Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 066 From The Main Room To The Inner Chamber

Si Chenyu called everyone together and said straightforwardly: “Leader Wei was here yesterday and made a request to me.”

“Oh? What is it?” Chen Muran asked, covering his slightly stuffy nose with a handkerchief.

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Others also showed a curious look.

Si Chenyu said: “He suspects that there is a treasure that Dongsheng Shangfu lost in the early years in the treasure trove of Duobao Sage. He hopes that we can give it to him when we finish taking inventory of the treasure.”

“What is the treasure?” Li Huai asked.

“He gave me a drawing, have a look.” Si Chenyu spread the drawing on the table.

They saw a simple long sword drawn above, with two words engraved on the hilt, named: Chun Jun.

“Chun Jun?” Li Yi asked in surprise, “It turned out to be a sword made by the master Ou Yezi hundreds of years ago. It cuts iron like mere mud and became famous across the lands, but later disappeared inexplicably. Could it be that it was collected by the Duobao Sage? “

“Chun Jun?” Nie Bufan also muttered. He remembered that the cat Wei Di raised was also called by this name. It seemed that he was very obsessed with this sword.

“Why, have you heard of it?” Li Yi cast a suspicious look at him.

Nie Bufan shrugged, “Aren’t I listening to you all talking about it?”

“Did you ever see this sword when you were exploring the treasure trove that day?” Si Chenyu asked.

Everyone looked at each other, and they all replied with a negative.

Chen Muran said: “Although we haven’t seen it, it may not mean that it does not exist. After all, we have only explored part of the treasure trove.”

Si Chenyu nodded and looked around at everyone: “Now I want to ask your opinion, if this sword is really unearthed, do you agree to return it to Leader Wei?”

In truth, this question did not need to be asked, the value of the face of Leader Wei was far higher than that of a sword, and they had no reason to refuse.

Nie Bufan suddenly asked, “What does he want to exchange for this sword?”

Everyone looked at him.

Nie Bufan asked again, “Just because he said that the sword belongs to him then it does? Just one word and you all plan to hand it over. He has face, but do you still have face?”

Everyone was speechless.

“Also, if he is greedy in the future, and remembers some other treasure he has hidden in the treasure trove of the Duobao Sage, do you all plan to let him go directly inside the treasure trove for inspection?”

Are you just gauging the heart of a gentleman with one’s own mean measure? Everyone slandered secretly.

“Then what do you want to do?” Si Chenyu leaned on his chair and asked with interest.

“If one wants to pass by my Chicken Nest Village, how can there be no hair plucked?” Nie Bufan said righteously, “If you have money, you have to hand over money, and if you don’t have money, you must at least hand over your person!”

Is your place a bandit’s den that makes a livelihood on robbing people?

“Hai.” Si Chenyu coughed and decided to ignore Nie Bufan and directly said to everyone, “Since everyone has no objections, then it is decided.”

“Who said there is no objection?” Nie Bufan protested, “Are you treating me like I don’t exist?”

Li Yi had no expression on his face, and took the lead to get up and leave. Then the others also left the table one after another.

“Hey, are you just going to leave like this? Just like this?” Nie Bufan exclaimed, looking at everyone’s backs, “I’m the village head, how can you guys who are lodging under my roof be so arrogant? You better watch out for my rent increase! I will definitely increase the rent!”

The people had all gone and the room was empty. Suddenly feeling mournful and desolate, Nie Bufan could only lament at the chickens alone——when had his prestige collapse to such a degree? This was not realistic!

The next day, Wei Di and his maid came to Chicken Nest Village again.

With concern for the personal safety of visitors, everyone in Chicken Nest Village unanimously decided to isolate Nie Bufan temporarily and not allow him to have any contact with Wei Di.

Wei Di didn’t notice the abnormality. Hearing that they all agreed to his request, he was in a good mood and the atmosphere of their conversation warmed up.

