Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 008 Is This A Tribulation?

“You are not bad. Why not be my disciple.” Accepting a disciple shouldn’t be a big deal. Ji Yunlai thought this way, and was going to continue explaining runes to Feng Qingxiu.

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It had been a long time since he took on a disciple, and he felt that his desire for bringing enlightenment was burning.

“No,” Feng Qingxiu said with disgust, “My teacher will only be from Kun-Lai, and I won’t accept you as my teacher.”

“…..” Ji Yunlai was dazed for a while. He was actually refused???

“Are you rejecting me?” Ji Yunlai felt that the world had become absurd for a while.

“How novel,” Feng Qingxiu didn’t quarrel with him, but calmly said, “Hurry up, eat quickly, and leave after eating. This is not where you should be.”

Ji Yunlai put away his careless expression, and said solemnly: “I am the Sect Leader of Kun-Lai.”

“And I’m the Law Enforcement Elder.” Feng Qingxiu comforted, “I still have a chance in Kun-Lai. Thank you for considering me, but I really don’t need it.”

“…..” Ji Yunlai chuckled and shook his head, “Forget it, I will continue to tell you about the runes.”

This was what Feng Qingxiu needed most urgently. He hesitated. It was remote and deserted here, and he didn’t think he could call other people over before he was killed by the other. Then he’ll just learn from the other seriously and in the future he’ll find a chance to return the favor to this elder.

So one taught and the other listened carefully.

Ji Yunlai recalled the past as he talked. To be honest, when he first came into contact with runes, he thought it was just drawing a rune on talisman paper and then throwing it, no different from the demon-catching masters on TV and in movies. Later, he learned that this was a big mistake.

The origin of the Dao of Runes originated in ancient times. There were great heavenly powerhouses who observed the Great Dao of YinYang and then simplified it into the heaven and earth Dao runes. Each Dao had the power to destroy whole worlds, and was also the origin of all cultivation, called Dao runes.

It was said that the ancient cultivators did not have spells, but only needed to visualize the Dao runes in order to become one with heaven and earth, listen to the Dao, and exist as long as heaven and earth.

After several calamities, the Dao runes dissipated, and later generations tried to replicate the Dao runes and thus created Zhen runes.

“This is not what the teacher said.” Feng Qingxiu asked with confusion, “Aren’t the Zhen runes created by the Sect Leader?”

“Of course not. Zhen runes can only be drawn by people who have seen Dao runes, and later generations cannot create it.” Ji Yunlai patiently explained to him, “It’s like you can look at the outside scenery, and then create a painting based on it, but different people will draw differently, and so will the case be for Zhen runes.”

But the first person to see the actual scene was always the one able to draw the closest representation, and future generations could just look at other people’s paintings and try to paint it again.

“Later, there were several great calamities, and the Zhen runes were also lost. Later generations tried to replicate the Zhen runes, and thus birthed the runes of now, also known as talisman runes. Each Sect has its own original source of runes. The closer it is to the ancient runes, the more powerful the runes are. What you learn in the outer Sect is only a copy of the original source runes and are not very powerful.”

“Then what you taught me was the outer Sect runes…..” Feng Qingxiu understood, “No wonder it’s so difficult to draw.”

“Do you want to learn it?” Ji Yunlai dispersed the Zhen rune that floated above his palm. This was the Zhen rune he copied from the Net Spell. He himself had just learned it, and there was another one that his younger self had figured out but had yet to teach Feng Qingxiu.

“Please continue.” Feng Qingxiu bowed his head.

A few moments later, Feng Qingxiu found that the talisman papers had all been used up, so he thanked Ji Yunlai.

Ji Yunlai was currently happily teaching and didn’t want to stop, so he casually took a sheet of white jade paper for him to continue practicing.

Runes were powerful, and not something ordinary paper could bear. The more advanced runes, the better the talisman paper must be. A sheet of white jade paper could be exchanged for a box of white talisman paper for beginners to practice for one year.

Feng Qingxiu wanted to say that this was too expensive to pay off, but he was reluctant to give up such a rare opportunity, so he continued to learn. This was probably an example of no longer bothering to worry when the debt had built up.

However, when he tried to draw the last rune that Ji Yunlai said, Feng Qingxiu would always involuntarily misplace a stroke, leading to failure.

Ji Yunlai also couldn’t find the problem, so he stretched out his hand from behind him and held his hand that was gripping the brush, manually writing the runes again.

However, after reaching the last stroke, he actually felt a little resistance.

Feng Qingxiu had a feeling of his energy being emptied, and knew that this was because his cultivation base could not be matched with the level of the rune. But he also felt that he could still hold on, and so he gritted his teeth as he tried to remember the various medial and final sounds of the rune that poured into his mind.

The last stroke was drawn, and thunder suddenly ripped across the sky, resounding through the valley!


The small building was quiet, and incense smoke drifted out through the jade curtains.

In the hall, a bottle of flowers was blooming beautifully. The size and color of each bloom as well as their arrangement were all just right, charming people at first glance.

Putting down the small scissors, Ji Mingyu thought about where to insert the rest of the flowers in her hand. Suddenly, Ye Han exclaimed from the side and woke up from the bed.

Putting down the dewy flowers in her hand, Ji Mingyu turned her head to look at him.

Her eyes were as bright as autumn water, and just looking at it made him feel inferior.

“I…..” Ye Han lowered his head slightly, “I caused you trouble again.”

“Since you know, why did you go ahead anyway?” Ji Mingyu sat down leisurely, folding her hands on her knees, a half-smile on her face, “The first time, you angered First Elder Yan Zhao, the second time, you angered Peak Master Tu, and the next time, do you plan to anger my father too?”

“But they,” Ye Han’s expression darkened and he gritted his teeth, “They all look down on me, I can feel it.”

