The Cruel Tyrant CH 065 Hot Spring

It was the middle of the night and Yun Feiyu, Liu Xi, and Huang Xuan had all left only after waiting for Su Mu to fall asleep.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Suddenly, a tall black shadow appeared in the darkness, cold, star-like eyes staring at Su Mu’s sleeping face hidden in the dark. Gu Yunzhou slowly walked to Su Mu’s bed, making out Su Mu’s furrowed brows which were faintly visible through the moonlight coming through the window. He stretched out a callused palm to wipe the sweat from Su Mu’s forehead, but found that Su Mu’s forehead was covered in cold sweat, and the evil internal forces in Su Mu’s body were currently tormenting him. Gu Yunzhou quickly moved his hand to Su Mu’s thin chest, silently conveying his own internal force into the other and suppressing the insidious internal force in Su Mu’s body.

After a while, Su Mu gradually opened his eyes, feeling as if a stove was pressed up against his chest, his whole body becoming warm. The night shadows and moonlight outlined Gu Yunzhou’s cold figure, and Su Mu called out unexpectedly: “Gu Yunzhou?”

Gu Yunzhou’s healing for Su Mu was more than half a month ago. Su Mu had thought that he had left without saying goodbye so he didn’t expect him to appear here again. Did he never leave in the first place? Su Mu was shocked by this guess.

Subtly, Gu Yunzhou frowned. Su Mu’s body was not well originally and now with this new shock to his body, it was essentially adding a new injury to an old wound. Suddenly, Gu Yunzhou picked up Su Mu from the bed, hugging him into his arms, and walked out of the door.

Su Mu was taken aback and hurriedly said: “Hey, what are you doing?”

The door in front opened automatically with a banging sound, and Gu Yunzhou walked outside the door holding Su Mu as he replied, “Go to Lingxiao Peak.”

“What for? Quickly put me down.” Su Mu struggled.

Lingyun Pavilion was on Lingxiao Peak, and it was several days travel away from the imperial city of Qing kingdom. Those people from the Shi kingdom were still here and who knew what trouble they were going to make. How could he go so far away at this time?

Su Mu struggled in Gu Yunzhou’s arms and said, “Put me down, I can’t go.”

Su Mu, whose internal force was controlled by Gu Yunzhou, posed no threat at all. Gu Yunzhou ignored his struggles and walked out of the room, immediately flying away from the palace. In the blink of an eye, they had already left the imperial city. Su Mu squinted his eyes against the strong wind, and said with slight anger: “At least let me leave a letter.”

“Already done.”

Su Mu was so vexed at his arrogantly taking the initiative and matter-of-fact attitude, but he was not the other’s opponent at this time, so he could only swallow his anger.

On the third day, Su Mu, who had been carried by Gu Yunzhou all the way, finally saw the legendary Lingxiao Peak. Because it was the early morning, when Su Mu raised his head he could only see half of the mountain which was covered by clouds and mist, but it was enough for Su Mu to feel amazed. Only, no matter where he looked, Su Mu didn’t see a path up the mountain at all. He was about to speak but was surprised by Gu Yunzhou flying forward again.

“Are you going to fly up!?” Su Mu exclaimed incredulously.

And at this height, with an adult weighing more than 100 pounds in his arms! Su Mu looked suspiciously at Gu Yunzhou’s cold face and thought: Is this person still a human?

The scenery in front of him quickly receded, and Su Mu, who had been at the bottom of the mountain a moment ago, was met with an abyss under his feet when he looked again. After a while, golden sunlight casted down on the two of them, and with a gentle leap Gu Yunzhou landed on the platform outside Lingyun Pavilion.

Looking at the fairy islands floating in the clouds and gilded with golden light in the distance, Su Mu felt as if he had suddenly transmigrated to the world of the immortals. Gu Yunzhou looked at Su Mu in his arms and after finding that he had a delighted smile on his face, his expression also became slightly relaxed. He then walked towards Lingyun Pavilion with Su Mu in his arms.

