Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 064 Fighting With All One’s Might

“Here’s the medicine.” Nie Bufan came to Si Chenyu’s room with a bowl of dark herbal medicine.

Si Chenyu dismissed the bowl of medicine, and instead stared fixedly at Nie Bufan.

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It was just after Xushi (7-9pm) and the stars were shining outside the window. Most of the residents in Chicken Nest Village had not fallen asleep yet. Si Chenyu did not expect Nie Bufan to come so early.

Under the dim candlelight, his eyes were shining and clear and his cheeks slightly flushed, standing there silently like a virgin.

Si Chenyu looked at him a little unexpectedly. It’s rare that he would seem so gentle, could it be that he was cooking up some horrible idea? He moved his gaze to the bowl of herbal medicine on the table and secretly wondered, he wouldn’t have put something weird in the medicine, right?

“Drinking the medicine will help sleep, you really won’t take a sip?” Nie Bufan asked again.

“No.” Si Chenyu refused without thinking, “I haven’t gotten any improvement after drinking it for so long, so there’s no need to try again.”

He drew Nie Bufan to his side and looked at him with a half-smile, “I want to try you even more.”

“Brother Shi,” Nie Bufan put his hand on his shoulder, earnestly, “Actually, I really think you are too lonely. Why not go to the brothel when you have time, it will be good for you.”

The corner of Si Chenyu’s mouth twitched, and he gave him a glare.

“This bowl of medicine is a little different from the previous formula, you might as well try it.” Nie Bufan pushed him away, sat at the table, and pointed to the bowl to persuade again.

“Oh?” Si Chenyu leaned on the bed and asked, “Are you going to personally feed me?”

“You’ll drink it if I personally feed you?” Nie Bufan raised his eyebrows, not forgetting the other’s suspicion about the bowl of medicine earlier.

Si Chenyu smiled and said, “I will drink it if you feed it with your mouth.”

Nie Bufan held his chin and thought for a while, then said with a smile: “Why not, let’s play a game.”

“What game?”

“Know how to play rock-paper-scissors?”

“I prefer to play games on the bed.” Rock-paper-scissors, did he take him as a child?

“How boring is that?” Nie Bufan said again: “In this way, if I win once, you will take a sip of the medicine. If you win, you can make a request of me.”

“Any kind of request?” Si Chenyu was interested.

“Of course it must be acceptable to me.” Nie Bufan gave him a slanted look, “If you win once and want me to bravely offer myself, I won’t agree.”

Si Chenyu thought for a moment, staring at him as he asked, “Are you sure there is nothing wrong with this bowl of medicine?”

“I promise.” Nie Bufan replied definitely.

Si Chenyu nodded and agreed without much care. Anyway, it was still early, so it was not bad to have some fun with him. It was just that in the past, he wouldn’t have believed that he would play this kind of childish game even if he was beaten to death.

The two sat opposite each other and started a battle of rock-paper-scissors.

Nie Bufan lost the first round.

Si Chenyu tapped his lips calmly, motioning for him to give a kiss.

Nie Bufan curled his lips and secretly looked down on him for his unoriginal request, which was completely within his expectation.

He leaned in and kissed him gently on his lips. When he was about to withdraw, Si Chenyu pressed the back of his head and deepened the kiss.

Nie Bufan unceremoniously punched him in the belly.

Si Chenyu immediately let go, his expression distorted.

“Brother Shi, all games have their rules and fouls must be punished.” He took up the medicine bowl and handed it to him.

Si Chenyu looked at the other’s somewhat red and swollen mouth and coldly harrumphed as he took the medicine and took a sip.

The second round continued, but Nie Bufan still lost.

Si Chenyu knocked on the table with his fingers, scanned Nie Bufan arrogantly, and said, “Take off your clothes.”

Nie Bufan shrugged, stood up and took off his outer robe.

When Si Chenyu saw him, he immediately pointed at him in surprise and asked, “Why are you still wearing another outer robe under your outer robe?”

Nie Bufan squinted and said, “Hehe, because I want to.”

Si Chenyu’s face was sullen, privately thinking that this was not good, this guy came prepared tonight. His eyes flashed, fine, let him see how many tricks he can play!

In the third round, Nie Bufan won, Si Chenyu drank a sip of medicine.

In the fourth round, Si Chenyu won. He continued to demand: “Take off your clothes.”

Nie Bufan took off the outer robe, only for another outer robe to be revealed inside.

Si Chenyu gritted his teeth, the fifth round: “Undress.”

Nie Bufan took off a layer again, this time revealing an inner robe.

Very good, he had finally peeled off the hard shell. Si Chenyu nodded in satisfaction.

He lost all the next few rounds and was forced to take several sips of medicine.

Finally winning another round, he continued: “Undress.”

