The Cruel Tyrant CH 057 Disfigurement

The Emperor had just given the order to hold a concubine selection feast for the Crown Prince, but the next day he was so sick he could not get out of bed.

In the Qionghua Pavilion, Huang Xuan sat next to Liu Xi and frowned deeply: “How could this be? It is impossible that my medicine did not work.”

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Suddenly, he thought of an answer that made him feel as if he was thrown into an ice cellar. With cold sweat beading, he said: “Could it be…..”

“The Crown Prince!”

Liu Xi’s face was dark and his expression was a little uneasy. Those horrorific torture scenes related to the Crown Prince appeared before his eyes once again. Liu Xi hurriedly suppressed the fear in his heart and said: “His Highness must have intervened, otherwise His Majesty would not have escaped this catastrophe.”

Huang Xuan nodded thoughtfully and wondered: “But since His Highness knew that we did it, why didn’t he arrest us? After letting us carry out the plan, why did he save His Majesty? Also, doesn’t His Highness want to take the throne?”

Liu Xi also frowned inexplicably, unable to think of an answer for a long time.

When Yun Feiyu, who was in prison, learned the news from Lin Siyuan, he sneered and said: “What an impressive Crown Prince, he really impresses more and more. Using his own father as a shield is truly impressive.”

Lin Siyuan looked at him incomprehensibly, and asked: “Feiyu, what do you mean? His Highness didn’t do anything?”

Yun Feiyu looked at his friend and sighed: “The Crown Prince’s new laws will inevitably be opposed by many people when it is first implemented. However, these people dare not directly face the Crown Prince and can only go to the Emperor to reason. But the Emperor doesn’t care about state affairs at all. When the time comes, these people who have run into a wall will not dare to fight the Crown Prince directly. Instead they can only turn their aim on the Emperor.”

Lin Siyuan was still puzzled: “But what is the point? The Crown Prince can ascend directly to the throne, and the Emperor won’t be able to stop him at all. Those people don’t even dare to offend the Crown Prince at this time, let alone the Crown Prince when he has ascended the throne.”

Yun Feiyu shook his head and said: “First, those who are dissatisfied with the Crown Prince’s new laws can transfer their displeasure to the incapable Emperor; second, the Crown Prince favors…, and has no wife, no concubine. Those in the court who dared to force the Crown Prince to marry women have all been killed. But as the Emperor he must face the will of the kingdom’s people. The Crown Prince cannot kill everyone in the world; third, only the existence of this incapable Emperor can show the wisdom of the Crown Prince; fourth……”

Yun Feiyu said a lot, causing Lin Siyuan to finally become enlightened, but also feel cold sweat spring up on his back. The calculations of the Crown Prince were too fearsome.

Lin Siyuan was stunned and said: “Feiyu, why don’t I ask the Crown Prince to let you go, and you don’t find the Crown Prince to take revenge. You couldn’t kill him before, and now it’s even more impossible.”

“What if your mother was the one who was murdered by the Crown Prince?” Yun Feiyu stared into his eyes and asked, “Can you also let go of your hatred?”

Lin Siyuan frowned and said, “I’m not asking you to let go of your hatred. It’s just that you are not the Crown Prince’s opponent at all, and now the Crown Prince is the only hope of the entire Qing kingdom. Didn’t you hope that the people in the world can live and work in peace? This is something the Crown Prince can accomplish.”

Yun Feiyu looked at him and did not speak. Lin Siyuan’s words did not have any effect at all on the other, so he did not continue persuading him. After all, not having experienced it himself he could not understand the other’s pain.

Lin Siyuan took out a book from his arms and said: “This is what you had me bring over last time. It is a hard life in prison, so if you need anything just tell me.”

Yun Feiyu took the blue book and nodded. He looked at Lin Siyuan and asked, “How is Feiyan?”

Lin Siyuan did not tell Yun Feiyu about Yun Feiyan giving the antidote to the Crown Prince. Therefore, the Crown Prince having been completely detoxified was still unknown to Yun Feiyu. Lin Siyuan avoided Yun Feiyu’s gaze and unconciously looked to the side. With a guilty heart he replied: “She’s pretty good.”

Lin Siyuan had some doubts whether the two siblings were born by the same parents. They were both enemies of the one who killed their mother. Yun Feiyu wanted the Crown Prince to die, but Yun Feiyan handed over the antidote.

Yun Feiyu looked at his dodging gaze, and gradually grasped tighter at the book in his hand. He turned his gaze to the corner and said, “Feiyan, you come out.”

They were discovered!

Lin Siyuan’s heart jumped, secretly yelling oh no in his heart.

Yun Feiyan was still dressed in white, with an opaque white veil over her face. She slowly walked up to Yun Feiyu, looked at him through the bars, and said, “Brother.”

Many thoughts flashed in his mind. Looking at Yun Feiyan’s bright eyes, his heart began to sink. Yun Feiyu squeezed the book severely enough to bend it out of shape. The warmth on his face had also disappeared. He asked: “You gave the antidote to the Crown Prince.”

Although it was a question, he already had a definite answer. But he still had a glimmer of hope in his heart.


Yun Feiyan’s calm answer completely destroyed his delusion. He endured the exploding anger and asked, “Why?”

He worked so hard for three years, looking for opportunities to get close to the Crown Prince again and again, enduring inhuman torture time and time again to poison the Crown Prince. But why did his biological sister save the Crown Prince?

Yun Feiyu admitted that he was not a stupid person, but at this time he could not think of a slightly more reliable reason to excuse his sister.

Looking at the anger and heartache in her brother’s eyes, Yun Feiyan also felt pain. She closed her eyes and a drop of tear slid from the corner of her eye. She stretched out her hand to take off the veil she had never taken off in front of others.

Then, Yun Feiyu, who had been in anger, was suddenly struck dumb. When he recovered, he rushed to Yun Feiyan. Regardless of propriety, he stubbornly held Yun Feiyan’s hand and questioned: “How could this be? Who caused you to be like this!”

His sister has been beautiful and lovely since she was a child, and she became even more beautiful when she grew up. She had been crowned the title of the number one beauty in the imperial city. But who was standing in front of him now? How could this ugly woman with scars on her face that could disgust at a glance be his sister?

The lower part of her entire face was completely unrecognizable. No skin was intact, her mouth and nose had become terrifying shapes, and her neck was also covered with ugly and terrifying scars. It was conceivable that there should be even more horrific scars on her body. 

Yun Feiyu did not dare to think about the inhuman abuse she had suffered, and even the torture that the Crown Prince used on him was “mild” when compared to what his sister had suffered.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Lin Siyuan standing on the side was also shocked and speechless. He had thought the same as Yun Feiyu, thinking that Yun Feiyan only wore the veil to avoid trouble that her beauty might bring. He never expected it to be like this!

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