The Cruel Tyrant CH 061 Imperial Edict

Qing kingdom in the 193rd year (there was no reign era name at this time). One day during morning assembly in the late spring, the Crown Prince issued three imperial edicts.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The first ordered the Shangshu of the Ministry of Works to construct in the imperial city, the Imperial Engineering Academy, the Imperial Classical Learning Academy, and the Imperial Agricultural Academy.

Second, each county and city must have a government-run School (previously only private schools existed). Those who had paid tuition could enjoy the use of books, tables and chairs. Those who had not paid tuition could listen in and could not be driven away.

Third, taxes were levied directly from farmers on the basis of how many acres of land they had and the amount of rent to be paid to the landowner. Land that was already being cultivated was not allowed to be sublet at will.

When the three edicts were issued they had caused a huge uproar. Even the officials who had never dared to be audacious in front of Su Mu could not sit still. These officials had been cultivated by their families and still enjoyed the protection of their families, so they naturally wanted to protect the interests of their families. Some time ago, the Crown Prince’s order that children of concubines could also gain a share in the family property had already caused dissatisfaction among many people. At this moment, it all broke out. These people did not dare to confront the Crown Prince face to face for fear of their lives, so they all agreed——to go on a strike against the court!

Su Mu, who received the news in the study, let out a sneer and said: “Anyone who participates in the strike will be forgiven if they attend tomorrow’s morning assembly, otherwise the lower level officials will take over their posts.”

As a result, most of the people came to the morning assembly obediently the next day. As for the few who did not come, they were all sent to prison on various charges within three days. It was quite easy for Su Mu as these court officials all had stains on their record. 

In short order, he controlled the court officials and gathered the hearts of the people at the bottom. As for those little grasshoppers, who cared where they hopped.

In the prison, Yun Feiyu, Yun Feiyan, and Lin Siyuan sat at a table. After learning of the edicts issued by the Crown Prince, Yun Feiyan said with a solemn expression: “This has almost cut off the lifeblood of all the gentry. This move of the Crown Prince has touched the interests of most of the middle and upper classes. I am afraid that something big will happen soon. While the court officials don’t dare to go against the Crown Prince to his face, they may still pose obstacles in private.”

Lin Siyuan also nodded and said: “The Crown Prince has practically cut off the entire middle level, I’m afraid the sky will collapse soon.”

Yun Feiyu shook his head and said: “All the troops of the Qing kingdom, as well as the hundreds of thousands of troops of the Wu kingdom, are in the hands of the Crown Prince. At this time, no one will dare to make mistakes. After the New Laws are fully implemented, the political situation will be stabilized. These people who only know how to flap their lips won’t cause much of a storm. But in the process, I am afraid that thousands of people will die.”

After speaking, Yun Feiyu laughed self-deprecatingly and said: “I originally thought that the Crown Prince borrowed troops from the Wu kingdom only to quell the rebels. Now it seems that the real purpose of the armed forces of the Wu kingdom is actually here. The troops of the Qing kingdom are all citizens of the Qing kingdom. Many of the high ranking military officers are also from gentry and aristocratic families. Even if they are controlled by the Crown Prince, it would still be impossible for them to suppress their own family. The only possible solution is to use the army of another country. The Crown Prince… indeed a rare genius that only appears in a thousand years. The Crown Prince… indeed the hope for the Qing kingdom.”

Yun Feiyan on the side looked at the somewhat lost Yun Feiyu, and persuaded: “Brother, at this time most of the officials are at odds with the Crown Prince and the court is currently in need of people. In the whole kingdom there are only a few people willing to help the Crown Prince. Brother, come out of the prison.”

Yun Feiyu was silent for a long time. Finally, he nodded and said: “The mistake is in the past. At this time, what matters is the future. He is indeed no longer the original Crown Prince. In the end, I have lost to him after all.”

At night, by the candlelight, Huang Xuan stared as the Crown Prince drank a bowl of medicine. The snow-white skin, slender neck, and the slender body wrapped in the thin silk robe, all acted to captivate his eyes.

Su Mu felt a hot gaze on him while he drank the medicine. After putting down the bowl, he saw Huang Xuan who was standing next to him staring at him with a look of hunger and eagerness. Su Mu shot an exasperated glance at him. The palace ladies and eunuchs were still in the room, didn’t he know to restrain himself?

