Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 011 Is This An Old Debt?

*Bonus Chapter

When he saw Ye Han again, Feng Qingxiu was actually a little envious.

Because after just a few days, he was already in the Foundation Establishment Stage, and it seemed that his foundation was also very stable. At least it was now impossible to flap his sleeves and send him flying like before. With such a comparison, he who took ten years to reach the Foundation Establishment Stage was as slow as a snail.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But then thinking about it again, if this talent was to come at the cost of his brain——he would rather give up such a talent.

“If I lose, I will naturally admit that I am inferior to you in front of everyone.” Feng Qingxiu had no complaints on this request. If it was the truth then he was not afraid of others saying so, “If you lose, I don’t want your life. Just don’t bother me for a month.”

“Hehe, if I lose then I’ll avoid you this entire year, but can you win?” Ye Han was very contemptuous. He had learned the basic runes in just a few days, and could even integrate them into magical arrays——something that the upper mountain gate didn’t teach at all, so there was no question he could defeat him.

“Then I accept,” Feng Qingxiu asked the manager for a quarter of an hour’s leave.

The manager was very reasonable, and asked if he needed more time, how about an hour?

Feng Qingxiu refused, a quarter of an hour was actually already a bit too much.

The runes written by Ye Han were wild and unrestrained, no one could recognize what he wrote, but the runes were still effective, and the speed of his writing was also very fast.

Feng Qingxiu took a look, and then picked up a talisman brush to mark Ye Han’s rune pattern.

“What are you doing, can’t beat me so you want to cheat?” Ye Han asked angrily, reaching out to stop him.

“I don’t have talisman paper, so I will borrow yours.” Feng Qingxiu lifted his wrist and nimbly avoided Ye Han’s outstretched arm. With a flick of the brush tip, a drop of ink fell on the white paper.

The light of the rune flashed.

“This is changing the rune!?” Some onlookers exclaimed.

The strokes of a rune could be changed and added, but the requirements for the artist’s skill were simply too high. It was like adding a new instruction to a program. If one was not careful, a bug would cause the entire process to crash. Or to put it another way, the original author drew a simple stick figure, and the illustrator could use these few strokes of the stick figure to build on, creating a sketch with more vivid details. This was the advantage of possessing strong foundational skills.

Whether the change was good or not could also be seen through direct observation——if the change was correct, the rune would glow, which was a valid proof, and if the rune was incorrectly changed then there would be no glow or it would directly explode (not running or the system crashing), of course, the onlookers could only judge it to this extent. If you asked them to find out why it didn’t run or where it went wrong it would be really difficult.

“It’s just a coincidence!” Ye Han roared. It’s impossible. How could Feng Qingxiu be better than him?

So Feng Qingxiu added a few more changes to his other runes.

All were effective.

Ye Han’s face shifted between blue and white, and the onlookers watched happily and whispered to each other.

“Can’t afford to lose, huh?”

“The way I see it, Feng Qingxiu is too unlucky, not only was his wife stolen, the guy who stole her turned around and bit at him like a crazy dog.”

“What does Fairy Mingyu see in him, sure she doesn’t need to treat her eyes?”

“I heard that he has been knocking back Fasting Pills recently. Fairy Mingyu’s soft rice must be delicious, right?” (TN: someone who eats someone else’s soft rice=usually referring to men who don’t work and are supported by women)

“How long will it be till Sect Leader leaves Seclusion? The demonic wind in Kun-Lai can no longer be suppressed. Are the people of the Mountain Patrol Bureau dead or what?”

“At least the dead don’t take up space. They pretend to be dead and still earn spiritual stones. No wonder it is so difficult to pass their recruitment test and yet there are so many people who want to get in.”

“Don’t speak ill of us in our presence, alright. We are just in charge when there is bloodshed and conflict. This is a challenge Feng Qingxiu has accepted. Besides, you guys holding bets is a violation of the rules, okay?”

“There is no suspense at all, the odds are too low, it’s just for fun, didn’t you also bet?”

“I’m here to support righteousness! Hey, someone betted on Ye Han, is his brain flooded with water?”

“Don’t say it in such a bad sounding way, it’s just a little bit of spiritual money, it doesn’t matter if I lose, but if I win it would be like entering the heavens.”


“You guys, shut up!” Ye Han turned his head and roared at the crowd.

“Who are you? You want to scared us to death~ right?”

“Yes, my health is not good, I can’t breathe…..”

“Look at how you scared him into having breathing problems, make compensation quickly!”

“That’s right, think you’re so powerful just cause you got a loud voice?”

Ye Han took a deep breath, his nails digging into his palms so deep they bled, only in this way could he keep himself from rushing over and fight to the death——of the inner peaks disciples, reaching the Foundation Establishment Stage was just basic, and only reaching the Golden Core Formation Stage was considered qualified, so him rushing forward wouldn’t even last a second.

