Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 009 Is This The Past?

There were more and more dark clouds, distorting the entire sky like that of an evil ghost’s face. As the golden snakes writhed, huge thunderbolts fell straight down from time to time, the scene like one from hell.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

However, almost at the same time, a crystal-like shield appeared in the sky. The huge thunderbolt blasted onto the shield, only leaving behind a few ripples which quickly dissipated.

However, the manifestation of heaven’s natural law was not stingy, endlessly pouring out its anger.

The crystal shield remained motionless under the sky, and only the few ripples during lightning strikes could prove its existence.

Ji Yunlai only looked up out the window for a few seconds, then lowered his head to urge Feng Qingxiu to continue practicing.

But Feng Qingxiu was completely stunned. Who could still draw in the face of such a terrifying tribulation!

“It’s okay, the shield is made according to the design of the lightning rod, and the electricity is all transferred to the ground. Any remaining electricity is also absorbed by the storage battery and it won’t reach us.” Ji Yunlai comforted him.

He really didn’t expect that there were actually natural batteries in this world. He really must give himself a like. He wondered just how many times he had been electrified in order to create such a design.

“What is a storage battery…..” Lightning rods could still make sense as it was rather self-explanatory, but he didn’t understand the second term. Feng Qingxiu asked directly, “Also, how do you know our Kun-Lai’s large magical array so clearly?”

“The storage battery is also called thunderstone. It is a treasure for cultivators who possess lightning spiritual roots to accelerate their speed of cultivation. It can absorb thunder and lightning, but it has a limit. However, there are several thunderstone mines buried under Kun-Lai Mountain, which can be used for a long time.” Ji Yunlai explained with a smile. He really liked such unscientific things, “As for why I know so clearly, that’s because I’m the one who created it.”

He didn’t know what the Dao of YinYang was before, but it was clear from his notes a few days ago that Yin and Yang could be understood as “0” and “1” in computer language. All programs in the computer were composed of 0 and 1 and those runes were just like a programming language. The large magical array was a program written by him, but it was far more complicated than those programming languages ​​by countless times.

But no matter how complex it was, it was also a language, and as a language it could be understood and used to communicate.

Programming language was the communication channel between computers and people, and runes were the communication language between the world and all things and people.

This was not difficult for him. He used to learn C language programming for more than ten years. Later, when he needed Java he also learned it very quickly. So long as one’s mathematics and logic were good, understanding that facts and rules=result, this kind of thing was the same as playing with no pressure at all.

So after quickly learning a new language (runes programming language?), he added his own magical powers which was enough for him to understand the principles of the magical array——it was created by him after all, so even if the grammar and instructions were different, the core was still composed of the same logic and the same habits. It was almost the same as reviewing the study materials again. Looking at it this way, the reason why he learned so slowly before was because he didn’t learn the language.

So long as he completely learned the runes——in fact even just learning most of it——then this was equivalent to his golden finger returning. This was practically an example of how knowledge could change one’s destiny.

Feng Qingxiu certainly wouldn’t believe what he said. He shook his head and pushed him away: “It’s almost dawn and I have to go to work. You should also leave. Don’t think that no one in Kun-Lai can beat you, you’ll be facing very unfortunate circumstances if you are caught.”

Ji Yunlai felt that he was being disliked, sighing a little, so he could only disappear in front of Feng Qingxiu.

Feng Qingxiu put away the talisman paper on the table, and suddenly saw the shadow in the corner, his shadow.

The shadow seemed to have its own consciousness, looking in the direction of Ji Yunlai’s disappearance.

“What the hell do you want to tell me?” Feng Qingxiu looked at his shadow and asked helplessly. His shadow would occasionally act abnormally, coming out once in a while to spaz out. But he couldn’t find the reason, and there was no one who could see it except for himself. From the horror at the beginning to the calmness later, no matter how outrageous, after watching this for more than ten years it no longer became surprising.

The shadow moved, but couldn’t say anything. Finally, it pointed to the last rune drawn on talisman paper on the table.

“Do you know this rune?” Feng Qingxiu was a little curious.

The shadow seemed to want to express something. It suddenly had an idea and began to fumble over its body.

“What are you doing?” Feng Qingxiu couldn’t understand it.

But the shadow seemed to have exhausted its power and became a normal shadow again.

“Touch?” Feng Qingxiu’s eyebrows moved, could it be, “Demon?” (TN: touch and demon have same pronunciation in Chinese)


When Ji Yunlai came back to his residence, the thunder in the sky still continued to fall like raindrops. He also sensed a lot of people standing outside the courtyard of his dwelling.

He counted, about eight, both men and women. Each one looked very formidable, and there was also a girl who looked very similar to himself——both appearance and aura were similar to his own.

It was so similar that she couldn’t be anything but his biological daughter. Sure enough, children should not live without purpose!

Sect Leader Ji, who thought his daughter might not be his own, suddenly felt great pressure. He shamelessly became a coward, and slipped into his dwelling quietly without attracting their attention.

He was not yet mentally prepared to meet his daughter.

These days he had also listened to many gossip that others whispered about. It was said that his daughter was brought back from outside decades ago and he had personally proclaimed her to be his own daughter, but he said nothing about the mother. But because of his prestige in Kun-Lai, no one dared to ask.

Then he went into Seclusion, and he heard that over these years there were very few times he had left.

He had only seen his daughter three or four times in these many decades, and the last time was 20 years ago.

Then he went into Seclusion until now.

