Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 063 An Appointment Tonight

With such a disturbance in the marketplace it would definitely attract the attention of the Chicken Nest Village Manhunt Team, so the reluctant Nie Bufan was bundled up and taken back to his residence by Wang Shichan.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Raise your head.” Wang Shichan gestured with a hot towel.

Nie Bufan obediently raised his ghost face and squinted as he enjoyed Wang Shichan’s service.

Wang Shichan carefully wiped his face and washed his hands.

Nie Bufan opened his eyes and suddenly asked, “Brother Wang Fifth, do you usually wipe Buddha statues like this?”

A concentrated look with a bit of piety mixed in, as if he was holding a rare treasure in his hand. It gave Nie Bufan a feeling of being cherished.

Wang Shichan’s movements paused, and there was no reply.

Nie Bufan hugged him and asked with a smile, “Is my position in your heart comparable to the Buddha?”

Wang Shichan replied: “I believe in Buddha because of the Buddha’s wisdom. The so-called ‘according to the circumstances, good deeds will be rewarded, and evil will find retribution.’ You are probably the retribution for my wavering faith.”

“Me? Retribution?” Nie Bufan pointed at himself and glared at him with a displeased look.

“All things arise from mutually dependent relationships and conditions. Even if it is retribution, I am willing to accept it.” Wang Shichan bowed his head and kissed his forehead.

Nie Bufan lowered his head, hummed a few times and did not say anymore, his heart feeling itchy like it was being lightly scratched by a cat’s paw.

Wang Shichan smiled. He put down the towel, undressed him, and then carried him into the tub.

Nie Bufan took the initiative to invite Wang Shichan to take a bath together. With two grown men sitting in the tub, even with the tub’s big size it still seemed a bit crowded.

Nie Bufan put his legs on either side of Wang Shichan’s waist, sitting like they were carrying out dual cultivation.

The room was filled with moisture and silence, only the occasional sound of splashing water could be heard.

In the dimness, the two figures seemed to be merged into one, skin on skin, and breath blending into breath.

Wang Shichan was very loyal to his desire, entering inside and sinking into ecstasy.

The water splashed everywhere, constantly flowing over their bare skin. The wooden tub seemed to be unable to withstand the continuous vibration, creaking alongside their movements.

Nie Bufan moved up and down, and every time he sat down, the weight of his whole person would press on Wang Shichan, causing the hot member to plunge deep inside.

In the narrow tub, the joining of the two was brief but concentrated.

“Wu…..I don’t want to move anymore.” Nie Bufan sat upright, putting his hands on the edge of the wooden tub.

“Then let’s go to the bed.” Wang Shichan touched his hair, his desire still buried inside him.

“En.” Nie Bufan wrapped arms and legs around him.

Wang Shichan supported his hips, and stood up, still in a connected state. The droplets of water splashed out as he stepped out of the tub.

“En…..” This movement caused the hard object to rub against hus inner walls, and Nie Bufan couldn’t help moaning.

At this moment, Wang Shichan’s hand, which was preparing to pick up the clothes, stopped in midair, his eyes narrowing. He seemed to have heard a noise outside the door.

He quickly picked up the clothes to cover the two of them, leaped forward and jumped behind the partitioned off area.

“What’s the matter?” Nie Bufan asked in a low voice.

“Shhh, someone is coming.” Wang Shichan hugged him tightly, but did not withdraw his member.

As soon as his voice fell, they heard the sound of someone pushing the door open.

“Strange, where is he?” The voice was familiar, surprisingly that of Li Yi.

“The water is still hot, it should have just been used.” Zhang Junshi unexpectedly also came.

Nie Bufan shrank his neck in the dark.

And it was at this moment Wang Shichan thrusted against him. Nie Bufan hurriedly covered the cry that was almost let out and glared at him. Then he withdrew off carefully, bringing out a trail of liquid.

He turned around and looked out from the crack.

“After having just finished taking a bath, where will he go?” Li Yi asked.

“Let’s look around, don’t let him escape this time.” Zhang Junshi’s tone was a little exasperated.

Li Yi said fiercely, “When I catch him, I will definitely teach him a lesson!”

Nie Bufan grimaced, sneering at this threat.

At this moment, Wang Shichan pressed up, leaning his heavy weight on his back, his fingers wandering on the inside of his thigh.

Nie Bufan gently pushed back with his elbow, telling him wordlessly not to mess around.