Nie Bufan took off his inner robe, and he was actually wearing a vest underneath it. What’s more, there was still another inner robe under the vest!

Si Chenyu was angry: “How many layers did you put on?”

“You’ll know when I finish taking it all off.” Nie Bufan smiled brightly like the sun.

Si Chenyu was extremely vexed. He finally knew why this guy had flushed cheeks before. It had nothing to do with inexplicable emotions such as shyness and affection. It was completely because he was simply too hot!

After winning another round, Si Chenyu learned to be clever and demanded: “Take off your pants.”

Nie Bufan untied his belt calmly and took off his trousers, revealing his white under trousers and two well-proportioned calves.

Si Chenyu chuckled and the game continued.

After two wins and two losses, Nie Bufan’s pants were stripped off, his lower half completely naked under the robes. But he just had to sit with his legs crossed, swaying his bare feet leisurely and making Si Chenyu’s heart feel itchy.

After several rounds of battle, Si Chenyu felt that victory was in sight, but he didn’t know that the bowl of medicine had only dregs remaining.

Just when Nie Bufan only had one shirt left, the medicine was also completely finished.

At the end of the game, Nie Bufan stood up and stretched.

Following his movements, a loose white under shirt slightly slid open, and the semi-open collar revealed a stretch of smooth skin, and combined with his bare legs, it was as tempting as could be.

“Did you have enough fun?” Si Chenyu hooked him into his arms and whispered into his ear.

Nie Bufan looked at him and said calmly: “Brother Shi, don’t you feel any sleepiness right now?”

He really did feel a little groggy when he said that.

Nie Bufan led him to the bed and said, “It’s getting late, go to sleep.”

Si Chenyu squinted his eyes, his vision becoming a little fuzzy. He covered his forehead and muttered, “What’s this?”

Drowsiness hit him like a tide. Suddenly, he looked at Nie Bufan next to him, and said angrily: “You…..didn’t you guarantee that the bowl of medicine is okay?”

Nie Bufan looked at him contemptuously, “You actually believe my guarantee? Brother Shi, you are too naive.”

Si Chenyu’s veins popped violently, and he wanted nothing more than to give him a good beating, but it was a pity that he couldn’t resist the surging sleepiness.

Nie Bufan stretched out a hand and pushed him down, then helped him take off his shoes, covered him with the quilt, and squeezed his face as he said, “Good night.”

Si Chenyu stared at his clothed back, and finally closed his eyes with resentment.

Just as Nie Bufan put on an outer robe, he saw a ghostly figure appearing at the door, looking up, it was Li Huai.

He said sinisterly: “I saw the whole thing.”

“Oh? What do you think?” Nie Bufan asked seriously.

“You are too cunning and one must not give you any chance at all.” Li Huai walked in with heavy steps and grabbed Nie Bufan, “Follow me now.”

“Ai? But I haven’t worn my pants yet?” Nie Bufan shook his two bare legs, staggering out of the house as he was pulled by Li Huai.

Without saying a word, Li Huai privately decided to carry on the silence to the end. He dragged him into his house all the way, threw him on his bed, and then threw himself on top.

Nie Bufan nudged his leg with his foot and asked, “Are you sure you want to challenge the limits of the human body?”

Li Huai snorted and undressed silently.

Seeing him taking off one piece after another with a serious expression, Nie Bufan felt that the other looked like he was about to go to the execution ground. If he was so unhappy, why did he still force himself?

After taking off everything but a single under robe, Li Huai pressed down on him, his body stiff and without any next move.

After a weird silence, Nie Bufan couldn’t help asking: “Huai Huai, are you brewing up some feelings?”

He simply had no feelings of desire at all, his lower body was as quiet as a shy little girl, head not even daring to lift up.

Li Huai gritted his teeth and bit Nie Bufan’s lips, movements mechanical and neck stiff. Even Nie Bufan felt tired for him.  

Why bother? Did something provoke him?

Nie Bufan hugged him lightly and patted him comfortingly, then rolled over and pressed him under his body. He took over the initiative, and entangled their lips and teeth.

Li Huai froze, but did not push him away.

After a moment, Nie Bufan removed his lips and said with a smile: “Huai Huai, you’re too nervous. Come, tell your caring big brother, why do you insist on being intimate with me?”

Li Huai glared at him, before spitting out a few words: “I want to know why my brother likes you.”

Nie Bufan lay leaning on one side with his face propped up on one hand, his eyes curving with a smile: “En, I want to know too.”

“Hmph, don’t be so proud!” Li Huai said angrily, “not everyone is won over by you!”

“I’m not feeling proud, really.” Nie Bufan said this, but his expression told a completely different story. That proud little expression was truly deserving of a beating.

Li Huai was so vexed he began to cough fiercely, his face flushing.

