The Cruel Tyrant CH 058 Who Is To Blame

“Who is it? I will definitely cut and dismember him into pieces!”

Yun Feiyu was so angry that he almost lost his mind. Why had the little sister he cherished and protected since they were children meet with such tortuous harm?

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Feeling Yun Feiyu’s distress and anger, Yun Feiyan’s heart warmed. She wiped the tears on her face and covered it back with her veil and said slowly: “It was Chen Chuan.”

Yun Feiyu restrained the almost gushing hatred and asked with gritted, “Chen Chuan, the leader of the southeast army? Damn bastard! Why did he treat you this way?”

Yun Feiyan, whose face was once again covered, only revealed a pair of beautiful and gentle eyes, a fresh and elegant aura surrounding her. No one could think that she actually had an unsightly face under that veil.

Yun Feiyan’s soft voice sounded in the dark prison: “Three years ago, when the Crown Prince charged into the Qingxi Temple where mother and I were located, mother took a hit from the Crown Prince’s palm to save me. I was lucky and managed to escape with the help of a nun from the nunnery. After escaping, I lost my way but a woodcutter rescued me. I lived in the woodcutter’s home to recover from my wounds. But it wasn’t long before the southeast army began to conscript men into the army, and the woodcutter was caught and taken away. Seeing me they also took me away as well. There were many women there. They were bought, forcefully captured, or lied to.”

When her words reached here, her white and tender hands trembled slightly and the skin on her face turned pale. Yun Feiyan lowered her head and cried silently: “I spent a year there…..after…..after…..I was given to Chen Chuan. Later, Liu Fu, the woodcutter, had also become Chen Chuan’s guard. He tried to help me escape but was caught and killed by Chen Chuan. I was also caught by Chen Chuan and then…..I became like this.”

She wiped her face but the tears kept coming: “Afterwards, it was only when the three armies attacked the imperial city did we find a chance to escape.”

When a beautiful woman fell into the hands of a group of beasts, it was possible to imagine what would happen with just one’s toes. Yun Feiyan’s few words made Yun Feiyu and Lin Siyuan want to dismember Chen Chuan and those beasts into pieces. And Yun Feiyu’s hatred towards the Crown Prince also reached a new height. If it hadn’t been for the Crown Prince killing into Qingxi Temple, how could Yun Feiyan fall into Chen Chuan’s hands?

Thinking of this, he became even more confused as to why ​​Yun Feiyan would hand over the antidote to the Crown Prince. But at this moment, as he watched Yun Feiyan’s tears soak through her veil, he couldn’t feel anything in his heart except for heartache. With tears in his eyes, he said with guilt: “I’m sorry Feiyan, it’s because I didn’t protect you and mother.”

Yun Feiyu fell into deep self-blame, and he involuntarily developed deep doubts about himself. Of his two most important relatives, one died violently while the other was tortured into such an unrecognizable state. But he was completely incapable of doing anything, imprisoned in this small cell and unable to seek revenge on their enemies.

Looking at his pained and tortured expression, Yun Feiyan hurriedly said: “Brother, don’t blame yourself, this has nothing to do with you.”

Yun Feiyu raised his eyes and looked at her in distress: “Don’t you hate the Crown Prince? It’s because of him that you have become like this now. Why did you save him?”

Yun Feiyan said with tears in her eyes: “I not only hate him, I also hate this world. Why can the Crown Prince kill people at will? Why do princes and nobles treat human life like so much disposable trash? Why can wives and children be bought and sold at will? Why must the wife be completely subordinate to the husband? Why can’t women also be officials? Or do business? Brother, who made these decisions? Why should we obey all of this?”

Yun Feiyu and Lin Siyuan, who had always been confident in their scholarly knowledge, were completely stumped by Yun Feiyan’s questions. Why was it like this? It seemed that the imperial power had always been the supremacy since ancient times. They had the power to dictate the lives and deaths of the common people and even the court officials, but when was this ancient time?

“Shi Ran destroyed and conquered six kingdoms causing blood to flow like rivers, and the people of these six kingdoms were not allowed to become officials but casted as slaves of the Shi Kingdom. When the Emperor of Wu was fighting for the throne, the blood flowed like rivers in the imperial city of the Wu Kingdom, ignoring the lives and suffering of the citizens in the city for three days and three nights. When he attacked the seven clans of the Western Regions, no male was spared while all the women were reduced to slaves. The murders they committed were no less than that of the Crown Prince.”

