Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 057 Impossible To Keep Quiet During Meals

Nie Bufan bit his chopsticks and turned his head to look behind him. What entered his vision was a heroic looking Wei Di walking over in big steps, his pace sweeping like the wind and his aura filling up the whole room. Wherever he passed it would become the center of attention, like stars surrounding the moon, all eyes focused on his person.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Hi, Wei gege, have you eaten yet? Sit together?” A clear voice suddenly sounded in the quiet hall, casually breaking the majestic aura caused by Wei Di’s appearance.

Everyone subconsciously looked at the caller who dared to say hello to the Leader Wei in such a cordial tone. They must be a good friend of Leader Wei. Unexpectedly, what they saw was the weird boy who had only met with Leader Wei not long ago and had managed to scare his cat away with three chickens. Rather than friendship between these two people, it would not be an understatement to say that they had an enmity with each other.

Also, who was he referring to, using such a terrifying form of address like Wei gege?

Nie Bufan didn’t mind at all, a dazzling smile on his face as his right hand remained waving enthusiastically in the air.

Everyone around felt that this person was courting death and even Qin Boya stared at him with horror. Wei Di’s martial arts skills were profound and powerful and his status was respected. But his reputation in jianghu balanced on the line between good and evil. He was cold and arrogant and didn’t like to socialize, so few people dared to approach and casually make friendships with him.

It could be said that the place where Wei Di stood was exactly the high and cold summit that ordinary people could hardly reach.

But Nie Bufan didn’t know what it was to be afraid. He did things as he pleased, not for money or power, but just for personal happiness. The so-called ignorant being fearless, and those who had no desires had no wants. He could be considered possessing both of these qualities.

Wei Di paused, glanced at him casually, and said lightly: “I have reserved a seat in Xuanlan Pavilion. Come if you want to have a meal together.”

As soon as this offer came out, everyone present was amazed. No one expected Wei Di to give an invitation.

The large sleeves billowed behind him as Wei Di left, disappearing behind the bead curtain.

Xuan Lan Pavilion was one of the independent private rooms at the back of the inn, specially set up to entertain special guests.

As soon as he walked into Xuanlan Pavilion, the maid couldn’t help but whisper: “Master, why do you want to invite him?”

“Whether he dared to come is another story.” Wei Di sat by the window, his expression indifferent. A pair of clear eyes appeared in his mind and he had a feeling that the other would come.

Sure enough, as soon as his voice fell, he heard a knock on the door and then a head leaning in to take a look. When those eyes met Wei Di’s gaze it immediately curved into a smile.

“Wei gege, I’m here.”

Nie Bufan flashed into the private room and greeted with a smile, then turned his head and said to the person behind him: “Quickly, come in and put the food on the table.”

As he said this a waiter holding a tray of dishes, carefully began to place the dishes down on the table one by one.

Nie Bufan explained: “I was ready to eat just now. The food I ordered can’t be wasted so I had someone bring it over.”

Wei Di looked at the simple three dishes and one soup on the table and fell silent.

At this time, Qin Boya stepped forward and cupped his fist: “I am Qin Sanlang from the capital, Qin Boya. Greetings to Leader Wei.”

Wei Di nodded then looked at Nie Bufan.

Nie Bufan copied the other and reported his background: “I am just an ordinary villager, not belonging to any school or sect, my humble name being Duan Yu.”

The three of them looked at him together. Villager? Who would believe him?

Wei Di didn’t say anything and waved his hand to signal them to take their seats.

The maid ordered the waiters to serve the dishes, and then poured tea to the group of three in the room

The room was silent, no one took the initiative to speak.

Nie Bufan drank tea leisurely, seeming to enjoy the tranquility of this moment. He had rushed over to provoke Wei Di, but now that he was here he just pretended to be a passerby as if it had nothing to do with him.

Qin Boya quietly kicked him at the bottom of the table to signal him to liven up the atmosphere.

Nie Bufan coughed. When everyone focused on him he continued to drink tea.

Qin Boya was so vexed that he couldn’t help kicking at him again, but who knew it was the leg of the stool that was kicked this time, making a muffled banging sound.