As he was about to leave, his gaze inadvertently swept by a rooster passing leisurely by the window. The yellow feathers and black stripes were as majestic as ever. Although it was only a chicken, it was definitely the king of the flock.

Wei Di had an extremely deep impression of this chicken, the pet chicken named “Gold” whom he had seen several times next to a certain someone. Since Gold was here, he was probably also not far away.

Wei Di swallowed the parting words that he was about to say, and then asked, Do you all mind if I walk around in this village?”

Si Chenyu and the others naturally had no reason to refuse, and could only lead the way.

Wei Di asked casually: “Don’t know if the head of Chicken Nest Village is back to the village? I didn’t see him last time so I hope to see him this time. After all, it is rumored that he is the descendant of the Duobao Sage, so I am quite curious.”

This rumor came from Zhang Junshi. He deliberately created momentum for Nie Bufan, but did not publicize it too much. He only revealed a little information to the outside world, and the rest of the story was naturally filled by others.

“Hehe, Village Head Nie, he…..” Si Chenyu was looking for a reason to fob him off, but saw Lady Flower and Langya wandering over. When they saw Wei Di, both of their feathers stood on end, screeching fiercely at him with fierce beady eyes.

Their screeches were like some kind of enemy attack alarm, and the surrounding chicken calls came one after another. Chickens with unique skills came out from all corners, jumping, flying, and drilling through the ground. In just a short while a sea of chickens surrounded Wei Di and the others.

Wei Di looked around with bewilderment, his vision full of chickens, the scene quite a disturbing one. It reminded him of what happened on the day of the Ghost Festival.

He looked at Si Chenyu and the others, trying to find answers from them, but he saw that they all began retreating unanimously, maintaining a large distance away from him.

Wei Di looked on with puzzlement and was about to question them when he felt a gust of wind coming from behind his head. He swiftly stepped away, and saw a chicken passing by his shoulder at great speed, its wings flaring out on his face.

Wei Di didn’t have time to be angry, because more chickens rushed towards him, dust flying and feathers dancing, causing quite a frightening scene.

He pulled out the folded fan from his belt and whirled around, fending off the chickens close to him and jumping out of the enclosure and onto a roof.

Secretly startled, he wondered: could it be that this was a plot against him by Si Chenyu and the others? That’s no right, let’s not mention that they had no reason to do this. Even if they really wanted to deal with him, they wouldn’t purposely train a bunch of chickens to do the job, right?

He moved his gaze to the few people below, and saw that all of them had weird looks on their faces, all with very aggrieved expressions.

“Strange, how come the chickens suddenly attacked Leader Wei?” Chen Muran looked confused.

“Could it be Nie Bufan’s doing?” Si Chenyu guessed to himself, then shook his head, “No, he would not order the chickens to attack others for no reason, unless this person offended him or his pet chickens.”

Li Huai looked at Wei Di who was fighting with the chickens and asked, “What should we do now? Should we go help?”

“Help?” Si Chenyu glanced at him, “Are you sure?”

Li Huai shrank his neck and mumbled: “Actually forget it, with the martial arts of Leader Wei he should not suffer any loss.” 

It’s just that he would likely come away a little embarrassed, they were all veterans with much experience in this…..

Wei Di became more irritable as he fought. The chickens seemed to be made of steel and couldn’t be killed no matter what! Just how were they raised?

He glanced around at random and stopped suddenly. He squinted his eyes and found a head popping up on the roof of the opposite house, seeming to be surreptitiously observing the situation here. With excellent eyesight, he recognized at a glance that he was the person he had been looking for for several days——Duan Yu!

Sure enough, he was here all along. Let’s see whether you can escape this time!

Wei Di waved the fan, slapping away the chickens attacking him, then jumped up in the air where he used the scattered chickens as stepping stones to leap towards the opposite roof. Like a god descending, he immediately landed in front of Nie Bufan.

Nie Bufan looked up at him, his eyes squinting in the sunlight.

