After Becoming The Tyrant CH 028 Glory

Before seeing the professionals that the Duke of Buckingham would bring for the King, the King first met another person.

General Edmund of Ingres.

This time, that the King’s plan could be carried out so smoothly was largely due to the State of Ingres. After the King’s second coronation was completed, they followed the King’s will to clean up the city of Metzl, and completely root out the remnants of Grice’s confidantes.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Of course, there was no such thing as a free meal in this world.

The Ingres’ willingness to exert such great efforts in quelling the rebellion would naturally not be out of loyalty.

The King and Ingres had agreed on certain terms for their cooperation.

“Thanks to the Lord’s blessing, I have fulfilled your orders, Your Majesty.”

General Edmund humbly saluted the King, his heart still with many hesitations at this time.

Because what followed would test the results of Ingres’ gamble.

“I should be the one to say thank you, sir.”

The young King was holding a thick book in his hands. When General Edmund came in, he glanced at it and found that it was a manuscript of theology and legend. The King closed the heavy yellowed book and spoke to General Edmund gently.

However, General Edmund had seen how the King smiled and dealt with a group of nobles in a gentle tone, so he didn’t dare to treat the King’s gentleness as a matter of fact.

In fact, he was even more nervous.

“Don’t be nervous, General.” The King noticed his mood and said briskly, “You and your soldiers did a great job this time. Maybe you are willing to bring a beautiful iron rose back to the mountains of Ingres? May the friendship between the Rose family and the Leverin family last forever.”

After hearing the King say this, General Edmund’s heart finally settled back in place.

He showed a joyous smile.

The day before yesterday, before the New Royal Party nobles each got a piece of paper that they needed to fill in with a certain amount personally, the Royalist Party wearing iron roses were exempted from the inheritance tax they had to pay before, and each received different rewards. Finally, the King personally conferred upon them new iron rose medals.

Right now, what the King said meant that he intended to fulfill his promise.

“Look at this.”

The King picked up a prepared treaty from the desk and handed it to General Edmund.

General Edmund took it with both hands and flipped through it quickly, the smile on his face becoming bigger and bigger.

Observing his reaction, the King had a clearer judgment of Ingres’ current situation——it seemed to be worse than he expected.

“Ingres’ one-year tariff cannot afford a button on the sleeve of the King of Legrand”, this sentence was a joke for others, but it was a deep wound for the Ingres people.

Because they were indeed too poor.

This situation had become more and more serious especially after the passage of the 1134 Penal Law that lowered the Ingres people’s social status. The natural conditions of the mountains and swamps of Ingres inherently restricted their agricultural development. After the passage of the Penal Law in 1134, Ingres not only had a low status, but also lost the right to trade with the Legrand borders.

The bazaars on the borders were all evacuated and replaced by military defense castles. The Legrand royal family had pulled up an invisible but present blockade on the border of Ingres.

They were trapped in the mountains.

For 300 years, the Ingres people had been trying to use force to break out of this blockade, but the population density of Ingres was extremely low due to the harsh natural conditions. So even if they relied on military bravery to achieve a temporary victory, they would still quickly be forced to retreat. Three hundred years was enough time for certain things to become a habit.

For example, people subconsciously rejected and looked down on the people of Ingres.

They were considered barbarians.

This time, the King of Ingres sent General Edmund who knew Legrand’s etiquette for this reason. He wanted to show people that:

Ingres was not a place of barbarians.

The King knew and targeted the sore spot of Ingres.

He learned about the current affairs in Ingres from his memory.

In the past few years, Ingres’ rebellious behavior still existed, but during the armed conflict, their slaughter of villages had been greatly reduced, and they did not directly kill prisoners of war as they did in the past. Instead, they chose to carry out a ransom transaction with Legrand. This was actually a signal displayed by Ingres.

They were seeking readmission into civilized society.

But before that, Legrand people simply didn’t care about these things at all.

The King was willing to give Ingres this opportunity.

If Ingres sent elite soldiers to help the King quell this rebellion, then the commercial gates on the borders would be reopened for the people of Ingres, and Ingres’ trees could once again appear on the market, and at the same time they could re-negotiate the 1134 Penal Law.

“…..Legrand’s 36 states are part of a whole, and under the glory of the Holy Lord, Legrand’s people may have conflict with each other, but we are still like brothers…..”

This was the original wording in the King’s letter.

When necessary, the King did not mind using the name of the Holy Lord when it suited him.

The knight commander responsible for delivering the letter was undoubtedly strong proof. He was a member of the Ingres royal family, but the King accepted him and appointed him as his extremely important knight commander of his vow knights.

The King of Ingres hesitated for a long time, but looking at the vow knight commander, he finally made up his mind to take the gamble.

Here, they must thank Grand Duke Grice once again.

——In the past few decades, in order to win a good reputation, his attitude towards the Ingres people was known to be very tough.

The King now felt that Grand Duke Grice was truly a dear fellow, just look at how much he had helped him unknowingly.

Looking at the figure of General Edmund leaving with joy, the King thoughtfully summoned his vow knight commander.