“Please excuse my rudeness, my leg cramped.” Qin Boya quickly apologized. Glancing sideways, he could faintly make out under the edge of the tablecloth that Nie Bufan was sitting on the chair with his legs crossed.

Qin Boya was speechless. That he dared to use such a casual sitting position in front of the Leader Wei showed that he was indeed not having stage fright at all. But hatefully, he just wouldn’t speak!

Finally, all the dishes were served and the few people all picked up their chopsticks.

At this time, Nie Bufan pulled out a cloth-wrapped round object from his arms, and after opening it two plates were exposed. He placed both on the table and then scooped white rice on each. Next he added a bit of food from all the dishes except for the green vegetables. His chopsticks came and went like wind in the air, moving smoothly like flowing water.

After a while, he placed the two plates of food on the ground and greeted: “Lady Flower, Langya, it’s time for dinner.”

Lady Flower and Langya shook their bottoms quickly and clucked happily. Gold did not move however, only glancing over at them lazily. Little monkey Wukong squatted on the table holding a corn cob about its own size and began to gnaw at it.

Both Wei Di and Qin Boya’s chopsticks were still in midair, staring at him and his pets with stiff expressions.

The maid on the side was even more angry. She had never seen a person with such unruly mealtime manners. Even before the host could eat anything he served the beasts first. Not even Chun Jun received such treatment!

Looking at the two chickens that were eating in such a way the rice grains flew wildly, Wei Di and Qin Boya both felt a little bloated.

“Eat, why aren’t you eating?” Nie Bufan gave them a strange look.

Qin Boya regretted it extremely, secretly scolding himself for coming to join in the fun with this fellow. Now, he was completely conflicted, not knowing whether to eat or not eat. Looking over at Wei Di’s handsome face he could tell that it was almost frozen over.

He moved his lips with difficulty, and tried to make small talk: “Duan gongzi, doesn’t this chicken need to be fed?”

He was referring to Gold naturally.

“Oh.” Nie Bufan replied: “It usually finds food for itself. It won’t eat the food given to it.”

Qin Boya glanced at Gold and lost his words again. He raised his head and looked at Wei Di, only to see that he was staring at Nie Bufan deeply, his thoughts unpredictable.

Qin Boya secretly yelled ‘oh no’, did Wei Di really develop a murderous intent towards this fellow?

Nie Bufan seemed to realize that the atmosphere was not right at this time. He glanced left and right, and said with understanding: “You two don’t have to force yourself to obey the etiquette of keeping quiet during meals. Really, speaking freely at the dinner table can increase appetite.”

Was this the reason? The two people were speechless

Nie Bufan grinned and placed a pig’s trotter on Qin Boya’s plate and a piece of fish on Wei Di’s.

Wei Di and Qin Boya looked at the contents of their respective plates and continued to remain silent.

After a long while, Qin Boya said, “I don’t like to eat pig’s trotters.”

In fact, it was mainly because without the help of a servant to remove the meat from the pig’s trotter, he didn’t know how to eat it.

Nie Bufan rolled his eyes and said with a smile: “I have a question for you guys. I used to see someone write the word ‘Su’. Sometimes they would write the fish radical on the left and sometimes on the right. Why is that?”

Qin Boya replied: “Fish swim freely in the water. It can be left or right and is not limited to the shape of the word. This is probably the original intention of the ancients inventing the word.”

“En, that’s right. According to what you said, let this fish swim from side to side as well today.” As he said, he naturally exchanged Qin Boya’s plate on the left with Wei Di’s plate on the right.

The both of them looked at him in surprise.

Nie Bufan said to Wei Di: “Big brother Leader, do you usually eat pig’s trotters?”

“I don’t eat it often.” Wei Di frowned slightly as he looked at the large pig’s trotter.

“How did you eat it when you did?”

Wei Di did not speak, and the maid on the side drew a dagger and replied on his behalf: “Of course it is to cut it with a knife, or do you think it is by hand?”

Nie Bufan shook his finger: “Doesn’t it ruin the atmosphere using a knife? And it may cause misunderstanding on some occasions.”

