Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 059 One Should Never Miss A Step

As the leader of the Wulin Leader of jianghu, Wei Di had strong martial arts and profound internal strength. Generally, aphrodisiacs would not cause him to lose his mind, but the guy in his arms who never seemed to play by the rules was making it very difficult for him to remain in control of himself. Even beautiful women couldn’t enter his good graces, let alone a man? How could he feel desire for him?

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Wei Di’s thoughts were a little confused and his hands clasped the waist of the person in his arms unconsciously as he kissed back tentatively. The warm breaths and rubbing bodies accelerated the burning desire.

At this moment, Nie Bufan suddenly removed his lips. His cheeks were flushed and he looked up at Wei Di in a daze, “Who are you?”

Wei Di was speechless.

Nie Bufan held his face and said with dissatisfaction: “It’s too high, I feel pain from tiptoeing, do you mind bending over?”

Wei Di had a sudden urge to laugh. Why was this guy so cute?

Nie Bufan put his hand into the opening in his collar and rubbed his face against his thick muscular chest. He muttered: “Standing is uncomfortable, I want to lie down.”

Hearing these words, Wei Di picked him up and put him on the bedding before pressing himself down onto the other.

Nie Bufan giggled, and dropped kisses on his forehead, nose, and lips. One leg hooked his waist and rubbed his side a few times.

Wei Di took a deep breath, his eyes dark. He gently stroked his neck with his fingers. The other’s body did not have a strong powdery scent, but instead exuded a faint fragrance of grass, clean, fresh and pure. He couldn’t help but develop a tempting thought: perhaps he could try this out?

Just as Wei Di opened his mouth to say something, Nie Bufan arched his upper body, raised his head and bit his lips, his eyes half closed with eyelashes trembling slightly like butterfly wings. At the same time, one of his bent legs rubbed up between his legs and against his lower parts, spurring his steadily hardening desire.

Wei Di’s Adam’s apple rolled and he bowed his head to capture the other’s lips, eagerly taking the initiative.

The aphrodisiac in his body seemed to fully exert its effect at this moment, and his desire seemed to crash over him like a wave. Both hands began to explore all over the other’s body.

Nie Bufan was originally dressed in a single robe so after a few times of rubbing against each other, it barely covered him anymore. Although Wei Di did not deliberately undress, his own clothes were also hanging loose, revealing strong muscles.

The panting in the room became heavier, and in the dim light, two bodies could be seen entangled with each other. Under the light of the moon streaming in through the window, an ambiguous silhouette was outlined.

Wei Di let go of the restraints in his heart and completely sunk into the sea of ​​desire. The moment he entered, he felt as if he was cradled by the clouds, causing him to sigh with pleasure.

It was so tight and so hot, he could barely wait to start thrusting his hips. From slow to fast, from shallow to deep, again and again. Each time it brought indescribable feelings of pleasure.

Nie Bufan’s head was hazy and he could only follow his instincts, allowing the man on him to invade his body unscrupulously.

Don’t know how long it took, but it was only after Wei Di released himself in his body once again did he finally feel slightly satisfied. Nie Bufan had already fallen asleep, his body soaked with sweat, and his lower body was also covered with a blush inducing stickiness.

Wei Di pulled out, his mind gradually becoming clearer. His eyes when looking at Nie Bufan were dark and obscure. His gaze swept over the traces of lovemaking on the other’s body and recalled the night’s absurdity. Along with his thoughts, his body once again became restless and his lower half showed signs of lifting.

He immediately sat up, suppressing the desire to enter once again, and covered Nie Bufan with a thin quilt.

Looking out the window, the sky was already showing some white, likely already maoshi (5-7am). He actually wildly and unrestrainedly coupled with another man because of aphrodisiacs, his superior physical strength allowing him to perform until dawn.

It was undeniable that he did have a good impression of this kid. It used to be a simple acquaintance, but now it had evolved into a more intimate relationship.

He didn’t hate this kind of relationship, on the contrary, he might even have some pleasant feelings. That being the case, no matter what identity this kid had, he could only be his, Wei Di’s person in the future!

After figuring it out, Wei Di was in a good mood as he got up to straighten up his clothes.

At this moment, he suddenly felt a heart-pounding pressure making its way straight towards him. He turned around abruptly, only to see a dark figure flashing through the window and rushing towards him quickly.

He dodged, and the black shadow landed on the table. It was the chicken named Gold, with the little monkey Wukong following behind.

Wei Di curled his lips, “Is it not too late to come back to protect your master now? Your master is already mine.”

Gold was used to going out at night, and last night was the same. Gold and Wukong went out for a night tour while also looking for food. They didn’t come back until now, only to find an unexpected intruder in the room.

Gold was furious, its chicken feathers standing on end, and it rushed at Wei Di again. It was clearly only a chicken, but its agility and strength were so powerful that when its claws landed on the wooden furniture it left behind clear claw marks.

Astonishment flashed in Wei Di’s eyes and he observed its offensive while dodging.

The little monkey chittered in its place on the bed, seeming to be cheering on Gold.

Gold let out deep throaty sounds, and its attack became even more violent.

Wei Di had always believed in his high martial arts skills, but unexpectedly several of his attacks missed. Even if he managed to land a hit, it only slowed Gold’s movements and did not seem to cause much damage at all.

Was this still a chicken? Wei Di suddenly felt that the world was a little surreal. If even a chicken was this strong, how could other livestock live? No wonder his cat was afraid of it, this mighty attack power was indeed demonic.