At this time, Su Mu came back to his senses and showed great curiosity about this palace constructed on the top of a mountain with no road. However, before he had time to ask, he saw something that made him speechless.

Holding a few big buns in both hands and another bun in his mouth, Xiao Yi stood dumbfounded at the entrance of the dining hall, looking at Gu Yunzhou in disbelief. The buns in his mouth and arms fell one after another, and he rubbed his eyes severely. What he still saw was Gu Yunzhou walking towards his residence with a handsomely beautiful boy in his arms.

“I must have not woken up!” Xiao Yi turned around with an expression of one struck by lightning. He never thought that Boss, who had never been close to females before, actually had this kind of preference. Xiao Yi decided to go down the mountain immediately and pick up dozens of jobs tomorrow; he must protect his chastity.

Gu Yunzhou walked into his residence without a change to his expressionless face, paying no attention to the human shaped wooden stakes he passed by. After entering the door, he locked it tightly. When he heard more and more footsteps outside the door, his iron sword flew out with a “clang” to embed straight into the ground three feet away from the door, and warned mercilessly: “Those who cross the boundary shall train for three days.”

The footsteps outside the door disappeared in an instant. Gu Yunzhou continued to walk in with Su Mu in his arms, face expressionless as ever, only stopping when the two came to a hot spring pool. Gu Yunzhou circulated a little internal force, and their clothes flew off like pieces of paper.

Su Mu, who was now completely bare, felt a little embarrassed, and asked uncomfortably, “You brought me here to soak in a hot spring?”

Gu Yunzhou lowered Su Mu’s slender and white body into the pool that had white mist rising from it, and said: “The living water in hot springs has much Yang energy and can help you control your internal force. It is also good for your body.”

After carrying him and traveling on the road for so long, it was just to soak in a hot spring. Su Mu seemed to understand something, and his face blushed a red that might be from the heat of the hot spring or something else.

On the eighth day, Gu Yunzhou took Su Mu to the top of Lingxiao Peak. The scenery there was beautiful with floating mist and clouds. There was also a hot spring lake and Su Mu exclaimed: “I didn’t expect there to be such a big hot spring lake.”

In any case, he had already become accustomed to undressing in front of Gu Yunzhou these days. As a grown man there was no need to be pretentious. He simply stripped himself off and jumped into the water. After getting used to it, he began to swim in the water like a fish.

Gu Yunzhou turned around the moment Su Mu stripped himself naked. Su Mu emerged from the water and looked strangely at Gu Yunzhou, who had his back turned to him, and called, “Are you coming down?”

“No.” Gu Yunzhou spoke with his back still turned to Su Mu.

Hearing Gu Yunzhou’s slightly hoarse voice, Su Mu seemed to understand something, and silently dived into the water again. But once this kind of thing came up, it was difficult to suppress it, especially with the particularity of this body, which always felt uncomfortable when he went too long without a man.

Gu Yunzhou’s strong and powerful body appeared in his mind, and Su Mu stretched his right hand down to his lower half with a sense of guilt.

Su Mu hid behind a big stone some distance from Gu Yunzhou, his slender fingers inserted into his body, his eyes full of spring, his cheeks flushed, and his breathing heavy.

The tight inner walls sucked at his fingers hungrily, and Su Mu pleasured himself as much as possible. Even though he knew it was useless, it would still be good to get some release temporarily.

Su Mu could admit that he was not a monogamous man, so he did not want to harm Gu Yunzhou, even if he was attracted to the other.

Gu Yunzhou’s nosebleed-inducing nude body appeared in his mind. Su Mu imagined himself stroking his chest with his hands and kissing his sharply defined lips, their connecting lips and tongue bringing an electric thrill. Su Mu felt a numbness in his body, and his fingers thrusted in deeper uncontrollably. But this didn’t satisfy him at all, on the contrary, Su Mu’s lust rose even more.

Su Mu closed his eyes and continued to fantasize. This time Gu Yunzhou was lying on the ground, thrusting up into him, his face as cold as ever.

The fleshy walls contracted in a thirsty manner, while the little guy in the front was so hard it felt like it would explode. But no matter how hard Su Mu worked, it just refused to cum.

