Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 058 Taste Of His Own Medicine

Nie Bufan and the others went back to their respective rooms after filling themselves with drink and food.

The night shrouded the old streets, lanterns were hung up high and it was the time when the red light district was at its most bustling.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

A man in black and wearing a conical bamboo hat walked into Xinghe Tower, one of the three big brothels of Xishan City, threw a silver tael directly to the old brothel keeper, and said in a low voice: “Please send a girl to Baofu Pavilion Tianzi room no. 1 to serve my master tonight.”

The old brothel keeper hesitated as she looked at the silver in her hand.

The man in black said again: “My master is generous, and there will be no lack of benefits afterwards.”

The old brothel keeper thought about it and believed the other. Someone who could live in Tianzi room no. 1 was definitely not poor.

She asked: “I wonder what kind of girl your master likes?”

“My master doesn’t like young and charming girls, but only likes ‘mature’ women.” The man in black especially emphasized the word ‘mature’.

The old brothel keeper understood, and said with a small smile: “Don’t worry, my Xinghe Tower is full of experienced mistresses of the bedroom.”

“Just in case, I want to personally choose for my master, please provide this convenience.”

“No problem, this way please.” The old brothel keeper led the man in black into the inner courtyards.

Soon, the old brothel keeper saw the man in black out. The man in black nodded at her and said profoundly: “En, she must arrive before haishi (9-11pm), don’t be late and don’t make any noise.”

The old brothel keeper repeatedly promised, watching him turn around and disappear into the night with a weird look on her face.

Baofu Pavilion, Tianzi no. 1 room. Wei Di was talking to a black-clothed attendant.

The black clothed attendant said respectfully: “Master, I have found out the specific location of Chicken Nest Village. Those who hold the keys all live there, and we can go there tomorrow.”

Wei Di nodded: “Good, have they opened the treasure trove?”

“This subordinate doesn’t know.” The black-clothed attendant said, “Chicken Nest Village is tightly guarded and it is difficult for this subordinate to approach.”

“Oh?” Wei Di raised his eyebrows, “They have guarded it so tightly that even you can’t get in?”

The black-clothed attendant hesitated for a while, and said, “It’s not that they have guarded it so tightly, but because there are chickens everywhere in the village. No matter day or night, there are chickens patrolling. As long as this subordinate approaches in one step, it will immediately arouse their vigilance.”

Wei Di was stunned and fell silent for a while before suddenly asking, “Is the chicken the lucky animal of Xishan City?”

“Uh…..don’t seem to have heard of this…..”

Wei Di also seemed to realize that his question was a little weird. He waved his hand and said: “Okay, you go down and get ready, we will go to Chicken Nest Village tomorrow.”

The black-clothed attendant bowed and was about to retreat when he heard a knock on the door.

Neither Wei Di nor the black-clothed attendant paid much attention to it. From the other’s breathing and footsteps, it was obvious that the knocker was not a martial artist.

The black-clothed attendant stepped forward and opened the door. Standing outside the door was a woman in a cloak. Although one couldn’t see her face, she had a sweet scent and her nails were painted a very alluring red.

“You are?” The black-clothed attendant asked.

“This slave, Feiyan of Xinghe Tower, pays respects to this lord.” The woman bowed.

“Xinghe Lou?” The man in black sneaked a glance at Wei Di. Could it be that the Master…..?

He subconsciously let the other in.

“Who let you come in?” Wei Di frowned and asked coldly.

The woman looked in the direction of the black-clothed attendant, and replied timidly: “Didn’t this lord in black go to Xinghe Tower at xushi (7-9pm)? He said he was looking for a suitable girl to serve his master? This slave was chosen by him personally.”

Wei Di’s sharp gaze shot towards the black-clothed attendant.

The black-clothed attendant was shocked, and hurriedly bowed, “Master, this subordinate has never been to Xinghe Tower.”

Wei Di also knew that his subordinates would absolutely not have the courage to take such an initiative to find him prostitutes.

“Are you sure he was the one who went to Xinghe Tower before?” Wei Di asked.

