The Cruel Tyrant CH 066 Destroyed Boat

Su Mu lay on the bed, entire body sapped of any strength. Red marks covered all over his bare back.

Gu Yunzhou opened the door with a medicine box in hand and walked in. He lifted the quilt on Su Mu’s body, and gently spread the ointment all over Su Mu’s body with callused fingers.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The application process was hot and provocative. If Gu Yunzhou had not just been with Su Mu for three days and three nights, he would definitely not let him go now.

Suddenly, there was a sound of footsteps, followed by a knock on the door.

Gu Yunzhou’s eyes suddenly sharpened, and he pulled the quilt and covered Su Mu’s body completely.

A voice came from outside the door, saying: “Pavilion Master, Ye Qingfeng asks to see you.”

Gu Yunzhou glanced at Su Mu who was still sleeping and said, “I see, you stay and guard here.”


Gu Yunzhou walked out of the room with his iron sword and headed to the main hall.

But Gu Yunzhou didn’t know that the person guarding the door was knocked out as soon as he left. A ghostly figure quickly rushed into Su Mu’s room, wrapped the completely bare Su Mu in the quilt and carried him away.

When he arrived at the main hall, he didn’t see anyone. Gu Yunzhou immediately sensed that something was wrong, but when he went back to the room using the fastest speed, it was still too late.

Su Mu woke up from the shaking. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Ye Qingfeng’s recognizable dressing style. The thick honey colored chest muscles were completely exposed, and his hair was casually tied up behind him. The robe he had on was obviously very proper and expensive but against reason, when it was worn on him it only appeared roguish.

Su Mu opened his mouth, but found that his throat was both sore and burning, and he immediately wanted to slice the culprit into pieces.

Ye Qingfeng, who was hurrying on the road, lowered his head and looked at Su Mu, who still had a trace of spring in his eyes, and instantly wanted nothing more than to rip Gu Yunzhou a new one.

Towards Su Mu he also felt very vexed, to the extent he wanted to teach him a lesson right away. Just how many days had he been gone! Only for this heartless little thing to hook up with a new man.

Ye Qingfeng squeezed Su Mu’s tight buttocks fiercely, and Ye Qingfeng glared at Su Mu as he said, “We’ll see how I’m going to deal with you.”

Su Mu inhaled sharply at the pain and retaliated with his right hand on Ye Qingfeng’s chest, pinching a piece of his flesh, as he said, “You are looking for death.”

“Ai, ai, ai! Darling, let go, it hurts to death!”

Su Mu let go with a cold snort, and asked, “Where are you taking me?”

Ye Qingfeng gritted his teeth and said, “Of course to a place where that bastard can’t find.”

Su Mu frowned slightly and said: “I want to go back to the imperial city.”

“No!” Ye Qingfeng said angrily: “Unless you get rid of all the men in your harem, otherwise you won’t be leaving laozi more than half a step.” (TN: laozi=rough way of saying I, similar to the japanese ore, and can also be used to refer to father)

Su Mu’s eyes went flinty, and he twisted the flesh on Ye Qingfeng’s chest as he asked coldly: “You’ve got some daring, you’re whose father?”

“Myself, myself, darling, let go! You are too cruel to me, at least I am also your man, but you don’t even know to feel distress for me at all, you heartless little thing.”

Ye Qingfeng was a man of righteousness, his qinggong number one in the world, and was also the son of the former martial arts leader. He usually liked to wander jianghu so he had made many friends from all backgrounds.

This time he carried Su Mu in his arms and jumped directly onto a decorated pleasure boat. A handsome man in the pleasure boat saw Ye Qingfeng carrying a person wrapped in a quilt onto the boat, and he greeted him with a smile on his face: “Yo, brother Ye is really more romantic and unrestrained than the rumors, this humble one is full of admiration!”

Ye Qingfeng laughed and said, “This little wild cat’s disobedience has made brother Li laugh ow…..”

There was a dull pain on his chest, and Ye Qingfeng gritted his teeth and said with a distorted expression: “Brother Li, let me borrow your pleasure boat. This little wild cat’s claws are too sharp, it must be tempered.”

Brother Li winked and said, “Brother Ye, please, go ahead hahaha…..” After speaking, he laughed and got off the boat.