After some inquiries, the King confirmed his conjecture.

The situation in Ingres this year was really terrible. They were met with a terrible cold spell…..If the King did not send the letter, then they might have even taken the initiative to bow to the royal family of Legrand.

“Natural disasters.”

The King seemed to say with sympathy.

He knew what he should do afterwards.


Before leaving Metzl with the agreement, General Edmund left half of his soldiers for the King to show Ingres’ sincerity.

Not long after he left, the King saw the person he wanted to meet.

A knight commander of the Templars who came from the Rose family——of course, a former one.

The former knight commander of the Templars left the holy court three years ago under the reason “when he was fighting for the Holy Lord, he suffered a serious injury that could not recover, and he hoped to die on the land of Legrand” and returned to Legrand. According to the Duke of Buckingham, it seemed that he had been responsible for driving away the dark creatures around Metzl over the years.

“You don’t look like you are seriously injured or dying.”

The King looked at the former Knight Templar in front of him with great interest.

“Of course, Your Majesty.” The former Knight Templar seemed to have a good impression of the infamous King. He winked at the King happily and replied, “You can’t expect true members of the Rose family to dedicate themselves to the holy court and pledge loyalty, can you?”

“Then you must really despise Grand Duke Grice?”

The King asked with a smile.

“If that kind of stupid fool who wagged his tail at the holy court actually won through his vile methods, then even if it violated the Code, I would still chop off his head and throw it into the Abyss Strait.”

The former Knight Templar replied with his back straight, the killing intent in his tone showing that his words were not an ingratiating remark, but a belief he persisted in upholding.

The King understood.

It seemed that the enmity between the Rose family and the holy court didn’t seem to have started with Pureland, but actually had a long history.

“What is a violation of the Code?”

The King asked quietly.

“Hmm…..” The former Knight Templar showed a hesitant look, “Please forgive my concealment, Your Majesty. Due to some constraints, I cannot explain to you in detail, but I can tell you, those like us, like those dark creatures, can not appear on the mundane battlefield with integrity.”

The King’s fingertips pressed together, and recalled back to that day he had asked the Devil and got a similar answer.

What constraints could exist in this world.

“Then, let’s talk about the main topic…..” The King temporarily suppressed his speculations, “How can one deal with a powerful devil?”

“May I know the name of that devil?” the former Templar asked, and immediately added, “I apologize, I have no intentions of spying on your secrets, but according to the natural laws of darkness, the name itself symbolizes power. Not their claimed name, but the name they presented on the contract, which cannot be hidden.”

The King was silent for a while.

“What would be the reason for the name of a devil to be hidden in the contract?”

The former Templar was also silent for a while, and cautiously formed his words: “I can only think of one possibility, because he is old enough that even the name itself is a taboo.”

Even the name itself is a taboo?

The King thought about what the Devil looked like in front of him, and couldn’t connect the possibility with that guy.

“Then that means this is beyond your scope?”

“It will be very difficult to deal with.” The former Knight Templar replied frankly, but then he added, “However, your Majesty, we are now in the Rose Palace. Here, the descendants of the Dragon Killer are the real masters.”

“Descendants of the Dragon Killer?”

The King raised an eyebrow slightly.

“I always thought it was just a legend.”

“No, Your Majesty.” The former Templar stood up, “Please look…..”

He walked to the columns in the room and smeared them with his own blood one by one. As the blood seeped into the embossed pillars, the King began to hear a rumbling sound——gradually a strong air current hovered in the room, carrying with it an ancient and enormous echo.

The King stood up and saw that the reliefs seemed to become hovering rose vines.

The legend of the origin of the Rose family came to the mind of the King.

The people who slaughtered the evil dragon, established their own kingdom in the place where the bones of the dragon were buried.

The burial place of the dragon’s bones, the Rose Palace, which was the heart of Legrand…..heart…..

The answer was ready to come out.

“Yes! Your Majesty!”

The former Knight Templar stood in the center of the room, his hands smeared with blood, but he didn’t care. Every pillar in the room was stained with blood.

He stood up straight, spread his arms and proudly let the King witness the miraculous scene with his own eyes.

In the eyes of the King, the pillars and beams of the room all changed. They were no longer cold rock, but awe-inspiring, enormous bones.

“This is the heart of the dragon! This is not a legend! Your Majesty!”

It seemed as if the breathing of a giant dragon traveled over thousands of years to reach their ears, and the King’s robe flapped violently in the intense flow of air.

Ancient legend was intertwined with real history at this moment, and a family stood proudly in the torrent of that time. This group of people marked by the rose had built Legrand on the bones of the dragon.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

This was a truly arrogant and fearless family of lunatics.

After they slaughtered the dragon, they built a mortal palace in the very center of its heart!

“This is glory!”

“The glory of the Rose family!”


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  1. This is getting so interesting!! So… The devil is an old and powerful one, huh. And it’s seems Zhu Chi is looking for a way to get rid of him (or just deal with him), hahaha, poor devil

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