The woman hesitated and said: “The man was wearing a bamboo hat, and this slave did not see his whole appearance, only that he was dressed in black and his body physique is almost the same as that of this lord.”

The black-clothed attendant glared, feeling that he was being seriously slandered.

Wei Di glanced at his subordinate, and the black-clothed attendant hurriedly said in a low voice: “Master, could it be that someone wanted to express goodwill by this?”

“Express goodwill?” Wei Di snorted, “Just randomly picking a woman from the brothel to give to me. Is this a sign of goodwill or a deliberate intention to play tricks on me?”

The black-clothed attendant shut up and said nothing.

Wei Di’s eyes flickered, and after thinking for a moment, he said to the woman: “Pull your cloak open and let me see what kind of girl a certain someone has found for me?”

Upon hearing this, the woman hesitatingly liftd the cloak, revealing her ‘mature’ appearance.

The black-clothed attendant’s mouth involuntarily twitched and he couldn’t bear to look straight. This woman was in her forties and even her thick powder makeup could hardly cover the wrinkles and loose skin around her eyes. Her lips were also painted bright red and appeared intolerably tasteless. It was more appropriate to say that she was an old matchmaker than a girl.

In fact, she was indeed a matchmaker a few years ago. But she was expelled by the villagers because of her dissolute nature and eventually reduced to selling herself. She had no other abilities and the only thing she was good at was matters related to bed affairs. Sometimes when there were girls in the brothel who were not suitable to serve a customer at the time, the old brothel keeper would have her replace them. Under the dark with all the lights off, drunken customers generally wouldn’t be able to tell who they were actually embracing.

“Lord, although this slave looks average, my bed skills are quite good. It is lonely late at night, so why not give me a try, my lord?” The woman winked at Wei Di. The man in front of her was handsome and majestic, and was truly a rare desirable partner.

Wei Di narrowed his eyes and said suddenly: “I heard that you brothel girls usually carry some medicine to increase sexual pleasure or performance?”

The woman looked at Wei Di in astonishment. Did this seemingly imposing man need medication to get an erection?

The attendant in black also had on an expression of horror. He had been with the Master for so long, but he hadn’t noticed that the Master’s physical condition had any problems.

Seeing their expressions, how could Wei Di not know what they were thinking?

He said with a dark face: “It’s best not to guess randomly, otherwise don’t blame my subordinates for being merciless. You, answer my question.”

The woman was taken aback by him, and hurriedly said, “Yes, this slave has the medicine on me.”

“How is the effect?”

“If the intake quantity is large enough, it is enough to have an elderly man regain his glory.”

“Very good, I shall buy it.” Wei Di threw an ingot of gold at her.

The woman hurriedly picked it up with a smile on her face. She then took out a small porcelain bottle from her pocket and placed it on the table, adding: “Generally, it takes effect just by putting one drop in the wine.”

Wei Di picked up the small porcelain bottle and stood up. He said to the attendant: “You stay here to keep a look on her, I will be back soon.”

The attendant bowed, feeling quite curious in his heart, secretly wondering: who did the Master intended to give the medicine to?

Wei Di stepped out, passed through the eaves, and easily entered Nie Bufan’s room.

The light in the room was dim and the person on the bed was wrapped in a quilt like a caterpillar.

Wei Di walked to the table and poured a glass of water. He then opened the small porcelain bottle, dripped one drop, paused, and then dropped two more drops. He then came to the bed with the teacup. At this moment, two figures flashed from the side, blocking him from the bed.

Looking intently, he saw that it was the pet chickens, Lady Flower Girl and Langya that he had seen beside Nie Bufan. The other chicken named Gold was not in the room.

Wei Di made a decisive decision and shot out a hand to knock the two chickens out before they could alert their master. He attacked fiercely, the hits landing directly on the heads of the chickens with just the right amount of strength so that it didn’t hurt their lives. Although they were just chickens they were extremely clever, and in a rare moment he showed some mercy.

