Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 006 Is This Backing?

Mountain Patrols Bureau

The farce on the celestial bridge attracted crowds and naturally caught the eyes of the elders in charge.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Yan Zhenjun, why didn’t you stop him?” The cold and serious woman asked angrily, “Our Kun-Lai Mountain does not need such a vicious and despicable person.” (TN: Zhenjun=respectful title for high level cultivators)

Yan Zhao retracted his gaze, casually took out a jade disc, and swiped a finger across it.

A name from above was crossed out.

Feng Qingxiu.

“Zhenjun!” The woman’s expression changed, “Even if you are a Zhenjun, you shouldn’t be so presumptuous! Why do you cross out his name for no reason?”

“This action is too much. If Zhenjun doesn’t give a reason, we will definitely ask to see Sect Leader to provide fair judgement.” The middle-aged man with sparse hair was also angry. He had watched the students below grow up and had spent much effort to cultivate their talents so he would never accept expulsion without reason.

Except, before his words even finished, Zhenjun had already disappeared in front of him.

Naturally, with their abilities they couldn’t see how the other had left.

“I’m going to report to Sect Leader!” The middle-aged man left angrily.

“Did he do this for Fairy Mingyu?” The woman who asked for the quota frowned slightly, “How can this be good? In this way, that student cannot be accepted by the inner Sect peaks.”

“Let’s delay it for a while. There is still one month left before the birthday of Sect Leader. When the time comes, Sect Leader will decide.” The stern woman said.

This matter had already touched their bottom line. Although it was only an unknown student, this precedent must not be opened.


At the same time, at the foot of Yangshuo Peak, a row of courtyards surrounded with high walls and deep forests were quiet and silent.

A young man was escorted by two Daoist soldiers as they entered the courtyard named “Mountain Patrols Bureau”.

Without any trial, he was directly imprisoned in a small dark room.

The bronze door was closed, and the Daoist soldiers turned around and left. Currently, all the manpower was concentrated on the Ascension ceremony. They had a lot of work to do so they planned to deal with him when the ceremony was over.

A person who entered the Sect through the backdoor and actually still had the nerve to make trouble at the Ascension ceremony. This was practically too arrogant!

The cell was quiet and after the bronze door was closed, not even a speck of light could reach inside.

The young man then slowly leaned in a corner, expression a little pained and a little dazed, but soon, the light of hatred flashed in his eyes.

The Feng family, it was all because of the Feng family. It was the Feng family who made his beautiful mother sell herself as a slave. It was the Feng family who made him a slave that could only serve horses since he was a child. He was beaten three times with a whip by the steward after riding that Yufeng horse, causing him to miss the opportunity to attend the Dragon and Phoenix Selection. Whereas the young master Feng who was the same year as him easily got all he wanted.

And Ah Luo. She had never seen Feng Qingxiu, but her family and parents were unwilling to listen to her wish not to marry.

If it weren’t for Feng Qingxiu, how could the people in her family pursue them? How could he draw his sword against her parents in order to protect her, only to result in Ah Luo dying under the hands of her own father!

If it weren’t for the Feng family, how could his mother run away in fear and he could not find her anymore?

But it didn’t matter, he had now awakened his inherent magical powers. He was the son of destiny, and soon, he would seek justice for his mother and Ah Luo little by little!

And also Mingyu. He would definitely work hard to cultivate and marry her as his wife. Only that way would he be worthy of her help all this time.

Without her, he would have been arrested and returned to the Feng family a long time ago, and those people would definitely not let him go once they caught him.


After an unknown period of time, the entrance of the small black room opened, and a ray of light shone in, causing the young man sitting inside to raise his hand to block it.

“You can go out,” said the jailer who opened the door.

A trace of darkness flashed in the young man’s eyes, and he walked out in silence.

He was not an opponent for these people.

Only after coming here did he learn that the Qi Condensation Stage was nothing here. But Mingyu saying that he was a genius who only appeared once in a thousand years was something that must not be wrong.

Following the jailer out of the building, the moon was already high up in the sky.

Standing before the flowers and under the moon. There were very few figures around.

Only a beautiful girl could be seen. She was as beautiful as a dream, like the distant mountains covered in mist after the southern rains. Clear and attractive, elegant and graceful.

She stood under the moon, but appeared even brighter than the moon.

She stood before the flowers, but was even gentler than the flowers.

Hearing the footsteps, she simply raised her head and glanced at him lightly.

Instantly, it was as if he could see peach blossoms blooming leisurely, misty rain shrouding green hills.

“Mingyu…..” Ye Han stepped forward quickly, reaching out to hold that slender jade hand.

Ji Mingyu took a step back.

Ye Han missed and said with disappointment: “Are you blaming me for being too impulsive? Sorry, I just really couldn’t bear his confident and high-spirited look.”

The girl sighed quietly: “You are indeed too impulsive.”

“Are you still angry?” Ye Han asked in a low voice.

“Uncle Yan was here today. Do you know that if you provoke him, you will have it very difficult in Kun-Lai in the future.” The girl said softly, her voice was crisp and melodious, extremely moving to the ears.

“Is that the elder who won’t allow me to enter the inner Sect?” Ye Han asked in disgust. “Don’t worry, I will definitely not let you down. When my skill is achieved, I will have everyone listen to your instructions!”

“I believe in you.” The girl took out a jade tablet and handed it to him, “You have no chance of a general election. This is the recommendation I got for you. It will allow you to go to any of the peaks. You are born with inherent magical powers so it will be easy for you to cultivate magical spells. I will not accompany you, otherwise it will be even more difficult for you to gain a foothold.”

