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A very big head was smashed heavily on the table, and Du Kang exposed the back of his round head to everyone in an extremely decisive manner, screaming in despair: “I don’t want to live!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu and the other two suppressed their laughter and patiently comforted classmate Du Kang who made his debut in C position as “Pad”: “Things have already happened. Don’t think about it anymore. Let the flow take its course.”

“In fact, this kind of thing is nothing. Many people do it. As far as our school is concerned, I don’t believe you are the only one.”

“Yes. Otherwise, my classmates would not recommend this method to me.”

“Wait a minute!” Du Kang suddenly raised his head and turned to look at everyone. His movements were so fierce that he almost twisted his neck. There was also a clear red mark on his forehead.

However, at this moment, Du Kang was not concerned about this. He felt that he was betrayed by everyone. Now not only did he lose face, even his heart was cracking: “What do you mean by only one? Didn’t you say that 301 dorm shall advance and retreat together, everyone will be doing this? So, what, you guys didn’t, didn’t do it?”

Du Kang felt that he was in a state of extreme shock, even stumbling over his words.

In the face of a certain someone’s heartbroken little gaze, Tao Mu was the first to clear his name: “I have said that I will definitely not do it. It’s useless for you to force me. After all, my idol baggage is extremely serious!”

True, after all, he was someone who must use several skin care products to wash his face in the morning. Du Kang had been mentally prepared for a long time, and he could somewhat accept Tao Mu’s explanation. Then he moved his gaze to the 1.75m tall Wen Bao.

“Uh,” Wen Bao touched his nose, feeling a little embarrassed: “My shoes were feeling a little tight and I couldn’t even fit in the insoles. So——”

“Don’t mention shoe sizes to me!” The 1.9m northeast guy suddenly exploded: “If it wasn’t for the problem with the shoe size, would I have lost face?”

As Du Kang said this, he looked fiercely at the only southerner in the dormitory, and also the culprit who caused this accident (due to the consideration of the psychological shadow ​​Du Kang now suffered, this matter could no longer be simply classified as an incident): “What about you? Didn’t you suggest this? Why didn’t you do it in the end?”

Chu Sui’an blushed, he was really feeling a little guilty and sorry for Du Kang: “…..I, I was too embarrassed.”

Du Kang: Hehe!

Chu Sui’an felt even more guilty and swallowed his saliva, his Adam’s apple sliding up and down with difficulty: “I thought it over carefully and felt that Mu is right. After all, we are students in the drama department, and completely different from the guys in the science and engineering departments. Just in case it was discovered…..” How embarrassing!

And the facts had also proved that it was wise to act cautiously.

A thunderbolt struck his forehead with a “crack”, and the shadow surrounding Du Kang expanded at a speed visible to the naked eye: “So the three of you secretly betrayed the collective activity of our dorm and just left me alone, is that right?”

“I’m sorry!” Chu Sui’an clasped his hands in front and bowed his head in repentance: “I didn’t expect…..”

Du Kang felt that the grief and anger in his heart was so much it would overflow any second. A mouthful of old blood stuck in his throat, and his lips trembled for a long time as if he had Parkinson’s syndrome, but still didn’t manage to squeeze out a word.

“Are you guys human!” In the end, classmate Du Kang wailed in an extremely pained voice. He glanced over at Tao Mu, who had taken a small bowl and was stirring something inside. He asked angrily: “I’m already in such a miserable situation, what are you doing now?”

“I’m making some facial masks.”

“You got a bottle of yogurt, a bag of flour, and a tube of white toothpaste together. This can also make a facial?” Du Kang was shocked instantly, and even forgot his tragic situation——if it wasn’t for Tao Mu squeezing a small tube of toothpaste into it, Du Kang would have thought Tao Mu was making something to eat.

“That’s pearl powder!” Tao Mu corrected: “It’s quite uncomfortable after a day of sun exposure.”

Du Kang wondered: “Don’t you have facial masks already?”

