Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 005 Is This A Retard?

On this first day of September, the Ascension ceremony which takes place every 12 years was held. At this time it was also the most lively day on Yangshuo Peak.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

As ordinary mortals, these students entered the lower gate to learn reading, writing, and reasoning. From here they would then enter the middle gate to practice cultivation of the Dao. And finally they would enter the upper gate to learn swordsmanship, alchemy, runes, spells, and magic arrays and then determine their specialized path. After determining their direction, they would then go to the inner Sect peak of their preference, officially becoming a Kun-Lai disciple.

Also on the same day, the major branches of each of the inner Sect peaks would choose new disciples. It would be a two-way selection to maximize the use of talents.

The sun had not yet risen and in order to show their respect, the white-robed and vigorous students walked up to the top of the mountain on foot.

Above the clouds, there was also a group of cultivators looking down at them from a distance.

“It’s only today that they are so quiet and peaceful.” The deacon with sparse hair and a serious face sneered, “Heh, if it was any other normal day which one of them had not jumped up and down, climbing and flying the mountains.”

The young instructor next to him smiled and said: “Who was not like that back then; didn’t you also like to enter through windows and not walk through the front doors, Senior Brother Yan?”

“If you ask me, we should just remove the Cloud Protection net under the mountains.” A stern woman in an elaborate green robe said coldly, “If it weren’t for the fact that they know that they would not die from falling off the cliff, how could they be so arrogant.”

“Senior Sister, how much blood debt do you plan to add to yourself?” The young instructor smiled helplessly and shook his head. “How many of the students who received a failing grade at your hands sought suicide. There is a Cloud Protection net under the Treading Cloud Cliff, but there’s no saving those who jumped into the Nine Song River.”

“If the Dao in their hearts are not strong, then joining the Sect is just a waste.” The woman said ruthlessly.

“Alright, alright.” The woman next to them headed off the ensuing fight. “This time I saw a lot of good seedlings. Senior Sister, do you still want your direct selection quota, if not please give it to me.”

They all had allocated quotas to directly recommend disciples to the inner Sect peaks. Everyone had relatives and friends and occasionally they would use this to bring one in.

“Direct selection is not as good as general selection. If you have a nephew or niece with good attributes, why reject what is near at hand and seek what is far away?” The stern woman frowned.

Direct selection was actually the same as going through the back door. Although it was a little convenient, the inner Sect peak branches would not choose disciples recommended through direct selection. Usually they would all be left for last and then brought away to do some chores and difficult work. It was better to enter the outer Sect peaks to gain more training and then win a place in the general selection. In this way there would be a better future than just entering the inner Sect peaks through the back door.

“I am asking for Fairy Mingyu. She wants all the quotas for direct selection this time.” The woman spoke through a mental connection, “Although Sect Leader has been cultivating in seclusion and has largely ignored her these many years, Fairy Mingyu is still his daughter. We should not disregard her.”

“Fine, you can take it.” The stern woman took out a white jade buckle and handed it to her.

The woman also went to the others to explain one by one, obtaining the other people’s quota, and then sent it to Fairy Mingyu before all the disciples arrived.

The young instructor looked at her departing back and frowned slightly: “Fairy Mingyu brought back a young man before and wanted to send him into the inner Sect, but was rejected by the law enforcement Elder. Seems she does not plan to give up?”

“Those who enter the inner Sect peaks without going through the three gates will not be included on the jade disc. This is the rule established by Sect Leader, even our relatives and clans members are no exceptions, let alone someone she just recommended?” The middle-aged man with sparse hair softened his expression. After all, there were totally two worlds inside and outside of the establishment. “Forget about resources and magic artifacts. If there is no Net Spell, then there would be too much of a disadvantage when practicing spells.”

Besides, the three gates were there to build a solid foundation and a place to exchange and build contacts and connections. It could be said to be a sieve to pick out the best to enter the inner Sect peaks. And if one did not enter the inner Sect peak, then one would not be allowed to access the Net Spell to exchange knowledge and accept or send out tasks. Even settling task rewards would be at a disadvantage.