Nie Bufan hurriedly helped him calm his breathing, and calmly said: “Calm down, calm down. Even if you want to know the reason, you don’t need to commit personal risks. You should know that a single slip can cause lasting sorrow, and once you enter the door of ‘brotherhood’, it will be as deep as the sea. At that time it will be difficult to look back.”

Li Huai said disdainfully: “With my background, what beauty haven’t I seen? How charming do you think you are to make me unable to look back?”

This must be a model of one who would only turn back after hitting a wall. Did he really need to teach him personally in order for him to know the consequences? Nie Bufan was conflicted.

Li Huai showed a look of facing death with equanimity, pressed Nie Bufan under him again, and hollered in a low voice: “Don’t dawdle, come on!”

Then why don’t you come? Nie Bufan opened his eyes wide, waiting to see how brave he was.

But the result was that while Li Huai’s thunder was loud his rain was light, his eyes flickering and looking like a first-time virgin boy who didn’t know where to start.

Nie Bufan yawned, gave him a pitying look, then pushed him away and pulled up the quilt, saying in a muffled voice: “Okay, stop making trouble, go to sleep. Tomorrow, we’ll see how effective brother Shi drinking the medicine is. If it’s not bad, I will make you bowl as well.”

Li Huai glared at the curled up lump, his eyes on fire, feeling that his pride was severely insulted. This guy didn’t take him seriously, and actually went to sleep peacefully!

“Damn it, get up!” Li Huai shook him vigorously, only to be slapped unexpectedly.

He was so angry he was about to explode. He gritted his teeth, reached out to grab the thing between his legs, and began to stroke himself as he fixed his gaze on Nie Bufan’s peaceful sleeping face.

After a moment, he reached into the quilt and lifted the hem of Nie Bufan’s robe. This guy hadn’t had time to put on his pants so it was a wide opening, letting Li Huai find the target easily.

Going into the quilt, his whole weight pressed down on the other. After raising the other’s leg, he then took a deep breath, closed his eyes, his body straightened, and charged in!

“Ah——” Nie Bufan let out a scream.

Li Huai’s face was also pale. They were already like this so might as well see it to the end. Pulling Nie Bufan’s legs wider he started to charge forward in a rampage.

Nie Bufan’s chrysanthemum was nearly ravaged, and the feeling of having the capital stormed was truly miserable.

He also became angry, rolling over and pressing Li Huai down, sitting heavily on his belly, their lower halves still tightly connected.

Li Huai inhaled sharply, unable to stand Nie Bufan’s lofty posture, turning him over again and entering sideways.

Not to be outdone, Nie Bufan clamped his legs on his neck and used scissor legs on him.

Li Huai became furious, and thrusted harder, so that Nie Bufan went weak in the bones and allowed him to pull off his legs.

At this moment, his hair was unruly, his face blushed and his neck flushed, like a lobster that had been fried. Where could it be seen any of his previous aristocratic bearing and demeanor?

Li Huai didn’t care about much anymore. He continued to fight wildly with Nie Bufan, exchanging moves and not giving ground.

The sheets and bedding were quickly twisted and knotted messily.

With a “bang”, the two fell out of the bed together, with Nie Bufan on top and Li Huai on the bottom. Miraculously, their lower halves were still connected, in fact, it only went deeper from the impact.

The two grunted at the same time, sweating and breathing heavily.

Nie Bufan looked down at him from his position on top and gasped, “Do you admit defeat?”

“Defeat my foot!” Li Huai’s member was firm and tightly wrapped by silken walls, feeling bursts of pleasure.

Nie Bufan crossed his arms and sat hard on his belly a few times. He was about to say something, but was taken aback by the slapping sounds of skin on skin.

The thing in his body was as hard as iron, which incited heat as it moved, stimulating his nerves.

Nie Bufan huffed and was about to stand up, but was restrained by Li Huai as soon as he lifted his waist.

“Why, want to escape?” Li Huai looked at him fixedly, a cluster of flames burning in his eyes.

Pressing down hard with both hands, the two became one again.

The gradually proficient Li Huai didn’t give Nie Bufan a chance to escape, turning him over and pressing his arms down before thrusting straight in from behind.

Nie Bufan twisted his body, freed a hand and grabbed a pillow, smashing it over. Completely unaffected, Li Huai continued to attack.

It must be said that heredity was really a wonderful thing. Like Li Yi, Li Huai had extraordinary endurance and firmness, and could continue to attack no matter how bad the environment was. This spirit of perseverance and determination to not give up had already surpassed the limits that the worldly affairs could provide.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Nie Bufan went weak all over, having never been so tired.

However, Li Huai had reached rapture, his spirit and body both feeling satisfaction.

The bloody battle finally ended in the middle of climax when exhaustion took over…..

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