After Becoming The Tyrant CH 029 Natural Born Scoundrel

From the words of the former knight commander of the Templars, the King understood where the enmity between the Rose family and the Holy Court came from.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

A family that once killed an evil dragon, a family arrogant enough to dare to build a kingdom on the bones of a giant dragon….. How could such a family that was almost synonymous with madness be willing to be shrouded in the light of the kingdom of God?

The kings of the Rose family didn’t need anyone to crown them. They were born as Legrand’s monarchs.

When people prayed for help from God, God did not reach out. The Rose family killed the dragon with their own strength, so from then on Legrand’s glory had nothing to do with anyone else.

That the king needed to be crowned by the Holy Court. What kind of grace and glory was this for the Rose family?

This was humiliation!

“This is…..humiliation.” The King whispered to himself softly, the bones and roses in front of him reflected in his pupils, “This is glory!”

Some things lurked under the undercurrent, smelling heavily of blood, and the King could see their shadows.

The seemingly wild and unrestrained former Knight Templar was also observing the King.

He was the leader of the people with special powers in the Rose family, but he had not seen the King before. People like him just hid in the dark according to the usual practice. Under normal circumstances, they would not be controlled by the King himself, but by someone who was absolutely loyal to the King.

The King ruled the empire under the sun, and they defended the King’s territory in the shadows.

In history, only a few Kings of Legrand personally controlled this blade hidden in the shadows. The most recent one was the King’s father——William III.

The former Knight Templar knew the intentions of the Duke of Buckingham having him come to see the King.

The Duke of Buckingham intended to return this sharp blade to the King.

The former Knight Templar was not sure if this was a good idea, because the last Legrand monarch who had the most intense conflict with theocracy, William III, was now buried in the ground forever.

So, what about the King?

Would the King make the same choice like his father?

“If they want to kill the Rose family’s ambitions with the death of one or two generations, then they are truly naive.” The former Knight Templar answered the King’s murmur while waiting for the King’s answer.

“I think you should probably know one thing.”

The King watched him, his voice was not high, but underneath that gentle tone, there was a determination that was passed down by blood.

“I don’t plan to let anyone judge me.”

The former Knight Templar smiled.

In the circling air current, the former Knight Templar knelt down on one knee to the King: “Then…..please take out your sword and accept the allegiance from your knights, Your Majesty.”

“I represent all my companions.”

Added the former Knight Templar.

The King drew out the imperial sword hanging on the wall. He stepped forward and laid the tip of the sword on his knight’s shoulder.

“For the glory of the Rose.”

Said the King.

“For the glory of the Rose.”

The former Knight Templar replied.


The airflow gradually subsided, the bones returned to the appearance of stone pillars, and the delicate roses were re-turned into reliefs sculpted on them. The room was a little messy. On the surface, it was just an ordinary luxurious palace, and no one could imagine just how terrifying its backbone was.

The ceremony with only two people present was completed.

The King returned to his seat, and the former Knight Templar appeared even more relaxed than at the beginning.

“Now, let’s discuss how to deal with the devil you mentioned. This requires a little bit of wisdom.” The former knight commander of the Templars laughed, “Well… know, conspiracy is actually our specialty.”

Of course the King knew.

The Rose family was not like normal heroes who used weapons bestowed by gods to slay the dragon, but instead relied on the wisdom and power of mortals——of course, in the words of some people, they used trickery and conspiracy.

“Come, let us set up a small trap for Mr. Devil.”

The King, who had always shown “unscrupulous” behavior to the fullest, also smiled briskly.


Today was a good night, as a happy event suddenly occurred.

After the King stepped into Metzl, the Devil disappeared. After all, the most glorious St. Wyth Cathedral in the entire Legrand stood in this city, as well as the presence of the Pope’s envoy who arrived a few days ago.

The Devil had no intention of engaging in a head-on conflict with the Holy Court at this time.

But tonight, he rushed from hell in a hurry because he felt that the King’s life force was weakening and might die at any time. Today, there were still some private soldiers of Grand Duke Grice in Metzl. It was possible that one or two fellows with aspirations to kill the King might have escaped the cleaning and made an assassination attempt.

After the Devil felt this, he hurried over.

After all, Metzl City had the existence of St. Wyth Cathedral. He had no intention of letting the Holy Court and those damn priests perform a dying baptism for the King after all his hard work. That would be too disastrous!

This time, the Devil did not take his fancy bone carriage and traveled in a very low-key manner.