“What are you all doing this early in the morning?” A muffled voice suddenly sounded.

Gold stopped its offensive attacks and stood on the cabinet, staring at Wei Di.

Wei Di turned his head to look at the bed, and saw Nie Bufan on his side, holding the quilt and looking at them sleepily.

He walked to the bed and touched his hair, “How does your body feel? Sleep some more. I’ll ask someone to bring you a bucket of hot water later.”

Nie Bufan looked at him in a daze for a while, and suddenly sat up quickly.

“Owww…..” Nie Bufan frowned at the pain in his lower parts.

“Does it hurt?” Wei Di asked.

“You, you, you…..” Nie Bufan pointed a trembling finger at him, “What have you done?”

“What do you think?” Wei Di asked with a half-smile.

Nie Bufan said angrily: “How can you be like this? Looking at your well-dressed appearance, who would have thought you would do something that is as good as a beast. Drug/rape, you are actually so despicable that you would use drug/rape to sully my innocence!”

Wei Di was speechless. Although his original intention was to give the other a taste of his own medicine, he really didn’t expect that he would personally do it himself.

Nie Bufan lectured in a resentful tone: “With your martial arts, you can subdue me without using medication at all. Don’t you think you have done something redundant?”

Did he mean to suggest that he should just force himself onto the other directly? Wei Di continued to be speechless.

Nie Bufan was silent for a while before suddenly wondering: “Could it be that you can only get an erection with medicine?”

Wei Di’s face turned black and glared straight at the other.

“If this is the case, then forget it, I will keep it secret for you. I just hope you won’t ask me to test any more medicines with you in the future.” Nie Bufan waved his hand weakly.

“I’m afraid it won’t work.” Wei Di pinched his chin and said in a confident tone, “You are already mine, and you can only follow me from now on.”

Nie Bufan looked at him like one would look at a critically ill patient, and said: “Do you take me as an idiot? It is not enough to be taken advantage of by you once and I should let myself be taken advantage of for a lifetime?”

“I’m not discussing this with you, but ordering.” Wei Di declared in a tyrannical manner.

Was this a case of a misstep leading to an eternal regret?

This whole time, Nie Bufan had yet to encounter this kind of tyrannical and possessive breed. Even one as noble and proud as Si Chenyu still retained a reservedness. At least he would not declare ownership because of a one night stand. But this one in front of him was a typical machismo. If it was his, then it must be his, and no one else was allowed to covet it.

Nie Bufan thought tremblingly, he had lost his innocence eight hundred years ago. If he knew that he had a pile of adulterers back in Chicken Nest Village, what would be his expression? When the time came, he wouldn’t become so angry he would cause a bloodbath in Chicken Nest Village, right? This uncle was the Wulin Leader of the martial arts world of jianghu, who would be his opponent in Chicken Nest Village?

No, he must draw a clear line with him as soon as possible. He won’t let him get involved with Chicken Nest Village!

“Leader Wei.” Nie Bufan said in a calm voice, “You may not know this but actually I have a strange disease and cannot marry my whole life. Every time I have sex, my life span will be shortened by several years. Putting aside the fact that same sex relations are a taboo, my condition must have worsened after one night with Leader Wei. I wonder how many years I can even live.”

Wei Di stared at him: “Do you think I will believe this?”

“Leader Wei can choose not to believe it.” Nie Bufan looked at him with a very sincere gaze, and said seriously, “I only ask Leader Wei to have mercy and don’t force me, so that I can live the rest of my life with peace of mind.”

Wei Dian looked at him suspiciously, and said: “I really don’t believe that there is such a strange disease in this world, but I will ask a genius doctor to diagnose and treat you. You will definitely be cured.”

Actually we should treat you first! Nie Bufan yelled in his heart. Having the stupid luck of picking up a copper coin and then wanting others to throw out all the money in their wallets so that you can pick up some more. Sir, do you have any professional ethics?

“I won’t bother Leader Wei with this matter.” Nie Bufan’s face must still pretend to be serious.

“If this matter is my fault, of course I must be responsible to the end.” Regardless of whether his words were true or false, so long as he stayed with him, he would be able to find out the truth eventually. If he lied to him, well, he had his own methods to rectify the other.

Nie Bufan looked melancholy, secretly saying to himself that this person was not easy to fool. The only method left was to employ delaying tactics. He would behave with docility and obedience, and then when the other dropped his guard he would hide back in Chicken Nest Village.

En, it’s decided.

Wei Di regarded the other’s silence as his expression of resistance after losing his chastity. He could completely understand. A perfectly normal man who had his body taken by him, another man, did indeed deserve time to adapt.

He could temporarily forgive him for his rudeness. In any case, the days were long and he would eventually have him be willing to be his person. Recalling the appearance of the young man wantonly moaning under him last night, Wei Di couldn’t help feeling a little dry in the mouth.

Nie Bufan keenly noticed that Wei Di’s gaze had become a bit strange, so he quickly lay down in the quilt, wrapping himself in a ball, and muttered, “I’m tired, I want to sleep some more.”

Wei Di lowered his eyes and did not force him.

“Alright, you rest first. I will come find you later.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Wei Di stood up, ignoring Gold’s vigilant gaze, and walked straight to the door. He decided to postpone today’s trip to the Chicken Nest Village. The precious treasure he suddenly got by accident aroused his interest even more.

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