“But she had the young man come directly to the Ascension ceremony.” The stern woman frowned in disgust. “That young man is just a slave who only took care of horses and has no cultivation base. How can he come here directly?”

It’s not that she looked down on the other’s background as there were countless cultivators from low births, but to attend the Ascension ceremony without any cultivation base was a joke. But if he had a cultivation base, then it would be even more ridiculous. Those who enter a Sect already possessing a cultivation method have always been a great taboo in the cultivation realm. They would absolutely not be allowed to enter the mountain gate without a thorough background check, otherwise if he was a spy from another Sect, then there would be endless troubles.

“Alright, alright, the chief of the inner Sect peaks is here, let us go pay our respects.” The young instructor took the initiative to end this unhappy topic.

After all, Fairy Mingyu had been cultivating for many years and was not aware about the complexity of human relations. There was no need for them to make enemies with her. After all, Sect Leader was her father. Besides…..he thought back to the person he had seen with the student Feng Qingxiu before, and quietly wiped his sweat.

Perhaps Sect Leader was even nearby. That Heavenly Sovereign could hear and see all the happenings in this world. If they accidentally caused him to be unhappy, then with their fragile bodies, don’t even mention being hit by Sect Leader’s Supreme Nine Heavens Overcoming Suffering Sword. Just Sect Leader snapping his fingers was enough to tear their bodies and crush their bones. 

Back then, his performance should be okay. The Sect Leader let only him see him, which was to let him know to be tactful and not to get to the bottom of the issue. Otherwise he didn’t think he would be able to see Sect Leader with just his Golden Core Formation base. Besides, young Feng really stumbled upon big luck to manage to enter the graces of Sect Leader.

Maybe he would become the first Eldest Senior Brother in Kun-Lai Sect after these many hundreds of years.

People really couldn’t be compared with certain people.

Actually, Sect Leader, I’m pretty good as well, please also look at me…..


On the top of the mountain, the Ascension ceremony had begun.

Above the sea of ​​clouds, dozens of celestial mountains drifted over slowly. And within each floating celestial mountain there were clouds lingering, spiritual birds hovering, and countless celestial dwellings concealed in the forests. They appeared to move slowly, but in an instant they had already arrived, surrounding the peak where the Ascension ceremony was to be held, like stars surrounding the moon.

Each floating celestial mountain peak was different. Wenjian Peak with a Long Sword as its symbol, Changsheng Peak with an Alchemical Cauldron as theirs, Shennong Peak with Immortal Grass as their emblem, Taiyi Peak with Runes as its base…..

And under each floating mountain peak was a huge circular magic array, which could be seen at a glance even 10,000 meters away.

At the summit of Yangshuo peak, a man suddenly descended down from the sky to stand above all beings.

When he arrived, not only the students, but even the wind on the top of the mountain stilled.

He looked very young and handsome, but for a person who cultivated immortality, a youthful appearance could only mean that he had attained the Dao earlier and had stronger potential.

He was dressed in an obsidian black robe with three silver patterns on the cuffs, revealing his status to be the highest-ranking Elder.

The law enforcement Elder Yan Zhao, the second most powerful person under the Sect Leader, was in charge of administering punishment in Kun-Lai. Within the Sect his presence was like a stabilizing force. With him here, no matter which mountain or peak, every one must act in accordance with the law and regulations and none dared to make trouble. He didn’t need to say anything to express his attitude. His presence alone conveyed his attitude.

Glancing coldly at the students who appeared either excited or fearful, the great Elder didn’t have any words of encouragement. He just said lightly to the instructors around him: “Let us begin.”

The young instructor nodded, stretched out his hand and knocked in the air.

“Dong!” The sound of a huge bell rang out of thin air, echoing over the entire Kun-Lai Mountains. There was no delay in the sound waves, no matter where or how far the sound had to travel, it still reverberated at the same decibel and took deep root in the hearts of the people.

With the permission given, the surrounding celestial mountains each formed a celestial bridge made up of countless runes that stretched downwards from their respective mountain gates. Like several rainbows, they connected the celestial mountains to the bluestone steps of Yangshuo Peak, arching across the sky to meet in the center that was Yangshuo Peak, like a huge silk chrysanthemum in full bloom.

