Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 060 Rumors Spread Through The Crafty

Nie Bufan was monitored. As soon as Wei Di went out, he sent over two attendants to follow him step by step. He said they were there to protect and serve him, but they were actually there to prevent him from running away.

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As for the woman from the brothel, she was dutifully looked after by the black clothed attendant for one night, and was sent back with two dark circles under her eyes the next day. Her sisters thought that she had met an extremely energetic benefactor, such that she had been kept up all night…..

“What’s going on?” Qin Boya looked at the two attendants sitting on the other side and asked Nie Bufan in a low voice.

Nie Bufan curled his lips and replied: “Uncle Wei thinks they are eyesores, so he threw them to me for training.”

Hearing the word “training”, the two attendants subconsciously got a cold sweat.

Qin Boya looked suspicious and his eyes flickered back and forth between them.

Nie Bufan put down the teacup again and shouted: “There is no tea, Wei Yi, Wei Er, hurry up and get me a pot of hot tea!”

The two guards had on cold expressions as they moved over like wooden men to take the teapot, only to find that there was still half a pot of water in it.

One of them said, “There is still water in this pot.”

“If I said that there isn’t, then there isn’t!” Nie Bufan declared arrogantly, “If you have any comments, then go find your master to file a complaint.”

Lady Flower, Langya, and Wukong who were gathered around him also clucked/chittered loudly in the same manner.

The two attendants swallowed their grievances and went away.

Qin Boya looked stunned, and asked after a long while: “Are you and Leader Wei…..”

Why did the situation seem to have turned completely incomprehensible after only one night?

“How do I know what’s going on with him?” Nie Bufan looked around for a while, then leaned close to him, and said mysteriously, “I suspect that the reason why he put two people next to me was because he was worried that I would leak his secret.”

“What secret?” Qin Boya’s eyes were filled with curiosity.

Many people around also pricked their ears.

“It’s like this. Last night, uncle Wei secretly called over a girl from Xinghe Tower to serve him.” Nie Bufan’s voice was very small, small enough that it could be heard by people within 4 or 5 meters.

“What?” Qin Boya couldn’t believe it. With Wei Di’s identity and taste, why would he need to find a woman from a brothel?

“This is not the most important point. It is normal for men to have needs and that is perfectly understandable.” Nie Bufan said again, “What is really incredible is his special preference in regards to women…..”

“Oh? What special preference?”

“He…..” Just as he began, Nie Bufan was suddenly pulled up, and then a sinister voice sounded: “What about me?”

Wei Di stood upright beside Nie Bufan, staring at him coldly.

Nie Bufan didn’t have any shame of being caught, his expression calm as he greeted, “Wei gege, good afternoon.”

Wei Di just nodded at Qin Boya, and then took Nie Bufan and walked upstairs.

Qin Boya stared at the back of the two dumbfoundedly, completely befuddled.

“What are you doing?” Nie Bufan was dragged reluctantly. The three chickens followed behind, plus the little monkey. A total of four pairs of eyes stared at Wei Di vigilantly.

Wei Di didn’t speak, and directly pulled the person into the room and closed the door forcefully. He then stood with his arms folded across his chest and stared at him sharply.

Nie Bufan stared back without any timidity, tilting his chin up and saying, “Don’t think that only your glare can kill people, mine is not bad either.”

He also pushed up the corners of his eyes with his fingers, making a weird look.

Wei Di’s serious expression almost couldn’t be maintained. He put one hand on the other’s head, and said in a deep voice: “Behave in the future, don’t talk nonsense everywhere.”

Nie Bufan bent his knees to avoid that palm that was like a mountain pressing on his head, and said disapprovingly: “If you dare to do it, you should dare to admit it, are you afraid of what people say?”

“The problem is, you are purely just being contentious.” Wei Di felt that he had been very tolerant towards him. How could he say so much nonsense to someone else?

Nie Bufan said righteously: “Without contentious speech, people will not feel refreshed. I need to stick to my freedom of speech.”

“Freedom of speech?” Wei Di raised his eyebrows. “Is your freedom to create trouble for others?”

Nie Bufan laughed and said, “For Uncle Wei, what can be called ‘trouble’ in this world?”

The words were very pleasant sounding, and Wei Di was secretly pleased, but, “What’s this ‘uncle Wei’?”

“A term of endearment, a term of endearment.” Nie Bufan patted him on the shoulder.

“Oh? Do you have endearment for me?” Wei Di asked with interest.

“Don’t you know that there is a way of communication called ‘courtesy’?” Nie Bufan shook his finger and replied, “This is just a courteous term of endearment, you can listen but should not believe.”

Wei Di became vexed, this guy truly had the ability to choke people with his words. What did he even like about such an incomprehensible and willful guy? Were his eyes smeared by paste?

“You stay obediently in the room today, and I will take you out tomorrow.”

After speaking, Wei Di was just about to leave but then he seemed to think of something, and said: “Also, don’t get too close to other people in the future, regardless of gender. Don’t forget that you are my person now, and you must keep to your role.”

Nie Bufan revealed a pure smile: “Okay, you go ahead, by the way, call the two attendant brothers in. I want to play wrestling with them on the bed.”

Wei Di froze, then turned around and glared at him.

He twisted his neck and then his waist, and continued: “I was overworked last night and my whole body is sore. So it will be great if they can help me to massage it.”