However, the palace ladies and eunuchs, who had already trained her eyes more sharply than a needle, hurriedly withdrew from the room the moment Su Mu put down the bowl. After a while, a blushing Yuzhu entered with an exquisite box on a tray, and then quickly withdrew.

Su Mu’s complexion shifted from white to black. Whenever a man appeared in his bedroom, his servants would always send him this thing. Was he so hungry and thirsty in the eyes of these maids?

“Your Highness!”

Huang Xuan’s wet, shiny eyes stared at Su Mu, like a puppy begging its owner for food. He only lacked a wagging tail to complete the picture.

Su Mu was a little uncomfortable from his staring, and turned his head to say; “If the injury is not yet healed, then hurry and go back to rest.”

Huang Xuan blushed as he boldly walked behind Su Mu and hugged him, stuttering: “I….I can’t sleep.”

Feeling the hard thing pressed up behind him, Su Mu’s face also flushed and he said, “How is that my business if you can’t sleep? Go back and rest.”

Huang Xuan rubbed that hard member in between Su Mu’s legs, and said in an aggrieved tone: “Your Highness, I am so uncomfortable, so uncomfortable I can’t sleep, let me sleep well with you.”

Su Mu’s whole body tingled from the rubbing. After hearing this he scolded him secretly, could he still sleep when they were actually in the same bed?

Suddenly, Su Mu felt a hand slipping into his clothes, and the belt was also quickly untied. The pale skin was exposed to the air, and a hot and moist sensation came from his back, making Su Mu shudder and involuntarily breathe heavier.

Then Su Mu was forcibly turned around by Huang Xuan to face him. Huang Xuan quickly captured Su Mu’s tender red lips, pressing him on the table behind him, and stripped him naked.

Feeling his legs being pulled apart, Su Mu hurriedly sat up and stopped him from igniting fire all over his body, saying, “Stop…..go to the bed.”

“It’s more convenient here.” Huang Xuan licked the small red bean on Su Mu’s chest.

It was digging into his back, how was this convenient?

However, just when Su Mu was about to stop him, Huang Xuan had already opened the box on the table and dipped fingers in the slippery substance before sending them into Su Mu’s body. Then Huang Xuan hurriedly pulled off his own belt and separated Su Mu’s legs, thrusting that hard rod into Su Mu’s body.

Su Mu frowned with slight discomfort at the feeling of being suddenly filled, but then his face soon took on a flush as he got used to Huang Xuan’s eager thrusting. He lay on the table weakly, letting the younger man on top of him do whatever he wanted.

The pale and tender body lay horizontally on the table like a delicacy that invited people to taste. Every expression and movement of Su Mu’s fell into Huang Xuan’s eyes. He watched him grasp at the tablecloth under him, watched him get lost to the pleasure and let out uncontrolled moans. It caused the originally very excited Huang Xuan to thrust in even harder.

Su Mu, who bore the suddenly fierce invasion, let out a startled moan. The table began to creak noisily from Huang Xuan’s fierce movements.

After a while, Su Mu could no longer stand the fierce collision, feeling that even his internal organs were about to shift. At this time, the psychological feeling was far greater than the physical feeling. The unbearable yet captivating pleasure caused Su Mu to tremble uncontrollably.

The silky walls tightly wrapped around his thrusting member, seeming to urge it to work even harder.

Huang Xuan watched the wet and messy place where the two were connected and listened to Su Mu’s arousing moans. After months of pent up desire, he couldn’t help but grasp Su Mu’s waist firmly as he penetrated to the deepest point before cumming.

While lying on the table, Su Mu, who was about to climax, suddenly felt that the big fellow in his body had softened. That feeling was more than one could describe! Su Mu really wanted to kill people at that moment!

“Couldn’t you hold on for a while longer!” Su Mu said with glaring anger in his eyes.

Huang Xuan saw that the Crown Prince was dissatisfied, his eyes full of killing intent, and immediately panicked. He hurriedly pleaded guilty: “Your…..Highness I didn’t mean it on purpose, I couldn’t help it…..”

As he was talking, the big fellow who had been ramming vigorously in his body, suddenly slipped out of Su Mu’s body. Su Mu, who was already feeling empty, became even more irritated in his heart. He grabbed the edge of the table and  unconsciously used a bit more strength than usual.


The corner of the table that had snapped off was thrown aside impatiently by Su Mu. He picked up Huang Xuan who had only taken his belt off and threw him onto his large bed. He then straddled over him, grabbing Huang Xuan’s robes and tearing it apart with both hands. Instantly, the young and slender body appeared in front of Su Mu.

