Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 065 Offensive And Defensive Alliance

When he woke up the next day, Nie Bufan found that he was lying on his bed, his body clean and refreshed, and there was no other discomfort except for some soreness.

Sunlight came in from the window where Wang Shichan sat by reading a book, the sunlight casting a halo on him, like the light of Buddha illuminating all living beings.

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Nie Bufan spoke lazily: “Brother Wang Fifth, did you bring me back?”

Wang Shichan nodded casually.

“So, did you see what happened last night?” Nie Bufan narrowed his eyes.

Wang Shichan nodded again.

Nie Bufan sat up quickly, and said with displeasure: “Then why didn’t you come to my rescue?”

“You were immersed in battling, it seemed inappropriate for me to show up.”

“So you hid and watched from the beginning to the end?”

“I didn’t watch from the beginning to the end. I counted the stars on the roof most of the night.”

“Count the stars?” Nie Bufan narrowed his eyes and condemned, “Shouldn’t you have broken into the room to catch us red handed in an affair, and also curse me for being slutty, shameless, and licentious with no morals?”

“Actually,” Wang Shichan closed the book, his tone flat, “I have always felt that there is a title that suits you well.”


“Evil creature.”


Nie Bufan buried his head in the quilt. Sometimes he really felt that Wang Shichan’s ability to control his desires and emotions had reached the point of perfection. If he wanted peace then his heart would definitely be in a state of tranquility. If he wanted to enact his carnal desires he would definitely not hesitate. If he wanted to mind his own business he would definitely mind his own business. If he wanted to violate his religious precepts he would decisively do so.

His life was quite carefree and easy! Nie Bufan sighed secretly.

The fierce battle last night was really unbearable to look back, so he decided to pretend it hadn’t happened. If Li Yi knew that he hooked up with his brother, wouldn’t he go crazy?

It was a pity that Nie Bufan failed to erase all the evidence of his crimes, and there were spies everywhere in Chicken Nest Village…..

Li Yi and others did not catch the rabbit in Xishan City, and immediately understood that Nie Bufan had run away again. Fortunately, they received a messenger pigeon from Tian Nu Nineteen. Now knowing that Nie Bufan had returned to Chicken Nest Village, they all hurried back.

As soon as they saw each other, Li Yi charged towards Nie Bufan fiercely, causing Nie Bufan to turn around and bolt like a rabbit. Naturally, he couldn’t outrun Li Yi, who was a martial artist, however, he had chickens to cover for him. In the next instant, what everyone saw were piles of chickens pouring from all directions, from the sky and from the earth, surrounding Nie Bufan like a feathery wall. Not only did they surround him, but also covered his body, causing his whole person to look like an arrogantly blooming chrysanthemum.

Li Yi could not find an opening so he could only shoot fierce glares through the flock of chickens.

“Come out!” Li Yi scolded coldly.

“No.” Nie Bufan was buried in the chicken pile, showing only a face from the gap and occasionally making strange faces at Li Yi.

Li Yi’s mouth twitched, conflicted on whether to laugh or be angry.

The commotion drew over the other people in Chicken Nest Village, most of whom looked on with Schadenfreude amusement.

At this moment, Zhang Junshi walked over and persuaded with exasperation: “Come out, brother Li won’t do anything to you.”

Nie Bufan squinted at Li Yi, emanating distrust from his hair to his chin, and pointed out: “Look at his face, expression full of anger and murder, where do you see that he ‘won’t do anything’?”

Zhang Junshi and the others all looked at Li Yi.

Li Yi’s face stiffened, his facial muscles twitched, and he took a few deep breaths before reluctantly adjusting his facial expression, trying to go for an amiable look: “Alright already, I was just scaring you earlier, what can I even do to you?”

Nie Bufan still doubted: “You look like a devious weasel like this.”

Li Yi was about to explode again when Zhang Junshi quickly interrupted and said to Nie Bufan: “Don’t make trouble, come out quickly. The sun will set later, can you bury yourself in chickens for a lifetime?”

Nie Bufan retracted into the chicken pile, harruphing a few times without moving.

Zhang Junshi pulled Li Yi, and while walking towards Nie Bufan’s house, he shouted, “We will wait for you at your house, so come back when you’re done playing.”

Seeing that they really did leave, Nie Bufan waved his hand at the chickens and the chickens retreated like a tide, quickly revealing him.

He remained squatted on the ground, looking at the sunset, brewing a melancholy artistic atmosphere by his lonesome…..

When Li Yi walked to the door of Nie Bufan’s house, he saw Li Huai standing there in a trance.

“Feeling better?” Li Yi asked.

Li Huai nodded and replied in a low voice, “I’m all right.”

“That’s good.” Li Yi didn’t say more and was just about to walk by when he suddenly stopped and looked at Li Huai with a sharp gaze.

Li Huai was a little startled by the sharpness, and hurriedly said, “I’m going back to my house first.”

“Wait.” Li Yi stopped, “How did you recover? When did you get better?”

He had seen Si Chenyu, Chen Muran and the others just now, and their faces still obviously showed signs of illness, so there was no reason that Li Huai would heal faster than them.

“I…..I got better yesterday.” Li Huai’s eyes wandered, and everything that happened last night appeared in his mind involuntarily, causing his face to feel a little hot.

“How did you get better?” Li Yi’s tone gradually became cold.

Li Huai bowed his head and did not answer, privately flitting through the reasons to use to fob off Li Yi.