At the same time, Zhang Junshi walked into the partitioned area, less than 10 meters away from them.

Nie Bufan shrank back subconsciously, only to suddenly be met with a fiery, hard object that grinded against his entrance, entering bit by bit.

He bit his lip, his body trembling, and looked at Zhang Junshi on the other side. He wanted to shout but didn’t dare to shout, feeling nervous as if they were having an affair.

Who would have thought Wang Shichan also had such a devious side. He wrapped an arm around Nie Bufan’s abdomen and moved in and out slowly, so softly that there was no sound, but this light thrusting only caused Nie Bufan to suffer more.

His upper body was inclined forward, his nerves strained by Wang Shichan. If Zhang Junshi suddenly raised his head at this time, even with the cover of darkness, there was still a likelihood that they would be spotted.

How could they appear in front of people in this state?

Alright, fine, Nie Bufan didn’t care about being seen naked, but he first committed the bad deed of running away from home, and now he was hiding from them with Wang Shichan. Once discovered, he would definitely suffer cruel punishment.

He didn’t dare to move, so he could only let Wang Shichan do as he liked. Fortunately, Zhang Junshi didn’t have the keen hearing of Li Yi and the others, so he left after only scanning the area briefly.

Zhang Junshi only just stepped out of the door when the man behind him suddenly exerted his strength, causing Nie Bufan to almost shout out. Soon, a stream of heat gushed through his inner walls, almost causing his brain to blank.

Nie Bufan was privately vexed, how could he have let himself be moved by this man’s pretty words, as a result his integrity was now shattered all over the ground.

Wang Shichan’s warm breath fell on his ears, and the desire that had just found release was still buried inside and reluctant to leave.

When Nie Bufan saw that everyone was gone, he pinched him harshly.

Wang Shichan smoothed down his angrily standing hair with kisses.

“Get out already!” He spoke through gritted teeth.

“En.” Wang Shichan replied, grinding lightly.

Nie Bufan stretched out his shadowless claw and grabbed hard on Wang Shichan’s troublesome thing, and then kicked him away.

Wang Shichan was slightly bowed over, seeming to be experiencing the ultimate pleasure of one falling from heaven to hell.

Nie Bufan wiped his hands on him and harrumphed, “Go and get the clothes. I don’t want to show my fearlessness by running around naked at this time.”

Wang Shichan nodded, and disappeared in a flash.

Nie Bufan breathed a sigh of relief. But when he moved his body, liquid immediately flowed out and down his thighs.

He thumped his chest and stomped his feet in anger again.

A great young man was ruined like this! Completely ruined!

After the two got dressed, Nie Bufan asked, “Are they still around?”

“Yes.” Wang Shichan looked at him, “Are you going to see them?”

Nie Bufan fought with himself for a while and then said profoundly, “I should go back to the village.”


“Then let’s go now.” Nie Bufan declared decisively. “Everything must have a beginning and an end. Since one came quietly, naturally one must also leave quietly.”

Wang Shichan was speechless. Just why was it that a perfectly good saying could be twisted like this by you?

However, Wang Shichan was not interested in considering other people’s feelings, and implemented Nie Bufan’s plan of action with admirable responsibility.

Stepping into the night, Wang Shichan flew towards Chicken Nest Village with Nie Bufan on his back.

When Li Yi and the others did not find anyone, they decided to stay in this house and wait for the rabbit to show up. Except, they didn’t know that this rabbit had already fled back to the chicken coop.

It must be said that a scourge like Nie Bufan was indeed really vexing, his whole body surrounded by an aura that invited a good beating.

The next day was another sunny day. Nie Bufan walked out of the door feeling refreshed, and began to move his muscles and bones in the yard. Then he suddenly stretched out his arms and yelled, “Guys, I’m back!”

As soon as his voice fell, the surrounding chickens surged like a tidal wave, clucking loudly enough to startle the surrounding area.

Nie Bufan was pleased. As soon as he lowered his arms, he heard a familiar voice coming from outside the yard.

“Nie Bufan?”

Nie Bufan turned and looked around, and saw Si Chenyu looking haggard and thin and even both of his cheeks seemed to be sunken, staring at him with hungry eyes.

“When did you come back?”

“Last night.” Nie Bufan greeted him, and asked with concern, “Brother Shi, you don’t look very well, haven’t your health improved yet?”

Si Chenyu looked around, and then coldly said, “Didn’t Li Yi come back with you?”

