Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 012 Is This A Test?

Ji Yunlai left this remark and left, ignoring the complex expression on junior sister’s face.

He had more important things to take care of.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Finally, he now had a little access to the memory of the past. If not to make a copy of it right away then what was there to wait for?

Important information that was not backed up was never safe information!

When he returned to his residence, he eagerly opened the jade talisman without stopping even for a moment.

Sure enough, the above not only introduced the Li family, but also introduced the Daxuan Immortal Dynasty.

After reading over the information, his horizon was indeed expanded by this terrifying force of power.

Different from today’s many sects and many big and small countries that had the backing of these sects and factions. Thousands of years ago, the human race was unified by the Daxuan Immortal Dynasty. It was said that this was the only period of great unity since the reign of the Celestial Emperor…..

It was simply an awe-inspiring phenomenon!

Just looking at this history caused Ji Yunlai’s blood to rush with a sense of excitement.


The Daxuan Immortal Dynasty cultivators cultivated themselves with the fortune of the human race, gathering millions of human faith and conviction to cultivate. So long as the officials of Daxuan could gather the popularity and support of the common people, their path of cultivation was without any obstacles, and not even inner demons posed a problem.

The more human race fortune one possessed, the faster the cultivation would be, and one could even cross cultivation stages without facing any inner demon tribulations.

The only flaw was that the higher the cultivation stage, the more human fortune one required.

As for the people’s faith, it came from the merits you received as a result of your governance. So long as the people under your jurisdiction were grateful to you, there would be blessings in the form of the people’s faith, protecting you from all demons and even spell attacks from fellow cultivators.

In addition, because Daxuan’s main Dao was based on the imperial examination method, the stages of cultivation were divided into Tong Sheng, Xiu Cai, Ju Ren, and Jin Shi, corresponding to Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, Golden Core Formation, and Nascent Soul (TN: Tong Sheng=candidate who has not yet passed the county level imperial exam; Xiu Cai=a person who has passed the county level imperial exam; Ju Ren=successful candidate in the imperial provincial examination; Jin Shi=successful candidate in the highest imperial civil service examination). The higher the level the more cultivation resources and fortune one could get, and thus practically recruiting all the unaffiliated cultivators in the world. From then on, the Daxuan Immortal Dynasty soared into the sky. For thousands of years, Daxuan swallowed, split, attacked, implemented all kinds of methods, and basically captured and integrated all the cultivation sects and factions in the world.

Anyone or sect who didn’t submit would be branded with a puppet rune and then thrown into the mining area as slaves, and those who submitted were broken up and scattered among the army.

They also stipulated that all cultivators must be registered. If an unregistered cultivator was found, they would be arrested immediately, and those who were arrested could be killed on the spot.

After that, among these big sects, they either went underground one after another, not daring to reveal their presence, or immigrating to faraway lands, not daring to fight against Daxuan.

And as a result, Daxuan also collected countless cultivation sutras and practices from other sects, their Book Collection Pavilion basically filled with the inheritance of the entire human race.

The cultivators all over the world could only practice the cultivation method of Daxuan.


Seeing this, Ji Yunlai frowned. Going too far could often be worse than not doing enough, and a sole dominating force could never last long. It was very easy to go wrong if one did things this way.

Even in his hometown, China, from ancient times to the present vassal states were allowed to remain to serve as a warning buffer. Besides, the act of collecting and seizing books from all over the world was practically the same as burning books.


After conquering and unifying the human race, in order to obtain more resources and dominate the world, Daxuan began to wage war on the lands of the demonic race and other foreign races.

At that time, Emperor Shang captured the demonic race’s Tushan Qingqiu Kingdom with almost no resistance. The Celestial Fox family that lived there dispersed into the lands of the Outlands. The demonic race’s Great Sage, the Queen of the Celestial Foxes, Su Wan was seriously injured and her whereabouts unknown.

Daxuan continued to march, but at this time dozens of demonic tribes and Great Sages had come to their senses. Originally, demonic tribes had always kept to their own, but Daxuan had been too overbearing for thousands of years, so for the first time, seven Great Sages united to oppose the Dynasty. The Celestial Fox Queen and the other Great Sages did not launch direct attacks on Daxuan’s terrifying forces, but carried out guerrilla attacks, dragging down Daxuan’s main fighting force in the Outlands, and at the same time driving rats, insects, snakes and beasts to spread the plague among the humans.

What they spread were not terminal illnesses, but ordinary ones such as typhoid, leprosy, black fever, filariasis…..

They did not lead to immediate deaths, but the illnesses affected a large number of people and a wide range of areas.

They did not come to the attention of the cultivators at first.

But when they finally paid attention, the herbs used to treat these plagues and illnesses had all become extinct.

For a time, there were tragic casualties all over, shaking the national fortune.

And another huge problem had also surfaced.

There were too many officials in the  Daxuan Immortal Dynasty.

Cultivators had a long life span. In a dynasty that had lasted tens of thousands of years, there had  only been three emperors, not to mention the various officials in the court.

The imperial examinations were held every ten years, so after being held hundreds of thousands of times the number of cultivators in incumbent official positions accumulated more and more.

A large number of Tong Sheng, Xiu Cai, and Ju Ren were unable to hold positions. If they were unable to hold positions, they would not be able to use human fortune to cultivate, and thus could not reach higher cultivation stages…..

However, human fortune was ultimately limited, and there were too many cultivators and not enough fortune to go around, causing unease and conflict within Daxuan.

If they withdrew from the Outlands at this time and went back to settle internal affairs, there might still be a chance. However, Emperor Shang did not want to leave a taint on his undefeated record. He insisted on continuing with the war campaign, thinking that only more land would yield more fortune.