“There are countless Crown Princes and countless Chen Chuans in this world, so it is this world that is wrong!” Yun Feiyan’s eyes were full of hatred, but her tone was very calm.

But in the ears of Yun Feiyu and Lin Siyuan, it was no less loud and shocking as thunder from the nine heavens.

History was always so similar. Blood and bones laid the road to peace. After peace, the people once again step onto this bloody road constructed of bones. But why was this a cycle that they never seemed to be able to escape from?

Yun Feiyu and Lin Siyuan couldn’t think of an answer, and Yun Feiyan only had an extremely vague thought in her mind. It had troubled her over countless days and nights, but still she remained puzzled.

In the Crown Prince’s Palace, in the study room, Su Mu held a stack of papers in his hand that recorded the words of the three people. At the end, after finishing reading the last word, Su Mu could not help but feel that Yun Feiyan was indeed a woman ahead of her times. Perhaps if it weren’t for the fact that he had come from a later generation, he might not necessarily have Yun Feiyan’s vision.

Su Mu looked at the questions raised by Yun Feiyan in his hand, and shook his head: “It’s a pity that you won’t be able to see the world of your dreams in your lifetime.”

Speaking of this, Su Mu really did miss that world a little bit.

“Since an ancient woman could have such courage, how can someone from the modern age lose to her?”

Su Mu’s competitiveness and enthusiasm was fanned. He put down the papers in his hand, picked up a brush, and wrote in a manner of one possessed on pieces of smooth paper. After a while, he called out: “Han Yi.”

A sturdy young man walked into the study and bowed, “This official is here, please give your orders.”

Su Mu folded what he had written and said: “Give this letter to Lin Siyuan and have him write it as a notice.”

Han Yi received a thick stack of papers from Su Mu’s hand: “Yes.”

A few days later, the Crown Prince’s notices recruiting skilled craftsmen from all over the world as well as prohibiting private trafficking of land and human beings were posted outside Xuefeng Villa. Ye Qingfeng, who was being forced to communicate with the Zhao family’s young lady, passed by the notice board. Seeing those notices was almost like seeing the Crown Prince. After leaving for so long, the other didn’t even bother to send a message to him. This vexed Ye Qingfeng greatly, his gums itched and his heart felt like it was being scratched by a cat’s paw. He wanted nothing more than to grab that heartless little thing right away, throw him on the bed and cruelly ‘bully’ him for a nice long session.

Ye Qingfeng couldn’t help looking up to the sky and sighing, why did he fall in love with such a heartless little guy?

When the three armies were besieging the city, although Ye Qingfeng’s influence in jianghu could not turn the tide, it was still possible to deal some damage to the three armies. The reason that he did not end up doing anything was because of his hope to take the Crown Prince and elope after the three armies broke into the city. At that time, no one would be able to fight with him for the Crown Prince’s attention.

He had been free and unrestrained in jianghu for so many years, but now he had to pit his wits against those fox demon spirits in the palace for that little heartless guy. Ye Qingfeng felt as if he would lose his hair from the grief.

He looked at the words “Xuefeng Villa” on the front door, and secretly thought: “There is still such a big problem to solve, but you little heartless fellow don’t even know to send a letter to comfort me. See how I will deal with you when I return.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Big brother Ye, why aren’t you moving, let’s go in!”

Ye Qingfeng, who had been lost in his own world, was awakened by a woman’s voice and hurriedly pulled himself together, “Ah, let’s go.”

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4 thoughts on “The Cruel Tyrant CH 058 Who Is To Blame”

  1. This girl is a lot more enlightened. In their era, there’s no greater good standing above the masses. Each and everyone of them are tainted and the throne will always be bloody. People’s options was only who is the lesser evil and who will let them survive.

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  2. It is still the same to this day though. Yes we have “laws” but aren’t they always favorable to the rich and to those who hold power?Isn’t it very similar to how those old guys can send young boys to bloody wars while they enjoy themselves still? I mean of course what written here is a lot worse but still it isn’t like this is an unfamiliar scenerio for us too for the times we live in sadly.

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