Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 010 Is This A Happy Occasion?

When he walked out, Ji Yunlai thought he would feel very guilty, but he didn’t.

As if he had entered into a working, all business state.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He didn’t know why he said that just now. When they mentioned that junior brother, he suddenly recalled a vague memory.

It was a child whose face was almost sallow from hunger, looking at him with large clear eyes, handing over half a sesame seed cake that was still warm from his body temperature, and saying: “Big brother, you are injured, eat something.”

Then a group of children gathered around him, combing each other’s hair, and he was also not idle, “The white jade will not be ruined, which is an ancient jade ornament, from now on you are not called Zhou Xiaozhang, but Zhou Xiaozhang,” he combed the children’s hair while saying to him, “I’ll teach you how to write it later.” (TN: the former Zhou Xiaozhang 周小脏 means Zhou Little Dirty, the latter Zhou Xiaoazhang 周晓璋 means dawn jade ornament)

However, what appeared immediately afterwards was the corpse of a teenager, hung in the ruins of the collapsed temple, together with dozens of other corpses, dried up and skinny as when he first saw them…..

“Do you really know what it means to practice backwards Taixu Supreme Motionless Sutra?” A fleeting and unclear shadow asked him, “You haven’t calculated the ending.”

“No need!”

These kinds of images that could clearly make him angry and fill him with hatred did not bring him any emotional changes, as if he had seen it too many times and was tired of it, and didn’t want to cast his gaze on it any more.

So he just responded with that remark casually and appeared there indifferently.

Unlike his feelings for Feng Qingxiu which was that of a pure liking for children, towards these people, he had no emotions, as if they were completely erased by a piece of rubber eraser, leaving no trace behind.

And these great cultivators, after seeing him, they no longer possessed any of the calm and self-confidence they had in front of others. Instead, they bowed their heads, as if they had touched some taboo, even forgetting to breathe.

“Sect Leader.” Seven powerful individuals bowed and paid their respects.

Ji Mingyu bit her lip and looked at him directly: “Father!”

She didn’t want to bow her head, she had too little time to see her father, she didn’t want to bow her head and pass up this chance.

This was her right, Ji Yunlai thought lightly but did not speak, only looked at them quietly. Anyway, that one already said that he didn’t have to explain to anyone.

There was no trace of emotion in his eyes, and the crowd of people who had just been discussing in lively spirits was now as quiet as pheasants, no one dared to speak.

It was not that he wanted to stand superior and aloof, but his existence alone was superior and aloof from everyone.

He was a cultivator who had truly overcome the Great Celestial Demon Tribulation, experiencing the Three Calamities and Six Misfortunes.

The Human Immortal, the Immortal among the humans, the pillar of the human race. Similar to the Great Sage of the demonic race and the Heavenly Shaman of the barbaric tribe, they were this world’s apex existences.

And also the only existences that could protect and lead the sects and factions of this world through each periodic great catastrophe of this world. If there were no Human Immortals, no matter how vast the power of a sect stretched, they dared not say that they could grasp that slim life line.

Every time he thought about this, he just couldn’t figure out  how he did it…..

Thinking about it this way, he seemed to feel the pressure again.

“Sect Leader,” As the second senior brother, Yan Zhao stepped forward under the admiring looks of his junior brothers and sisters, “There is a reason that I made the decision to hold a thousand-year-old birthday celebration for you without your permission.”

So it seemed he did not agree to hold this birthday celebration? Ji Yunlai was puzzled but he did not speak.

As expected, the other continued to explain.

“Senior Brother, twenty years ago, shortly after you retreated into Seclusion, it was discovered in Wulinghai, the secret realm of the Great Profound Immortal Dynasty, which may be connected to the Central Continent forces. Additionally, the sentient beings in the Outlands are also restless. We need you to show your presence among the people.” As Yan Zhao said this, he glanced unhappily at the female cultivator in white.

He would rather fight those garbage instead, but there were six junior brothers and sisters holding him back.

“In truth, this is not the only reason.” The female cultivator in white didn’t care, and spoke softly, “We may have found news about the Li family.”

Of course, the most important reason was to pull Senior Brother out to see people and see the sun. For so long now, it had become very difficult for them to see their Senior Brother!

In this case, naturally, even if there was no opportunity one must still create an opportunity to come. Yan Zhao, that idiot, only knew to slow them down, even if they wanted to exchange barbs with each other, if Senior Brother didn’t show up then what was the point. Besides, even if he was in the Synthesis Stage which barely numbered more than two hands in the Western Continent, but that was only in the Western Continent.

The foreign tribes in the Outlands and the Central Continent have long coveted the wealthy Western Continent, and the stability and prosperity of the Western Continent over these hundreds of years depend entirely on the presence of Kun-Lai.

Over the years, even though the seven of them had the assistance of twelve other junior generation cultivators who had also just entered the Synthesis Stage in providing a deterrence, they were still barely enough.

This could not be helped. Although the Kun-Lai Sect was huge, it had a shallow foundation after all. It was not comparable to those sects that could pull out a bunch of ancient thousand year old cultivators from their sleeves.