Nudging the chickens aside, he leaned forward and turned Nie Bufan over on the bed, staring at him for a long while. Sleeping so defensively, was it because he was confident that he could protect himself with the chickens?

Wei Di curved his lips slightly. He held the other’s neck and poured the tea into his mouth.

For some reason, when he saw the woman from the brothel, the first person he guessed was this guy. In fact, he was very sure of it. In this small mountain city, who would dare to joke with him in such a way? Only this kid was eccentric enough.

In that case, he would give him a taste of his own medicine and let him enjoy this amorous encounter. But even if he made a mistake, it was of no great matter.

Halfway through finishing the tea, the person who was sleeping suddenly opened his eyes and stared up at Wei Di’s handsome face very close to his.

The two looked at each other in silence, and then Nie Bufan’s eyes flickered and caught sight of the chickens that had fainted on the side. He quickly got up and pushed Wei Di away, rushing out of the bed.

After checking them over, he finally let his worries rest. Only then did Nie Bufan turn to face Wei Di and scold the other, “Leader Wei, what business do you have visiting so late at night?”

“I just came to express my thanks.” Wei Di put the teacup with half a cup of tea remaining on the table and replied lightly, “Thank you for the beauty that you sent to me.”

“What beauty?” Nie Bufan’s eyes were clear and his face was righteous. “I don’t know what you are talking about? If there is a beauty then I would keep her myself, why would I give her to you?”

When Wei Di heard this, he wondered whether he had made a mistake?

He said casually, “That’s strange, I found a chicken feather on that beauty.”

With that said, he really took out a chicken feather.

Nie Bufan was secretly startled, his thoughts turning sharply before he crossed his arms over his chest and said, “Can all chicken feathers represent me? Leader Wei is too arbitrary. Where would I have this spare money to help others find women?”

Hmmph, want to bluff him? Didn’t the women need to take a bath before coming to serve? Even if she was covered with chicken feathers before, it was impossible to only be spotted by others just before getting on the bed.

“Oh?” Wei Di said in a non-committal manner, turning the chicken feather in his hand, “I misunderstood?”

“That’s right!” Nie Bufan stared at the tea cup on the table and said righteously, “Whoever did it, then you go find whoever, it’s none of my business! Also, what did you make me drink just now?”

Wei Di looked at him without speaking. 

Nie Bufan approached him and placed one hand on the tabletop. With a grin he asked, “It’s not poison, right?”

“What if it’s poison?” He wanted to see just how courageous this guy really was?

“If it’s poison…..” Nie Bufan raised the cup and slowly brought it to his mouth, but did not take his eyes off the other, “I don’t mind trying it again.”

Wei Di was slightly stunned, he didn’t expect the other to react this way. When he said these words his eyes were like water, and Wei Di couldn’t help being attracted by the amorous charm in those eyes. A sudden inexplicable restlessness developed in his chest.

Just as he was stunned, Nie Bufan suddenly hooked his neck with an arm and pressed his lips on the other’s, pouring half of the mouthful of tea into the other’s mouth.

Wei Di’s breath stopped, but he didn’t push the other away, allowing Nie Bufan’s tongue to penetrate between his lips and teeth.

The aphrodisiac in Nie Bufan’s body seemed to finally take effect. His eyes misted over, his breathing became hot, and the kiss became passionate and lingering. 

Wei Di suddenly returned to his senses and turned his head, trying to push the other away. Nie Bufan wrapped his left leg around his right leg, his hands tightly locked around his neck. Almost all of his weight was now hanging on Wei Di.

Mesmerizing like a fox demon and seductive like a snake demon, Nie Bufan showed his amorous side for the first time. Even when drunk, he could maintain some sobriety. But this kind of aphrodisiac with an increased dose completely stripped away any defenses and caused him to fully display his sexual charm.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Even one with such determination and endurance as Wei Di, under the dual stimulation of a seductive body and potent aphrodisiac, also couldn’t help but feel desire burn through his whole body. His breathing became heavy and he looked at Nie Bufan deeply.

This kind of development really went beyond his expectations…..

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