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The Rose Palace was the power center of Legrand, so being able to step into the Rose Palace had always been regarded as a sign of status. To the extent that if a nobleman entered the Rose Palace less frequently, people would be less courteous to him.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

However, it was difficult for the many nobles who were “invited” into the Rose Palace today to smile at this glory.

These guys were thrown into the Rose Palace by the King, and the Duke of Buckingham also thoughtfully equipped everyone with a personal guard to watch their doors.

The New Royal Party felt that the Duke of Buckingham did this entirely out of the King’s will.

Everyone in Legrand knew that when the King tried to do something improper, and if the Duke of Buckingham could not stop him he would then choose to take care of the matter first, so that his nephew’s reputation would not worsen further——Of course, if the King had any reputation in the first place.

These nominal “guests” and actual prisoners of war opened their respective doors from time to time and asked the guards when they could leave the palace. They had stayed here long enough.

The guards regretfully told them: His Majesty is very warm and hospitable, so gentlemen, please enjoy the delicious food in the Rose Palace before leaving.

What delicious food? Their last supper?

The pitiful New Royal Party nobles paled with fright by their own conjectures, feeling as if the King’s curved sword was pressing against their necks.

Finally, on the second night after the “coronation” ceremony ended, the nobles were notified——

The King planned to see them.

Some of them fainted on the spot. Holy Lord! That blade had finally fallen.


Rose Palace, Bright Room.

Bright candles lit up the gorgeous meeting venue, and everything looked no different from the emergency meeting held some time ago. The angels, symbolizing judgment and justice, still looked down at the people from the dome, and the dignified megalithic building still carried the distinct majestic bearing of the royal family.

But there was still some difference.

For example, at the highest seat of the conference table, the high-back chair was finally occupied by its owner.

The New Royal Party nobles stepped into the Bright Room with a heavy heart, seeing His Majesty the King at first glance.

The King returned to his usual appearance again, wearing a coat with exquisite gold embroidery, a white silk scarf folded into several layers with fine diamonds gleaming on it. But what stood out was what the King had placed next to him.

On the left, was placed the curved blade that cut the throat of Grand Duke Grice.

On the right, was a thick stack of paper printed with unknown information.

The hearts of the New Royal nobles sank instantly. As they sat stiffly in their positions, they looked up to see that the Royalist nobles were about to get up and leave. They must have been here for a while, but each of them smiled very brightly, likely at the rewards they got from the King.

A thought swept through the minds of most of the New Royal nobles:

If only they had accepted the iron rose badges.

“Should I admonish my chef? Gentlemen.”

The King spoke, the disagreeable and tyrannical gaze in his eyes were not at all softened by the candlelight, so even if his tone of voice could be called mild, the words still did not seem like anything good.

“I told them to prepare sumptuous meals for you, but your complexion looks really terrible. Could it be that they actually dared to violate my orders?”

The meals in the past two days were indeed rich, with thick soup and fresh meat.

But who was in the mood to enjoy it at this juncture?

The New Royal Party nobles did not know what the King’s intentions were, so they had to answer his question and praise the food over these two days.

“Ah, naturally.” The King laughed, but the following words made the nobles’ faces suddenly change, “They are all my loyal and good servants, even if I told them to mix belladonna in the baking of the bread they would have definitely done so.” [1]

After all, nearly two days had passed so the New Royal nobles all had something to eat more or less. So the noblemamen who had eaten the bread subconsciously pressed their stomachs, almost wanting to vomit it out on the spot.

“Mind your decency, sir.” The King watched the changes in their faces, “The weather is cold, and a harmless joke is good for digestion after a meal.”

For the sake of the Holy Lord, this kind of joke was better avoided.

The New King nobles sat in embarrassment.

“Compared with the chef, you all have disappointed me deeply.”

The King’s voice suddenly went cold. He had always been mercurial, and there was always a flame of violence and rage hidden under his smile. A cold wind seemed to blow through the meeting room, and everyone went still and silent.

“Let’s talk about what good deeds you have done during this time.”

“Sevic Dupre.” The King picked up the top piece of paper on the stack of papers on his right hand. “Sir, your trebuchet is truly superb. It blasted through the gates of Sylvia Castle.”

Mr. Dupre, who was named, did not say a word, only collapsing bonelessly against the back of his chair.

Wonderful, the nobles of the New Royal Party now knew what the stack of papers next to the King was for.

The Duke of Buckingham wrote down all the “good deeds” they did during the civil strife, and it seemed that it was all clearly recorded.

“Mr. Simon, I have to say that the fire your cavalry set on the lower reaches of the Doma River was truly beautiful.”

“Mr. Lucel, don’t be discouraged. Although your soldiers are a little bit inferior at attacking castles, they have performed well in robbing villages.”

“Oh, and our Mr. Roche, what you did in the east was truly impressive…..”


The papers were flipped over one by one.

The King’s tone was very cordial, so cordial it caused everyone’s faces to pale and almost faint on the spot.