Then, like ants, the students rushed up their chosen celestial bridge.

It had been twelve years, and those with qualifications had long figured out which Dao suited them and accordingly which celestial bridge was best for them. Those without qualifications, or those who were very mediocre and unsuccessful, then they chose the celestial bridge to the peak that was the easiest to go to or the easiest to find success.

The celestial mountains with the most people were the ones that cultivate the Dao of the Sword and the Dao of Alchemy, followed by the Dao of Beast Control and Dao of Medicine, then the Dao of Five Elements, and then finally the Dao of Runic Arrays.

The celestial bridges were very long, and added with the time needed to face the tests and obstacles while on the bridge, each student was only allowed to go on the celestial bridges three times a day at most. If he was still not selected by an inner peak after these three times, then that meant failing the selection, the result being that he could only obey the arrangements made by the inner Sect peaks. This was troublesome work that none of the cultivators in the inner Sect peaks liked very much.

Feng Qingxiu walked towards the celestial bridge for Runic Arrays without any urgency. This Dao was easy to learn but difficult to master, so not many people had chosen it.

Just as soon as he stepped onto the celestial bridge, a 17 or 18-year-old boy who was about the same age as him blocked his way.

“Excuse me.” Feng Qingxiu said politely, “If it is a challenge then please pick another day.”

As the head student, he had been blocked many times, but this time…..

Looking at the other’s fierce and sinister eyes, he frowned slightly, not remembering this person who he seemed to have a deep hatred with.

“Feng Qingxiu?” That gloomy looking young man asked in a low voice.

“That’s me, and you are?” Feng Qingxiu suddenly recalled something, but his cousin never mentioned the person’s name, “Oh, that one…..”

“Of course, young master Feng can’t remember the name of this little servant.” The young man showed a cruel smile, and his right hand suddenly thrusted out, “But you shall remember, the one who killed you is called Ye Han!”

Feng Qingxiu had been prepared for a while now, and instinctively raised his hand like a sword, the sword energy was like a chrysanthemum, suddenly blooming.

However, almost at the same time, a purple light flashed in the young man’s eyes.

The moment his gaze met the other’s a strange force suddenly spread over him through his eyes, and his brain felt as if it had been stabbed by a needle, causing a sudden pain.

The young man’s right hand had already penetrated his dantian.

According to logic, he was a cultivator who had already attained Foundation Establishment and the other should not be able to hurt him. But he had a strange power around his hand that broke the protection force field every cultivator could manifest around their bodies. It was too unexpected.

However, Feng Qingxiu’s sword energy had also landed on the other’s neck, and so long as he pressed further, he would be able to cut through that major artery.

But, he didn’t in the end, only abruptly blasting the other far away with his spiritual energy.

“You…..” Feng Qingxiu tried his best to restrain the spiritual energy that was going chaotic within his dantian and tapped the pressure points to stop the bleeding. His eyes were filled with consternation, “Innate magical power?”

There was no shortage of wonders and the bizarre on this vast land. People were always different from others. Those who were gifted with innate magical powers were the most exemplary. They were born with powerful spiritual souls and could break through physical limitations and attain the Dao. These people were naturally talented at cultivation and were the favorites of various Sects who would fight over them.

“If it wasn’t because Ah Luo died in my arms, I would not be able to awaken my innate magical power…..” The young man looked at him coldly, like a poisonous snake, “But compared to her being alive, I would rather not have this innate…..”

“Okay! Stop!” Feng Qingxiu interrupted him. He found that the communication between the two was not on the same channel at all. “You are very talented, I know. I’m going to ascend the mountain so please step aside.”

“Your dantian is crippled, and you still want to fight with me?” The young man curled his lips mockingly, “You want to pass? Fine, then. You can crawl by under my crotch.”

Feng Qingxiu sighed and snapped out his long sleeves, and with a strong force he knocked the other off the bridge.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“You dare to kill me——” The young man’s furious scream disappeared into the sea of ​​clouds.

Truly a retarded idiot. This kind of small injury in the cultivation world was just a matter of putting on a plaster!

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