Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 007 Is This A Turning Point?

“Brother Ye should be cautious of your words. Spiritual plants and grains are also a must for cultivating the Dao. Shennong’s spiritual grains are the foundation of Kun-Lai Sect and must be considered as the utmost importance, so what do you mean by a murky future?” Feng Qingxiu had no interest in bullying people, “It is one’s highest priority to become familiar with the School branches after Ascension. That will be one spiritual stone.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Spiritual stone? Didn’t they say to just come here to receive it? Ye Han frowned and felt that the other was purposely making things difficult for him. He couldn’t help but sneer: “I’m just joking with you, do you think you’re still a mortal? We don’t need to eat anymore after reaching the Golden Core Formation Stage, and we are also given a Fasting Pill once a month and don’t need food for the month. You guys can only earn some spiritual stones from the lower class cultivators…..”

Before he finished speaking, he was sent flying far away by a large palm.

The sound of a physical body hitting the courtyard wall was so loud that everyone around couldn’t help but raise their eyebrows. As for the person who had done the slapping, he just lightly swept them with his eyes and everyone around lowered their heads and moved their eyes away.

The gray robe embroidered with the five crops was of extraordinary texture, but it was only loosely wrapped around the person. His fat flesh trembled under the robe, as if it would roll down at any minute.

A fat man almost as tall as he was wide appeared silently on the side, like a mountain of meat, but with blood-red eyes. He appeared like a big white steamed bun——a bun that happened to be rabbit shaped.

He widened eyes that were almost invisible in the folds of fat, and said to Feng Qingxiu: “Why give this kind of trash any face, you guys——” He stretched out his thick fingers to the cultivators working at the cabinets. “When he comes in the future, you all are not allowed to give him even a single grain of rice! If he loves to take pills, then let him take pills as much as he wants.”

“Yes, Peak Master.” The cultivators who were weighing grain on the side had long wanted to beat that rude newcomer, but the boss moved too fast.

However, the boss’s face slap was also too beautiful!


The fat man nodded and then wiped the hand that he had used to do the slapping as if it had been dirtied. He then walked slowly towards the back of the mountain peak, as silently as he had come. He was actually giving face to the concealed girl secretly following behind that kid, otherwise, that slap just now would have turned that kid into pieces of paper.

Feng Qingxiu watched as the young man struggled several times only to fail to get up from the ground, all the while vomiting blood like a waterfall. There were already people beginning to gather to watch. He sighed and stepped forward to help the young man and found a rockery to sit him down on.

“I don’t need your fake kindness…..” Ye Han struggled.

Feng Qingxiu raised his hand and knocked him out.

After finding a place with no one to put him down, he helped him connect a few broken ribs and fed him a Bone Healing Pill that was about to expire. He then returned to the front hall to continue to work as if nothing had happened.

Someone asked him if he had dragged that boy into some alley and beat him into a cripple, but he didn’t answer. He just smiled and shook his head.

After all, they were now of the same Sect, and things shouldn’t be taken too far. It’s just a verbal conflict. Although that young man was too much, he did not deserve to die.

There were a lot of things to do, and it was not until it went completely dark did he finish checking the accounts with his coworkers and could finally say goodbye to each other.

Those cultivators walked towards another courtyard together. He glanced at them enviously, then turned and walked on another road. The road was planted with luminous Moonlight Flowers. The trees were tall and tranquil, the forest so beautiful and pure.

Without the Dao Disc, he could not live in a dwelling that cost less.

Now he lived in a corner of a warehouse, with only one table, one bed and one lamp. His teachers had helped him find it.

He really didn’t know how to thank them.

It’s just…..

He felt downhearted. The three gates could not be retaken. Although his instructors did their best, he wouldn’t be able to stay long without his name entering the Dao Disc.

If there was no turning point after this month, then he would have to leave Kun-Lai Mountain.

He took out a stack of talisman paper, lit a candle and continued to practice writing runes.

Every stroke was careful and conscientious, after all he was no longer supplied with the materials like he had as a student before. This was already his last piece of talisman paper. If he really did not enter the inner Sect peaks, his future road to cultivation would be difficult to walk.

After finishing writing on the last talisman paper, he put away the talisman papers and opened the small bag he received today. It was his reward for the day.

Pulling open the silk rope, he grabbed out a handful of rice that was crystal-clear and beautiful, feeling conflicted in his heart.

After leaving the upper gate, the Sect no longer supplied Black Pearl rice. If he used this to exchange for talisman paper, then what would he eat?

But if he didn’t find a way to get more talisman papers to practice, how could he become proficient in drawing talismans enough to make money?

If he knew this would happen, then he wouldn’t have practiced cultivation so much while studying at the three gates, and instead spent more time practicing runes!

Such regret!

“Is this…..spiritual rice?” A cold but pleasant voice sounded, tone slightly curious.

Feng Qingxiu jumped up and pointed at the white-haired and obsidian robed young man, surprised: “This is the inner Sect peaks!”

“So?” Ji Yunlai was puzzled. He had just stumbled upon a set of runes that he couldn’t make any sense of, so he went out for a walk.

As for the people in Kun-Lai Mountain, he seemed to be only familiar with this young man.