He was born with a very strong spiritual sense, and he could slightly feel the emotions of others. He could not be more familiar with that kind of contemptuous emotion.

“Elder Yan’s skill is very superior. There are countless people in the Western Continent but only a handful can beat him. He has no problem looking down on anyone,” Ji Mingyu said quietly. “Peak Master Tu is in charge of Kun-Lai’s spiritual plants. In the entire Kun-Lai Mountain who wouldn’t give him some face. You insult the entire Shennong Peak in front of him, and if he didn’t hit you, then he would not be worthy of being a Nascent Soul Elder.”

“I didn’t know that he was there…..” Ye Han said, stubbornly.

“Then how is you looking down on Shennong Peak different from Elder Yan who looks down on you?” Ji Mingyu asked softly.

Ye Han was speechless. He really never thought about such a profound question. After a while, he reluctantly said: “But you say I am a genius, a rarity that happens only once in a thousand years, and I will be better than them in the future….. This morning I have already reached the Foundation Establishment Stage, that’s why I went looking for Feng Qingxiu.”

Who knew that a Nascent Soul Elder would hit him directly.

“Ah Han, do you know of my father?” Ji Mingyu suddenly raised her head and asked.

“Of course I know.” Ye Han lowered his head slightly. No one in the Western Continent did not know the Xing Dao Master. Putting aside the feat of opening the mouth of the Southern Sea, as well as the  Dragon and Phoenix Selection. Just the fact that his presence over these hundreds of years alone deterred the demonic powerhouses and other outland clans from daring to harass the people of the Western Continent was enough to know just how godly he was.

“Will you look down on him?”

“Of course not!” Ye Han said immediately, this crime was too great for him to bear.

“My father was not born with superior spiritual roots back then, and he was turned away from Sect after Sect despite repeated requests to enter.” A trace of mocking ridicule flashed across Ji Mingyu’s face, “but now, how many people can straighten their backs in front of him?”

“…..” Ye Han could not refute this.

“You have very good inherent attributes and talented potential, and I want to recommend you to Father, but what will Father think about your current temper?” Ji Mingyu asked quietly.

“I… talent…..” Ye Han reluctantly wanted to refute.

“If Uncle Yan really wants to kill you, I won’t be able to save you, then what good is your talent, no matter how strong it is?” Ji Mingyu looked sad.

“Then let’s leave, go to the Central Continent or other places you mentioned.” Ye Han said immediately.

This idiot! Was he addicted to elopement??

Ji Mingyu deeply regretted her previous thinking. As the daughter of the Sect Leader of Kun-Lai, if she ran away with such a Foundation Establishment boy, then that would be the biggest joke in the world. Did he take her for the same naive young lady who had been raised in the deep boudoir and knew nothing but trashy romance novels?

“…..” Ji Mingyu was completely speechless. She stretched out her hand and pulled out a book titled “Introduction to Cultivation”, turned to the introduction on the Synthesis Stage cultivators, and pointed to a row of words, “You read it.”

……The Synthesis Stage was very nearly close to being omniscient and their hearing range stretched as far as tens of thousands of miles away, instantly knowing anything that happened within the range of their spiritual consciousness. Seeing this, Ye Han’s face turned red.

“My father reached the Synthesis Stage six hundred years ago, the speed of which is unprecedented. So don’t think too much.” Ji Mingyu sighed slightly, “It seems that you didn’t read any of the books I asked you to read.”

“I was busy practicing cultivation…..” Ye Han said reluctantly.

“Common sense is more important than knowledge!” Ji Mingyu’s tone finally became cold. “If you don’t memorize the three books of “Reasoning”, “University” and “General Outline”, then don’t ask me about the spells after the Foundation Establishment Stage. Back then my father created his own cultivation method and spells. Since you are genius enough to already know everything, then go practice cultivation yourself!”

“Wait, no……”

Ji Mingyu turned and left without listening to the pleading behind.

She had just left the small building when several strands of divine consciousness surrounded her. These powerhouses could make fun of her without even having to be in her presence.

“Xiao Yu still can’t hold back your temper.”

“Senior Brother Yan was the same back then. I really admire Sect Leader being able to subdue him.”

“Don’t mention it, back then, Senior Brother Sect Leader talked at me nonstop for ten days and ten nights. I would rather he just beat me up!”

“It’s the fault of all those trashy romance novels, and I think the Western Continent should ban those storytellers.”

“Seconded. What becoming an immortal by eating an immortal grass, becoming an immortal if an immortal fairy falls in love with you, and becoming an immortal by stealing the clothes of an immortal fairy who is taking a bath, such nonsense….. Yu’er, when you brought that kid back at the time, many storytellers said you had your body seen by him so you had no choice but to marry. Haha~”

“Enough of you all!” Ji Mingyu’s pretty face became frosty, “storytellers all have pits in their brains. If there really was such a lecher wouldn’t it be easier for me to kill him with my sword?”

Seeing that the girl they had carefully raised was really angered, all the strands of divine consciousness left a few words of comfort before dispersing.

Ji Mingyu breathed a sigh of relief. She really couldn’t understand how her father had managed to teach these troublemaking and delinquent uncles and aunts back then. She truly still had a lot to learn.

Suddenly, she felt something in her heart and looked up to the sky. Her body trembled involuntarily.

Countless dark clouds had gathered in the sky, occupying every inch as far as the eye could see. In addition, countless golden bolts of lightning snaked and interweaved across the sky, causing the whole world to look as if it had met its apocalypse.

Thousand Brilliance Thunder Tribulation?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

How could there be a Thousand Brilliance Thunder Tribulation?

Could it be——a new Zhen rune was to come into being?

Father had left Seclusion???

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