He melted into the shadows, and walked through walls silently, avoiding the hidden guards, and arrived at the Rose Palace. Seeing the towering Rose Palace in the night, the Devil felt a little nostalgic.

The last time he came here was on the night of Saint Val’s death more than ten years ago.

That damn William III was indeed the conspirator and careerist of the Rose family. If it were not for the cunning of William III, he would have taken away His Majesty’s soul more than a decade ago.

Without alerting the guards of the Rose Palace, the Devil walked into the palace silently. He walked through the long corridors where he became more cautious and did not pass directly through the walls. He wandered around, looking at the upright pillars around him with a little regret.

The deterrence and intimidation of these dragon bones was greater than their magical array power. Unfortunately, human alchemy had not reached the extreme, and the full power of the dragon bones had not been exerted.

Otherwise, the castle could have been a terrifying war machine.

Following the feel of the King’s life force, he arrived at the King’s bedroom in the Rose Palace.

The King’s life force was very weak behind the door, and standing outside the door he could hear the dispute between the King and the Duke of Buckingham. The Duke of Buckingham asked the King to receive treatment immediately, but the King believed that the degree of loyalty of the doctors in Metzl City was hard to determine.

Standing in front of the door, the Devil straightened his collar.

After thinking about it, he manifested a bunch of red roses. After doing this, the Devil reached out and touched the closed door.

Like a tide, the black mist penetrated through the gaps in the door, avoiding the rose reliefs. After waiting for a while, the arguing in the room gradually subsided, and then there was complete silence.

The Devil was so ecstatic that he wanted to hum a little tune. He held the bouquet of red roses and opened the door.

The Duke of Buckingham in the red cloak was lying beside the King’s bed. His beautiful Majesty lay quietly on the bed. The cold moonlight slanted through the window and shone on the King’s face, which appeared as pale as paper.

“My dear Majesty.”

The Devil briskly walked across the carpet embroidered with dragon and roses, and arrived at the King’s side. There was a faint smell of blood in the air, and the King was wrapped in gauze that was slightly blood soaked.

“Look, didn’t I say so? You have belonged to hell since birth.”

The Devil showed a triumphant smile, and he stepped closer. However, after learning from the previous lesson, the Devil did not reach out to touch the King. Instead, like a most loyal servant, he stood still in front of the King’s bed, waiting.

“Together, with me……”

The Devil’s joyful words came to an abrupt halt.

Because the King suddenly opened his eyes.

“What are you doing here? Mr. Devil.” The King’s ice-blue eyes were too clear, and when the moonlight fell on them they appeared like hidden blades.

“Ah, I’m here to wish good night to Your Majesty.”

The Devil’s smile disappeared. He realized something and immediately concealed his original intentions.

“Am I disturbing you? I will leave now.”

Having said that, the Devil immediately pulled away and tried to get out.

“Having already come, why bother to leave.”

A second voice sounded, and the “Duke of Buckingham” who was lying on the side jumped up. He wore the same scarlet cloak as the Duke of Buckingham, and he also had the iconic silver hair of the Rose family. So combined with a disguised voice, the pretense was very convincing indeed.

Almost at the moment he jumped up, a bright light burst from the carpet embroidered with dragons and roses under their feet, and the air currents became even more violent than. All the pillars and beams in the room once again turned into awe-inspiring dragon bones. The green vine with scarlet roses slid across the ground like snakes.

In just a few breaths, those rose vines were woven into the bones to create a huge cage.

With the Devil trapped in the very center.

“Your habit of getting rid of someone when you no longer have use for them is too delightful, my dear Majesty.”

The Devil sighed. He saw that there was a faint golden glow coming from the rose vines, and immediately guessed where the smell of blood in the air had come from.

The King had awakened the Rose Palace with his own blood, and then disguised the smell of blood as an injury from an assassination attack.

“Compared with you throwing stones at someone who is already down, it doesn’t seem to be too impressive.”

The King sat up, untied the gauze on his body, and threw it on the ground. The wound on his hand had healed, and the gauze was used to deceive the Devil.

“Goodbye, Mr. Devil.”

The King stood outside the cage. As he casually put on his outer robe, he smiled and bid farewell to the Devil.

The former knight commander of the Templars raised a strange sterling silver longsword in his hand and was about to plunge it into the ground.


The Devil immediately raised his hand.

“The Black Plague!! Your Majesty!”

It was a routine behavior of rulers to get rid of people they no longer had use for.

So, naturally, one must hurry before the blade falls down to display more value.

The Devil was very clear, one should not expect His Majesty to have any kindness. Instead, it was more efficient to quickly show his value, otherwise he might really be reduced to a sorry looking state today.