“It’s not the same.” Tao Mu shook his head, and explained in the tone of an experienced person: “No matter how the product is advertised as pure and organic, it actually has chemical ingredients in it. It is not good to use too much, especially at our age.”

But homemade masks were different. Most of the ingredients he used were things that could be eaten and so it was more gentle to the skin.

In truth, Tao Mu rarely went to so much trouble like this. But he had stayed up late in the past six months and coupled with the dry weather in autumn and the strong winds, he couldn’t handle it anymore. It was better to go to the trouble than letting his face get ruined.

This was the dignity of an idol.

Tao Mu put it on himself, and he also didn’t forget to recommend it to everyone. The three guys felt that the mask was sticky this time, and it just looked troublesome. They really didn’t want to experience it. In the end, Tao Mu persuaded them with one sentence: “This has a cooling and refreshing feeling, even more comfortable than the morning mask.”


The three looked at each other, and finally sat in a row in front of Tao Mu, with their faces turned upright and obedient to Tao Mu’s actions.

Tao Mu, in the order in which the three roommates sat down, put the facial on Wen Bao, Chu Sui’an, and Du Kang. Just after painting Wen Bao and Chu Sui’an, they heard a knocking on the door.

It was so loud, as if someone had clenched his hand into a fist and smashed at the door twice. It was quite vigorous, and the door even shook.

“?” Tao Mu glanced at the alarm clock on the bookshelf with some confusion. It was nine o’clock in the evening, who could it be?

“Coming.” Tao Mu opened the door still with his face painted white.

The moment the door of the dorm opened, the unprepared people standing outside were treated to Tao Mu’s white pasty face, causing them to shout out in fright.

“…..That scared me to death!” The boys living in the opposite dorm patted their chests with lingering fears: “What are you doing?”

“Applying a facial.” Tao Mu stepped aside, “Come in?”

“Ang!” They nodded and entered in file. At the same time, they explained: “We just want to come and have a look. Just felt that the people in your dorm are quite funny. Especially Du Kang.”

After all, he was the first person to debut in the C position among the 2008 Beijing Film freshmen.

Boys were boys, they were always happy to get together and have fun. So the four of them discussed it in their dorm and came over directly. But they didn’t expect to get a shock.

It seemed that this 301 dorm was worthy of being the first dorm to debut in the C position of the Beijing Film’s ’08 freshmen, they were all quite interesting.

“Uh, Du Kang. We’re here to see you.” The boy in the lead, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, saw the red mark on Du Kang’s forehead and joked with a smile: “Yo, Du Kang, I see that your glabellum is glowing red. This is a good sign and proves that you will be famous.”

“Piss off!” Du Kang’s expression went dark. It was this kid who stood next to him during the military training and shouted his name out for all to hear!

“Aw, don’t! Your name is Du Kang, and my name is Du Ming. We were actually one family five hundred years ago.” Du Ming smiled: “We’re classmates and from the same clan, so you ignoring me for such a thing is not right is it? Besides, if it weren’t for me this morning, you wouldn’t be the freshman making the most waves of our 2008 Beijing Film class!”

“I would rather not be making waves! I would rather not get such limelight! If you want to then you take it!” Du Kang snorted, lifting his chin to the ceiling. “Little Taozi, conceal Zhen’s face.” (TN: Zhen=emperor’s personal form of address)

Tao Mu responded with a grin and an “aye”, holding the small bowl and walking to Du Kang. He wiped the last of the facial paste on Du Kang’s face.

Du Ming’s roommate looked at him, and suddenly said: “This undertaking is quite big!” The amount of paste for one person was almost that of the other three people.

Another person was not to be outdone: “It seems Du Kang, you not only have big feet, but you also have a big face.” After finishing speaking, he felt that he was quite humorous and began to chuckle to himself.

Du Kang: “!!!”

Tao Mu quickly held down the big northeast guy, who was so angry that his hair was standing up. Tao Mu was also a little unhappy: “What the hell are you even doing here? To insult others?”