He needed a man!

Even Su Mochi, who hated and felt only disgust for men, could only give in, not to mention Su Mu who originally liked men. A crazy idea suddenly appeared in Su Mu’s mind.

But there was still a trace of reason left, and Su Mu hurriedly shook his head. Gu Yunzhou had kindly saved him, so how could he do something like that to repay him.

But the discomfort was truly unbearable, practically worse than death!

Just…..try once, if he came over…..

Su Mu was still in denial, but his mouth had already opened and uttered: “Gu Yunzhou……..come here…..”

Gu Yunzhou appeared next to Su Mu almost instantaneously, his eyes deepening as they landed on the tempting whiteness visible through the water.

But Su Mu, whose head was full of inappropriate thoughts, didn’t notice the subtle changes on Gu Yunzhou’s face.

Su Mu tried to control his hungry expression, his eyes misted over: “Gu…..Gu Yunzhou, can you help me a bit…..”

It was just that Su Mu did not expect Gu Yunzhou to frown and say: “No, you can’t right now…..”

But before he finished speaking, Gu Yunzhou felt his pressure point struck. He was so close to Su Mu that he was caught totally off guard. What’s more, Su Mu’s martial arts were not weaker than his. Even if Su Mu was physically weak now, there was still not much difficulty in immobilizing an unsuspecting person.

Su Mu didn’t expect that he would refuse, and avoided Gu Yunzhou’s eyes with a bit of discomfort. He stood up from the water and walked to Gu Yunzhou’s side where he then pushed him to the ground. Su Mu eagerly tore off his clothes, but thinking of Gu Yunzhou’s refusal just now, he also felt that he was too much. So Su Mu found a piece of cloth that had just been torn and blindfolded Gu Yunzhou’s eyes.

“I’m sorry.” Su Mu said guiltily.

The slippery palms of his hands directly stretched down to Gu Yunzhou’s lower half and made contact with a huge, hard and hot object. Su Mu had no more capacity to think about why a person who just refused him was this hard. He eagerly took in Gu Yunzhou’s big and thick member, swallowing it into his body and letting out a sigh of satisfaction. The pleasurable feeling made every cell in his body tremble with ecstasy.

Every time his body would raise up until only the thick head was left inside, and then the whole hard rod would be swallowed completely after letting his weight fall down quickly.

Forcing others to do such things out in the open made Su Mu feel pleasured and uneasy at the same time, so he quickly worked to find release sooner.

The viscous white liquid sprayed into Su Mu’s hand, and he sat weakly on Gu Yunzhou, the thick object in him still buried deep inside. The fleshy walls in his body were no longer as thirsty and contracting crazily as before, but they still continued to gently suck at the member inside. Su Mu quickly moved away and off his body, fearing that he would go wild again.

Su Mu, who felt he had done a bad thing, was so guilty that he didn’t even dare to look at Gu Yunzhou. He hurriedly put on his clothes and fled in a panic.

And the big wet member in between Gu Yunzhou’s legs was still standing up angrily.

A few moments later, there were several huge explosions by the hot spring lake. And in an instant, the scenery that was as beautiful as a fairyland was thrown in a mess.

Hearing the sound, Su Mu, who had fled to the platform outside the Lingyun Pavilion, was so shocked his heart jumped. But the cliff in front of him was too high and too steep. He couldn’t get down at all. Su Mu was so anxious he nearly tried jumping off the cliff. Was he just going to wait to be hacked to death by Gu Yunzhou?

At this moment, Xiao Yi, who had some interaction with Su Mu the past few days, came over. Su Mu ignored his currently disheveled and messy state, and grabbed the dumbfounded Xiao Yi as if seeing a savior, “Take me down the mountain, or I’ll be dead. “

“Why?” Xiao Yi asked. Their Boss shouldn’t be so cruel?

Time was running out, so Su Mu had to pick the simplest reason and say: “I f**ked your Boss.”

After Su Mu finished speaking, Xiao Yi seemed to have heard something extremely frightening and unbelievable, his face like that of one struck by lightning as he said: “I don’t think this is the world I know, I need to think!”