Ye Han was moved, thinking what a considerate woman she was. He grasped her hand: “Only mediocre people will not inspire jealousy! Yu’er, I will go now, you just wait for me with peace of mind!”

“En, go ahead, don’t be late,” the girl said softly.

Ye Han nodded heavily, turned around and rushed out.

The girl stood alone in the garden, watching him leave with gratification. Then the smile on her face gradually faded.

After a few breaths, she heard a chuckle coming from the dark.

The girl looked back and said lowly: “Uncle Yan had been watching the whole time. Did it amuse you?”

“Slightly,” the black robed man walked out of the shadows and said with a smile, “You are going through quite the efforts.”

“It’s just giving him a little opportunity. But Uncle Yan, you crossed out the young man surnamed Feng today. This action is practically roasting your niece on the fire.” The girl smiled, “Everywhere on Kun-Lai Mountain, people are saying that your niece is using status to oppress people. You don’t even want your own reputation?”

“Feng Qingxiu is indeed a good seedling, but his path had been too smooth up till now. He is young and vigorous, and I am just giving him a few days of small setbacks to train his character.” Yan Zhao said mildly.

“This is not a small setback. More than ten years of hard work going up in smoke. If this impacts him psychologically, it will hurt his Dao.” The girl disagreed slightly, “Uncle Yan should quickly restore his name to avoid causing harm to others.”

“Your father once said that life is like chess, and when one must throw something away it should be abandoned without hesitation.” Yan Zhao pointedly said, “That boy is the same thing. If he really fails to recover from this, then he can not be considered a great talent and thus it would not be a pity if he died.”

“The reasons are all said by you. Deciding someone’s fate with just a raise of your hand. Is it interesting?” The girl knew that they had different opinions so she didn’t bother arguing with him anymore. “Uncle Yan, I heard that the outlands have had innumerable movements recently, so you should just focus on proper business.”

“Criticizing your elders, Yu’er, you are getting more and more cheeky.”

“Is it easy for me to find a talent?” The girl was slightly annoyed. “Father has yet to accept a disciple this whole time. Kun-Lai’s direct lineage has no one to carry on. It’s why I want to find good talents for Father to take a look at. Will you die if you don’t hold me back?”

“Are you talking about that one just now?” Yan Zhao sneered.

“He hasn’t cultivated any spells, but I just taught him a little bit of ordinary spells and he managed to cultivate to the sixth level of Qi Condensation overnight. After only two days, he has already reached full level Qi Condensation and can enter the Foundation Establishment Stage at any time. With such talent, it should be a given to attach some importance to him.” The girl said seriously, “And Father will at least give one look, right?”

That way, he would  also give her a look, right?

It took seven years to reach Foundation Establishment Stage even for talents like Feng Qingxiu. And this gap in between had quite the significance.

“What about his temperament?”

“There are naturally flaws, but as long as it is carefully polished, it will reach the level I want.” The girl said with a trace of pride, “Some things seem useless, but they are actually the foundation of success.”

Her requirements were not high. Just Father paying more attention to her was enough. Whether it was praise or reprimand, either would be better than nothing.

“Unless everything starts over again, your father will not accept disciples.” Yan Zhao said suddenly, “Don’t waste your energy.”

“Why?” The girl asked with confusion.

Yan Zhao shook his head.

“If you don’t tell me, then I won’t give up.” The girl turned around leisurely, stepped up on the clouds, and disappeared in a flash. She had to kep an eye on that retarded idiot, otherwise it was likely that he would not survive by sunrise tomorrow.

Yan Zhao watched her leave and sighed slightly.

He seemed to once again see the back of that person standing straight and holding a sword, and the boundless thunder that covered heaven and earth.

He seemed to hear that once-warm voice shed itself of any love or affection, turning into the coldest wind in the world.

He said: “In life or death, neither of us shall meet again.”

“Li Xianjing, you have it easy dead…..” Yan Zhao muttered in a low voice. He continued to look at the moon, as if looking at a past that would never return.


Shennong Peak was one of Kun-Lai’s largest celestial peaks. Originally, there were two Schools on it, School of Yao and School of Gu. Hundreds of years ago, the two Schools clashed repeatedly because of territory. After a lot of conflict, School of Yao rose to a seperate celestial peak and changed its name to Qingdi Peak. From then on, Shennong Peak was home to only the School of Gu.

Even before dawn, the whole peak became lively.

Feng Qingxiu sorted the seeds while weighing them separately before wrapping them in sheets of talisman paper.

When he first arrived, he could not distinguish the difference between spiritual grain and spiritual rice. Now that several hours had passed, he could easily distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the grain varieties as well as speak clearly on all kinds of planting techniques and requirements. But if he had to actually plant it himself it would be another story.

“I want three bags of clear dew and a bag of jade millet.” Someone called out to him at the counter.

Feng Qingxiu quickly took the order and handed it over.

“Isn’t this the upper gate head student Feng Qingxiu?” Ye Han said mockingly, “Aren’t you supposed to be a high disciple of Fuzhen Peak? How come you have come here to do the work of farmers?”

Feng Qingxiu’s expression remained unchanged, saying indifferently: “Nothing is high or low, it is all work for Kun-Lai, so why not?”

“I heard that you were crossed off from the Dao Disc. It was only because your teacher begged for you that you were able to stay on to do manual chores. The future of Shennong Peak is murky….. How pitiful.” Ye Han’s mocking expression became more obvious.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

When out of the corner of his eye he saw a large mountain of flesh approaching silently, Feng Qingxiu sighed slightly. With such a retarded idiot as an opponent, there really wasn’t any pressure at all.

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