This section of the river was the famous Huachuan River. There were many people coming and going on decorated pleasure boats so it provided a good cover. Ye Qingfeng laid Su Mu on the bed, and then immediately pressed down on him, kissing Su Mu on his red and swollen lips unrestrainedly.

Su Mu felt pain and immediately put his hand against Ye Qingfeng’s chest and said, “Go away.”

Ye Qingfeng was unhappy. He pulled Su Mu’s hand against his chest, tightly hugged him and rubbed against Su Mu’s abdomen with his hard member, saying in a dark voice: “Darling, I miss you so much, every morning and evening whenever I close my eyes I would think about you, miss you so much I’m going crazy, darling I want to f**k you, let me do it.”

As he spoke, he stripped himself completely, and the hand that was still holding Su Mu’s hand moved down to his own firmness.

Su Mu hurriedly retracted his hand and glared at him, “F**k your head, go away!”

Ye Qingfeng stuck to Su Mu like brown sugar, and pulled open the quilt wrapped around Su Mu. He felt both angry and excited by the red traces of lovemaking still dotting Su Mu’s body. He could almost imagine how Su Mu moaned and wept under another’s body.

Of course, there was no shortage of sex toys in this kind of pleasure boat. Ye Qingfeng could easily find a box of ointment used for stimulation. Su Mu hurriedly moved back when he saw him in such a state of excitement as if he was currently experiencing the mating period. Anymore and he would really die on the bed.

Seeing that Su Mu had escaped from the bed, Ye Qingfeng hurriedly picked him up onto the bed again, and parted Su Mu’s white and slender legs forcibly. The red and swollen entrance that showed signs of overuse caused Ye Qingfeng’s eyes to burn even more, eagerly stretching out a finger to nudge and insert inside.

“…..It hurts, Ye Qingfeng, you f**king stop now!”

Ye Qingfeng pulled out his finger and grabbed Su Mu’s legs, his hard, hot member eagerly nudging forward.

Su Mu involuntarily trembled as soon as he saw that thing, and hurriedly broke free from Ye Qingfeng’s shackles with his internal force. But Ye Qingfeng pounced again, pressing Su Mu firmly under him, and kissing him wantonly.

Su Mu tried to break away from him with his internal force, but this guy just wouldn’t let go, and Su Mu really didn’t want to hurt him either.

Ye Qingfeng pressed against Su Mu and said with a hurt expression: “Darling, how can you treat me like this? I finally rushed from home to the imperial city, and then from the imperial city to here. I didn’t even argue with you about hooking up with a new man, but you still treat me this way. Sure enough, with a new flame, you forget the old flame. You heartless man, you have no conscience…..”

Su Mu gritted his teeth and slapped his head: “Shut up.”

“Okay.” Ye Qingfeng rubbed against the red and swollen entrance with his hard member, and said with a lewd smile: “Darling, ‘open your mouth’, I’ll feed you something to eat.”

“F**k off!”

Ye Qingfeng, who originally planned to go back to the imperial city and enjoy several rounds on the bed with Su Mu, had been enduring the whole time, so how could he easily let Su Mu go.

He ignored Su Mu’s struggling limbs and hugged Su Mu tightly. Anyway, Su Mu was unwilling to hurt him.

Lips attacked the two red beads on Su Mu’s chest, causing the person under him to tremble. He left a warm wet trail all the way down to Su Mu’s tight abdomen, and then licked at the little Su Mu hanging soft between his legs. He then took the whole thing in his mouth and began to suck on it lewdly.

A burst of heat rose from his abdomen and Su Mu also felt a little aroused. He hurriedly reached out to push away Ye Qingfeng’s head buried in his lower half. Ye Qingfeng didn’t resist, only clamping down on Su Mu’s little brother. The harder Su Mu pushed the more it hurt.

Su Mu blushed and cursed angrily: “Bastard, let me go.”

Ye Qingfeng let go of Su Mu’s member with heavy breathing, but moved the battlefield to Su Mu’s soft and tender entrance.

Su Mu’s breathing stopped briefly from the sudden feeling of dampness and heat at his rear, and a thrill spread uncontrollably from that focal point.

Su Mu felt so embarrassed his voice softened: “Ye Qingfeng…..let go…..don’t…..there, you bastard…..”