Black Plague.

These two words represented the nightmare and death scythe of the Middle Ages.

As soon as the King made a gesture, the longsword of the former knight commander of the Templars stopped in mid-air.

The magical array also stopped.

“Tell me, regarding the Black Plague that you have mentioned.”

The King looked at the Devil.

“You look as if you are just waiting for me to finish, and then let this gentleman here continue on, am I right, my dear Majesty?”

The Devil watched every change in the King’s expression and asked cordially.

“Should I praise you for your keenness?”

The King spoke regretfully.

“You are truly a natural born scoundrel.”

The Devil sighed sincerely.

Just look at this habit of squeezing every drop of usefulness out of others and then throwing them away afterwards. His dear Majesty did it so smoothly….. Truly, it was too hell-like, too dark-side.

“Should I thank you for your appreciation?”

The King asked calmly, not minding the Devil’s observation of his nature.

“If you want to…..but for my own health, may I ask Your Majesty’s gratitude to be a little bit more reserved?” The Devil looked towards the Knight Templar, “Your Majesty, may I ask that this gentleman take away that precious sword first? It would not be good if a thousand-year-old antique got damaged.”

The former Knight Templar looked askingly at the King.

The King nodded.

A very regretful expression on his face.


While the Devil was talking to the King, the Duke of Buckingham stood in front of the Northwest Black Tower.

The guard opened the gate of the tower.

This time the Duke of Buckingham did not hear any singing, and the Mad Queen was much calmer than last time.

The Duke of Buckingham walked in and saw the unkempt woman with her back to him, sitting quietly in the middle of the black tower. In the cold black tower, the dim candle light provided the only illumination. Years of madness had worn away this beautiful woman, but her skinny and ridged back was still held straight, clearly showing her strong will.

This gave the Duke of Buckingham hope that she would get better.


The Duke looked at the Mad Queen.

“Pureland is not dead. He is back. Don’t worry. He has regained the throne….. He will be the pride of the Rose family.”

No matter what, the Mad Queen was still the King’s mother, and the Duke of Buckingham believed that it was his responsibility to tell her about the King.

At the same time, he also hoped that news of her son could gradually make her better.

The Mad Queen was silent for a long time.

Just when the Duke of Buckingham was about to leave as usual, she suddenly said quietly: “I want to see him.”

This was the first time she spoke so calmly.

She seemed to be quite aware and sane.

But towards her request, the Duke of Buckingham was stuck in a dilemma. He could not be sure whether the Mad Queen who lost her mind would harm the King or not.

“Don’t worry about me hurting him.” The Queen noticed his hesitation. Her back remained facing the Duke of Buckingham as she raised her head, her voice hoarse and full of restrained anger, “No one in this world loves him more than me! He is my child! My child!!”

“If you are worried, then arrange for him to pass here, and I can just look at him from a distance. Let me see him!”

The Queen’s voice became fierce again, revealing a forceful and unyielding strength.

She was originally the illustrious Queen of Iron and Blood.


The Duke of Buckingham finally agreed.

The ancestors of the Rose family, please bless her so that she may get better.

The Duke of Buckingham left, and once again only the Mad Queen was left in the tower, the candlelight flickering and dancing on her bony frame. She raised her head and laughed loudly: “My child! Pureland! My child! My child!”

The blood and tears rolled down her astonishingly thin cheeks, and those green orbs were filled with endless despair and murderous intent.

She had her back to the Duke of Buckingham, and where the Duke did not see, she gripped a piece of black iron in her hand.

It was a small piece of black iron knocked down after countless collisions of the iron chains. The Mad Queen who could guard the palace for her husband had grinded it into a terrifying sharp blade with the same tenacity she had back then as she stood guard over the empire in her armor.

In the end, the Duke of Buckingham had still underestimated the Mad Queen.

She spent more than ten years, little by little and with much difficulty to finally forge a sharp blade!

Fingers that appeared like only skin and bones stroked the cold blade little by little. The blade cut her fingers, and the blood slid along the smooth surface of the blade but she didn’t care.

The Queen hummed a lullaby softly, as if returning to the time when the baby was just born and this iron rose warrior queen often gently rocked her son’s cradle.

Her child, her Pureland.

Let their carefully planned product of divine grace be buried with her child!

The Mad Queen raised her head, the blood on the tip of the blade dripping to the ground.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The candle light in the black tower fell down on her from above. Her eyes were empty as she sat on the icy ground, like an indestructible statue.


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