“How to eat it then?” The maid asked coldly.

Nie Bufan pressed the whole trotter with chopsticks, took out a thin bone from it, and used the bone as a knife to help Wei Di to cut the trotter neatly.

“This pig’s trotters dish is steamed so that the skin is tender and the meat is soft, oily but not greasy. Just looking at the cut marks, one can tell that it would melt in the mouth, the taste excellent.”

Nie Bufan’s fingers were slender and flawless, like beautiful jade. Watching his nimble movements and listening to his gentle voice, the other two couldn’t help feeling hungry.

Qin Boya even regretted it a bit. Why did he say that he didn’t like to eat pig’s trotter? Seeing how the other had handled the pig’s trotter so beautifully and deliciously, not eating would be a crime for his stomach!

Wei Di picked up the chopsticks and put the meat into his mouth. He suddenly felt that it was indeed as Nie Bufan said, that the meat melted in the mouth, the aroma delicious.

Their appetite was aroused and the three began to eat with their chopsticks.

Nie Bufan took the time to take a glance at the two of them, secretly delighted. He rarely took the time to display literary art, and it seemed to be rather effective.

At this moment, a wine cup suddenly appeared in front of Nie Bufan. Looking up, he saw Wei Di toasting him.

Nie Bufan raised his cup up to clink it with the other’s, and drank it all in one gulp.

Having drank too quickly, Nie Bufan’s face flushed as he began to cough, his pride instantly coughed away.

Wei Di handed him a teacup and said calmly: “Take a sip of tea.”

Qin Boya’s face revealed horror. He opened his mouth to stop the other but Nie Bufan had already drunk from the teacup.

That tea cup was filled with wine…..Qin Boya had seen Wei Di pouring wine into the tea cup with his own eyes, and he didn’t know whether it was intentional or unintentional.

But it was too late. After Nie Bufan drank it, his entire face flushed, like a pink plum, his eyes misted over and clearly drunk.

Wei Di’s expression remained unchanged and he continued to eat. But from time to time he would look at him with a half smile.

Qin Boya quickly poured a cup of tea for Nie Bufan, but Nie Bufan stopped drinking this time. He suddenly got up and filled the other two men’s teacups with wine, and toasted, “If there is wine today, then today is the day to get drunk. Come, cheers!”

You planning on using wine to prank others? Qin Boya looked at the wine in the teacup silently.

“Cheers!” Nie Bufan swirled his cup of wine.

Qin Boya took a perfunctory sip.

Wei Di drank it all in one gulp.

“Excellent!” Nie Bufan put down the wine cup in his hand, took out something from his waist pocket, and handed it to Wei Di, “Come, I reward you an egg.”

With that, Nie Bufan grabbed Wei Di’s hand and stuffed the egg in his palm.

Then he looked at Qin Boya again and pointed out: “You are not bold enough, you are fined 10 coins! Come, give me the money.”

He spread his five finger palm wide open, shaking it up and down. 

Qin Boya wanted to cry but he was without tears. Seeing Wei Di staring at him with amusement, he had to accept his fate and count out 10 copper coins. Fortunately, he happened to have so much change.

“Thank you for your patronage.” Nie Bufan smiled brightly and then carefully counted 5 of the 10 coins, handing it to Wei Di, “Yours.”

Wei Di accepted without comment.

“Okay, continue.” Nie Bufan filled their cups with wine again, and said to a toast, “Meeting is fate, let us toast to our fate, cheers!”

This time Qin Boya didn’t dare to be careless and drank it all down like Wei Di.

Nie Bufan nodded in satisfaction and praised: “Not bad, each person will be rewarded with a piece of braised pork.”

He put down the wine cup and gave each person a piece of meat.

Using his drunkenness, Nie Bufan arranged various reasons and rewards to toast the other two in turn. After several rounds, he actually didn’t drink much.

Seeing that the two finally appeared drunk, he finally felt balance in his heart.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

You fella, just now deliberately teasing him with wine, how can this one not get back at you?

In order to present the best hospitality, I will definitely arrange a few more good shows for you tonight!

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