The soft tongue stretched inside and licked around, causing Su Mu to feel both embarrassed and angry, wishing to kick him to death.

Suddenly, Ye Qingfeng stopped his movements, got up and spread Su Mu’s legs to both sides, squeezing his thick member into the struggling Su Mu.

Su Mu cried out with tears in his eyes: “Ah! It hurts…..bastard get out.”

Ye Qingfeng clasped Su Mu’s waist tightly, thrusting shallowly, watching his large purple-red member enter inch by inch and invading Su Mu’s body.

“Ye Qingfeng…..stop, it really hurts,” Su Mu clamped down his entrance forcefully to prevent it from moving forward.

However, Ye Qingfeng almost lost his mind from the sudden tightness. Ye Qingfeng resisted his desire to ruthlessly f**k Su Mu, and soothed with a hoarse voice, “Be good, it won’t hurt after a while.”

He pressed the tender flesh at the mouth of Su Mu’s entrance against his hard hot rod with his fingers, and said: “You see it misses you a lot, so hard that it hurts. Sweet darling, just let me do it once, just once, I guarantee I won’t hurt you.”

Su Mu glared at him angrily, he was already inside so was there even any room for him to refuse? Besides, who would believe that he would let him go after only once.

But Su Mu was also aroused by now. Although his entrance stung a bit, he still wanted it. Su Mu glared at him and threatened: “Just once, if it hurts, I will kill…..bastard, I told you to be lighter.”

As Ye Qingfeng and Su Mu fooled around on the boat, they suddenly felt the hull shake, and then the whole boat rolled over. At the same time, loud laughter came from the outside.

“Hahaha…..Li Chengchong, you’re f**king dead this time.”

Su Mu and Ye Qingfeng hurriedly pulled a piece of cloth to cover their bodies, rushed out of the cabin that was about to capsize, and landed on the roof outside. Fortunately, there was a clothing shop nearby. Ye Qingfeng hurriedly flew over and took two sets of men’s robes. Of course he didn’t pay, but Li Chengchong had some influence in this area, so it was no problem to put it on his bill.

The two stepped into a hidden corner to put on the clothes before walking out with cold expressions.

Ye Qingfeng, who was interrupted from his good deeds, walked to the shore with a look of wanting to hack someone, and asked the perpetrator: “Why did your boat collide with us for no reason?”

Su Mu looked expressionlessly at the young man on the boat who was hugging two women on both his left and right. He wantonly pinched and squeezed the women beside him. He didn’t care about the pain on the faces of the two women. Instead, he had a look of enjoyment. He looked at Ye Qingfeng without any regard and said, “Xiaoye, I, haven’t asked who you think you are? Where is Li Chengchong? Tell him to come out for Xiaoye.”

Ye Qingfeng and Li Chengchong were friends. This person didn’t look like a good person and behaved so audaciously. The most important thing was that he had interrupted Ye Qingfeng’s “good deeds”. How could Ye Qingfeng tolerate him?

Ye Qingfeng quickly took out a long swath of cloth from the clothing shop behind him and threw it on the boat. The cloth was wrapped around the wooden mast on the boat, then pulled at by Ye Qingfeng a few times. The boat instantly capsized amidst the curses of men and the screams of women.

These people didn’t have the martial arts skills of Su Mu and Ye Qingfeng, and they all became wet chickens in an instant.

Several people on the shore immediately ran forward and shouted in a panic: “Young Master, Young Master…..”

Two family servants who knew how to swim immediately jumped into the water and swam towards the young man, but the women who fell with him and were calling for help were completely ignored. The people on the shore only stood by watching the show.

Seeing that the two women were about to drown in the river, Su Mu hurriedly flew over and rescued them.

The two women sat on the ground in a sorry state as they coughed up water. The slightly taller woman knelt in front of Su Mu and said, “Thanks to this gongzi for saving this humble girl’s life, but this humble girl has nothing and cannot repay gongzi. If gongzi is not disgusted, you can come to the ‘Drunken Flower House’ to find this humble girl, this humble girl will… everything possible to repay gongzi…..”

After she finished speaking, she raised her head, but with just a glance her eyes couldn’t move away at all. The handsome face of the young man was lit by sunlight, and his whole body was casted in golden light. He was as perfect as a god from heaven, causing her heart to beat uncontrollably. He stood only a few steps away but it was as if he was in another world away, causing her to lower her head deeply and not dare to look at him again.