After all, Tao Mu was from ten years in the future, and his mental age was ten years older than this group of children. In addition, he had been a superstar in his previous life, and he had also been a domineering CEO. Having been used to being in authoritative positions, his aura was quite powerful and intimidating, even with that funny big white face he currently had on. Everyone was instantly shocked.

The boy who thought he was very humorous just now pursed his lips, toughened his scalp and explained: “I didn’t mean it…..I was just joking…..” Why was he angry!

The other people were also a little stunned and looked at Tao Mu in a timid and awkward manner. The only boy who didn’t speak looked around and immediately understood. He grinned and said: “Hey, I say, didn’t we agree to come console Du Kang. You guys don’t say something comforting, and instead keep sprinkling salt on the wound. This is not good, right?”

The boys who had let their mouths run also reacted, grinning and apologizing to Du Kang: “Buddy, that’s not what we meant. Don’t get us wrong, we didn’t come here to make fun of you. We just felt that the people in your dorm are all very funny so we thought to come and drop in. And also to apologize. You are a magnanimous guy, and have already become famous with a kick, so don’t mind us, yeah?”

While talking, their eyes glanced at Tao Mu and couldn’t help complaining privately: This pretty boy looked amiable, so why was he so scary when he frowned? Besides, it was none of his business. The actual person didn’t even say anything, so what’s his issue?

Du Kang also understood. All of a sudden, his heart felt like it was soaked in warm water, feeling very comfortable and moved. The 1.9m tall boy actually squeezed Tao Mu’s sleeve shyly: “I’m fine. Don’t be angry.”

Tao Mu’s face eased slightly. He was used to being overprotective in his previous life, and he hated others bullying the people around him the most. These people came in and blabbed insensitively without any measure, taking personal attacks and stabbing knives as humor. When their target got angry, they would say “just kidding, why so serious” with an innocent look.

Let’s take today’s case as an example: the scene that morning could be considered as everyone’s heckling, and the remarks when they first entered the door could be said to be non-malicious ridicule. But things should not be taken overboard. This group of people targeted Du Kang endlessly since they arrived, and finally attacked Du Kang’s appearance and personality. Wasn’t this a bit too much?

Did they really think they were doing a comic routine? Others had no obligation to play along.

Seeing that these people had already apologized to Du Kang and Du Kang did not intend to pursue the matter, Tao Mu didn’t persist on the matter either. He picked up a bag of fruits that he had just bought in the supermarket downstairs from the table, washed it with salt water, and told everyone to sit casually: “Have some fruits. Take whatever you like. Don’t be courteous.”

He also took out a few packs of dried nuts from the cabinet——Da Hui picked them up yesterday to tour Beijing City, and at the order of brother Yao, he had also brought a large pack of dried nuts that were Tao Mu’s favorite from Night. There was so much Tao Mu had nowhere to put it all, so when he returned to the dormitory, he gave it to the other three roommates. The rest was stuffed into the cabinet, and whoever wanted to eat it could help themselves.

Du Ming and others had not yet recovered from Tao Mu’s aura, and they were all a little timid and very restrained. Tao Mu saw this and said with a smile: “You guys talk first, I’ll go wash my face.”

They were all 18/19 year old boys who had just entered university from high school. They had not yet experienced the darkness in the entertainment industry, and had not had time to transition from the silly white mode to a deeper level of scheming. They were still very silly and naive.

When Tao Mu finished washing and drying his face, the group of boys were already chatting in full swing.

That Du Ming held an apple in his left hand, a bag of roasted torreya nuts in his right hand and a bag of pecans in his arms. He appeared very excited when he saw Tao Mu: “Damn, being your roommate must be a very happy thing. So many delicious foods can be eaten casually.”

Unlike their dormitory, whenever someone bought something it was all put in their own cabinets and locked up. So cheap.

“Also, I see that your clothes are all famous brands. Your family must be rich, right?”

Tao Mu smiled lightly: “My family is not rich, but my elders like to spoil me. I also usually work part-time.”

“Which part-time earns so much, give me an introduction as well?”


The four people in the dormitory opposite fell silent, staring at each other, almost choking on the dried nuts in their mouths. Obviously they had all misunderstood.