“I lost this time, and I will do what I said,” Ye Han looked cold and resentful, “You wait for me, I will come again in a year, you can’t escape.”

“Why does it sound like a woman threatening a heartless cheating man?” Someone next to him joked.

There was a burst of laughter all around, and Feng Qingxiu also couldn’t help smiling resignedly.

Ye Han was furious, turning around he attacked the jokesters with a palm attack.

However, a bright light suddenly appeared in the sky, breaking through the clouds and falling in front of him.

Ji Mingyu no longer appeared the gentle and beautiful young lady in a white dress and veil from before, but a white flame surrounding her like white armor.

And the anger in her eyes was far stronger than the flames surrounding her body.

Without giving people time to respond, she grabbed Ye Han’s collar and flashed away.

Only leaving behind a crowd of gossipers.

Feng Qingxiu shook his head slightly and turned back to weigh the rice.

On the other side, when Ji Mingyu brought the captured Ye Han back, her father had already left.

She was so aggrieved that she bursted into tears.

She waited for 20 years, and finally found the courage to let her father notice her.

Clearly everything had been going so well before, but it was now ruined by this idiot!

How could she reconcile with this reality!

Her father was gone again, and she didn’t know how long it would take for him to come back.

For so many years and so many days, she stood outside of her father’s magic array boundary, and could only imagine what her father looked like through the woods separating them. No matter how kind her uncles and aunts were to her, they were still not blood relatives!

The more she thought about it, the more angry she got, punching and kicking Ye Han again.

Crying while handing out a vicious beating.

Ye Han also felt guilty, he didn’t dare to fight back and could only obediently take the beating and scolding, but it really did hurt…..

After finally having become tired, Ji Mingyu walked over to another spot to cry by herself.

In truth, she hadn’t cried for a long time, but this time she was really too sad.

From childhood to adulthood, what she had heard was the greatness and the amazing deeds of her father. She had always been proud that she was his daughter. Even if her father did not care about her, she could still comfort herself with the thought that her father was just too busy cultivating.

But today, today, how could Father leave without saying a word to her, did she really disappoint him?

What to do, Father didn’t want her anymore…..

“Don’t cry, there must be other ways.” Ye Han comforted her clumsily.

“What other ways?” Ji Mingyu was extremely lost, feeling as if there was nothing left to live for.

“Uh…..isn’t there a big competition recently?” At this time, it was enough for him to understand what had happened. Although he was sorry to miss out on meeting the Sect Leader, he believed that so long as he got a good ranking in the Foundation Establishment Stage competition, he would definitely be able to re-enter into the sights of Sect Leader.

“This time, I will definitely make up for it.” Ye Han promised.

Ji Mingyu looked at him with suspicion. It was not that she didn’t believe him, but that Ye Han’s assurance usually had the opposite result.

Reasonably speaking she should just throw Ye Han aside and think of other ways, but in the end she compromised.

She’ll try again, but this time if he disappointed her again she’ll throw him to the secret realm to feed the monsters!

Ji Mingyu thought privately.


Ji Yunlai didn’t go far, but after seeing his daughter beating up a good-looking young man, he felt that he should not get involved with the affairs of young people. This was why he left. It was a matter of his daughter’s privacy, and it wouldn’t be good for him to eavesdrop.

He went elsewhere and checked Ye Han’s Dao Disc.

As he expected, every Kun-Lai disciple could be checked.

Ye Han, a native of Yanzhou in the Western Qin Dynasty, his father was unknown, and his mother, Ye Shu (identity still tracing), was a poor refugee who arrived in Yanzhou and then sold herself as a slave to the local Feng clan. From childhood he was in charge of caring for the Feng family’s horses and on one occasion he caused the “Yufeng Beast” to recognize him as his master and no longer obey the orders of the Feng family’s gongzi. He was punished with a whipping and missed the Dragon and Phoenix Selection. Later, when accompanying the mistress of the Feng family on an outing, he rescued Bai Qingluo from a startled horse and captured her attention. Moreover, he weaved grasshoppers and dragonflies from grass to make the young Bai Qingluo happy, and their affair gradually progressed.

Because Bai Qingluo’s marriage date with Feng family’s gongzi was approaching, after Bai Qingluo objected to no results, she eloped with Ye Han. The patriarch of the Bai family personally pursued them with the intention of killing Ye Han and bringing back his daughter. In the middle of the conflict, Bai Qingluo blocked the sword meant for Ye Han and died at the hands of her father. Later, Ye Han was pushed into the Huaijiang River, but then rescued by Fairy Mingyu who had gone to the Huaijiang River to hunt monsters and was then brought back to Kun-Lai.

His qualifications were superb, possessing water and fire spiritual roots, in addition his innate magical powers had also been awakened. It only took three days for him to go from the Qi Condensation Stage to the Foundation Establishment Stage. Thus, he received key attention.