“Finally caught you.” Wei Di stooped and pulled the person to his side, saying coldly, “You dared to run away from me, so you must have already prepared yourself to be punished.”

Nie Bufan smiled and said, “Uncle Leader, it’s been a few days, but you look as good as ever.”

As he spoke, he reached up a hand and plucked a feather from his head.

Wei Di looked at him coldly, and said forcefully: “Leave with me.”

“I’m afraid that this may be a bit difficult.”

Wei Di snorted with disagreement, hooked his waist and dropped back to the ground, arm still tightly clasped around his waist and not letting go.

Seeing this, Si Chenyu who rushed over couldn’t help getting a bad feeling.

Si Chenyu asked hesitantly, “Leader Wei, do you know Village Head Nie? Don’t know if he has offended you?”

“Village Head Nie?” Wei Di’s sharp gaze fell on Nie Bufan, and he asked coldly, “Are you Nie Bufan?”

Nie Bufan nodded earnestly.

“So who is Duan Yu?” Wei Di asked in a bad tone.

Nie Bufan replied with a frank expression: “Did you forget? When I first introduced myself, I said that my nickname is Duan Yu, since it is a nickname, naturally there is a proper name. Nie Bufan is my proper name.”

Wei Di’s hand tightened, causing Nie Bufan to exclaim: “Aiya, let go! Harassing the innocent in public and broad daylight is too vulgar and inappropriate!”

Innocent? Who? The faces of everyone in Chicken Nest Village alternated from black and white, all glaring at Nie Bufan murderously.

How did this fellow get involved with Wei Di? And it seemed that the relationship was not a simple one. Looking at that blatant possessiveness, with just their toes they could all guess that Nie Bufan must have had substantial skinship with him. Just how did he do it? Must they use capital punishment or simply human destruction to prevent tragedies from happening?

The hearts of everyone became heavy and sorrowful.

Wei Di let go of Nie Bufan and said to everyone, “I plan to stay in Chicken Nest Village temporarily until the sword is unearthed.”

Nie Bufan was about to respond affirmatively, but saw Si Chenyu and the others glaring at him fiercely, so he said: “You have also seen it. The chickens in the village don’t welcome you.”

Wei Di didn’t pay attention to the glaring chickens around him at all. He just said casually: “I’ll just live with you then.”

As soon as these words came out, Si Chenyu and the others’ eye knives turned on him.

Nie Bufan waved his hand: “You have also seen it, the whole village does not welcome you.”

Wei Di glanced at them and said indifferently: “You are the village head, so naturally you are in charge of this place.”

Nie Bufan was deeply gratified that he patted Wei Di on the shoulder and praised: “No wonder you have a bright future, this village head appreciates you.”

Everyone turned their murderous glares back onto him again.

Nie Bufan didn’t take the glares seriously and patted his chest as he said, “Uncle Leader, just make yourself at home. I will arrange a house for you.”

Wei Di said: “Find me a house closest to yours.”

Zhang Junshi and Li Yi felt a sudden sense of crisis. The houses where they lived happened to be on the direct right and left of Nie Bufan’s house.

Fortunately, Nie Bufan wasn’t completely unreasonable. He said to Wei Di: “There are people living on both sides of my house. If you have to live in the closest place to mine, there is only the pigsty behind the house. There are no pigs raised in it, so it’s actually quite comfortable after cleaning it up.”

Wei Di fell silent for a long time, and said, “Just find me a house. Distance is not a problem. The important point is that it must be a livable place for ‘humans’.”

As a result, big Leader Wei settled into Chicken Nest Village strongly and forcefully.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He felt that he had an extraordinary relationship with Nie Bufan, so he naturally entered from the main room to the inner chamber, but he didn’t know that someone had already had flowers blooming all over the place, the bromantic nest having already built to tall heights…..(TN: from the main room to the inner chamber=idiom meaning taking things to the next level)

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