Ji Yunlai couldn’t understand his other self.

Since she was his biological daughter, why didn’t he see and care about her more? Even if there was any discord with her mother, it shouldn’t involve the children!

Now he was so guilty that he dared not go to see her.

But this was not the way to go. It would be his thousand-year-old birthday in a few days, and it wouldn’t make sense to not show up at that time.

At this time, he heard them chatting, and it seemed like they were talking about himself…..

This was a great opportunity to get to know himself!

He pricked up his ears.

“Uncle, does my father hate me very much?” The voice was crisp and melodious, and it should be his daughter’s, no mistake.

“How could that be? Senior Brother Sect Leader loves children the most, and you are even his daughter, so he must love you.” This seemed to be the elder named Yan Zhao.

“You are all lying to me. For so many years, Father has only looked at me once and never even smiled at me.” Hearing his daughter’s voice, she seemed to be crying.

“Xiao Yu, I’m really not lying to you. If you don’t believe me, ask your Aunt Bai.” Yan Zhao glanced around and decided to shift the trouble, throwing the ball to a white-robed female cultivator next to him.

“Yes, he used to take care of children every day, and he was never impatient at all.” The female cultivator in white subtly glared at Yan Zhao and comforted.

“Nonsense, you say that Father likes children, so why won’t he see me even after I found so many children?”

“We really aren’t lying to you.” The female cultivator in white was a little helpless and comforted, “He was very kind to us then.”

“Liar, since Kun-Lai was first established, there was no record that he ever smiled at others.” Ji Mingyu bit her lip and said sadly. “Outsiders say he is heartless and ruthless. I never believed it…..I always thought it’s because I’m not good enough. So long as I am more capable and become even better, he would like me one day. But this is just my wishful thinking!”

“That was all before we came to the Western Continent.” The white robed female cultivator sighed.

Yan Zhao glanced at her mildly, and said, “At that time, there was a severe drought in the Central Continent, and there were countless refugees. Our Shifu was struck by insanity at the time and began picking up people everywhere. Each one he picked up he would say that the child had good potential and must be accepted into Kun-Lai Mountain. Back then, Senior Brother had to return the children that Shifu found every day. We were the ones that our parents didn’t want and were left behind. Fortunately, Senior Brother was a cultivator. Although his cultivation level at the time was not high, it was still possible to raise a few children by himself.”

“Ah? Grandfather randomly took children and no one made trouble for him?” Ji Mingyu was taken aback.

“This starts with the Kun-Lai Sect. Senior Brother later speculated that the Kun-Lai Sect should be a large Sect from ancient times. It was just that over many tribulations their Mountain was destroyed, the Sect declined, and the spells and cultivation methods that managed to survive and be preserved were also seriously missing important parts. Back then, it was because Shifu had been practicing incomplete cultivation methods, so he went insane and began to pick up any child he stumbled across. Although insane at the time, he had reached Qi Condensation Stage, and there was no difficulty in dealing with ordinary people. Of course, some children really were fooled into believing that they were peerless talents,” said the white robed female cultivator. She glanced at Yan Zhao and asked with a smile, “Am I right, peerless talent?”

Yan Zhao’s handsome face turned black. Although everyone had second year middle school syndrome at least once in their youth, when he thought of some of the stupid things he had said and done, he would still feel an arrow to his heart.

“Yes, at that time, I actually felt that Senior Brother was very unlucky. He was injured and was resting by the river when Shifu suddenly dragged him back to his ruined temple and insisted that since he saved him Senior Brother should join the Sect to repay his favor.” A young cultivator with a very cold aura added lightly on the side.

“I remember that at the time Senior Brother said to Shifu,’You are forcibly demanding compensation and I will not be polite with you, believe it or not!'” The female cultivator in white sighed, “But Senior Brother noticed how tragic Shifu was so he didn’t do anything in the end.”

“I have to say, Junior Brother Zhang was the most clever. When he saw Senior Brother’s softheartedness, he immediately went up to him and tried to invoke pity.” Another cultivator shook his head and laughed. “Saying, ‘Big Brother, you are hurt so eat something’. I am surprised he was even willing to part with his food.”

“By the way, Senior Brother Yan also went to grab that half of sesame seed cake at the time, and was lectured at by Senior Brother for an entire afternoon.” The female cultivator in white covered her lips and smiled.

Whenever Yan Zhao recalled that past he would be full of irritation so he gave them a cold look.

“What are you glaring at, who was the one who wouldn’t admit his mistakes at the time?” The female cultivator in white smiled, “But thanks to the two of you, Senior Brother made the decision to settle us down before leaving.”

“Later, when Senior Brother was about to leave, he even…..” The cold-looking young cultivator began, but seeing that Senior Brother Yan had his hand on his sword, he did not continue.

“Which uncle is that Junior Brother Zhang?” She hadn’t heard of any uncle who had the character Zhang in his name, and she rarely heard them mention him so Ji Mingyu asked curiously.

The surrounding air instantly condensed.

Ji Mingyu didn’t know what she had said wrong for a while, and felt a little uneasy.

“He died a long time ago.” A voice continued.

Everyone looked up at the same time.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In their field of vision, a young man in obsidian robes appeared quietly among the bamboo trees. Lightning in the clouds flashed and casted light and shadows that reflected on his face. But he was still as bright as the moon, as distant as the clouds.

It was a remoteness that was so far away, it was as if he was no longer in the mortal world.

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