No matter how one looked at it, this was the beginning of a stallion protagonist story.

Ji Yunlai was a little unhappy. This world was real, but the book called “Kun Lai” still made him a little worried. As we all know, the main power in the plot location usually did not get a good ending.

And the hardest hit area in cultivation novels was the cultivation sect, which was simply the protagonist’s large warehouse. No matter subordinates or women, it was always the sect providing them all for the protagonist. Moreover, there was always a rich and handsome villain there for the protagonist to faceslap.

And also, according to story logic, the Sect Leader’s daughter seemed to have always been a member of the protagonist’s harem?

Ji Yunlai couldn’t help but “hehe” twice.

He also read over the information about Ye Han’s mother, Ye Shu. There was a scroll of painting included, which was said to have been drawn by a painter who liked her.

With just a glance, he immediately felt a sense of familiarity.

“Li Shu.”

A familiar name and a familiar face, but he couldn’t remember exactly.

This was very embarrassing.

He didn’t remember, but someone must definitely remember.

Yan Zhao appeared to be someone very difficult to fool, and moreover in Kun-Lai he was not in charge of the Dao Discs.

So the target was very clear

As a result, he went to find the female cultivator in white and showed her the scroll of painting, recalling that her name was Bai Shuixian.

This junior sister let out a laugh.

“I thought you were really heartless, but now, it seems you still care about Xiao Yu.” She was very pleased, and even her eyebrows and eyes smiled. “About Li Shu, I have been aware all along. These years, we looked the other way and let her live.”

Ji Yunlai did not speak, his expression as calm as always.

When one didn’t know what expression to put on, nothing worked better than no expression.

“After you killed Li Xianjing, the power of the Li clan was greatly reduced. These years, they have also been pursued after by Su Wan.” Bai Shuixian took out a jade talisman, engraved with a dragon pattern, “This is the information I collected. Yes, back then that matter was a poisonous thorn in your heart, but it has been hundreds of years since. Senior Brother, it’s time to pull it out.”

Such a good junior sister, what he was in need of now was this, Ji Yunlai picked up the jade talisman, face expressionless but heart full of excitement.

When handing it over, Bai Shuixian suddenly snapped her hand forward, trying to grab his palm.

But naturally she couldn’t catch it.

However, what he didn’t expect was that this female cultivator suddenly flew into a rage.

“Still the same, I thought you changed, but you are still the same!”

This anger was inexplicable, and Ji Yunlai didn’t know how to respond.

“Before you used to say that because Taishang sword energy cannot be controlled, from then on you refused to get close to any of us.” Bai Shuixian sneered with a trace of grief and anger, “but you already took Xiao Yu’s hand yesterday, and yet you still don’t want to touch us.”

Um, so there was such a case?

“You still blame us for not protecting Shifu and the others, don’t you?” Bai Shuixian asked sharply, her palms involuntarily squeezing into fists. Yes, she should have let it go, but she couldn’t. The past was like a net. It trapped them and they were unable to break free, unable to face it.

Ji Yunlai didn’t want to talk at first, but thinking that even if he lost his memory, he was still himself, which meant that there should be no problem voicing his thoughts.

So he said lightly: “The past cannot be traced.”

“Senior Brother,” Bai Shuixian’s voice softened a lot, even containing a hint of pleading, “What happened back then, you cannot be blamed. It’s not your fault you didn’t recognize Li Xianjing’s true character, nor know his true motives. He killed Shifu and everyone. Not you, so it’s not your fault!”

Ji Yunlai couldn’t respond for a while. He was thinking that if all of this were true, then there was indeed a reason for his violent behavior back then.

“Senior Brother! It’s been six hundred years! Look at Kun-Lai, look at us! Yes, Kun-Lai was destroyed, everyone died, only a few of us survived, but you have already got revenge, Li Xianjing is dead, how long will you live in the past?” Bai Shuixian spoke earnestly.

Ji Yunlai looked at her; there was actually such a thing?

“At that time, Li Shu secretly let us go. In the end, although most of us were caught, I have to pay her back for the favor.” Bai Shuixian said lowly, “After all, where you are, that person wouldn’t dare to come and kill her.”

Who’s that person? Ji Yunlai nearly sighed, this past thousand years of life was really colorful, but he had forgotten it all!

“So I also acquiesced to Mingyu’s rescue of Ye Han, as a way to pay her back for her mercy back then.” Bai Shuixian continued in a soft voice.

Ji Yunlai did not know how to respond, but he agreed with her in his heart.

“Senior Brother, can you change back and stop living in the past.”

“Is it really me who lives in the past?” Ji Yunlai suddenly felt deeply wronged, “Or are you only willing to accept the Ji Yunlai from the past?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

People would always change, and all kinds of experiences and various reasons could change their attitudes towards people and things.

Like this, did that mean he was still not himself anymore?

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