“Our Peak Master has reached the Nascent Soul Stage and is nearly at the Demigod Stage. You should leave quickly, otherwise I will call someone.” There were countless powerful cultivators in the inner Sect peaks, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that the grounds were covered with cultivators at the Foundation Establishment Stage, or that cultivators at the Golden Core Formation Stage were as common as dogs. It was completely different from the outer Sect peaks in which, aside from the Mountain Patrols, there were only beginner cultivators at the Qi Condensation Stage. Feng Qingxiu could hardly imagine how many people would rush over were he to shout ‘enemy attack’.

“I will leave in a while,” Ji Yunlai looked at the rice in his hand and continued to ask, “Is this the legendary spiritual rice?”

“Um, yes.” Feng Qingxiu sweatdropped, and handed it to him, “You are already at the Nascent Soul Stage, right? How come you haven’t even seen this? What do you eat for cultivation?”

“I have always eaten creature meat.” Ji Yunlai squeezed the rice grain curiously and looked at it carefully as he answered casually.

“How can that be good? Creatures are fierce and their flesh has many impurities. How can one practice cultivation after eating that?” Feng Qingxiu was taken aback.

Since entering the lower gate, he only ate spiritual rice. The instructors told them that the spiritual energy in mundane food was too little. For cultivators, ordinary meat and rice would still not be enough even if they consumed an entire cow. But if they really ate like this, not only would they have to spend the time to prepare a cow everyday, more importantly they would need to spend the time to dissolve the impurities that the body took in from eating mundane food. It was a waste of time and essentially making twice the effort for half the result. That’s why there was spiritual rice. This kind of spiritual plant grew in places rich with spiritual energy, and was also watered by a spiritual spring. Not only were impurities scarce, it also contained abundant spiritual energy. It was an essential necessity for cultivators.

Although creatures were also spiritual beasts, they were born with a lot of impurities and it was dangerous to catch them as it was very easy to get injured by them. So if one could avoid them, then one should.

“Because I can’t afford it. I used to be an unaffiliated cultivator.” Ji Yunlai felt the rich spiritual energy from the rice, and was a little envious. “The creature meat is also very expensive, but at least one can buy it. Sometimes there are hired tasks in the cultivator markets and many unaffiliated cultivators would hunt down the beasts together, and then split the meat.”

It was just that the danger was not just something to talk about. The ferocity from the creatures was far less than the ruthlessness of cultivators who could stab you from behind.

“Unaffiliated cultivator, huh…..” Feng Qingxiu understood.

“That’s why I was so surprised when you said that Kun-Lai Sect widely accepted disciples before. The lack of resources for cultivation is truly not just something to talk about. With so many people, just feeding them can ruin a Sect.” Ji Yunlai felt both admiration for himself and felt a little sad. How could he forget his powerful and amazing self?

“This is the spiritual plant cultivated by Shennong Peak. There are more than 500 kinds. I heard that the concept of ‘hybridization’ technique was proposed by Founding Master, but this is Kun-Lai’s secret technique and cannot be passed to outsiders.” Feng Qingxiu said proudly.

“…..” Ji Yunlai was dazed for a while. It could actually be like this? Wasn’t he a programmer?

Having been in the industry for many years, he suddenly evolved from programmer to farmer, and then from farmer to engineer. Could one even change their profession and become a professional at hybrid rice?

Looking at his surprised expression, Feng Qingxiu felt an even more sense of superiority: “Relying on different spiritual plants, our Shennong Peak is the richest peak among all of the Sect peaks!”

Living long was indeed really amazing! Ji Yunlai sighed with emotion, and then felt that something was not right: “Wait, weren’t you going to Fuwen Peak? Why are you here?”

“…..” Feng Qingxiu stumbled, his proud expression disappearing without a trace, and he let out a sigh, “Elder, give me some pointers, I may soon become an unaffiliated cultivator.”

“What happened?” Ji Yunlai frowned slightly and put down the grain of rice in his hand.

“Just a little Sect matter, no need to bring it up,” he didn’t know why he had encountered such a disaster, but Kun-Lai had bestowed upon him much grace and kindness so he couldn’t say bad things about it. Thinking of this, he smiled slightly, “Elder hasn’t eaten spiritual rice so why not try it today.”

Ji Yunlai’s expression became a little serious. It seemed that it was not a trivial matter, at least for this child, it was not a trivial matter.

“Crystal rice is the most common kind of spiritual rice. If one insists on saying something about its uniqueness, then it is especially delicious.” Feng Qingxiu poured out a large handful for him, “Here, taste it.”

“Eat it raw?” Ji Yunlai looked at him.

“Yes, you don’t need to cook it, crystal rice is best eaten raw!” He said confidently.

“…..Okay.” Ji Yunlai picked up a few grains and chewed on it carefully. Instantly, he agreed with the other in his heart. The rice was slightly sweet and fragrant, as if eating pomegranates. In addition, quite an impressive amount of spiritual energy poured into his body. Although to him it was almost nothing, the taste and feeling was truly pleasant.

“What do you think, not bad, right?” Feng Qingxiu asked.

“It’s indeed really good, I want it.” Ji Yunlai liked it very much, so he took out a jade tablet and said, “I’ll exchange this for your spiritual rice.”

“No need, I said it’s my treat.” Feng Qingxiu shook his head slightly and refused, “This is the first time I am treating you.”

But it was also probably the last time.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After seeing the sky and hearing the earth, Ji Yunlai found out the whole story in just a few breaths.

He just glanced at the other lightly and said, “Since you treated me, it won’t be the last time.”

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