Tao Mu subtly scared everyone, and then elaborated calmly: “Being a martial arts body double, a model, taking wedding photos in a photo studio, and many other types of part-time jobs. It’s based on what you can do.”

“Then in the nightclub, you are…..” Someone asked carefully.

“A waiter that sells alcohol. Don’t you know that the percentage you get from the drinks sold in entertainment venues are very high?”

“Oh!” They all realized. No wonder, after all, looking at Tao Mu, he definitely did not seem like that kind of person. Of course, the eyes of some people flickered randomly, thinking about who knew what.

When the four people in the dormitory opposite were full on snacks and satisfied with the chat, it was almost ten o’clock. Du Ming and the others got up and left with their full stomachs. Before leaving, they took a few packs of dried nuts to eat back in their dorm. The guys in 301 cleaned the floor while asking Tao Mu: “Mu, why did you deliberately mislead them?”

Tao Mu raised his eyebrows and looked innocent: “How did I mislead them?”

“When you said you were working in a nightclub. Isn’t that the club opened by your brother? And you were only a teenager when you were working in the nightclub…..”

Tao Mu chuckled: “Why, are you afraid that they will spread rumors about me indiscriminately?”

Wen Bao scratched his nose, a bit too embarrassed to say bad things about people behind their backs. Anyway, he just had a bad impression of those people.

Chu Sui’an said in a low voice, “Others are okay. Just that Du Ming is a bit…..” Anyway, the feeling he gave off didn’t feel very good.

Tao Mu chuckled: “Isn’t that great. He ate mine and drank mine, only to slander me later. Just a few pounds of fruit and a few bags of dried nuts, and we can recognize his true nature, how cheap is the price.”

Tao Mu glanced at Du Kang as he spoke. The silly boy should learn a lesson from this. Don’t treat the other as a good friend like in your previous life, giving him things and resources only for him to turn around and stick a knife in your back, almost ruining and driving you out of the entertainment circle.

“They wouldn’t, would they?” Sure enough, Du Kang scratched his head carelessly: “If they were like this, then what kind of people would they become?”

“Becoming the kind they want to! It’s not our dorm room, and we don’t need to face them day and night. Just ignore them.” Wen Bao said, and seeing that Chu Sui’an kept squatting down to pick up things, he asked: “What are you doing?”

“There are a lot of nuts that have not been eaten, they are all mixed together.” Chu Sui’an adhered to the attentive and economical qualities of Shanghai men, with a distressed expression on his face: “And the fruit, all eaten in such half-baked ways. This is wasting food! “

Before he even finished, the other three roommates all bursted into laughter. Chu Sui’an was confused: “What’s so funny?”

“Aiyo hey, your Northeast dialect is too amazing. Xiao Anzi has just been with us for a few days, and he can now even use ‘half-baked’ so naturally.”

“This is not my fault.” Du Kang pointed to Tao Mu: “The person who likes to say this is clearly him.” Everyday saying that his website was half-baked or something.

Thinking of this, Du Kang asked: “Hey, how’s your website?”

“It’s almost done.” Tao Mu was sitting at the computer and preparing to start work: “It will be online in one week. What about the photos I asked you to collect?”

“This is only the first day of military training. I don’t even recognize everyone!” Wen Bao swept his hand: “Don’t worry. With your face, if you just stand in front of the girls and ask for a hundred yuan, they will even give it, let alone a picture. As for the boys, leave it to us brothers.”

Wen Bao and the others were pondering how to get photos from the boys of the ’08 class. But, on the next day, before Wen Bao and the others even took the initiative to get close to them, some guys took advantage of the break time between military training to come up secretly and ask Wen Bao and the others: “…..Just, the guy who looks the most handsome in your dorm room. Tao Mu, right? Is he really that in a nightclub?”

“What?” The three suddenly said, “No. Who said that? Isn’t this slanderous! Isn’t this too much?”

“Ai, don’t get angry. We also listened to the guys in dorm 302. They said Tao Mu personally confessed.”

