanted to attack suddenly to gain the upper hand, felt like a poisonous snake had slid across his back.

What did he mean? What did he mean by not appointing a judge?

However, Grand Duke Grice had no time to think about this sentence.

The stalemate of the swords was only for an instant, and with the cold chuckle still echoing in his ears, the two sides had already separated.

The young King’s curved sword left crescent arcs in the air. He was one who could still wield his sword flagrantly in the face of the Gulundi heavy cavalry. At this time, this high platform seemed to have transformed into his stage. He was destined to be the only protagonist of this grand performance. He was not here for a duel, he was here to crush his enemies!

The leader of the heavy cavalry of Gulundi had once felt the King’s scythe-like sword. It gave one the feeling that the sword was entwined with poisonous spider silk.

The last person who felt the King’s sword was now buried in the mud, and this time was no exception.

The nobles originally thought they would be seeing a close duel, but now it had evolved into a one-sided slaughter.

Grand Duke Grice tried his best to hold up under the continuous attacks of the King’s sword.

The person wearing the armor was Grand Duke Grice, but he dared not rashly launch a counterattack. Because the King was simply a lunatic. The lunatic King did not wear heavy armor, and his body was full of openings. Clearly, the King did not take his own vital parts seriously. The King just kept swinging his sword, and so long as he failed to parry even one blow from the other’s sword, Grand Duke Grice’s throat would be cut open neatly.

Grand Duke Grice could clearly feel the ice cold of the other’s blade.

That icy coldness caused him to tremble.

How could one be able to win against a desperate madman?!

Grand Duke Grice lost ground step by step.

The King’s scarlet cloak billowed and swirled around him. He was the only master of the stage from the beginning to the end. He swung his sword in a deadly dance, and Grand Duke Grice was not worthy of being called an opponent at all. The Grand Duke was just a puppet under his sword, helplessly manipulated by the King to take part in this performance that would cost him his life.

The voices gradually became quieter.

The nobles vaguely felt something that made them shudder. They finally understood the meaning of the King’s duel.

——This was deterrence! He not only wanted to kill Grand Duke Grice, but also flash his blade in front of them arrogantly, and ask, was his blade sharp enough for them, was anyone going to be the second dead soul to be reaped by it?

In the silence, someone suddenly began to applaud.

It was the Duke of Buckingham.

He stared at his nephew, feeling that the burden that had been on his shoulders for so many years was finally relieved. Thus, he applauded the King, feeling both gratification and pride.

The Royalist Party wearing the iron roses were all brought back to themselves by the applause of the Duke of Buckingham. Although it was out of loyalty to the Duke of Buckingham that they guarded the throne, at this time they could not help but feel ecstatic about their gamble!

The King was back!

They had won!

They began to shout and holler and the sound wave once again swept across the sacred St. Wyth Cathedral.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Amid the shouts of the Royalist nobles, Grand Duke Grice was finally dragged down by the heavy armor on his own body. He had been holding up for long enough. At this time, his hand was sore and the sword that was swung slowed for a split second.

The King must be the most keen hunter in the world.

He seized this fleeting opportunity.

The curved sword left a thin and beautiful cold crescent light in the air.

The battle was over.

A gush of blood sprayed high into the air, and all the voices stopped abruptly.

The Duke of Buckingham’s sword fell to the ground with a clang, and Grand Duke Grice fell to his knees, trying to cover his throat in vain. But life quickly passed from him, and the cold began to overtake him. With his eyes still open, he fell down on the red carpet, only a step away from the gorgeous throne.

The blood flowing from his throat soaked the base of the throne.

Seeing this scene of Grand Duke Grice’s fall, the cardinal sighed in his heart.

But before he finished sighing, the curved sword suddenly turned towards him.

Suddenly seeing the light of the blade passing in front of him, and the cold on the surface of the blade millimeters away from him, cardinal Hart took a big step back and almost directly hit the black-clothed monk behind him.

The one who was even more fearful was the archbishop of St. Wyth, because the sword was actually directed at him.

The archbishop exclaimed, his brain going completely blank.

The sound of metal colliding.

The archbishop of St. Wyth only felt the weight in his hand lighten, and the new crown that was originally placed on the velvet tray in his hands was raised into the air by the King using the curved point of his sword.

The newly made gorgeous crown spun in mid-air. With a wave of the King’s arm, the curved sword slashed out.

A crescent arc flashed in the air, and the falling golden crown was cut in half by the King.

The two pieces of the new crown that had been split in half fell to the ground, making a clanging sound as they rolled down from the high ceremonial altar to land on the cold and hard marble floor below. The crisp metallic sound could be heard as the halves of the crown bounced up high and finally fell down again.

The eyes of the nobles moved with the two halves of the crown.

In the end, the two pieces of metal lay motionless on the ground.

Deathly silence.

The King stood upright on the high platform, behind which was the throne that symbolized supreme power. He slowly pushed his sword into its sheath as he looked down at everyone.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The nobles of the New Royal Party felt that they had been cut in half with a blade. They had no expression on their faces but the hands holding their weapons were shaking slightly.

“What’s this?”

In the silence, the King’s voice was so clear.

“Everyone, have you forgotten to cheer for your King?”


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