Soon after, the Celestial Fox Queen Su Wan, who pretended to be a human, entered the palace. She changed her name to Shu Wan’er, and no one knew what she had done in the palace.

But just a hundred years later, Emperor Shang was violently killed in the imperial palace, Daxuan’s royal family split into two factions, the magical array protecting the royal capital was opened up, and was ransacked by the hidden Great Sages who had been waiting for that moment. The royal family was killed in a bloodbath in the imperial palace, and only a dozen royal grandchildren remained. In order to prevent the Daoist books from being seized, Daxuan’s Priest opened the magical array and destroyed all the books, the fire lasting for as long as three months.

Since then, Daxuan split into several territories, each ruled by a royal grandson.

With the nation’s fortune in decline, the cultivation practices and sutras of ordinary sects far surpassed that of Daxuan’s, and thus these sects took the opportunity to return to power.

Subsequently, the power of these individual sects rose, and conflict between fortune cultivators and the orthodox cultivators lasted for a hundred years, with the latter winning in the end.

The accumulated resources of Daxuan Immortal Dynasty were soon divided up, and the royal blood and fortune cultivators still to this day remained enemies to be killed by all cultivators.

Thousands of years ago, the Xuan Kingdom ruled by the last royal grandson was destroyed, and Daxuan Immortal Dynasty officially ended.


Ji Yunlai sighed. If after the unification they continued to develop, there might have been a chance for the flourishing of the human race. However, Daxuan Immortal Dynasty was too domineering, and the emperor was too immersed in personal grandiose deeds. It was no wonder that when he just transmigrated a thousand years ago, there were barren and bleak scenes everywhere. After all, war had lasted thousands of years.

It was no wonder that Ji Yunlai picked up so many refugee children back then, even the cultivators died easily, so one could imagine just how miserable the lives of the common people were.

And those Daoist books, gone up in flames just like that!

Did they know just how much he suffered to buy just a basic rune dictionary???

Burned just like that! Burned!

It was simply…..simply too much, didn’t they know that all important data should be backed up?

He just barely suppressed his anger and kept reading.


In order to avoid being hunted down, Daxuan’s royal surname changed from Yin to Li, known as the Li clan, their goal being the restoration of Daxuan.

The Celestial Fox Great Sage Su Wan came to the human territory to hunt and kill the Li clan several times, wounding countless innocent people along the way, and thus was cut in half by the Master of Kun-Lai’s sword, no longer daring to enter the Western Continent again.

The End.


Ji Yunlai was stunned!

Too caught off guard!

Hey! How could it end like this?

What about afterwards? Where was the rest?

He almost screamed at the sky. Where was the most important part?

What about the love and hate story between Ji Yunlai and Li Xianjing?

How could it cut off in the most critical place???


Bai Shuixian raised her head as if having felt something, and sighed quietly. The Sect Leader must have remembered the past. She was right to delete the information that the Sect Leader knew.

“What is it, does Junior Sister have any more to add?” Yan Zhao on one side asked her. They had been discussing the rewards for the disciple competitions.

“Nothing, the competition in the inner peak is decided as such.” Bai Shuixian reluctantly said, putting the Sect Leader aside for now. “But there is one thing, each peak competition has learned the stutras and spells, but the new Foundation Establishment Stage disciples are all beginners and it is difficult for them to be selected. It would be a pity for them to miss this opportunity.”

“Matters of chance are inevitable.” Yan Zhao was too lazy to think about those little disciples, who told them to not be born early enough.

“Why don’t you give an opportunity for these Foundation Establishment disciples, open a Daxuan Immortal Dynasty secret realm, and choose the top three winners to attend the ceremony?” A cold-looking young cultivator asked slowly.

The secret realm they discovered was supposed to be for the Xiu Cai examination, or the Foundation Establishment Stage. Daxuan’s imperial examination was known for its fairness and equality. There were advantages that came along with thousands of years of accumulation. After the exam, the first, second, and third place would be clear at a glance.

This was a good idea. Bai Shuixian and the others looked at each other, and they all nodded: “Excellent!”

She raised her hand, added a few strokes to the notice recording the details of the competition, and then threw it out the window.

The notices rolled around in the air, turned into countless golden birds, and flew off to the many peaks.

Immediately, news of the competition was updated on the list of announcements at each peak.

Kun-Lai instantly bubbled like a boiling pot of water!


Shennong Peak.

The news of the Sect Competition had spread throughout Kun-Lai.

In the main hall, a group of people were drooling over the prize list, and Feng Qingxiu was no exception.

“Rewarding 10,000 spiritual stone points for being selected to enter the ceremony…..” A senior brother had already begun to count how many good things he could buy.

“YinYang blood rice seeds, that is something I can’t afford to buy even if I sold myself…..” A disciple appeared intoxicated when he saw the list of rewards.

“As if you’re even worth a lot of money.” The senior brother next to him kicked him away, “Yunfu Dao Seed, if one has the money to buy then one must buy Yunfu Dao Seed. With it, there will be one more immortal field, one more immortal field, you fools!”

They were all allocated their own immortal fields, but they only gradually refined it into their foundation, planting immortal grass and immortal rice at will, but what was the situation with possessing two immortal fields? The speed of harvesting would be doubled, and the output would also be doubled!

“That’s something that the chief disciple of Shennong Peak is determined to get, besides isn’t one immortal field enough to hollow you out?” One person sneered, everyone around nodded in agreement, they couldn’t absorb that much spiritual energy for cultivation of spiritual plants so how many immortal grains could one more immortal field produce?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“That’s right, have some self-awareness on whether you have a solid enough foundation, Shennong Peak is full of greedy and exhausted cows, but never is there any land that has been worn down.” The disciple who had been kicked sneered.

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