“They are having a very good time in the city, and they probably won’t return until later.” Nie Bufan replied casually.

“Perfect.” Si Chenyu grabbed his hand and ordered, “Come to my room tonight.”

“What are you doing?”

“Cure sickness!”

Nie Bufan struggled: “I can’t cure sickness.”

“Whether or not you can, we’ll only find out after trying!”

Nie Bufan looked at the sky and sighed, “Alright fine, brother Shi, please wash up squeaky clean tonight and wait for me.”

Si Chenyu’s mouth twitched, and walked away with a cold snort.

Nie Bufan understood a patient’s uncertain temper and generously did not take issue with his arrogance.

He stretched his waist, feeling the rare peace of the village. Most of the people had gone to Xishan City. There were only a few sick people left in the village, and the chickens were also in a rare peaceful state.

Adhering to the belief that the village head should be affable, he went from house to house to visit the patients and found that the condition of Tian Nu and her maid servants had improved, and only the men were still suffering.

The elegant Chen Muran was transformed into a sick beauty, and his temperament had also changed drastically, facing the window every day lamenting spring and autumn. And Li Huai, who had always been flamboyant, was now thin and diminished. When he saw Nie Bufan he no longer bickered and instead stared at him with a strange look.

“What do you want to say?” Nie Bufan asked kindly when he saw his constipated look.

Li Huai looked awkward, his face stiff and unwilling to speak.

“Just say what you want!” Nie Bufan raised his eyebrows and glared.

“You…, you come here tonight.” He finally squeezed out such a sentence, his eyes wandering anywhere but Nie Bufan.

“Huh?” Nie Bufan looked at him suspiciously and asked, “What for?”

“Just come!” Li Huai roared coarsely.

Nie Bufan understood that this was another guy who wanted him to heal his illness. Poor Huai Huai, actually surrendering to the sickness and deciding to embark on such a thorny path?

“I don’t have time.” Nie Bufan stated matter-of-factly.

“You would have no time?” Li Huai exploded, “You must get over here tonight!”

“I’m busy.”

“If you dare to not come, I’ll tell my brother about your evil deeds.”  

Nie Bufan looked at him contemptuously: “How old are you, still acting like a tattletale?”

“What do you care if I am a tattletale! Anyway, you can’t continue to let me remain sick.”

“I don’t want you to be sick, but I am really powerless.” Nie Bufan spread his hands.

Li Huai stared at him, gritted his teeth and said: “Don’t pretend, I know the relationship between you and my brother!”

Nie Bufan looked up at the sky.

Li Huai looked angry: “He can, but I can’t?”

Hearing these words, Nie Bufan looked him up and down as if looking at an alien.

“What are you looking at?” Li Huai shouted uncomfortably.

Nie Bufan consoled him sincerely: “Don’t do desperate things, be patient, your illness will get better soon.”

“I don’t have any patience!” Li Huai said angrily. “If you don’t agree, don’t blame me for using force.”

Nie Bufan looked at his thin appearance and shook his head: “Huai Huai, it’s not that I look down on you. Are you sure you still have this so-called force?”

“Hmmph, it’s more than enough to deal with you.” Li Huai sneered.

“It may be more than enough to deal with me, but I still have chickens.” Nie Bufan hugged a chicken casually and said with a smile.

Li Huai’s expression became a bit distorted, his eyes piercing.

“Alright, let your brother educate you later.” Nie Bufan waved his hand, “I won’t accompany you.”

As he turned around and prepared to leave, the sleeve of his shirt was suddenly caught.

Nie Bufan turned his head and began, “You…..” Only to see Li Huai sniffling his nose, a pitiful look of one on the verge of crying.

Aiya, don’t be like this! Peacock, where’s your pride, your arrogance?

Nie Bufan covered his eyes, actually feeling a bit of pity.

“Okay, okay, I’ll be with you tonight, okay?” Nie Bufan pointed at him, “as a grown man, why are you crying?”

“Who’s crying?” Li Huai changed his face quickly and returned to normal in an instant. The pitiful appearance that he saw just now seemed to be just a case of Nie Bufan’s imagination.

Nie Bufan narrowed his eyes.

Li Huai immediately said, “You agreed, and you can’t break your promise.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Nie Bufan snorted nonchalantly.

After leaving Li Huai’s residence, he suddenly remembered that he seemed to have already made an appointment with another person before.

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