But who knew, a string of shrill cackles came from above: “Hahaha, I know, ask me, ask me.”

The several of them looked up and saw a colorful rooster standing on the roof, preening and showing off. It was Hero the chicken.

“Tell us then, what happened yesterday.” Li Yi crossed his arms and waited.

Li Huai’s face changed slightly, and he glared at Hero fiercely.

Hero ignored Li Huai’s glare and sang with excitement: “When brother Chicken goes into action, he can do the job of two, battling against rivaling warlords in a single night, you fall he dies.”

Hero danced with flapping wings and feet, one of its wings pointed towards Si Chenyu, who was walking towards them, and the other wing pointed at Li Huai, whose face was turning blue.

Sometimes one really couldn’t help but to feel that this talking mutant chicken was too f**king talented.

Everyone’s expressions became weird. In addition to Li Yi, Si Chenyu was also extremely angry. Last night Nie Bufan tricked him into passing out, only to run off with Li Huai to produce clouds and rain! This was simply unforgivable!

“Hahaha.” Hero laughed again.

Li Yi said coldly: “Do the job of two? Who else is there besides him?”

He pointed to his brother.

Hero was silent for a while, looking around at everyone, and then suddenly twisted its body, and said in a vulgar tone: “‘Hmph, now do you know how powerful this Prince is?'”

Then he changed his tone of voice to a fearful one: “‘You are powerful! You are powerful! Ah…..ah…..’ (stretched vibrato)”

Once again changed to vulgar mode: “‘Do you still dare to say that this Prince is not good?’”

“Good, you are very good! Ngh…..ah…..ah…..'”

Suddenly a whistling sound passed by, a folded fan flew through the air and knocked the wretched chicken that was moaning in extreme ecstasy from the roof. In the next instant, feathers fluttered into the air as it disappeared on the other side of the house accompanied with Hero’s tragic scream.

Everyone focused on Si Chenyu, falling into a weird silence.

Si Chenyu’s face had gone black, wishing nothing more than to swallow that chicken alive. He had never been so embarrassed in his life. The entanglement with Nie Bufan in the treasure trove was actually seen by this damn chicken, and was even announced to the world at this time. In addition, it also imitated them so remarkably, true, to, life!

He was so regretful. Usually, he didn’t call himself “this Prince”, but why did he forget himself in a moment of excitement? Now he couldn’t even pretend  to be a simple passerby!

“Huh? What are you all gathering here for?” Nie Bufan’s leisurely voice broke through the stagnated atmosphere.

Everyone looked at him, their eyes seeming to be looking at some heinous sinner.

Nie Bufan took a look at himself, picked off a few feathers from his hair, and wondered: “Although my current image is a bit unsightly, I shouldn’t be despised by you all this much?”

“Nie, Bu, Fan!” Li Yi moved to Nie Bufan’s side, picked him up and charged into the house.

The others followed immediately.

Throwing him on the bed, Li Yi said fiercely, “How many more people do you want to hook up with?”

Nie Bufan looked blankly at him: “What? Who did I hook up with?”

Zhang Junshi coughed and said, “You should ask him, in the whole of Chicken Nest Village, who didn’t he hook up with?”

“I am absolutely innocent.” Chen Muran immediately expressed his position, because Tian Nu Nineteen was looking at him with suspicion. Not only Tian Nu, but everyone else expressed suspicion, as if not being hooked up with Nie Bufan was a very fantastical thing.

Chen Muran wanted to cry but he was without tears. In Chicken Nest Village, a straight man turned out to be an abnormal existence.

“I think,” Zhang Junshi pondered, touching his chin, “in the future, it is necessary to carry out isolated management of Chicken Nest Village. No handsome and talented young man should be allowed in, so as not to fall into the village head’s evil clutches.”

“Agreed.” Li Yi, Si Chenyu and even Li Huai nodded.

“I don’t agree!” Nie Bufan protested, “You are rebelling and usurping my supreme rights as the head of Chicken Nest Village.”

Zhang Junshi ignored him and continued to say to everyone: “In addition, he must not be allowed to leave Chicken Nest Village casually in the future. At least one person beside him must keep watch.”

“Agreed.” The others continued nodding.

“I don’t agree.” Nie Bufan stood up on the bed and shouted, “My personal freedom cannot be so ruthlessly deprived by you!”

Everyone continued to ignore him, discussing various details and precautions with serious expressions, and reached a harmonious and unified offensive and defensive alliance in front of him. From now on, a certain evil creature could only shake its feathers under the supervision of everyone. So long as there was any sign of extramarital affairs, it must be quickly and accurately strangled in the cradle. Taking turns carrying out attacks in bed would become an indispensable means of punishment.

Nie Bufan said sinisterly: “Do you plan to even put a collar around my neck or something?”

“Good idea.” Zhang Junshi responded with a smile.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Nie Bufan bursted into tears, hugged him and said: “Zhang Third, you can’t do this.”

“If we don’t keep a serious watch on you, we will be up to our ears in work.” Zhang Junshi said with an expression of one being compelled by circumstances.

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  1. This is funny and all but this dude dint wanted to hook up with yall pervs his just teasing you and you fall for it and dint stop yourself so how it is his fault besides his too ummm weak? And yall force him 😑

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  2. I don’t want them to deprive Nie of doing what he wants, because it was his unbridled and carefree personality that stuck me in this novel, so I hope he continues to bring a lot of problems (mls) in the future too hehehe 🔥
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