When speaking, the tone of voice was full of lazy allure, and the expression in his eyes was also full of seduction.

Wei Di’s expression was cold and stern. He snorted heavily and then walked out. Nie Bufan immediately heard him order the attendant angrily: “Nothing is allowed to enter his room, and don’t get close to him within five steps! If there is any physical contact, there will be corporal punishment.”

The attendants hurriedly promised.

Nie Bufan fell on the bed and laughed.

Then, he took a pillow and casually threw it toward the door, making a muffled crashing sound.

The attendant opened the door quickly to check.

Nie Bufan hooked his fingers at them: “Come here, let’s talk.”

The attendant slammed the door shut without saying a word.

Nie Bufan walked to the closet again, opening and closing, making continuous crashing sounds.

The attendant opened the door again, and he said, “I want to change my clothes. You can help me find what is suitable.”

The attendant closed the door again with a cold face.

Next, Nie Bufan made noises in every corner in various ways. Together with his pets he completely upended the room, but the attendants were no longer willing to open the door to take a look.

Nie Bufan smiled, took out a bundle of rope from his bamboo basket, tied it to the bedpost and called his pets over. He then jumped out of the window in a natural and relaxed manner.

Behind this room was a quiet corner of the courtyard and few people passed here. Nie Bufan’s escape did not attract any attention.

The attendants heard nothing in the room, and thought that this little tyrant had finally stopped, so they were all secretly relieved.

Nie Bufan walked in a crouch and ran out from the back door quietly along the path that Lady Flower and the others had explored.

He was not an obedient person, so how could he endure Wei Di’s strong egotistical desire for control?

If he had known the other’s temperament, Nie Bufan would not have taken the initiative to tease him even if he was at gunpoint. However, he himself did not have the slightest regret for his own actions. Even if he ended up kicking the iron plate, he only blamed the iron plate for showing up in his path.

After escaping, the sky was bright once again.

In order to avoid the people in Chicken Nest Village from finding him too early and at the same time, avoid Wei Di, Nie Bufan decided to find a private house to hide in.

The common people of this era were mostly simple folks. Nie Bufan only gave some money, said some nice words, and with his amiable smiling face it was very easy to invoke good feelings in others. So, he quickly found a place to stay.

It was located in the north of Xishan City and belonged to an ordinary residential area. The neighbors were ordinary people, a bunch of uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, and kids. Nie Bufan was very outgoing, and he greeted everyone warmly and cheerfully. He not only investigated the area clearly he also befriended everyone around it in the short time, establishing a solid public standing.

Compared to Nie Bufan’s leisurely life, the atmosphere at Wei Di’s was tense.

Pulling the rope on the bedpost, Wei Di glared fiercely at the two attendants tasked with guarding the door. He gritted his teeth and asked, “What happened?”

The attendants knelt down on one knee and replied in fear: “This subordinate neglected our duties, please punish us.”

“With your martial arts senses, how could you not notice him jumping out of the window?”

The attendant replied: “Earlier Duan gongzi had been making noises in the room. We thought he was just messing around, so after checking it a few times, we ignored it.”

Wei Di looked around the room, and saw that the room was indeed turned upside down. Pillows and bedding were scattered all over the floor. The doors of the cabinet were also flung wide open and chicken feathers could be seen everywhere. It was like the room had been raided by a thief.

He asked coldly: “Why didn’t you pay attention? If he had any orders, don’t you know to obey?”

The second attendant whispered: “Master, you have ordered us not to enter his room casually.”

Wei Di was extremely angry. His hand snapped out, and the rope instantly broke.

That cunning guy, actually escaping from under his nose so casually!

Anger flashed in Wei Di’s eyes, and he ordered: “Go to various inns and restaurants immediately to search, and be sure to bring him back to me!”

The attendants responded in unison. At the same time, they also couldn’t help muttering, how did this Duan gongzi offend the Master? To cause the Master to chase after him so fiercely?

The things that irritated Wei Di didn’t stop there. Although the gossip that Nie Bufan tried to spread in the hall before was interrupted, for the curious idlers, naturally there was no kept secret. They used their contacts to conduct an ancient version of human flesh search engine. After deduction and various witnesses who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, they finally found Xinghe Tower and revealed the identity of the “mature beauty” Feiyan.

The old brothel keeper’s ambiguous words, Feiyan’s evasive words, witnesses’ testimony, and idlers’ deduction——all of these numerous signs indicated that Leader Wei did indeed summon the “mature beauty” named “Feiyan” late at night one day.

Everyone showed great interest in Wei Di’s taste, and many people went to Xinghe Tower to see the beauty of Feiyan. They all failed without exception.

Xinghe Tower became famous overnight, and Feiyan also ushered in the pinnacle of her career. Every day, there was an endless stream of people asking for her.

As more and more people met with Feiyan, the rumor that Wei Di prefered “mature” and “older” women without any requirements for physical looks was completely confirmed.

Wei Di was so angry he felt he had an internal injury from suppressing his anger. The reputation and image he tried so hard to maintain did not survive the collapse in the end.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He secretly vowed that he would catch the instigator and give him a severe lesson!

After Nie Bufan heard about it, he calmly summed it up: “The rumors stop at the wise, deceive the mediocre, and spread through the crafty. Hahaha…..”

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