“Confess my ass! That was just making fun of them. That nightclub is run by Tao Mu’s brother. This is too much. Isn’t this blabbing totally slanderous things. How can there be such people who like to pour dirty water on others?”

Du Kang angrily found the four people in dorm 302, and exploded in front of everyone: “I say, what’s up with you guys? In our dormitory last night, you ate ours and took ours and left a mess in our dorm. It seems all the food went to the dogs? Don’t you understand the saying ‘the mouth that eats the food of others is softened; the hand that takes the possessions of others is shortened’? What are you guys even?” (TN: saying essentially means the same thing as there is no such thing as a free lunch)

“Ai, how can you guys talk like that? What did we say?” The 302 dorm was also not happy: “We didn’t say anything?”

“If you said nothing can these rumors fly all over the sky? Except for us, only you guys know this, if not you guys then who said it?”

“Ai, don’t slander others without evidence, okay? Why does it have to be us who said anything? Whoever said is the grandson——”

302 dorm’s classmate hadn’t finished talking yet, when he was suddenly interrupted by his roommate: “So what if we said it? We didn’t say anything false? That kid Tao Mu is not a rich second generation at all, and there is no money in his family. He wears so well and spends money so generously, isn’t it because he works in a nightclub? Why, is there something wrong with saying this?”

“Du Ming!” The other guys in 302 looked at Du Ming in shock. What did he mean?

“Fuck you…..” Don’t look at Du Kang’s usual grinning and chatty self, but when things came to a head, he couldn’t say a word. Angrily, he grabbed Du Ming’s collar and lifted the guy from the ground: “I think you are owed a beating.”

“Ai, what are you doing, don’t hit people!” The others in 302 saw this and hurried up to separate them.

Wen Bao was not tall, but he grew up in the alleys of Beijing, and the firecracker temper of Beijing men had him throw a punch straight away.

Chu Sui’an had been an obedient boy since he was a child. He didn’t talk a lot and didn’t know how to fight either. However, relying on his 1.8m height, he directly hugged a person in the 302 dorm, fixing him in place so that Wen Bao could beat him up. One person tied up the target while the other did the hitting, cooperating quite tacitly.

“Ai, what are you doing? There’s a fight! 301 Du Kang is hitting people!”

After the sanitary napkin accident yesterday, Du Kang had already made his debut in the C position among the ’08 freshmen. At this moment, when people heard someone yelling that Du Kang was hitting someone, many people were attracted over.

Tao Mu, who was holding a camera and taking pictures of everyone in the girls’ team, also heard the commotion and hurried over.

“What happened?”

“Your dorm is too overbearing, right? Hitting people as you please!” Du Ming glared with his two bruised eyes and yelled angrily: “I want to report to the instructor! Report to the teacher! How can you act like this!”

“Why hit people?” Tao Mu had been thinking about how to ask the girls for photos all morning. Besides, he was the subject of the rumors, and no one dared to bring this matter in front of him. So till now, Tao Mu didn’t even know about the rumors that had spread quickly among the ’08 boys.

“They talk nonsense and slander you.” Du Kang rubbed the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand angrily. He also did not escape getting scraped just now.

“Oh.” Tao Mu realized, not surprised at all. “Still shouldn’t have punched their faces!”

“See, Tao Mu in your dormitory understands reasoning——” Du Ming raised his chin high, but he hadn’t even finished his words yet when Tao Mu continued solemnly: “Just punch them in the stomach and let them spit out what they ate yesterday.”

Du Ming: “…..”

Dorm 302: “…..”

The group of onlookers: “…..”

The girls also heard the commotion and gathered around: “Tao Mu, what’s the matter? Aren’t you going to take pictures of us?”

“That’s right, why is there a fight?”

“It seems that Pad is fighting with someone?”

Du Kang’s face turned black when he heard this moniker. Seeing so many girls coming, Du Ming immediately showed his panda eyes and tried to curry sympathy: “…..Just because I told the truth, he came over and hit me, this is simply unreasonable. You guys say, is there a problem with what I said?”