Ye Qingfeng followed over when Su Mu rescued the two women from the river. After seeing the woman’s enamour with Su Mu, he hurriedly shot her a warning look when Su Mu wasn’t paying attention. The woman trembled with fright and lowered her head deeper.

The young man who had been rescued by his family servants and was trembling from the cold water, immediately rushed over viciously and cursed: “Where did this little bastard come from, even daring to capsize xiaoye’s boat, f**k, you are looking for death!”

As he cursed, his leg kicked towards Ye Qingfeng, only to be kicked down by Ye Qingfeng. He lay on the ground wailing and cursing.

Su Mu just wanted to find a place to have a good rest, and didn’t want to watch this farce at all.

But some people didn’t plan to let him go.

“Ahhh… hurts to death…..where do you think you’re running, little bastard…..ahhh catch them…..”

The two family servants quickly stepped in front of Su Mu and threatened fiercely: “Boy, you think you can leave after hurting our senior provincial official’s son? Hurry up and follow laozi to the provincial government! Us brothers will definitely serve you well.”

Ye Qingfeng looked at him like one looking at a dead person, and raised his hand to prepare to attack, but Su Mu raised a hand to stop him so he had no choice but to put his hand down.

Su Mu looked at the beefy family servant in front of him, his eyes cold as he said, “I’ll go with you.”

He wanted to see what this senior provincial official was, daring to indulge his son in committing crimes in broad daylight.

The woman who was rescued by Su Mu originally thought that it would be easy to escape with Su Mu’s ability, but she did not expect that Su Mu would walk into the trap himself, and immediately persuaded him in a panic: “No gongzi, you should run away…..”

“Ah!” Before she finished speaking, she was kicked by a family servant on the side. Grabbing her by the hair and slamming her head against a pillar, he cursed: “Damn b*tch, you are looking for death. You are not worthy of speaking in front of your betters!”

“Stop!” Su Mu shouted, “Let her go.”

That family servant was first frightened by Su Mu’s aura, but when he reacted, he pulled the woman’s hair harder and kicked her in the stomach, causing the woman to pale and scream.

Su Mu instantly moved to the woman’s side, clamped a hand on the family servant’s neck and threw him off, saying angrily: “In broad daylight, how dare you commit crimes? Is there no law in the Qing kingdom?”

The young man whose leg was almost broken by Ye Qingfeng had been carried away. Seeing that they were no match for these two, the remaining family servants could only threaten with harsh words: “You dare to hurt our senior provincial official’s son then just wait for your death, and you stinking b*tch, see how laozi will deal with you then.”

The several family servants ran away in a pathetic manner. The woman who had been kicked and beaten by a family servant got up from the ground with difficulty. Seeing that she couldn’t even stand, Su Mu subconsciously reached out to help her, only for her to avoid him as if she was electrocuted. Su Mu could only withdraw his hand.

Ye Qingfeng casted a threatening look at the woman without a trace. The woman hurriedly stepped back and lowered her head, whispering: “Thank you, gongzi, for saving this humble girl again. It’s better to quickly escape from this city now. Or else I’m afraid it will be too late.”

After finishing talking, she staggered and ran away, as if Su Mu was a scary monster.

Su Mu turned around with bewilderment but didn’t put much regard to the woman’s words. They found an inn in the city and stayed the night. Of course, Ye Qingfeng took care of the payment.

Because Su Mochi never spent money on his own before, Su Mu didn’t recognize the currency here. After his warning was ineffective, Su Mu ruthlessly beat Ye Qingfeng and threw him out the room, finally getting a good night’s sleep.

But Su Mu, who was sleeping, didn’t know that someone was thinking about taking revenge.

In the senior provincial official’s manor, Yang Zifei complained to his father in tears: “Father! You have to take care of it, and quickly arrest those two criminals. They wanted to kill your child.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After hearing that his beloved son was almost crippled, Yang Hanbo almost jumped up in anger, his aged palm slapped on the table vigorously, and roared: “Too unreasonable, daring to act so audacious on this official’s territory. Even daring to hurt this official’s son, they are too arrogant! The whole city is now under martial law; immediately send troops to arrest them!”

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