In order to prevent Huang Xuan from chasing his pleasure and “ignoring” him, Su Mu used the torn clothes to tie Huang Xuan’s hands to the head of the bed. He then half-kneeled on Huang Xuan’s body, clutching the other’s soft little brother and rubbed it lewdly on his entrance.

Fortunately, the young man was hot-blooded and in just a while, it hardened once again. Otherwise Su Mu would really have the heart to strangle him.

The slender fingers pinched the big guy who was standing up again and aimed at his entrance. Slowly he sunk his body down on it, the feeling of being filled up infatuating his senses.

Su Mu sighed with satisfaction. Suddenly he felt the restless fellow in his body moving up and down. Su Mu pressed down on Huang Xuan’s waist and glared at a very flushed Huang Xuan, threatening viciously, “Don’t move.”

However, Su Mu’s look was not so much a “glare” as a seductive glance from his eyes. The slightly hoarse voice from moaning also caused one to be even more uncontrollably seduced.

Huang Xuan moved his tightly tied hands, and thrust his hips hard twice more. When he saw the “fierce glare” from the Crown Prince flying over, he said with an aggrieved expression: “I, I…..can’t bear it. Your Highness, let me serve you, please?”

Su Mu closed his eyes and pressed Huang Xuan down and motionless, getting lost in the pleasure of moving up and down on the other’s body. He relentlessly refused: “No…..just lie down obediently for me!”

The pleasure from his lower half caused a shortness of breath for Huang Xuan. He raised his head and leaned on his tied hands, taking pleasure in the hungry and unrestrained sight of the Crown Prince. His member became even harder, and he wanted nothing more than to push the Crown Prince down on the bed and thrust away to his content.

It’s a pity that Su Mu would not do as he wanted, still pressing his waist down and not even letting him move an inch.

Everytime he would pull off completely, and then sit down all the way to the hilt. Su Mu enjoyed the feeling of being stretched every time. The thick member scraped over his sensitive walls time and time again, the pleasurable feeling causing him to involuntarily furrow his brows.

Su Mu’s free hand quickly stroked his upright little brother as he moved up and down.

After a while, Su Mu’s face changed, and his entrance began to flutter vigorously. The hand pressing Huang Xuan down also lightened up.

Huang Xuan, who was squeezed to the point he couldn’t help taking gasps of breath, immediately seized the opportunity and slammed in, causing Su Mu, who had already cum a little, to shoot completely on Huang Xuan’s abdomen and chest.

The extreme pleasure in his body had not dissipated yet, but because Huang Xuan kept thrusting up and down, a new trace of pleasure took root again. But Su Mu felt a little weak, so he untied the cloth strips trapping Huang Xuan’s hands.

Huang Xuan, who got rid of the shackles, was like a beast that had been let loose from its cage. He quickly turned over and pressed Su Mu under his body and began to piston in and out fiercely.

Su Mu, who had just experienced a climax, could barely withstand his fierce attacks, hurriedly stretching out his hand to push at him, and gasp unsteadily: “…..Light….lighter…..too deep…..”

It’s just that Huang Xuan, who was completely overtaken by his desire at the moment, could only hear enchanting moans, automatically filtering out anything else.

As soon as he thought of the Crown Prince’s alluring actions on him just now, he would become so excited that he wanted nothing more than to thrust all of his love and adoration into the other’s body.

Huang Xuan, who had already cum once, was much longer lasting this time. He caused Su Mu to cum once again, and yet he still continued to work hard inside.

Su Mu, who now had two climaxes, just wanted to go to sleep at this moment. He originally complained about Huang Xuan for not lasting longer, but now he wished that the other would hurry up and cum already.

“Are you done…..hurry up.” Su Mu protested in a sleepy tone as he lay under Huang Xuan with his legs wide open.

Huang Xuan, who was determined to gain back his dignity as a man, deliberately misinterpreted his meaning and said: “Okay.”

As soon as his voice fell Su Mu instantly cried out.

“Ah…..not like that…..lighter…it’s too deep, get out!”

How could Huang Xuan listen to him at this moment, instead he only pushed down on his legs and thrusted deeper and harder.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

On the second day, Su Mu, who was tossed about until dawn, almost missed the morning assembly. The Crown Prince with a black face caused all those to avoid him like the plague, lest they accidentally provoked his anger.

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