These nobles with keen political sense found that the King only called them by name without any titles. This detail was enough to reveal some terrible possibilities.

“Should I applaud you all?”

The King recited the deeds of every person patiently. He raised his head and looked at everyone with a smile. The smile was exactly the same as the one he had when he was in a duel with Duke Grice. Don’t forget that the curved sword was at the side of the King still.

Mr. Dupre, who was named first, reacted the fastest. He immediately got up from his chair and crawled on the cold ground, begging: “Your Majesty, please forgive me for my ignorant mistakes.”

Among the nobles here he was considered to be one of the relatively minor ones. He originally had the idea of ​​performing well in Grand Duke Grice’s coup in order to improve his status, so he worked very hard during the civil war. But the hard work to improve his status turned into a rope that now tied around his neck. He dared not think about why the King called his name first.

Dupre wept bitterly and pleaded with the King.

With the first one, more followed.

Their King was a fellow who could even throw his uncle, the Duke of Buckingham, to the guillotine when furious. None of them thought they were more noble than the Duke of Buckingham.

“What’s this? Aren’t I just expressing my gratitude for your courage?” The King said in surprise, “I even plan to have a medal created for each of you, to be placed right in front of your grave, how about it?”

It was out in the open…..

The New Royal nobles’ paled further, the King really seemed to want to chop off their heads.

“You should give them a chance.” The sound that could be called heavenly sounded, and the Duke of Buckingham stepped into the Bright Room under the grateful eyes of everyone. He looked at his nephew with indulgence, “Metzl’s executioner would not want too much work in one winter, Your Majesty.”

“I thought you would be happy to help me solve this problem, my dear uncle, aren’t your soldiers very talented?”

“You can’t let them act as executioners. This is not the treatment your loyal knights deserve.” The Duke of Buckingham said helplessly.

“Fine then.”

The King pondered for a while and took a step back.

“I think you all must be willing to make some compensation for the damage you have caused?”

What could the New Royal nobles say?

They could only respond with endless gratitude.

——The King’s curved sword was still by his left hand.

The paper stack on the right had all been read and thrown on the ground. Now there was only the sword left on the desk.

The King clapped his hands, and the King’s secretary quickly walked into the Bright Room, carrying a new stack of paper, ink and quill.

The papers were passed out.

“Come, my dear gentlemen.” The King said briskly. “Please write on this paper how many pounds you think the thing on your neck is worth. Of course, allow me to remind you of one thing. “

The King’s smile was like a nightmare in the eyes of the nobles.

They never wanted to hear the clap of hands as a signal in their entire lives.

“I hope…..” The King’s tone was very soft, “You will not have a certain illusion… illusion that I am discussing this with you.”

The candlelight shone on the King’s face, casting it in bright and dark shadows, and there was no smile in those icy blue eyes that were cold as winter ice.

The nobles shuddered.


The King flipped through the sheets of signed names, and was satisfied to see that the numbers on them even exceeded his original expectations.

“Sure enough, it is more reassuring to end trouble permanently.” The King sighed regretfully.

The King really had possessed murderous intent towards the nobles because they had too much power.

The nobles who own land could collect taxes on their own territories, could hold court trials on their own, and could even hang caught thieves. Legrand’s territory was composed of thirty-six states, and the laws and regulations were varying and mixed. Some lords even had the right to ignore the rulings of the royal court on their own territories….. [2]

Obviously, this was something that the King could not tolerate.

Take things slowly and gradually.

The King said to himself.

“Alright.” He patted the papers in his hand and said to the Duke of Buckingham, “Now is the time to take cousin Johan back. You must know that the cost of the extension of the deadline is quite high.”

With the mention of General Johan, the King remembered another thing.

“The negotiating mission was detained?”

Upon hearing this news, the King raised his eyebrows.

“The cold winter is here, and it’s time for our officials to run some errands.”

There was nothing to do in winter, so wasn’t it a good time to do some accounting? Hopefully, no one really thought that the King would just let this pass with a mere ransom.

The time to settle accounts had just begun.

“One thing.” The King pondered for a while and looked at the Duke of Buckingham, “I want to know about our family’s Templars.”

The Duke of Buckingham looked at him with suspicion, and said tactfully: “Your Majesty, the power of the Holy See is still strong now, and the new Pope is a man of skill.”

“Don’t worry, uncle.” The King replied. He watched the flickering candlelight, the flame  inexplicably cold when reflected in his eyes. “I don’t intend to go to war with the Holy See for the time being.”

If there was anything in this world that could make the King completely angry, it was obviously someone trying to actively plot his death.


Mr. Devil, who seemed to be quite capricious, committed this blunder some time ago.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

AN: King: As a tyrant, is there anything wrong with getting rid of someone once he has ceased to be useful?

Devil: As a devil, is there anything wrong with sticking the knife in?

[1] Belladonna: can make poison

[2] Refer to “Edward I” by Mark Morris

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