Moreover, a few days ago, another secret realm of the Great Profound Immortal Dynasty appeared. This was no longer something they could swallow alone.

The Great Profound Immortal Dynasty, the largest human force before the catastrophic tribulation, the great catastrophe that lasted thousands of years not only severely damaged the numbers of the foreign races, but also the entire human race. Numerous sects were destroyed and lost and the Great Profound Immortal Dynasty also collapsed. The royal family was completely wiped out, leaving only the secret realms that once were possessed by the Dynasty and now occasionally appeared, attracting the madness of countless cultivators coveting the treasures within.

There were rumors that the reason why Ji Yunlai, the Xing Dao Master, was able to dominate all cultivators despite his mediocre spiritual root was because he had gained the largest secret realm of the Great Profound Immortal Dynasty.

But only these people knew that the Kun-Lai Sect’s spells and sutras had nothing to do with the Great Profound Immortal Dynasty.

If one really wanted to talk about a connection, it would be the other way around!

“Li family?” Ji Yunlai asked softly.

Who, he didn’t know any Li’s, someone explain please.

“The last royal family branch of the Great Profound Immortal Dynasty, Fantasy…..” The female cultivator in white accidentally mentioned the battle of Fantasy Ripple Mountain, but she immediately changed her words after recalling the taboo, “Fantasizing on restoring the glory of the Great Profound Immortal Dynasty. The Reincarnation Stone that you wanted to completely destroy is said to be in their hands.”

Ji Yunlai continued listening, although he didn’t actually understand.

“Then, Senior Brother, one month from now, should we have a big celebration for your birthday, or should we just celebrate privately?” The cold-looking young cultivator asked nervously; if he just wanted the latter then that was also fine.

“Big celebration.” Since he needed to show his face in public, he naturally wouldn’t say no. This was his Sect after all and who but him would protect it? Ji Yunlai thought of this, and was about to leave. If he stayed any longer he was not sure he could continue to keep up appearances in front of so many people.

“Father!” Ji Mingyu suddenly ran very close to him. This action was very rude. And it was because he had reduced his spiritual aura, otherwise it would directly hurt her who carelessly came so close to him——his spiritual aura was not something a little Golden Core Formation cultivator could bear.

Ji Yunlai looked at her.

“Father, I…..” Ji Mingyu was no longer the little girl who could only cry while looking at his back. She looked at him with beautiful eyes full of expectation, “I have something good to show you. Will you take a look?”

The young girls of the mortal realm acted in such willful and coquettish ways towards their parents, although she didn’t know if it would work on Father, but she must still give it a try——in any case it couldn’t get worse.

Ji Yunlai looked at her for a moment, and the girl looked back at him firmly.

So Ji Yunlai nodded.

Ji Mingyu felt that the sky had suddenly brightened in an instant, and she happily took Father’s hand in her own: “Let’s go, Father, let’s go…..”

So long as she could recommend an apprentice disciple to Father, she could go see Father every day by using the excuse of seeing senior brother.

This should be the normal behavior of the daughter of the Sect Leader. She wanted to see just how her uncles could still brag in front of her about how good Father was to them in the past. Hmmph!

She walked quickly, leaving behind one after another motionless wooden stakes.

“Did I just imagine that?” After a long while, Yan Zhao came back to his senses.

“When niece went to take Senior Brother’s hand, Senior Brother’s hand pulled slightly inward.” The demale cultivator in white said with certainty.

“There was no formless and tangible sword energy, I am sure!” The cold-looking young man said calmly, “Next time I want to try holding Senior Brother’s hand too.”

“Have some shame,” the female cultivator in white looked at him coldly, full of contempt, ” aren’t you embarrassed about fighting for favor against your little niece.”

“Stop arguing. The key is that this time Senior Brother is going to show up in front of everyone…..” Another fellow cultivator who didn’t speak much said slowly, “What shall we do?”

It had been more than a hundred years since the Sect Leader appeared in public. The main hall was only so big. It would be impossible for everyone to come——it wouldn’t even fit one percent of the Sect disciples, not to mention visitors. The mountain gates would definitely also send some elites.

“What else can we do, hold a competition!” Yan Zhao coldly decided the bloody storm that would sweep across the Sect’s disciples the coming January, “every mountain and every peak, one competition for each cultivation stage, the winner can enter the main hall as well as receive other rewards.”


Ji Mingyu walked at Father’s side all the way, her face flushed with excitement, this was the first time!

She spoke a lot of things along the way. About her daily life, her relationship with her uncles and aunts, her cultivation. Father did not say a word, but she was very happy just knowing he was listening.

They finally arrived at her quiet residence. She was about to introduce her father to the small house she built herself when she saw her maid running over in a rush.

“Miss, there’s trouble. Ye Han just said that he already learned the basic runes, so he will go to Shennong Peak to defeat Feng Qingxiu at his best.” The maid was very aggrieved, kneeling down and reporting without raising her head. “I tried to stop him. But he said that if he marries you in the future, he will also be my master, how dare I stop him.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Marry you?” Ji Yunlai turned his head and glanced at his daughter.

Ji Mingyu silently tore the embroidered handkerchief in her hand into pieces, as if she was tearing a certain idiot a new one.

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