“Think about it later, quickly send me down!” Su Mu grabbed him to the edge of the cliff and said anxiously.

Xiao Yi wiped his face, reorganized his three views and looked at Su Mu in reverence: “Okay! Just for the sake of your courage, hero, I bow down to you!”

Su Mu: “…..”

Xiao Yi leaped down with Su Mu. Gu Yunzhou followed soon after.

After landing, Xiao Yi said with a kind heart: “Hero, take care!”

How could Su Mu dare to stay and exchange nonsense with him. He practically ran out of sight as soon as he landed.

Xiao Yi looked at the place where Su Mu disappeared and prayed silently that he could run faster.

Suddenly he felt a chill, and something sharp pressed up against his back. Xiao Yi hurriedly raised his hands, covered in cold sweat, and pointed his finger to the direction Su Mu had escaped: “Over there.”

The iron sword was re-sheathed, and a black shadow flashed past. Xiao Yi let out a long, thankful breath.

On the other hand, Su Mu didn’t dare to even breathe as he ran at top speed. But his qinggong was his weakest skill so after an hour, Su Mu was unsurprisingly overtaken by Gu Yunzhou.

Su Mu faced Gu Yunzhou who was full of anger with a look of guilty conscience, shuffling back a step as he said: “Um, I didn’t mean it, I can make any compensation, I can duel with you for three days and three nights, or…..”


Su Mu was hurriedly trying to come up with words to appease Gu Yunzhou when he suddenly heard the other’s response. He couldn’t believe it, “Huh?”

Gu Yunzhou took advantage of his stunned moment and flashed towards Su Mu, sealing Su Mu’s pressure points as fast as lightning. Looking at Su Mu’s widened eyes, the corners of his mouth slightly raised upwards and it was as if sunlight had fallen on ice and snow, so beautiful it was dazzling.

“Stay with me. For three days and three nights.”

Su Mu suddenly came back to his senses: “Wait, don’t say it so ambiguously! I just…..”

Please let it not be what he thought! Three days and three nights! Did he want him to die?

Gu Yunzhou lifted the still talking Su Mu into his arms and found a cave nearby where hunters usually rested temporarily during hunting trips. Gu Yunzhou laid Su Mu on the simple stone bed and looked at him with scorching eyes.

Why was there excitement? This must be an illusion!

Su Mu hurriedly turned his head away and said: “It’s time for dinner and it’s getting dark, let’s go back quickly!”


Gu Yunzhou pushed Su Mu down on the stone bed and then pulled out his iron sword, startling Su Mu. With a “clang”, the whole body of the sword was completely embedded in the stone bed above Su Mu’s head, only the hilt remained visible. Su Mu, who was pressed down by Gu Yunzhou’s body, suddenly had a bad premonition.

Sure enough, Gu Yunzhou directly tore off Su Mu’s belt and fastened his hands to the hilt of the sword above his head. Seeing that Gu Yunzhou, who had already taken off his clothes, was staring at him like a wild beast, Su Mu suddenly felt a little expectant and a little scared.

“I’m sorry.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Gu Yunzhou’s restrained voice sounded over his head. Before Su Mu could understand the meaning of these words, the other had already torn off his clothes and thrusted in mercilessly.

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  1. Yay Yay 😁 I was wondering when this was going to happen. At first when Gu Yunzhou disappeared, I was sad because he left without saying goodbye. But now I see he is a gentleman unlike his other man. He is kinda sweet and perfect for Su Mu. I am cheering for him to remain by his side a bit longer.

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      1. Yes! I totally agree. And he just perfectly rounds out the harem.
        Yun Feiyu, the noble scholar type.
        Liu Xi, the cool empress and
        Huang Xuan, the sweet little healer
        (And the forgotten hot-headed soldier(?) Qin Ye)


        1. And Ye Qingfeng, the seductive assassin.

          Though now that I’m trying to separate their personality types I think YQ and LX are pretty similar, but LX wears more of a mask in front of SM, trying to be the perfect empress/wife.


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