As Du Ming spoke, he recounted what Tao Mu said last night as it was, and deliberately emphasized that it was Tao Mu who said he had worked in a nightclub: “I just told everyone exactly what he said. Why hit me? Is it because you’re ashamed? A guilty conscience? Embarrassed anger?”

However, this group of girls did not have one track minds like boys, especially in front of the top handsome guy they wanted to protect, their brains were even better.

“No, that’s not right. Tao Mu said that he has done so many part-time jobs. He was a model, a photographer, and a martial arts body double. How can you only talk about the nightclub?”

“Intentionally misleading?”

“Eating other people’s food, and deliberately misleading others to speak ill of Mu Mu behind the scenes. Why are you so disgusting?”

“And even saying that you didn’t mean it. If you didn’t mean it, how come all the boys know about this? If you didn’t do it deliberately, would the whole school know?”

“I think that’s exactly his intention. He’s jealous of Tao Mu, who is more handsome than him and has more girls liking him than him.”

“Just what kind of person is this!”

“Hurting others without benefiting oneself, a total villain!”

The large group of girls did not allow Du Ming to say a word, and directly nailed him to death under the title of villain.

Du Ming didn’t expect this to happen, and he was instantly furious: “I say, are you people sick in the head? Acting like idiot airheads when you see a handsome guy. What if he is really kept as a gigolo?”

Yo, no longer pretending?

Tao Mu looked on calmly and hooked a corner of his mouth. He was about to step forward and speak for himself.

When suddenly an intrepid soprano broke through the crowd: “So what? Our Mu Mu is handsome and likable. Putting aside that he isn’t being kept. Even if he is, then that’s because the wealthy woman has good taste. What’s it to you? You don’t even have the basic conditions for finding someone to keep you!”

“That is to say, this sister has no money, no power, no status. You wait for this sister to become famous in the entertainment circle. Tao Mu, I am willing to keep you, will you accept my offer?”

As soon as these words came out, the entire sports field suddenly bursted into laughter. Tao Mu didn’t expect such an unexpected development halfway through. The carefully calculated face slapping plot had now suddenly gone on a tangent.

When the other girls saw this they also followed up: “Tao Mu, I want to keep you when I become famous, do you agree?”

“Tao Mu, when I get rich, will you marry me? I will support you!”

“Tao Mu, can you be my boyfriend? I can be responsible for making money and supporting the family, and you can be responsible for being beautiful like a flower. This sister will treat you gently!”

“Mu Mu, let’s work hard together to give birth to a little baby who will look like you. You can be a full-time dad at home, and I’ll work hard outside to make money. I’ll hand over all of my salary to you!”

The boys were laughing like crazy. There was even one of them who raised his paw for fun, craning his neck and shouting: “Tao Mu, do you like men? I can also take care of you!”

So in an instant, Tao Mu became the “man people most wanted to keep” among the Beijing Film’s 08 freshmen, making his rocket speed debut after Du Kang.

Just don’t know if this title sounded better compared to the “technical type pervert with extremely serious idol baggage”.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Obviously Tao Mu didn’t like either of them! So he could only take advantage of this wave of heat to collect photos of boys and girls as quickly as possible.

On the tenth day of military training, he finally launched his FlyNews website online.

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  1. Baby!!!!! I find it so odd how much a negative rep working at a nightclub gets in asia when 1/2 my friends worked as bartenders in the states. (cough plus a few strippers but that I get why we don’t talk about it).
    Sigh I also want to have a golden sunset baby, so I can only mentally adopt our phoenix prince and cheer him on.

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    1. I think maybe cause asia’s nightclubs are diff from western nightclubs? I mean some of their nightclubs, specially high end ones, give ‘special services’. Like their waitresses would accompany customers in drinking and chatting.

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      1. Yeah, in the US you have to involve a camera for it to become a grey area that law enforcement won’t bother with. Prostitution is illegal but filming porn for sale isn’t. Go figure. I wish I could remember why it is I know that.


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